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Menill (Meinill) of Hilton, Mesnil (Menil) of Langley Mesnil (Menil), Meinill of Whorlton
According to BLG1952, Nichol's 'History of Leicestershire' suggests that descended from Hugo de Grente Mesnil was ... 
Gilbert de Mesnil 
1. Robert de Mesnil or Meinill of Whorlton (d before 1135) identified by TCP as "the first member of this family in England of whom there is record"
  m. Gertrude (probably dau of Nele Fossard, sister of Robert, she m2. Jordan Paynel) 
  A. Stephen de Mesnil or Meinill (a 1145) 
  m. Sibil (probably dau of Ansketil de Bulmer) 
  i. Robert de Meinill (a 1166) 
  a. Stephen de Meinill of Whorlton (d by 1188) 
  m. Joan de Ros 
  (1) Robert de Meinill (d before 30.01.1206/7) 
  m. Emma Malebisse (dau of Richard Malebisse) 
  (A) Stephen de Meinill (b c1205, d before 16.07.1269) 
BE1883 suggests that this Stephen predeceased his father but the dates given by TCP, which we follow, disagree. 
  (i) Nicholas de Meinill of Whorlton, 1st Lord (d before 27.05.1299) 
  m. Christine (d before 22.01.1311/2, she m2. Saier de Huntingfield) 
  (a) Nicholas de Meinill, 2nd Lord (b 06.12.1274, d unm 26.04.1332) 
  p. Lucy de Thweng (b 24.03.1278/9, dau of Robert de Thweng of Kilton) 
  Me22 Nicholas de Meinill of Whorlton, Lord Meinill (d before 20.11.1341) 
m. Alice de Ros (d before 04.07.1344, dau of William de Ros of Helmsley, Lord Ros of Hamlake) 
  Me21 Elizabeth de Meinill (b 15.10.1331, d 09.07.1368) 
  m1. (c1344/5) John Darcy, Lord (b 1317, d 1356)
  m2. (before 18.11.1356) Sir Piers de Mauley, Lord (b by 1330, d 19/20.03.1382/3) 
  Possibly also an illegitimate child of Nicholas was ... 
  Me22-2 Christine Meinill 
  m. Robert de Sproxton (d 1382) 
  (b) John de Meinill, 3rd Lord (b c1282, d before 08.10.1337) 
  m. Catherine de Percy (d 11.05.1345, dau of Arnald or William de Percy of Kildale) 
  ((1)) John de Meinill (dvp) 
((A)) John de Meinill, 4th Lord (d young 26.07.1349) 
  ((B)) Alice de Meinill (b c1327, d 1387) 
  m1. (before 1349/50, sps) Robert de Boulton 
  m2. (before 1356) Sir Walter de Boynton 
  ((i)) Walter de Boynton (dsp 1388) 
  m3. (c1364) John de Percy of Kildale
  (ii) Joan de Meinill
  m. John de Everingham 
  (iii)+ other issue - Robert (dvpsp), Henry, John, Piers
  B. Robert de Mesnil or Meynell (of Langley Meynell) 
  i. Isabel Meynell 
  m. Sewallis de Shirley (a 1167, son of Henry) 
  C. William de Mesnil of Langley Mesnil 
  This connection is provided by BLG1952 but it should be noted that, after referring to various cadet families of Worlton, TCP reports "There appears to be no documentary evidence to show that the Meinills of Langley Meinill, co. Derby, were similarly connected. They were descended from Hugh de Meinill, living circa 1251, steward of William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby". 
i. Hugo de Mesnil of Langley Mesnil (a 1248) 
  m. Philippa Ednesoure (dau of Thomas Ednesoure) 
  a. William de Mesnil of Langley Mesnil
  (1) Hugo de Mesnil of Langley Mesnil (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377, MP) 
  m. Johanna de la Ward (dau of Robert de la Ward, Steward to King Edward I) 
  (A) Sir Hugo de Mesnil or Menil of Langley Mesnil 
  m1. Alice Bassett (dau of Ralph Bassett, Lord of Drayton) 
(i) Hugo de Menil of Langley Menil (d 1376) 
  m. Johanna 
  (a) Ralph de Menil of Langley Menil (d 1389) 
  m. Christiana Chute 
((1)) Joan Menil 
  m1. John Staunton of Staunton Harold 
  m2. Sir Thomas Clinton possibly Sir Thomas of Amington
  ((2)) Elizabeth Menil 
((3)) Margaret Menil 
  m. Roger (sb John?) Dethick
  ((4)) Thomasine Menil 
  m. Reginald Dethick 
  (b) William Meynell of Yeaveley, Derbyshire (d 1402) 
  Hugo appears also to have married ... 
  m2. Alice de Audley (dau of Nicholas de Audley, 1st Lord) mother of ... 
  (ii) Isabel de Meynall (d 1393)
  m1. Sir Thomas Shirley (d 1362) 
  m2. Sir John de Wodhull (d 1367) 
  m3. (1369) Sir Gerard de Braybrooke (b c1332, d 01.02.1403) 
  b. son
  The following connection is distinctly presumptuous. Hugh is not mentioned by BLG1952 as another son of Robert of Whorlton but TCP reports that the Meinills of Hilton were a cadet of the Meinills of Whorlton and that they were descended from him. Commoners starts with the reporting that "Sometime in the twelfth century, Walter de Mainill had a grant from his brother, Roger de Hilton, of lands, in Snotterdon." The dates indicate that there could not have been many generations between Hugh and Roger & Walter. 
  D. Hugh de Meinill possiby of this generation 
  m. Alice de Hilton (sister & heir of Adam de Hilton) 
  i. Roger de (Meinill of) Hilton possiby of this generation 
  ii. Walter de Meinill or Mainill in Snotterdon brother of Roger 
  a. Robert de Mainill 
  (1) William de Mainill of Hilton, Snotterdon, Hisilton, etc. 
  (2) Hugh de Mainill or Menell of Hilton (b 1203?, d 1260?) 
  m. Margaret 
(A) John de Menill of Hilton (a 1303) 
  m. Sibilla 
  (i) Nicholas de Menill or Meinell of Hilton (a 1350)
  m. Cecilia de Salcok (dau of Thomas de Salcok) 
  (a) John Meinell of Hilton (dsp?) 
  (b) Robert Meinell of Hilton 
  ((1)) Thomas Meinell of Hilton (d 1447) 
  m. (07.1417) Jane Denom (dau of Richard Denom of Denom) 
  ((A)) John Meinell of Hilton (b 1432, a 10.1479) 
  m. Jane Hansard (dau of Richard Hansard of Walworth) 
  ((2)) Janetta Meinell 
  m1. Watkyn Paycock 
  m2. Richard Kirkeby 
  (c) Hugh Meinell (a 1345) 
  (ii)+ other issue - Cuthbert (dsp), William (a 1318) 

Main source(s):
(1) For Meinill of Whorlton : TCP (Meinill, Menille of Meynell), TCP (Meinill) with a little support from BE1883 (Meinill) [This line was previously on MZmisc09 before being transferred to this page.]
(2) For Mesnil of Langley Mesnil : BLG1952 (Meynell of Meynell Langley).
(3) For Menill/Meinell of Hilton : Commoners (Meynell of North Kilvington)
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