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Elmeden, Emildon, Charron, Heton, Monbouchet, Stirling of Belsay
William de Elmeden of Elmeden, co. Durham
m Joanna
1. William Elmeden of Elmeden
m Joanna Bardolph or Randolph
A. Thomas Elmeden of Elmeden d 1416
i. Sir William Elmeden of Elmeden d 1447
The following comes from Commoners vol 2, Pickering of Old Lodge.
m Elizabeth de Umfreville b c1391, d 23.11.1424, dau of Sir Thomas de Umfreville of Harbottle Castle
a. Agnes Anne Elmeden
m Thomas Claxton of Old Park
b. Elizabeth Elmeden
m John Dalton of West Auckland
c. Isabel Elmeden
m Rowland Tempest
d. Joan Elmeden
m Thomas Forster
ii. ?? Elmeden
As there appears to have been Elmedens of Elmeden after the above Sir William dspms, we presume that they descended from a younger brother of Sir William.
a. ?? Elmeden presumed intermediary generation
1 William Elmeden of Elmeden b 1464, d 1505
Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees 1942, Bulmer of Bulmer and Wilton identifies the parents of Elizabeth as William Elmeden of Elmeden by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Richard Conyers of South Cowton by Alice. Visitation Durham, 1575, Claxton of Wynyard shows Margaret Claxton as mother of Elizabeth. We follow Walker and presume that Margaret was another wife of William although the dates make it look possible that she was his mother.
m1/2. Elizabeth Conyers dau of Sir Richard Conyers of South Cowton by Alice
A Elizabeth Elmeden b c1494, d 1558
m before 1505 Sir William Bulmer of Gisburne b after 1491, d before 13.12.1546
m2/1. Margaret Claxton dau of Sir Robert Claxton of Claxton
B. daughter possibly of this generation
m William Langton of Wynyard
Richard de Emildon or Emeldon of Embleton, co. Durham d 1333, alderman of Newcastle
m1 Alice ?
1. Maud Matilda de Emildon or Emeldon b c1310, d 08.09.1369, 2nd daughter & co-heir
m1 Richard de Acton of Whittington d before 17.05.1342
A. Elizabeth de Acton
m Roger Widdrington of Widdrington d 1372
m2 Alexander de Hilton, 3rd Lord d c04.1361
m2 Christian Mowbray dau of John Mowbray, 2nd Lord, by Aline de Braose, Christian m2. Sir William de Plumpton
2. Jacoba de Emildon or Emeldon d 06.02.1390/1
m1 Sir John de Stryvelyn of Belsay, Sheriff of Edinburgh then Northumberlandbelow
m2 before 24.08.1379 Robert de Clifford
Bertram de Monboucher of Seghill, Northumberland
m Margaret Sutton dau of Richard Sutton, son of Rowland by Alice de Lexington
1. Bertram Monboucher of Seghill d 1332
m Joan Charron of Horton dau of Guiscard Charron by Alice, dau of Thomas Lucy below
A. Reginald or Bertram de Monboucher of Seghill, later of Horton
m c1336 Isabel Willoughby dau of Sir Richard Willoughby of Willoughby & Wollaton
i. Sir Bertram de Monboucher of Horton d c1385
m Christian Widdrington dau of Roger de Widdrington
a. Isabel de Monboucher
m1 Henry de Heaton of Hartley below
m2 Robert Harbottle of Preston d 1419
Apparently a kinsman of Piers de Savoy, 'Earl of Richmond', whom he accompanied to England in 1241, was ...
Guiscard de Charron or de Sabaudia b c1215, d before 1268, steward of Richmond
1. Guiscard de Charron of Horton, Northumberland a 1297
m1/2. Mary Sutton dau of Richard de Sutton
There is confusion as to which of Guiscard's wives was mother of the following Guiscard. The fact that Horton passed into this family suggests that Isabel de Horton was the mother but correspondence has been seen which suggests that this was not the case.
A. Guiscard de Charron of Horton, Sheriff of Northumberland d Bannockburn 1314
m c1288 Alice Lucy dau of Sir Thomas Lucy of Cockermouth
i. Joan Charron, heiress of Horton
m1 Sir Bertram de Monboucher d by 1332 above
m2 Richard de Willoughby of Wollaston Chief Justice
m2/1. Isabel de Horton dau/heir of Walran de Horton, widow of Thomas de Castre and Thomas de Ryhill
Sir Henry de Heton of Chillingham, Northumberland b c1235 possibly father of ...
1. Sir Thomas de Heton of Chillingham
A. Sir Thomas de Heton of Chillingham d 1352/3
m Agnes
i. Sir Alan Heton of Chillingham d 21.03.1386/7
m Constance Lilburn dau of John Lilburn of Lilburn
a. Joan Heton d 12.10.1416
m before 06.09.1372 Sir Robert de Ogle bpt 08.12.1353, d 31.10.1409/10
ii. Thomas Heton or Heaton of Hartley d 11.08.1362
m Joan Clifford dau of Robert Clifford, 3rd Lord, by Isabel de Berkeley
a. Henry Heaton of Hartley d 25.10.1399
m Isabel de Monboucher dau of Sir Bertram de Monboucher of Horton above
1 Margaret Heaton d 1394/5
m Sir Thomas Middleton son of Sir John of Belsay Castle by Christina, dau of Sir John Stryvelyn, lord of Belsay by Jacoba, dau of Richard de Emildon
2. Johanna de Heton
m Sir Robert de Rutherfurd

TCP reports of the following John that "Nothing is known of his parentage."
Sir John de Strivelyn, Stryvelyn or Stirling of Belsay, Sheriff of Edinburgh, Lord Stryvelyn d 15.08.1378
TCP Stryvelyn reports that John dsps having had a son John not clear by which wife who dvp 1367. However, it appears that he also had a daughter/heir called Christian. The book 'The record of the house of Gournay', used to help develop the page on the Middletons of Belsay, mentions only Sir John's marriage to Barbara and thereby implies that she was mother of Christian. However, the web sites used to produce various of the sections shown above speficially show Jacoba as her mother.
m1 before 1369 Barbara de Swinbourn a 1363, dau of Adam de Swinbourn
m2 before 1365 Jacoba de Emeldon dau of Richard de Emeldon, m2. Robert de Clyfford above
1. Christian de Stryvelyn
m Sir John de Middleton of Belsay Castle, Northumberland d 1396
Not known who was mother of ...
2. John de Strivelyn dvp 1367

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6 TCP Stryvelyn.
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