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Bayntun 2

: Bayntun (Baynton or Bainton) of Bromham, Bayntun-Rolt of Spye Park, Rolt of Sacombe Park
Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 1480, d 27.11.1544, Vice Chamberlain)
m1 about 1505Elizabeth Sulliard (dau of Sir John Sulliard of Baylham, Lord Chief Justice, by Ann Andrews)
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1. Sir Andrew Bayntun b 1515, d 21.02.1564
m1. Philippa Brulet dau of Gwylliam Brulet or Brulett of France
A. Anne Bayntun (b 1551
m. William Anslie
m2 c1560 Frances Lee dau of Ralph Lee
2. Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham, Sheriff of Wiltshire b 1517, d 21.03.1593
m1 Agnes Ryce (d 19.08.1574, dau of Sir Rhys ap Griffith of Carew Castle by Catherine Howard)
A. Sir Henry Bayntun of Bromham b 1572, d 24.09.1616
m Lucy Danvers d 1621, dau of Sir John Danvers of Dauntsey by Elizabeth Nevill
i. Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham (bpt 05.09.1593, d 18.12.1657
m1. (1613) Elizabeth Maynard (d 30.03.1635, dau of Sir Henry Maynard of Easton or Eston)
a. Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham, Sheriff of Wiltshire bpt 02.12.1618, d 02.09./26.07.1679
m 29.05.1661 Stuarta Thynne (d 1660, dau of Sir Thomas Thynne of Richmond)
(1) Sir Henry Bayntun of Bromham and Spye Park bpt 16.11.1664, d 11.07.1691
m. (21.07.1685) Anne Wilmot (b c1667, d 1703, dau of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester)
(A) John Bayntun of Bromham b 1688, d 24.04.1716
m Katherine Brouncker dau of Dauntesey Brouncker of Earlstoke
(B) Edward Bayntun (b/d 1686)
(C) Ann Bayntun d 24.10.1734
m1 (1708) Edward Rolt of Sacombe Park d 12.1722, son of Sir Thomas of Sacombe or Saccomb Park
(i) Thomas Rolt of Sacombe Park (d 1754
m Ann Calvert dau of Felix Calvert of Nine Ashes
(a) Thomas Rolt of Sacombe Park (d 1758)
(b) Cecilia Ethelred Rolt (d unm 1761)
(c) Mary Rolt
m Timothy Caswall
((1)) George Caswall of Sacombe Park
(ii) Sir Edward Rolt, later Bayntun-Rolt of Bromham, 1st Bart of Spye Park (b 1710, d 03.01.1800)
Sir Edward married Mary Poynter on 15.01.1752 having already had 6 children by her. Those children were deemed illegitimate.
p/m Mary Poynter of Herriard
(a)+ illegitimate issue - Edward (b 1736, d 1776), Mary (b 1740, d 1784), Ann (b 1742, d 1798), John (b 1743), Henry (b 1746, d 1812), Lucy (b 1747, d 1765)
(g) Sir Andrew Bayntun-Rolt, 2nd Bart of Spye Park (b 28.09.1755, d 12.08.1816)
m1. (28.06.1777) Mary Alicia Coventry (d 08.01.1784, dau of George William Coverntry, 6th Earl of Coventry)
((1)) Mary Bayntun-Rolt (d infant)
((2)) Maria Barbara Bayntun-Rolt (b 1780, d 1870)
m 1797 John Starky (b c1770, d 1834, rector of Charlinch, son (by Jane Wells) of Samuel, son of John of Heywood by dau of _ Gregg of Hopwood)
((A)) John Edward Andrew Starky of Bromham (b 06.03.1799) had issue
m (17.04.1833) Charlotte Wyndham (dau of William Wyndham of Dinton)
((B))+ other issue - George William (b 05.04.1801, d 30.04.1816), Samuel (b 13.08.1806, rector of Charlinch), Coventry (b 05.07.1809), Somerville, Elizabeth (d unm 12.10.1834), Maria Barbara (d unm 31.05.1823), Jane (m. Cuthbert Johnson of Wallingtons), Augusta (m. Rev. G. Wells)
m2 1787 Ann Maria Maude
p1. Harriet Maria Poynton
((3))+ 13 children
p2. Ann Power of Lambridge
((16))+ 6 children
(h) Constantia Bayntun-Rolt (b 1752, d 1842)
m. Richard Foster or Forster
(i) Elizabeth Bayntun-Rolt (b 1758, d 1798)
(iii) John Rolt (b 1711, d 1793, rector of Bromham and Yatesbury) had issue
(vi) Elizabeth Rolt (b 1717, d 1759)
m. John Prideaux (Brigadier General, son of Sir John, Bart)
(v)+ other issue - Henry (b 1713, d unm 1763), Wilmot (b 1715, d unm before 1751), James (b 1721, d 1795), Anna Maria (d unm 1723)
m2 18.09.1724 James Somerville of Drum, 13th Lord (bpt 25.01.1698, d 14.12.1765)
(2) Thomas Bayntun of Little Charfield of Chalfield (b 1667, d 1713, 4th son)
m. Elizabeth Willoughby (dau of Sir George Willoughby of Bishopston)
(A) daughter
Thomas Bayntun was also the legal father of the following Rachel but TCP (Kingston) reports that John Hall of Bradford (dspl 09.1711) "was undoubtedly her actual (father)".
(B) Rachel Bayntun (bpt 14.04.1695, d 18.05.1722)
m. (c03.1711) William Pierrepont, 'Marquess of Dorchester' (b 21.10.1692, dvp bur 09.07.1713)
(3) Lucy Bayntun (b 1667)
m. Edward Bayntun just below
(4)+ other issue - Edward (b 1622, d infant), Elizabeth (b 1663, d young), Ann (b 1665), Edward (b 1666, d young)
b. Henry Bayntun (bpt 14.11.1621, d 1672, 3rd son)
m. Joan Trimnell (dau of _ Trimnell of Bremhill)
(1) Edward Bayntun
m. Lucy Bayntun (b 1667, dau of Sir Edward Bayntun) just above
c. Anne Bayntun (bpt 21.11.1622, d 1640)
m. (1640) Hugh Rogers
d.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1615), Lucy (b 1615), Henry (b 1617, d 1619), Charles (b/d 1624), William (b 1625, d 1629), Mary (b 1628, a 1657)
m2. (30.03.1640) Mary Bowell of Cokethorpe
j. Nicholas Bayntun (b 1649, d 1700, youngest son) had issue
m. _ Osbaldeston (dau of Sir _ Osbaldeston of Chadlington)
k.+ other issue - Robert (b 1649, d unm 1689), Ann (b 1650, d young)
ii. Charles Bayntun (b 1594)
iii. Elizabeth Bayntun (b 1596, d 28.04.1638/48)
m 1619 John Dutton of Sherborne bap 05.10.1594, d 14.0.1656-7
B. Anne Bayntun d 1587
m Sir William Eyre of Wiltshire (b 1555, d 1629)
C.+ other issue - William d 1564, Margaret d y, Katherine d 1582, Elizabeth d 1582, 7 others d y
m2. Anne Packington
N. Henry Bayntun (a 1637)
3. Henry Bayntun (b c1520)
m. Dorothy Mantill of Cambridgeshire
A.+ issue - Richard (d 1619), Edward, Roger, 2 daughters
4. Anne Bayntun
m1. Henry Poole
m2. Edward Fabian
5. Bridget Bayntun (b 1505, d 1545)
m. Sir James Stumpe of Malmesbury
6. Jane Bayntun
m. Sir William St. Looe
7. Ursula Bayntun
m1. _ Thoresby of Linne, Norfolk
m2. Erasmus Spelman or Spilman of Norfolk
m2. (1532) Isabel Leigh (or Alley) (dau of Sir Ralph Leigh of Edington (or Stockwell) by Joyce Colpepper, sister of Sir John (Alley) of Stockwell)
8. Henry Bayntun (b 1536)
m. _ Cavendish (dau of Sir Richard Cavendish of Nottingham)
A. James Bayntun
partner(s) unknown
i.+ issue - James, 2 daughters
B. Ferdinand Bayntun of Sarum (3rd son)
m. Jane (dau of John Weare alias Browne of Calne)
i.+ issue - Henry, Ferdinand, Henry (dsp), Elizabeth (d infant?), Catherine (b 21.07.1601), Anna (b 23.09.1602), Elizabeth (b 10.11.1609), Banfield (d infant?)
C.+ other issue - Edward (dsp in Ireland), Elizabeth
9.+ other issue - Francis (b 1537), Anne (d young)

Source(s): Commoners (vol iv, Starkey of Bromham), BEB1841 (Baynton-Rolt of Spye Park), Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Bainton) with support from the impressive site at and some support from BE1883 (Wilmot of Rochester)
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