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Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Br28. William de Brereton b c 1125 c d c 1175

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Br27 . William de Brereton b c 1150 d c 1200 a 1185
Br26 Ralph de Brereton b c 1170 in Chester, Cheshirem1 x 1230, m2 Ada of Huntingdon shows Br22 Sybille as daughter of Br24 not as granddaughter
Br25 Sir William Brereton of Brereton b c 1190 a 1216
m Margery de Thornton dau of Randle de Thornton
Br24 Sir Ralph Brereton of Brereton b c 1216 d c 1270 a 1260
Br23-1 Sir William Brereton of Brereton b c 1255 d c 1300 a 1290
m Margaret ? de Sandbach dau of Sir Richard de Sandbach
Br23-1-1 Sir William Brereton of Brereton b c 1280 a 1300
m Roesia de Vernon dau of Ralph de Vernon of Shipbroke
Br19 William Brereton b c 1286 Brereton Cheshire dvp 1342 London
m Margery Bosley dau of Richard de Bosley
Br18-1 Sir William Brereton of Brereton b 14 Feb 1326 Egerton Cheshire d c 1381 Brereton Cheshire a 1376
m1 Ellen Egerton b 1326 Egerton d 13479 Brereton Cum Smethwicki Congleton Cheshire dau of
+1 Philip Egerton of Malpas
m Ellen St Pierre b by 21 Nov 1289 Shocklach Cheshire d 1353
-a Urian St Piere b 19 May 1277 Beeston Cheshire d by 26 Mar 1311
+2 John de St Pierre b c 1257 Egerton d there by 21 Nov 1289
m Katherine Dutton b c 1259 Dutton Cheshire d 1293
Br18-1-1 Sir William Brereton of Brereton b about 1360
m1 1386 Angella or Emily Venables dau of Hugh Venables
A William Brereton b about 1385 dvp
m Alice Corbett sister of Richard Corbett of Leighton
i Sir William Brereton of Brereton b about 1410
m Philippa Hulse dau of Sir Hugh Hulse
ii Ralph Brereton
iii Alice Brereton
m Peter Corbett of Leighton
iv Johanna or Isabel Brereton
m Robert Aston of Parkhall
B Elizabeth Brereton
m Sir John Savage
C Margery Brereton
m Richard Patten, later Wanflet of Wanflet
D+ other issue - Hugh, Matthew
m2 Elena Massy dau of Sir William Massy of Tatton
F Thomas Brereton a 1433, rector of Brereton
Br18-1-2 Ellen Brereton b 1349 Brereton Cum Smethwick Congleton Cheshire d 1390 Cheshire
m Nicholas le Bruyn of Tarvin b c 1362 Tarvin Cheshire d there c 1390
-1 John le Bryun b 1375 Tarvin d there aft 1411 m Margaret Massey b c 1383 Puddington Cheshire d Tarin -1-1 Ellen le Bruyn b c 1401 Arley Cheshire d c 1440 m Geoffrey Warburton b c 1408 Arley Cheshire d c 1^448 Warburton Chester
m2 1354 in Brereton Margaret Done/Donne b 1342 Utkinton or Woodford Cheshire d c 30 Mar 1417 Woodford Cheshire dau of
she m2 1362 in Prestbury CheshireJohn/Jenkin Davenport m3 Gilbert Trussell
+1 Henry Done of Utkinton Cheshire
m Margaret Thornton b c 1318 Thornton Cheshire d 1365 she m2 William de Golborne
BE1883 shows Margaret as mother of Randle but Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Brereton of Brereton suggests that his mother was Hellin of Mallpas.
Br18-1-3 Randle Brereton of Malpas
m Alice Ipstones dau of William de Ipstones
Br18-1-4 Elizabeth Brereton b 1355 Brereton
m William Cnolmondeley of Cholmondely b by 1312 d by 1375
Br18-1-5 daughter
m Richard William Spurstow of Spurstow
Br18-2 Margaret Brereton b 1322 Brereton d aft 1398
m Henry Delves b c 1329 Delves Stafford d 1396 Delves Hall Stafford brother of Sir John he m2 Katherine Arderne + 2 ch
-1 Margaret Delves b 1386 Derby d c 1440 m 1406 Robert Attwood Bayley -1-1 Robert Bayley b 1418 Bailey Lancashire d 1478 Broham Wilts m 1465 Elizabeth Cochrain -1-1-1 Thomas Bayly b 1465 Trowbridge Wilts d there 13 Aug 1543 m 1510 Agnes Cleveland -1-1-1-1 William Thomas Bayly b 1511 Bromham Wilts d 15 Sep 1556 Bromhamn m 1535 in Chittoe Wilts Johanna Elizabeth Evans -1-1-1-1-1 Sir William Attwood Bayly b 1535 Chitto Bromham Wilts d 22 Nov 1575 m1 Anne Flanders m2 Mary Fisher had issue
Br18-3 Jane Brereton
m Adam de Bostock
Br18 reported by wikitree was:
Ellen Brereton b c 1325 Yorkshire
m Thomas Overton b 1312 at Helmsley, Yorkshire d there 1392
-1 Thomas Overton b c 1365 at Helmsley Malton, Yorkshire d there 1392/?1435 bur All Saints m 1410 Idonea x b c 1385 -1-1 William Overton Ov16 b 3 Apr 1430/?00 d 1482 Morecott Rutland bur Helmsley Yorkshire m 1460 Elizabeth x b c 1438/?1410 Yorkshire d 1523 York
Br18-5 John Brereton b c 1327 Brereton
Br18-6 Ralph Brereton b 1326 Brereton
Br18-7 Robert Brereton b 1328 Brereton
Br18-8 Hugh Brereton b 1330 Brereton
ii Nicholas Brereton 5th son
m Margaret
a+ 2 sons - John, William
iii Margery Brereton
m John Davenport of Davenport
iv Matilda Brereton
m John Dunville or Domville
v+ other issue - John, Peter, Richard
Br23 =26 Gilbert Brereton b c 1257
Br22-2 Henry Brereton
Br22 =25 Sibella Brereton, b 1236 in Brereton Cheshire,
m in 1247 in Branston Booths, Lincolnshire
William de Bouths a 1275 b c 1230 d c 1280
Bo21 =24 Thomas de Booths b c 1255
Bo20 =23 John de Bouthe b c 1280 a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327
m. Agnes de Barton b 1277 youngest of 3 daughters of Sir Gilbert de Barton of Barton and Agnes
Bo19 =22 Sir Thomas Thomalyn Bouth of Barton Lancashire, 'Tomalin of the Boothes' b c 1300
m Ellen Workesley dau of Thomas de Workesley of Workesley
Bo18 =21 John Booth of Bartonb c 1350 (+- 25) a 1399 m1 Joan Trafford b c 1375 dau of
Sir Henry Trafford of Trafford b c 1350 according to the dates for likely siblings. BE1883 shows Joan Trafford as mother of all of John's children apart from Archbishop Laurence. Maddison shows Joan as mother of Robert & Roger but the unnamed 2nd wife as mother of the other children, including Thomas. BE1883 identifies Thomas as the eldest son and, given that he appears to have inherited an estate at Barton, this seems likely.
Bo17-1 Sir Thomas Booth of Barton b c 1375 a 1436, ??1482
Bo20 Sir Robert Bouth or Booth of Dunham Massie or Massey b c 1376, Sheriff of Cheshire b c 1405 d 16.09.1450 m1 Douce/Dowse/Dulcia Venables + 9 ch dau of Sir William Venables of Bollen m2 x + 3 ch Bo19 Sir William Bothe or Booth of Dunham Massey b c 1430, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1476
m Maud Dutton dau of John Dutton of Dutton
Bo18 George Booth of Dunham Massey d 1483 m Catherine Mountford dau of Robert Mountford or Montfort of Bescote
Bo19 Sir William Bothe or Booth of Dunham Massey b c 1430, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1476 m Maud Dutton dau of John Dutton of Dutton
Bo17-3 William Booth b c 1377, Archbishop of York
Bo17-4 Roger Booth of Sawley b c 1378
m Catherine Hatton dau of Ralph Hatton of Aldersey and Mollington
Bo17 Margery Booth b c 1380 m John Byron of Clayton
Bo17-6 Joan Booth (?by 2nd marriage) b c 1381
m1 Thomas Sherburn of Stonyhurst Shirburne of Aughton
m2 Sir Thomas Sudworth or Southworth
Bo17-7 Catherine Booth b c 1382
m Thomas Ratcliffe of Wimmorley Wimersley
BBo17-8 Alice Booth b c 1383 d 09.09.1470 m Sir Robert Clifton of Clifton d 09.04.1478
Bo17-9+ Richard of Strickland, b c 1385 bur 1478, Bishop of Exeter, Ralph Archdeacon of York
Bo17-12 x Booth b c 1386 m y Atherton
Bo17-13 Laurence Booth b c 1387, Archbishop of York, Lord Chancellor of England d 1480
Br24-2 daughter
m Thurstan de Smethwick
Br25-2 Gilbert Brereton
Br25-3 Isolda Brereton
m Gilbert de Stoke

Sources: BE1883 Brereton
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