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Spencer 2: Spencer of Althorp, Spencer of Marlborough, Spencer of Sunderland, Spencer of Wormleighton
Sir Robert Spencer of Althorp, 1st Lord of Wormleighton b 1570, d 25.10.1627
m 15.02.1587 Margaret Willoughby d 17.08.1597, dau of Sir Francis Willoughby of Woollaton
1. John Spencer dvpsp
2. William Spencer of Althorp, 2nd Lord of Wormleighton bpt 04.01.1591-2, d 19.12.1636
m 1617 Penelope Wriothesley d 16.07.1667, dau of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton
A. Elizabeth Spencer b 16.02.1617/8, d 11.08.1672
m1 04.12.1634 John Craven, Lord Craven of Ryton bpt 10.06.1610, dsp before 26.02.1647-8
m2 Hon. Henry Howard of Revesby dsp 1663
m3. William Crofts, Lord Crofts of Saxham b c1611, dsp 11.08.1657
B. Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland bpt 23.11.1620, d Newbury 20.09.1643
m 20.07.1639 Dorothy Sydney d 05.02.1684, dau of Robert Sydney, Earl of Leicester
i. Dorothy Spencer b 1640, d 16.12.1670
m 29.12.1656 George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax b 11.11.1633, d 05.04.1695
ii. Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland b 1640/1, d 28.09.1702
m 10.06.1665 Anne Digby d 26.04.1715, dau of George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol
a. Anne Spencer b 1667, dsps 02.07.1690
m 05.01.1687-8 James Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamilton, 1st Duke of Brandon b 11.04.1658, d 15.11.1712
b. Elizabeth Spencer d 1704
m 1684 Donagh, 4th Earl of Clancarty d 1734
c. Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland b 1675, d 19.04.1722
m1 12.01.1694-5 Arabella Cavendish b 1673, d 04.06.1698, dau of Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle
1 Frances Spencer d 27.07.1742
m 27.11.1717 Henry Howard, 4th Earl of Carlisle b 1684, d 03.09.1758
m2 14.09.1699 Anne Churchill b 1683, d 15.04.1716, dau of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough
2 Robert Spencer, 4th Earl of Sunderland b 24.10.1701, d unm 27.11.1729
3 Charles Spencer, 5th Earl of Sunderland, 3rd Duke of Marlborough b 22.11.1706, d 28.10.1758
m 23.05.1732 Elizabeth Trevor d 07.10.1761, dau of Thomas Trevor, 2nd Lord
A George Spencer-Churchill, 4th Duke of Marlborough b 26.01.1739, d 30.01.1817
m 1762 Caroline Russell d 26.11.1811, dau of John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford
B Charles Spencer b 31.03.1740, d 16.06.1820
m 02.10.1762 Mary Beauclerk d 13.01.1812, dau of Vere Beauclerk, Lord of Hanworth
i John Spencer b 21.12.1767, d 17.12.1831 had issue
m 05.02.1790 Elizabeth Spencer d 1812, dau of George Spencer-Churchill, 4th Duke of Marlborough
ii William Robert Spencer b 09.01.1769, d 23.10.1834 had issue
m 13.12.1791 Susan Walwarth dau of Ralph, Count Jenison Walworth
C Robert Spencer dsp 1831
m Henrietta Fawkener dau of Sir E. Fawkener
D Diana Spencer d 1808
m1 08.09.1757, div 08.03.1768 Frederick St. John, 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke, 3rd Viscount St. John b 1734, d 05.05.1787
m2 1768 Topham Beauclerk b 1739, d 1780
E Elizabeth Spencer d 30.04.1831
m 23.03.1756 Henry Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke b 03.07.1734, d 26.01.1794
4 John Spencer of Althorp b 13.05.1708, d 19.06.1746
m 14.02.1733-4 Georgina Carolina Carteret d 21.08.1780, dau of John Carteret, Earl Granville
A John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer b 19.12.1784, d 31.08.1783
m 20/7.12.1755 Georgiana Poyntz d 18.03.1814, dau of Hon. Stephen Poyntz of Midgham
i Georgiana Spencer b 1757, d 30.03.1806
m 06.06.1774 William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire b 14.12.1748, d 29.07.1811
ii George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer b 01.09.1758, d 10.11.1834 §R§
m 06.03.1781 Lavinia Bingham b 1762, d 08.06.1831, dau of Sir Charles Bingham, 1st Earl of Lucan
a John Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer b 30.05.1782, dsp 01.10.1845, Chancellor
m 13.04.1814 Esther Acklom b 09.1788, d 11.06.1818, dau of Richard Acklom of Wiseton Hall
b Sir Robert Cavendish Spencer b 24.10.1791, d 04.11.1830, Captain RN
c Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer b 14.04.1798, d 27.12.1857 had issue
m1 23.02.1830 Elizabeth Georgina Poyntz d 10.04.1851, dau of William Stephen Poyntz of Cowdray
m2 09.08.1854 Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour b 1825, d 29.10.1877, dau of Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymour
d George Spencer b 21.12.1799, d 01.10.1864, Passionist
e Sarah Spencer d 13.04.1870
m 04.03.1813 William Henry Lyttelton, 3rd Lord b 03.04.1782, d 30.04.1837
f Georgiana Charlotte Spencer d 21.02.1823
m 14.04.1814 George Quin, previously Taylour b 10.03.1792, d 06.02.1888
iii Henrietta Frances Spencer b 1761, d 14.11.1821
m 27.11.1780 Frederick Ponsonby, 3rd Earl of Bessborough b 24.01.1758, d 03.02.1844
iv+ other issue - Charlotte b 1765, d 1766, Louisa b/d 1769
B Diana Spencer b 1735, d 1743
5 Anne Spencer b 1702, d 19.02.1769
m 1720 William, 1st Viscount Bateman d 12.1744
6 Diana Spencer b 1710, dsps 27.09.1735
m 11.10.1731 John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford b 1710, d 15.01.1771
m3. 05.12.1717 Judith Tichborne d 17.05.1749, dau of Benjamin Tichborne
7+ other issue - William d infant, 2 others d young
d.+ other issue - Robert b 1664, dsp 1688, 3 others d young
iii. Penelope Spencer d infant
C. Anne Spencer b 1623
m Sir Robert Townsend
D. Alice Spencer b 1625, d c1712
m Henry Moore, 1st Earl of Drogheda d 11.01.1675-6
E. Margaret Spencer bpt 19.01.1627, dsp 1693
m 30.08.1655 Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury b 22.07.1621, d 22.01.1683
F. Robert Spencer, Viscount Teviot bpt 02.02.1628, dsp 20.05.1694
m Jane Spencer b c1657, d 10.06.1689, dau of Sir Thomas Spencer, 3rd Bart of Yarnton
G. William Spencer of Ashton d 1688
m Elizabeth Gerard dau of Dutton Gerard, 3rd Lord of Gerard's Bromley
i. Elizabeth Spencer 3rd dau
m Robert Hesketh of Rufford
ii.+ other issue - Margaret, Rachel
3. Sir Richard Spencer of Orpington d 1661
m Mary Sandys d 1675, dau of Sir Edwin Sandys
4. Sir Edward Spencer of Boston d 1666
m Mary Goldsmith dau of John Goldsmith of Welby
5. Elizabeth Spencer d 1618
m 1617 Sir George Fane of Buston d 1640
6. Margaret Spencer d 1613
7. Mary Spencer b 1588, d 1658
m Sir Richard Anderson of Penley d 1632/53

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