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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Blount 2

Blount of Soddington
Bl18-2-1-1. John Blount of Sodington
m Catherine Corbet (dau of Thomas Corbet of Stanford)
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Bl18-2-1-1-1. Edward Blount of Sodington, Sheriff of Shropshire (dsp)
m Joan (widow of Sir Walter Devereux)
Bl18-2-1-1-2. Peter Blount of Sodington
m Anne Cornwall (dau of Sir Edward Cornwall of Burford)
Bl18-2-1-1-2-1 Sir Thomas Blount of Sodington
Visitation, which ends with the next generation, shows all the children as by Jocosa (Joyce) Shirley. We follow BP1934.
m1 Catherine Sandford dau of Thomas Sandford of Rowley
i. Walter Blount of Sodington (dsp)
m1 Dorothy Talbot dau of Sir T. Talbot
m2 Catherine Gray dau of Thomas Gray of Envile
ii. Henry Blount (dsp)
iii. Dorothy Blount
m Henry Heath of Cobham
m2 Joyce Shirley dau of Thomas Shirley of Envile
iv. Peter Blount (dsp)
v. Sir George Blount of Sodington
m Eleanor Norwood dau of William Norwood of Lockhampton
a. Sir Walter Blount, 1st Bart of Sodington 4 Oct 1642, Sheriff of Worcestershire 1619 b c 1594, d 27.08.1654 MP for Droitwich 1624/5 Royalist capture 1645 conv of treason 1652
m Elizabeth Wylde d 23.04.1656, dau of George Wylde of Droitwich
-1 Sir George Blount, 2nd Bart of Sodington d 12.11.1667 recovered father's estates after Restoration of Charles II
m Mary Kirkham d before 10.02.1667-8, dau of Richard Kirkham of Blagdon
(A) Sir Walter Kirkham Blount, 3rd Bart of Sodington, Sheriff of Worcestershire dsp 12.05.1717>
m1 Alicia Strickland dau of Sir Thomas Strickland of Sizergh
m2 Mary Cranmer dau of Sir Caesar Cranmer of Wood
(B) George Blount of Mawley Hall (d 20.05.1702
m1 (sp) Mary O'Brien (bur 31.05.1686, dau of Henry O'Brien, 5th Earl of Thomond, widow of Charles Cockaine, Viscount Cullen)
m2 Constantia Cary dau of Sir George Cary of Tor Abbey
(i) Sir Edward Blount, 4th Bart of Sodington (d 16.02.1758
m 1722 Apollonia Throckmorton d 19.01.1749, dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton, 3rd Bart)
(a) Sir Edward Blount, 5th Bart of Sodington dsps 19.10.1765
m (1752) Frances Molineux(d 18.12.1787, dau of William Molineux of Mosborough
((1)) Edward Blount (d young)
(b) Sir Walter Blount, 6th Bart of Sodington d 05.10.1785
m 21.09.1766 Mary Aston d 31.01.1805, dau of James Aston, 5th Lord of Forfar)
((1)) Sir Walter Blount, 7th Bart of Sodington (b 03.09.1768, d 31.10.1803)
m 25.11.1792 Anne Riddell d 15.02.1823, dau of Thomas Riddell of Felton Park and Swinburne Castle
((A)) Sir Edward Blount, 8th Bart of Sodington, Sheriff of Worcestershire b 03.03.1795, d 28.04.1881 had issue
m (14.09.1830) Mary Frances Blount (b c1804, d 26.05.1893, dau of Edward Blount of Shablington, cousin)
((2)) Edward Blount of Shablington (b 18.07.1769, d 20.03.1834) had issue
m (20.04.1803) Frances Wright (d 02.05.1859, dau of Francis Wright)
((3)) George Blount (b 05.02.1771)
m1 (04.1799) Elizabeth Courtenay Chichester (d 03.1820, dau of John Chichester of Arlington)
m2 Frances dau of Count de Masigny
(c)+ other issue - Robert d y, Geroe d y, Apollonia, Louisa, Mary
(ii) Constantia Blount
m 1719 Sir John Smythe, 3rd Bart of Acton Burnell (d 17.09.1737)
(iii) Mary Blount d 17.10.1744
m 7.02.1722 Edward Dicconson of Wrightington
(iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne, Elizabeth, Catherine
(C) Edward Blount of Blagdon or Blagden, Devon (d 1726, 8th son)
m Anne Guise (dau of Sir John Guise, Bart)
(i) Elizabeth Blount (d 11.1778)
m (14.10.1725) Hugh Clifford, 3rd Lord of Chudleigh (b 14.04.1700, d 26.03.1732)
(ii) Mary Blount (d 27.05.1773) br>m (26.11.1727) Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk (dsp 20.09.1777)
(iii) Ann Blount (d unm 1769)
(iv) Harriet Blount
m1 Peter Proli of Antwerp
m2 (08.11.1739) Philip Howard
(D) Mary Blount (d 05.05.1732)
m Henry Howard of Clun
(E) Anne Blount (d 13.02.1734-5)
m (29.06.1675) Sir Francis Jerningham, 3rd Bart of Cossey (d 26.08.1730)
(F) Elizabeth Blount
m Beaumont Tasburgh of Bodney
(G) Catherine Blount
m Richard Minshull of Bourton
(H)+ other issue (d young) - William, John, Charles, John, Richard, Lucy
-2 Eleanor Blount d 03.12.1674
m1 Robert Knightley of Offchurch
m2 (c1657) Walter Aston, 3rd Lord of Forfar (b 1633, d 24.11.1714)
-3 Anne Blount
m James Anderton of Birchley
-4 Elizabeth Blount
m Henry Englefield
-5 Frances Blount
m Anthony Windsor
-7 Col John Blount had issue
-7 Major William Blount dsp,
-8 Peter Blount
-9? Presumed to be of this generation and marriage, was
Thomas Blount b 1612 Worcester d 1686/?1706 Tyrell Co NC/?Chowan Co NC
m1 Ann Wilson + 7 ch ?m2 Anne Willis + 3 ch (There are differing reports on the marriages and children that have been reconciled under the presumption that there was only one immigrant Thomas and showing the children cumulative here.)
-1 Ann Blount b 1643 Sodington, Worcester d 21.05.1702 Surrey Co Va m 1663 Robert Wilson b 1629 Scotland d 21 Dec 1696 Perquimans Co NC son of John Wilson and Katherine
-2 John Blount b 1633 Worcester
-3 James Blount b 1634 Worcester
-5 Billah Blount b 1635 Worcester
-5 Sarah Blount b 1636 Worcester
-6 Christian Blount b 1638 Worcester
-7 Thomas Blount b 1642 Worcester m 1665 Ann Reading
-1-1 Isaac Wilson b 1668 ?twin
-1-2 Sarah Wilson b 28 Jun 1668 i Isle of Wight Co Va d 1706 Pasquotank Co NC m John Bellman b c 1665 Pasquotank NC
-1-3 Isaiah Wilson b 1670
-3-1 James Blount.
-3-2 John Blount.
-3-3 Jacob Blount b 21.05.1726 Sodington, Worchester d 17.08.1789 i Blount Hall, Pitt, NC

-1-2-1 Sarah Belman b 28 Jun 1688 Pasquotank d aft 1785 NC m1 13 Mar 1708 Ephraim Overman b 9 Mar 1681 d 7 Feb 1732 son of Jacob Overmand and Hannah x m2 6 Apr 1734 Nathaniel Martin
-1-2-2 Hannah Belman b 28 Aug 1689
-1-2-3 Ester Belman b 22 Jan 1691
-1-2-4 John Belman b 7 Nov 1695 d 1740
-1-2-5 Robert Belman b 2 Feb 1697
-1-2-6 Jane Anne Belman b 13 Jan 1700/1
-1-2-7 Mary Belman b 13 Mar 1701/2
-1-2-8 Jane Ana Belman b 13 Mar 1701/2
-1-2-9 Mary Belman b 1704
-1-2-10 William Belman b 6 Jul 1704
-1-2-11 Ruth Belman b 11 Apr 1707

-1-2-1-1 Abigail Overmann b 19 Mar 1709
-1-2-1-2 Joseph Overman b 1 Oct 1711
-1-2-1-3 Anne Overman b 7 Aug 1714
-1-2-1-4 Ephraim Overman b 23 May 1719
-1-2-1-5 Sarah Overman b 21 Jan 1722 m 7 Apr 1737 Samuel Pike b c 1705 d c 1786 son of Samuel Pike and Jean McGregor
-1-2-1-6 Nathan Overman b 26 Jan 1725
-1-2-1-7 Isaack Overman b 266 Jun 1727

-1-2-1-5-1 Patience Pike b 17 Apr 1738
-1-2-1-5-2 Ann Pike b 28 April 1740
-1-2-1-5-3 Miriam Pike b 5 Dec 1742
-1-2-1-5-4 Elizabeth Pike b 9 Feb 1747 Pasquotank m 24 Mar 1771 Samuel Collier/Colyer b c 1746 d 1807
-1-2-1-5-5 Mary Pike b 27 Apr 1749
-1-2-1-5-6 Susanna Pike b 23 Jul 1752
-1-2-1-5-7 Rhoda Pike b 22 Feb 1758
-1-2-1-5-8 Nathan Pike b 22 Aug 1760 d 13 Ju 1844

-1-2-1-5-4-1 Zahariah Pike Collier b 11 Aug 1772 d 1834 m 17 Nov 1796 Ann Edgerton b 10 Mar 1781 dau of Thomas Edgerton and Sarah Cox
-1-2-1-5-4-2 James Colyer b 25 Jul 1774
-1-2-1-5-4-3 Mariam Colyer b 12 Aug 1777
-1-2-1-5-4-4 John Colyer b 24 May 1780
-1-2-1-5-4-5 Samuel Colyer b 30 Sep 1782
-1-2-1-5-4-6 Josiah Colyer b 1 Feb 1784
-1-2-1-5-4-7 Joseph Colyer b 1 Feb 1784
-1-2-1-5-4-8 Jesse Colyer b 1787

-1-2-1-5-4-1-1 Sarah Colyer b 8 Oct 1797
-1-2-1-5-4-1-2 Richard Colyer b 18 Nov 1799 d 1800
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3 John Colyer b 27 Nov 1800 d 14 Apr 1875 m1 11 Feb 1828 Polly Pierce b c 1809 d 15 Feb 1832
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1 Nancy Collier b 11 Feb 1831 d 15 Jan 1894 m 6 Mar 1851 Robert Daniel Ballance b 6 Oct 1827 d 22 Feb 1897 son of Edmund Ballance b 1795 and Katherine Marchman b 1788
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-1 John Edmond Ballance b 21 May 1852
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-2 George William Ballance b 10 Dec 1853
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-3 Polly Ballance b 3 Mar 1856
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-4 Sarah Margaret Ballance b 10 Jan 1858
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5 Bettie Jane Ballance b 21 Jan 1862 d 24 Nov 1926 Pikeville Wayne Co NC m 1 Feb 1883 Thomas Ruffin Aycock b 20 Feb 1859 son of Barnes Aycock b 22 May 1819 and Charity Pike b 18 Mar 1820
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-1 Robert Lee Aycock b 12 Dec 1883 Pinkney Wayne Co NC d 14 Sep 1960 Vernal Unitah UT m 1 Nov 1905 Addie Maud Sowards b 24 Mar 1884 d 16 Mar 1952
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-1-1 Thomas Edward Aycock b 3 Jan 1908
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-1-2 Mulford Harmon Aycock b 5 Jul 1913
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-1-3 Joyce Aycock b 18 Jan 1927 ancestors of Nellie Irene Reif, author's DNA match
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-2 Ralph Gordon Aycock b 17 Feb 1885
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-3 Herman Barnes Aycock b 31 Jan 1887
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-4 Nicey Charity Aycock b 26 Sep 1888
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-5 Bertha Allan Aycock b 18 Jul 1890
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-6 Thomas Bayron Aycock b 9 Dec 1895
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-5-7 Alma Ishmael Aycock b 8 Feb 1898
-1-2-1-5-4-1-3-1-6 Zacharian Ballance b 22 Mar 1865
-1-2-1-5-4-1-4 Elwood Colyer b 12 Apr 1804
-1-2-1-5-4-1-5 William Colyer b 2 Oct 1805
-1-2-1-5-4-1-6 Elizabeth Colyer b 14 Apr 1808
-1-2-1-5-4-1-7 Namon Colyer b 29 Aug 1810
-1-2-1-5-4-1-8 Phoebe Colyer b 31 Aug 1812
-1-2-1-5-4-1-9 Othneal Colyer b 28 May 1815
-1-2-1-5-4-1-10 Anna Colyer b 18 Sep 1817
-1-2-1-5-4-1-11 Zahariah Colyerr/Collier b 27 Oct 1818
-1-2-1-5-4-1-12 Samuel Colyer b 13 Jan 1821 d 1822
-1-2-1-5-4-1-13 James Colyer b 7 Aug 1824
-10? Presumed to be of this generation, of this marriage, was ...
Capt James Blount b 1620 Astley Or Sodington Worcester d 7 Mar 1686 Chowan Co NC
m1 x + 2? ch
m2 Anne Willis + 4? ch (There are differing reports on the marriages and children that have been reconciled under the presumption that there was only one immigrant James and showing the children cumulative here.)
-1 Thomas Blount b 1655 Isle of Wight, Va d 1706 Kendrick's Creek, Albemarle, NC
-2 James Blount, født 1656 i Isle of Wight, Va d 12.02.1716 i Chowan, NC
-3 Thomas Blount b 1655 Isle of Wight Co VA d 1706 Kendrick's Creek NC m Mary Perry b 1663 Perquimans NC d 31 Oct 1716.
-4 Ann Blount b 1668 Isle of Wight Co Va m 1688 y Slocum
-5 Elizabeth Blount b 1666 Isle of Wight Va m 1686 Thomas Hawins/Hawkins b 1664
-6 John Blount b 1679 Edenton Chowan Co NC d 1726 m Elizabeth Davis b18 FEB 1679 Henrico Co Va d 1732/3 Edenton

-3-1 James Blount.
-3-2 Sarah Blount Blount.
-3-3 John Blount b 1670 i Chowan Co NC d 17.03.1725 Chowan Co NC m 11.06.1695 Perquimans Co Elizabeth Davis b Chowan Co., NC d 1732 Chowan Co NC
-4-1 Ann Slocum
-5-1 John Hawkins b c 1674 d 1716
-6-1 Mary Blount b 1696 Edenton, "Mulberry Hill" m Jonathan Jacocks
-6-2 Elizabeth Blount b 1697 NC mSamuel Padgett
-6-3 Benjamin Blount b c 1698 Chowan Co 1 FEB 1738 m Elizabeth Everetts
-6-4 Sarah Blount b 1698 NC m John Lovick
-6-5 Martha Blount b 23 MAY 1702 NC m Thomas West
-6-6 Esther Blount b 17 MAR 1703 Edenton m John Worley
-6-7 John Blount b 5 MAY 1706 Scotch Hall Bertie Co NC d 10 FEB 1754 m Sarah Vail
-6-8+ Thomas Blount b 1708 Scotch Hall Bertie Co NC d 1 SEP 1745 m Elizabeth Whitmel
-6-9 James Blount b 23 JAN 1710 Scotch Hall Bertie Co NC d 2 JUL 1760
-6-10 Anne Blount b 1711 m Joshua Worley
-6-11 Joseph Blount b 21 FEB 1715 Chowan Co d 9 NOV 1777 m1 Elizabeth Hatch m2 Sarah Durant b 2 Dec 1718 Perquimans Co + 1 ch
-6-12 Rachel Blount b 1716 NC
-6-13 Charles Worth Blount b 1721 Edenton, "Mulberry Hill" d 1784 m Mary Clayton

-5-1-1 James Hawkins b c 1692 BEF 1752
-5-1-2 Ann Hawkins b c 1694/1704
-5-1-3 Joshua Hawkins b c 1694/1704
-6-11-1 Sarah Blount b 14 FEB 1747 Chowan Co d 10 OCT 1807 Chowan Co m William Littlejohn b 22 FEB 1740 Scotland, Inverness-shire

-5-1-1-1 Ann Hawkins b c 1710/1720 m Thomas Lewis
-5-1-1-2 Elizabeth Hawkins b c 1710 aft 4/1769 n Isaac Davenport
-5-1-1-3 Mary Hawkins b c 1710/1720 m James Blount of Tyrrell Co NC

-5-1-1-1-1 Jesse Lewis b c 1753

-5-1-1-1-1-1 Hezekiah Lewis b
-5-1-1-1-1-2 Jesse Lewis b
-5-1-1-1-1-3 John Lewis b
-5-1-1-1-1-4 Joseph Lewis b
-5-1-1-1-1-5 Thomas Lewis b 1782 NC Tyrrell Co NC m Nancy Phelps

-5-1-1-1-1-5-1 Charles Jordan Lewis b 1810/1820
-5-1-1-1-1-5-2 Elizabeth Lewis b 1810/1820
-5-1-1-1-1-5-3 Hezekiah P. Lewis b c 1813 NC
-5-1-1-1-1-5-4 Henderson Lewis b 1822 d abt 1886 NC m Ellen Augusta Bowen
-5-1-1-1-1-5-4-1 John Thomas Lewis b 27 AUG 1874 NC, Tyrrell Co d 6 FEB 1931 m Lelia Beraud Savage
b. Eleanor Blount
m Henry Ingram of Earl's Court
c.+ other issue - Francis (d 1643, captain), William, Grey
Presumed to be of this generation, of this marriage, is ...
vi. Elizabeth Blount
m William Clifton of Barrington Court (d c1563)
Bl18-2-1-1-2-2. Margaret Blount
m William Gower of Bolton
Bl18-2-1-1-2-3. Katherine Blount
m John Butler of Wiche
Bl18-2-1-1-2-4. Elizabeth Blount
m George Newport
Bl18-2-1-1-2-5+ other issue - Francis of Hackley, Galfrid of Sukeby (Sukerby)
Bl18-2-1-1-3. Margaret Blount
m John Welsch of Sheldesley
Bl18-2-1-1-4 Sir Humphrey Blount of Thornebury b The Rock 1421 d 12 Oct 1477 Kinlet Shropshire
m Elizabeth Wynnington b c 1428 d 20 Apr 1478 Kinlet dau of Robert Wynnington and Katherine
-1 Jana Blount m Otley
-2 Sir Thomas Blount, Sheriff of Shropshire m Anne de Croft b 1458 Hereford d 27 Sep 1549 Kidderminster dau of Sir Richard Croft and Eleanor Mortimer
-3 John Blount
-4 Mary Blount
-5 Edward Blount
-6 William Blount
-7 Margaret Blount
-8 Walter Blount
-9 Charles Blount

-2-1 Sir John Blount, Kt., MP
-2-2 Eleanora Blount m Skryven
-2-3 Anne Blount
-2-4 Walter Blount, MP
-2-5 Edward Blount
-2-6 Johanna Blount
-2-7 Jocosa Joyce Blount
-2-8 Elizabeth Of Sodington Clifton
-2-9 Catherine Smith
-2-10 Robert Blount, MP
-2-11 Ursula Blount
Bl18-2-1-1-5 Walter/William
Bl18-2-1-1-6 Thomas Bloun
Bl18-2-1-1-7 Richard Bloun of Calleis
Bl18-2-1-1-8 Isabella Bloun
- - -
Bl16. Sir Walter Blount, 1st Lord Mountjoy (b c 1420, d 01.08.1474)
m1 by 1442 Ellen Byron (dau of Sir John Byron of Clayton)
Bl15 William Blount dvp after 1471
m Margaret Echingham d 1481, dau of Sir Thomas Echingham of Etchingham
Bl14-1 John Blount (dsp)
Bl14-2 Edward Blount, 2nd Lord Mountjoy (b c1464, d 01.12.1475)
m (1475) Anne Cobham (d 26.06.1526, dau of Sir Thomas Cobham)
Bl14 Elizabeth Blount
mSir Andrew Windsor, 1st Lord (b 1467, d 30.03.1543)
-1 >-1 Elizabeth Windsor, possibly married George Paulet
-2 George Windsor
-3 Eleanor Windsor married 1st Ralph le Scrope 9th Lord Scrope of Masham, 2nd  Sir Edward Neville.
-4 William Windsor (2nd Baron Windsor of Bradenham)
-5 Andrew Windsor (b. ABT 1492)
-6 Edmund Windsor (b. ABT 1494 - d. AFT Jan 1553)
-7 Anne Windsor
Wi13 Edith Windsor+ married George Ludlow, Sheriff of Wiltshire, had issue.
-9 Thomas Windsor
Bl14-4 Anne Blount
m1 Sir Thomas Oxenbridge
m2 Sir David Owen of Medhurst
Bl15-2. John Blount, Governor of Guisnes, 3rd Lord Mountjoy d 12.10.1485
m (by 1477) Lora Berkeley (d c12.1501, dau of Sir Edward Berkeley of Beverton Castle)
A. William Blount, 4th Lord Mountjoy b c 1478, d 08.11.1534
m1 c 04.1497 Elizabeth Say (d before 21.07.1506, dau of Sir William Say of Essenden)
i. Gertrude Blount (d 25.09.1558)
m (25.10.1519) Henry Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon, Marquess of Devon (d 09.01.1539)
BE1883 suggests that they had a second daughter called Mary who married Sir Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex, but this seems to be a confusion as Earl Henry married Mary Say, apparently sister of Elizabeth. Visitation shows Catherine, whom we show as by the 3rd marriage, as by this 1st marriage.
m2 (before 30.07.1509) Agnes de Vanegas (dsp)
m3. (before 15.02.1514/5) Alice Keble (d 08.06.1521, dau of Henry Keble, Lord Mayor of London)
ii. Charles Blount, 5th Lord Mountjoy (b 28.06.1516, d 10.10.1544)
m c08.1530 Anne Willoughby (d 24.12.1582, dau of Robert Willoughby, 2nd Lord de Broke)
a. James Blount, 6th Lord Mountjoy b c1533, d 20.10.1581
m (1558) Catherine Leigh (bur 25.06.1576, dau of Sir Thomas Leigh of St. Oswalds)
(1) William Blount, 7th Lord Mountjoy (b c10.1561, d unm bur 23.07.1594)
(2) Charles Blount, 8th Lord Mountjoy, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Earl of Devonshire (b c1562, d 03.04.1606)
p/m. (26.12.1605) Penelope Devereux (d 07.07.1607, dau of Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex)
The children of this marriage were born whilst Penelope was married to Robert Rich, 1st Earl of Warwick, and so were illegitimate.
(A) Mountjoy Blount, 1st Earl of Newport (b c1597, d 12.02.1665)
m (07.02.1626/7) Anna Botler (d 26.05.1669, dau of John Boteler, 1st Lord of Bramfield)
(i) Mountjoy Blount, 2nd Earl of Newport (b c1630, bur unm 20.03.1674/5)
(ii) Thomas Blount, 3rd Earl of Newport (bur unm 04.05.1675)
(iv) Henry Blount, 4th Earl of Newport (dsp bur 25.09.1679)
m Susanna Briscoe (dau of John Briscoe of Grafton)
(v) Isabella Blount
m Nicholas Knollys, '3rd Earl of Banbury' (b 03.01.1630/1, d 14.03.1673)
(vi) Anne Blount
m Thomas Porter
(B)+ other issue - Mountjoy, St. John, Charles, Penelope, Isabella, daughter
(2) Sir Christoper Blount (d 1601)
m Letitia Knowlis (dau of Sir Francis Knowlis)
possibly of the branch was:
-1 James Blount b c 1594 d 1655
m x Claire
-1-1 James Blount b c 1620 Astley Engl d 1686 NC m Ann Willis dau of Balthasar Willis/Willix and Hannah
-1-2 Thomas Blount Sr m 1 x + 9 ch m2 Mary Lee + 1 ch
-1-3 Elizabeth Blount m y Hawkins
-1-4 Anne Blount m y Slocumb
-1-5 John William Blount Sr.
-1-1-1 John Blount b 17 Oct 1670 Henrico Co Va d 17 Mar 1725 Mulberra Hill NC m Elizabeth Davis
-1-2-1 James Blount
-1-2-2 Christiana Blount m William Ludford/Ledford
-1-2-3 James Blount
-1-2-4 Sarah Blount
-1-2-5 John Blount
-1-2-6 Anne Blount
-1-2-7 Sarah Blount m y Pierce
-1-2-8 Billah Blount m y Tyler
-1-2-9 Anne Blount m y Wilson
-1-2-10 Thomas Blount, Jr.
-1-1-1-1 Esther Blount b 17 Mar 1703 Chowan NC d Va m John Worley b 1717 Va d c 1795 Cumberland Co Va son of Edward Worley and Mary
-1-2-2-1 William John Ledford b 1687 Rowan Co NC m Susan Ann Pierce b c 1700 dau of Thomas Pierce and Mary Kent b 1669 d 1749
-1-2-2-2 Christian Ludford m Edward Linnington
-1-1-1-1-1 Christian Worley b 1727 Goochland Va m Anthony Agee b 1719 Manakin Goochland Va
-1-2-2-1-1 Henry Ledford Sr b 1720 Lancaster Engl d 8 Jul 1755 Augusta Va
-1-2-2-1-2 William Ledford
-1-2-2-1-3 John Ledford, Sr.
-1-2-2-2-1 George Linnington d 1742 Craven Co NC m Hannah Kent Smithwick
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Daniel B Agee b 29 Dec 1764 Goochland Va m Jane Shoemaker
-1-2-2-1-1-1 Nicholas Ledford
-1-2-2-1-1-2 x Ledford
-1-2-2-1-1-3 Frederick Ledford, Sr.
-1-2-2-1-1-4 Obadiah Ledford
-1-2-2-1-1-5 Henry Ledford, Jr.
-1-2-2-1-1-6 Isabella Sibella Ledford
-1-2-2-2-1-1 Anne Hutchinson Linnington
-1-2-2-2-1-2 Christian Linnington
-1-2-2-2-1-3 Mary Linnington
-1-2-2-2-1-4 Elizabeth Linnington
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 JOhn Daniel Agee b 29 Dec 1806 Buckingham Va m Sarah Burton ancestors of Laura Jordan Moore
(3)+ other issue - Charles, Anne (dsp)
b. Francis Blount (dsp)
m Catherine Carleton (dau of John Carleton of Brightwell)
c.+ other issue (dsp) - John, William
iii. Catherine Blount (d 25.02.1559) possibly by the 1st marriage
m1 John Champernon
m2 Sir Maurice Berkeley of Bruton
m4 before 29.07.1523 Dorothy Grey d 1552/3, dau of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset
iv. John Blount dsp
v. Dorothy Blount b c 1523 Newport Devon d 22 Sep 1592
m Roger Blewett b 1524 Homcombe Rogus d 26 Mar 1585
-1 Richard Blewett b c 1544 Holcombe Rogus m Mary
-2 John Blewett b 1546 Holcombe Rogus
-3 Dorothy Blewett b c 1548
vi. Mary Blount
m Sir Robert Dennys
B. Constance Blount b about 1480
m Sir Thomas Tyrrell of Heron
C.+ other issue - Rowland (dsp), Lora (d 1480)
Bl15-3. Sir James Blount (a 1485)
m2 (before 25.11.1467) Anne Neville (d 20.09.1480, dau of Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland)

(1) For Blount of Sodington : BP1934 (Blount) with a little input/support from DBART1839 (Blount of Sodington), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Blount).
(2) For Blount of Mountjoy : BE1883 (Blount of Mountjoy and Devon) with input from TCP (Mountjoy), TCP (Newport) and BE1883 (Blount of Mountjoy and Newport) and a little support from Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Blount).
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