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Booth 2: Booth Lords Delamere, Booth of Dunham Massey / Massie, Booth of Warrington, Booth of Woodford
Bo16-1. George Booth of Dunham Massey b 1491, d 1531
m Elizabeth Boteler dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Boteler of Beausey She may have brought Warrington Manor into the Booth estates and some male heir may have assumed the name Warrington

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Bo16-1-1. George Booth of Dunham Massey d 03.08.1543/1548
m1 12.06.1531 Margaret Bulkeley dsp, dau of Rowland Bulkeley of Beaumaris Castle
m2. 20 May .1536 Elizabeth Trafford d 22 Jun 1582, dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford
Bo16-1-1-1 Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey b 1540/c1545, d 28.11.1579
m 1565 Elizabeth Warburton dau of John Warburton of Warburton and Arley
Bo16-1-1-1-1 Sir George Booth, 1st Bart of Dunham Massey, Sheriff of Cheshire & Lancashire b 20.10.1566, d 24.10.1652, 2nd son
m1 18.02.1577 Jane Carrington dau/heir of John Carrington of Carrington by Ellen Holford
m2. Catherine Anderson d 1639, dau of Sir Edmund Anderson, Chief Justice
a. William Booth dvp 26.04.1636
m. 05.1619 Vere Egerton d 04.05.1629, dau of Sir Thomas Egerton, younger of Brackley
1 Sir George Booth, 2nd Bart, 1st Lord Delamere of Dunham Massey b 18.12.1622, d 08.08.1684, 2nd son
m1. 30.11.1639 Katharine Clinton d 05.08.1643, dau of Theophilus Clinton, 4th Earl of Lincoln
A Vere Booth b c1634, d unm 1717
m2. 12.1644 Elizabeth Grey d 04.01.1690/1, dau of Henry Grey, 1st Earl of Stamford
B Henry Booth, 2nd Lord Delamere, 1st Earl of Warrington, 3rd Bart b 13.01.1651/2, d 02.01.1693-4, 2nd son
m. 07.07.1670 Mary Langham bpt 10.03.1652/3, d 23.03.1690/1, dau of Sir James Langham, 2nd Bart of Cottesbrooke
i George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington, 3rd Lord, 4th Bart b 02.05.1675, d 02.08.1758
m. 09.04.1702 Mary Oldbury d 03.04.1740, dau of John Oldbury of London
a Mary Booth d 10.12.1772
m. 18.05.1738 Henry Grey, 4th Earl of Stamford b 18.06.1715, d 24.06.1768
ii Elizabeth Booth dsp 1697
m. Sir Thomas Delves, 4th Bart of Doddington b 04.10.1652, d 12.09.1725
iii Mary Booth
m. 1694 Hon. Russel Robartes bur 07.02.1717/8
iv+ other issue - James bpt 09.05.1671, d infant, Langham b 1684, d unm 12.05.1724, Henry b 17.07.1687, d 02.02.1726
C George Booth
m. Lucy Robartes dau of Robert Robartes, Viscount Bodmin
i Charles Henry Booth d unm
D Robert Booth d 08.08.1730, Archdeacon of Durham, Dean of Bristol
m1. Ann Booth dau of Sir Robert Booth, Chief Justice in Ireland
i Henry Booth d infant
m2. Mary Hales d 1732, dau of Thomas Hales of Howlets
ii Nathaniel Booth, 4th Lord Delamere, 5th Bart b 1709, d 09.01.1770, 4th son
m. 26.04.1743 Margaret Jones d 29.07.1773, dau of Richard Jones of Ramsbury Manor
a+ issue - 2 sons d young, Elizabeth d unm 1765
iii Elizabeth Booth
m. Charlton Thruppe of London
iv Vere Booth d 31.05.1753
m. 27.11.1736 George Tyndale of Bathford b 29.01.1704, d 24.02.1771
v+ other issue d unm - Robert d 1733, George d 1725, Edward, William d young, Mary, daughter
E Elizabeth Booth dsps 04.07.1681
m. Edward Conway, Earl of Conway b c1623, dsps 11.08.1683
F Diana Booth d 07.10.1713
m1. mcrt 02.11.1684 Sir Ralph Delaval, Bart of Seaton Delaval bpt 26.11.1649, bur 30.08.1696
m2. Sir Edward Blacket, Bart of Newby
G+ other issue - William b 17.04.1648, dvp 20.10.1661/2, Charles, 2 sons, 3 daughters
2 Nathaniel Booth of Mottram Hall, Cheshire b 26.04.1627, d 1692, 4th son
m. Anne Ravenscroft dau of Robert Ravenscroft of Bretton
A Nathaniel Booth b 1660, dsp 09.10.1745, 3rd son
m. Jane Dixon dau/coheir of Henry Dixon of Hilden Park
B John Booth of Newcastle Place, Clerkenwell b 08.02.1667, d 1725
m. Mary Pickering d 1742, dau of Gilbert Pickering of London, son of Sir Gilbert, 1st Bart, by Elizabeth Montagu
i Sir George Booth of Cotterstock Hall, 6th Bart b 20.03.1724, dsps 07.01.1797, rector of Ashton-under-Lyne
m1. 1745 Hannah Turner dsps 30.03.1764, dau of Henry Turner of Botwell
m2. Letitia dsp 17.09.1823, dau/coheir of John Pate Rose of Cotterstock & Rose Hall
ii+ 3 daughters
C+ other issue - George bpt 29.09.1657, dsp, Thomas b 1659, d unm 24.08.1687
3 Catherine Booth b 11.05.1624, d 1667
m. Sir John Jackson, Bart of Hickleton
4+ other issue - Thomas b 21.06.1620, dvp 03.01.1632, William b 14.02.1625, d young, Charles b 06.07.1628, d young
b. Sir John Booth, Governor of Warrington b 1610, d 09.05.1678, Colonel, 5th son
m1. Dorothy St. John d 1655, dau/heir of Sir Anthony St. John of Fonmon Castle, brother of Oliver, 1st Earl of Bolingbroke
1 George Booth of Woodford, Cheshire b 26.10.1635, d 12.11.1719
m. 17.10.1661 Martha Hawley d 06.05.1718, dau of Ralph Hawley by Barbara, dau/coheir of Sir Robert de Grey son of Sir William de Grey
A John Booth of Woodford b 20.02.1669, d 18.06.1772, 2nd son
m. 03.06.1695 Elizabeth Proger d 03.04.1707, dau of Edward Proger, son of Philip of Gwernvale
i George Booth b/d 1700
ii Elizabeth Booth d 1748
m. 04.02.1724 Edmund Maskelyne of Purton Down d 1744
B Robert Booth b 1679, dsp 21.11.1711, youngest son
m. 19.12.1705 Thomasin Hanmer d 14.05.1712, dau sb granddau? of Sir Thomas Hanmer, 2nd Bart
C Mary Booth b 21.08.1667, d 26.01.1703
m. George Breholt Captain RN
D Katherine Booth b 28.10.1672, d 18.02.1765
m1. Edward Hodgson d 21.08.1695, son/heir of Sir Thomas of Bramwith
m2. 1698 James Howard of Boughton b 01.03.1679, d 13.06.1722, son of Philip & nephew of John Dryden the poet
E Elizabeth Booth b 1676, d 14.11.1768
m. 12.07.1699 Thomas Tyndale of Bathford d 18.10.1747
F+ other issue - George b 11.03.1664, d 31.03.1665, George b 07.05.1671, d 04.04.1708, Captain
2 Sir St. John Booth of Woodford bpt 08.01.1637, d 03.12.1687
m. 1661 Anne Owen dau of Ralph sb Roger? Owen of Condover by Alice Gerard
A Thomas Booth bpt 14.08.1663, d 11.10.1736, 2nd son had issue
m. 1695 Mary Cooke dau of Mordecai Cooke in Virginia
B Catherine Booth
m. Roger Owen of Condover d 10.01.1717
C+ other issue - John b pt 12.08.1662, a 1690, Nathaniel bpt 28.06.1667, bur 22.02.1673, Mary bpt 05.10.1672, Elizabeth
3 John Booth of Southold, New York b 1638, d 15.08.1689
m. 1654 Hannah Child
A Charles Booth b 1662, 4th son
m. Abigail Mepham
B+ other issuse - Thomas b 6155, John b 1657, William b 1660
m2. 1657/9, sp Anne Gobard d 1675, dau of John Gobard of Bosworth Hall, widow of Thomas Leigh of Adlington & Colonel Alexander Rigby of Middleton
c. Alice Booth
m. George Vernon of Heslinton judge
d. Susan Booth b 1601
m. 1623 Sir William Brereton, 1st Bart of Handforth Honford b c1605, d 07.04.1661, general
e. Elizabeth Booth dsp
m. Richard Byron, 2nd Lord of Rochdale d 04.10.1679
f.+ other issue dsp - Francis b 1603, d 1616, Thomas b 1604, d 1632, Edmund b 26.12.1608, d 1617, Mary d unm 12.05.1657, Frances d unm 1669, Katherine d unm 24.09.1634, Cecily d young
Bo16-1-1-1-2 John Booth bur 01.08.1644, 3rd son had issue
m. Elizabeth Prestwich dau of Edmudb Prestwich of Hulme, sister of Sir Thomas, Bart
Bo16-1-1-1-3 Richard Booth b 18.06.1578, d 28.03.1628, youngest son
m. Elizabeth Massey d 1641, dau of George Massey or Massie of Cogshall
a. Peter Booth of Cogshall, Cheshire
m. 09.06.1638 Mary Brereton
1+ issue - William bpt 26.10.1641, George bpt 24.02.1646, Martha bpt 24.07.1644
b. William Booth of Lower Withington Cheshire & Baswick Staffordshire
c. Richard Booth b 05.03.1607 had issue in Connecticut
m1. 03.07.1632, sp Margaret Hardman dau of Geoffrey Hardman of Cloguh Hall
m2. 10.09.1640 Elizabeth Hawley d 1689, sister of Capt. Joseph Hawley of Connecticut
d. Mary Booth
m. Richard Brereton brother of Sir William, Bart
Bo16-1-1-1-4 Elizabeth Booth
m1. William Barnet of Eaton
m2. Edward Walsh of Clonmaynine
Bo16-1-1-1-5 Dorothy Booth
m. Ralph Bunnington of Barrowcote
Bo16-1-1-1-6 Alice or Eleanor Booth BE1883 identifies this daughter as Alice who married a Panton. Presumably this is the Eleanor identified in TCB vol iii, Duke of Benhall as having married ...
m John Panton of Brunslip
a. Ellen Panton
after 1617 mSir Edward Duke, Sheriff of Suffolk, 1st Bart of Benhall b c1604, d 1671
b. Alathea Panton d 22.05.1679, coheirapparently of this generation
m. Sir John Holland, 1st Bart of Quiddenham
Bo16-1-1-1-7 Susan Booth
m1. Sir Edward Warren of Pointon
m2. John Fitton of Chester
Bo16-1-1-1-8 William Booth dvp 1572
Bo16-1-1-1-9 Edmund Booth b 1568, dsp
Bo16-1-1-1-10 Robert Booth bpt 11.12.1570
Bo16-1-1-1-11 Peter Booth b 1576, d 07.09.1576
Bo16-1-1-2 Elizabeth Booth
m. William Chauntrell of the Bache
Bo16-1-1-3 Mary Booth
m Randle Davenport of Henbury
Bo16-1-1-4 Anne Booth m y Wentworth of Yorkshire
Bo16-1-2. John Booth
m Elizabeth Dutton dau of John Dutton
Bo16-1-2-1+ issue - Wiliam, Robert, Edmund, Henry
BP2009 shows the following as siblings rather than children of George. Provisionally BE1883 seems more likely and shows them as of this generation as, with the exception of Alice who is identified as a daughter of Sir William, the daughters are all identified as daughters of George in the relevant cross-refering sources. BP2009 mentions that George & Elizabeth had 12 children, naming only George.
Bo16-1-3. Ellen Booth
m John Carrington of Carrington
Bo16-1-4. Anne Booth d 1568
m William Massie of Podington d 1579
Bo16-1-5. Margaret Booth
m Sir William Davenport of Bramhall a 1566
Bo16-1-6. Elizabeth Booth
m Richard Sutton of Sutton
Bo16-1-7. Dorothy Booth d 1600/8
m. Robert Tatton of Withenshaw
Bo16-1-8. Alice Booth
m. Peter Daniel of Over Tabley d 1554-5
Bo16-1-9.+ other issue - Robert rector of Thornton, Cecilie d unm

Sources: BE1883 Booth Delamere of Dunham Massie, of Warrington, BP2009 Booth
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