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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Strickland 1: Stirkeland of Stirkeland, Strickland of Sizergh
St26. Adam de Castle Carrock or Castlecarock b 1140 CastleCarrock a 1179 Probably of the de Vaux or Vallibus family.
St25-1. Robert de Castlecarock had issue
St25 Sir Walter de Castlecarock of Stirkland b c 1151/?65 d before 1239
m Christina de Leteham sister of Gilbert FitzReinfrid
St24-1 Adam de Stirkeland b c 1180 d unm? c 1250
BP1934 shows Adam dvp c 1230 as father of Sir Robert but BLG1952 suggests that he was Sir Robert's uncle, son of Adam's younger brother ...
St24 Robert de Stirkeland b c 1185 Great Strickland WEstmoreland dvp
St23 Sir Robert de Stirkeland b c 1200 d 1278
St22 Sir William de Stirkeland/Strickland of Stirkland b c 1219, d c 1305
m Elizabeth Deincourt dau of Sir Ralph Deincourt or d'Eincourt of Sizergh
St21-1 Sir Walter de Stirkeland of Sizergh b c 1255
m1 c 1298, div 1291 Eleanor de Goldington dau of William de Goldington
m2 Matilda
St21-1-1 BP1934 suggests that Thomas was Walter's son by his 1st wife but BLG1952 suggests that he was probably by the 2nd wife.
Sir Thomas de Stirkeland of Sizergh b c 1290, d 1376
m before 1323 Cecily de Welles b c 1295 dau/heir of
+1 Sir Robert de Welles
St21-1-1-1 Sir Walter de Stirkeland of Sizergh, Sheriff of Westmorland d 1407
m1 Margaret de Lathom
St21-1-1-1-1 Sir Thomas Strickland of Sizergh b c 1366, d 1455
m 1405 Mabel de Bethom dau of
+1 Sir John de Bethom
St21-1-1-1-1-1 Walter Strickland of Sizergh b 1406/?11 Sizergh Westmoreland d 1466/7 Nelson Lancaster
m c 1425 Douce Croft b c 1415 dau of
+1 Nicholas Croft of Dalton & Leighton b c 1390
St21-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sir Thomas Strickland of Sizergh b c 1440 Sizergh Westmoreland d 1494/7 Westmoreland
m1 Agnes Parre b c 1445 dau of
+1 Sir Thomas Parre of Kendal Castle
-1 Sir Walter Strickland of Sizergh b 1464 Sizergh d 16.09.1506 Cumbria
m 1491 Elizabeth Pennington d 1546, dau of
+1 Sir John Pennington of Muncaster
-1 Sir Walter Strickland b 5 Apr 1516
m Alice
-1i-1 Thomas Strickland b 1560 d 19 Jun 1620
m Margaret Curwen b 1590
+1 Nicholas Curwen b 1540
m Elizabeth Carus b c 1540
+2 Henry Curwen b 1521
m Mary Fairfax b c 1521
+3 Thomas Curwen b c 1495
+3 Nicholas Fairfax b 1504
m Jane Palmes b 1501
-1-1-1 John William Strickland b 29 Jan 1584 d 1672
m Jane Fenwick b 1604 d 1662 dau of George Fenwick and Ursula Heron
-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Strickland b 1631 d 1654
m John Seaman b 1615 d 25 Mar 1695
-1-1-1-1-1 Jonathon Seaman b 1647 d 1729
m Jane
-1 Caleb Seaman b 1694 d 1777 -1-1 Caleb Seaman b 1740 d 1820 m Martha Jackson b 1722 -1-1-1 Nehemiah Seaman b 1780 d 1830 m Margaret McCreedy b 4 Jun 1783 d 9 Oct 1853 dau of David McCreedy b 1752 and Catherine Donnan b 1752 -1-1-1-1 Nathan Duxbury Seaman b 1850 d 1928 m Sarah Amelia Taylor -1-1-1-1-1 John Egbert Seaman b 1822 d 1928 m Mary Louise Bowman b 1884 dau of Henry Edwar Bowman and Margaqret Ann Mills -1-1-1-1-1-1 Edith Lillian Seaman b 1907 d 1985 m Robert Julian Morris parents of Dr. Susan Elizabeth Gundrum neé Morris, authorīs DNA Match
-2 Thomas Strickland b 14657 d 10 May 1516
-3 Gervase Strickland b 1469 d c 1516
-4 Johanna/Joan Strickland b c 1450
m Thomas Middleton
-1 Gervase Middleton b c 1470 d 1547-8 m x Kirkham of Northamptonshire -1-1 George Middleton of Leighton b 1522 m1 Anne or Mary Tunstall + 2 ch dau of Sir Mamaduke Tunstall of Thurland Castle
m2 Margaret Metcalf + 6 ch dau of Sir Christopher Metcalf of Nappa by Elizabeth Clifford
-1-1-1+ 2 daughters
-1-1-3 Thomas Middleton of Leighton Hall b c 1550 m Katharine Hoghton sister of Sir Richard Hoghton, Bart of Hoghton Tower
-1-1-4+ 2 sons and 3 daughters

-1-1-3-1 Sir George Middleton, Bart of Leighton Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire b 1599-1600, d 27.02.1673, Colonel m1 Frances Rigg dau/heir of Richard Rigg of Little Strickland
-1-1-3-2 Robert Middleton 3rd son ancestor of Middletons of Warton m Jane Kitson dau/coheir of Thomas Kitson of Warton
-1-1-3-3+ Thomas dsp, 8 daughters
-5 Anne Strickland
-6 Elizabeth Strickland
m2 1491 Margaret Fouleshurst dau of Sir Robert Fouleshurst, widow of Sir John Byron
St21-1-1-1-1-1-2 Mabel Strickland
m Sir Richard Tempest of Stainforth, Ribblesdale d 02.1488/9
-1 Robert Tempest dsp Dousabella Tempest m Thomas Darcy 1st Baron of Temple Hurst Capt of Berwick b c 1467 ex 20 Jun 1537 -1-1 Sir George Darcy, 1st Lord of Aston & Meinill d 23.09.1588 m Dorothy Melton dau of Sir John Melton of Aston
-1-2 Richard Darcy dsp
-1-3 Sir Arthur Darcy of Brumham d 1561 m Mary Carew dau of Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington
-1-1-1 John Darcy, 2nd Lord of Aston d 18.10.1587 m Agnes Babington dau of Thomas Babington of Dethick
-1-1-2 Agnes Darcy m Sir Thomas Fairfax
-1-1-3 Mary Darcy m1 Henry Babington of Dethick b 1530 m2 Henry Foljamb
-1-1-4 Edith Darcy m Sir Thomas Dauney d 03.09.1566
-1-1-5 Dorothy Darcy m Sir Thomas Metham
-1-1-6 Elizabeth Darcy m Bryan Stapleton of Carleton
-1-3-1 Sir Henry Darcy of Bremham and Leighton m1 Catherine Tyrwhitt dsp 1567, dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt m2 Catherine Fermor dau of Sir John Fermor
-1-3-2 Thomas Darcy d 06.11.1605 m Elizabeth Conyers dau of John Conyers, 3rd Lord
-1-3-3 Sir Edward Darcy of Dartford Place, Kent b c1543, a 1612 had issue 15 children
-1-3-4 Arthur Darcy of Aldrington ancestor of Darcys of Aldington, Northamptonshire
-1-3-5 Francis Darcy of Gysborne m Catherine Leigh dau of Edward Leigh of Rushall
-1-3-6 Elizabeth Darcy bur 09.09.1590 m Lewis Mordaunt, Sheriff of Bedfordshire, 3rd Lord b 21.09.1538, d 16.06.1601
-1-3-7+ Nicholas , John of Potter Newton
-1-1-1-1 Michael Darcy dvp m Margaret Wentworth dau of Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth Wodehouse
-1-3-1-1 Catherine Darcy m 25.06.1591 Sir Gervase Clifton, 1st Lord of Leighton Bromswold d 14.10.1618
-1-1-1-1-1 John Darcy, 3rd Lord of Aston d 1635 m1 Rosamund Freschevile + 3 ch dau of Sir Peter Freschevile of Stavely m2 Isabel Wray d 1622, dau of Sir Christopher Wray of Glentworth m3. Mary Belasyse dau of Sir Thomas Belasyse, 1st Viscount Fauconberg m4. Elizabeth West co-heiress of Firbeck family -1-1-1-1-1-1+ issue d unm - John dvp, Rosamund, Elizabeth
St21-1-1-1-1-1-3+ Edmund and 1 daughter
St21-1-1-1-1-2 MARGARET STRICKLAND b 1406 Sizergh, Westmorland
m WILLIAM LANCASTER 1427 Of Sockbridge, Westmoreland b 1402 Of Sockbridge, Westmorland, England d c 1435 son of THOMAS de LANCASTER and CHRISTIAN SALKELD
-1 MABEL LANCASTER b 1434 Sockbridge Westmorland d c 1482 m HUGH LOWTHER b 1430 Of Lowther Cumberland d 17.09.1475 -1-1 JOAN LOWTHER b 1473 Lowther Cumberland
-1-2 HUGH LOWTHER b 1475 Lowther Cumberland
St21-1-1-1-1-5 x Strickland
St21-1-1-1-2+ 2 sons
St21-1-1-2 Katherine de Stirkeland b 1337 d 1427
m John de Ros of Kendal Castle
-1 THOMAS de STRYKELAND b 1366, Of Westmoreland Co d 30.07.1455.
St21-1-1-3 William Strickland b 1330/?6 Sizergh Westmoreland d 30 Aug 1419 Lazio Rome IT/?Rose Castle
m Isabel Warcop b 1340 Warcop Westmoreland d 1365 Lowther Westmoreland
-1 Margaret Strickland b 1365 Lizbergh/Sizergh Westmoreland d 1440 Lowther Westmoreland m?2 ROBERT LOWTHER b 1368 Lowther Westmoreland d 09.04.1430 m?1 JOHN DERWENTWATER b 1360 Derwentwater Cumberland d 1403/?1389 -1-1 HUGH LOWTHER b 1390, Westmoreland, Lowther m MARGARET de DERWENTWATER b 1385 Cumberland
-1-2 MARY LOWTHER b 1397 Oswaldkirk Yorkshire m JAMES PICKERING b 1396 Oswaldkirk Yorkshire d 1460
-1-3 MARGARET DE DERWENTWATER b 1385 Cumberland m HUGH LOWTHER b 1390 Lowther Westmoreland
-1-4 ELIZABETH de DERWENTWATER m Nicholas de Radcyffe b c 1385 d 1452

-1-2-1 JAMES PICKERING b 29.08.1419 Killington Westmoreland d 23.05.1497 m MARGARET LASCELLES. b 1422 Eastkrick Yorkshire d 17.11.1499

-1-2-1-1 MARGARET PICKERING b 1442 Oswaldkirk Yorkshire d 1474
St21-1-1-4+ WALTER DE STRICKLAND b 1325 d 1408.
JOHN DE STRICKLAND b 1328 d c 1390.
PETER DE STRICKLAND b 1331 d c 1366.
THOMAS DE STRICKLAND b 1334 d c 1388
St21 Joan de Strickland b 1272
m Robert de Wessington Washington of Milbourne b 1296 d 1324
St21-3+ several sons

Main sources: BP1934 Strickland, BLG1952 Hornyold-Strickland of Sizergh
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