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: Fulford of Fulford, Fulford of Great Fulford
y de Fulford b c 1130 Devon d c 1190 Commoners reports that "This family is of Saxon origin, and held Folefort, as it is written in Domesday Book, from which place the name is derived." Although most of the manors of the Saxon Thanes were occupied by the companions of William the Conqueror some may have disliked Harold and supported William and hence been spared. Many of the Surviving Saxons took up service in Constantinople and helped defend the Emperor against the Rus.
Fu24. William de Fulford of Folefort/Fulfordb c 1160 Devon d c 1210 a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199
Fu23 Nicholas Fulford of Fulford b c 1190 Devon d c 1250
Fu22 William Fulford of Fulford b c 1220 Devon d c 1290
m Mariot Belston dau of
+1 Sir Baldwin de Belston of Parkham
Fu21 Sir Henry de Fulford of Fulford b c 1250 Devon d by 1303
Fu20-1 William de Fulford of Fulford b c 1280 Devon d aft 1349, Visitation starts with an Edmond Fulford of Fulford, shown as father of the following John. The above comes from BLG1952 and Commoners.
Fu20-1-1 John de Fulford of Fulford b c 1310 Devon
m Alicia Fitzurse dau of
+1 Ralph Fitzurse, son of +2 Sir Reginald
Fu20-1-1-1 Sir Henry de Fulford of Fulford a Edward III who r. 1327-1377 b c 1340 Visitation shows Henry as father of William father of William father of Thopmas m. _ Mourton father of John father of Henry m. Willmot, dau of Philip Brian, father of the Balwin Baldwin who married Jennet, dau of John Bosome. BLG1952 and Commoners show a much simpler descent as follows.
i Henry de Fulford of Fulford b c 1370 Devon a 1395 d Apr 1420
m Wilhelma Langdon dau of
+1 John Langdon, son of +2 y Langdon
m Johanna, dau of Sir Ralph Fitzurse of Williton
a Sir Baldwin Fulford of Fulford, Sheriff of Devon b after 1399 Fulford Devon d 1461
m Elizabeth or Jennet Bozom dau of
she m2 Sir William Huddesfield and had issue
+1 Sir John Bozom of Bozomzeal +2 Robert Bosome
m Johanna St. George dau/heir of

+3 Henry St. George
1 Sir Thomas Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset and Cornwall d 20.02.1489
m Philippa Courtenay dau of
+1 Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham
m Elizabeth Hungerford
A Sir Humphrey Fulford of Great Fulford b c1465, dsp 19.09.1508
m Florence Bonvile dsp 03.10.1524, dau of _ Bonvile of Shute
B William Fulford of Great Fulford b c1476, d 20.08.1517 - continued below
m Joan Bonvile dau of John Bonvile of Comberaleigh or Combraleigh
C Sir Philip Fulford dsp 10.04.1532
m Agnes Bozom dau of John Bozom of Bozomzeal
2 John Fulford canon then archdeacon of Exeter
3 Thomasin Fulford b 1444
m John Wise/Wyse of Sydenham b 14 29 Sydenham d there 1460
-1 Alice Wyse b 1459 Sydenham Devon d 30 Nov 1505 Kingston Russell m James Russell b 1455 Kingston Russell Dorset d 1509 son of -1-1 Elizabeth Russell 1475 Kingston Russell Devon m John Bourman b 1471 Hemyoke Devon son of Nicholas Bourman
-1-2 Thomas Russell 1475 Sutton Hall Shropshire,
-1-3 John Russell 1485 Kingston Russell d 14 Mar 1555 m Anne Sapcote
-1-4 James Russell 1489 Kingston Russell Dorset,
-1-5 Elizabeth Russell 1492 Isle Hampshire,
-1-1-1 Dionise Bourman b 1497 Devon d 1544 m William Bond b 1493 Buckland Somerset d 1549 -1-1-1-1 William Bond b 1524 Buckland Somerset d 30 May 1576 Bishopsgate Surrey m Margaret Aldy b 1529 Guildford Surrey d 23 May 1588 St Helen Surrey dau of William Aldy b 1503
-1-1-1-2 Katherine Bond b 1526 Buckland Somerset
-1-1-1-3 Anne Bond b 1528 Buckland Somerset
-1-1-1-4 Edward Bond b 1530 Buckland Somerset
-1-1-1-5 Avis Bond b 1532 Buckland Somerset
-1-1-1-6 George Bond b 1534 Buckland Somerset d 1592 m Winifred Leigh
-1-1-1-7 Agnes Bond b 1536 Buckland Somerset
-1-1-1-1-1 Anne Bond b 1543 London d 9 Oct 1615 London m 1571 William Whitmore b 1544 Bishops Somerset d 8 Aug 1593 London son of Richard Whitmore b 1495 d 1594 and Frances Baker b 1515 d 17 Aug 1583 -1-1-1-1-1 Mary Whitmore b 1575 Apley Shropshire d 3 JUL 1652 m Charles Montagu b 1564 Boughton Northampton d 11 Sep 1625 Barking Church Essex son of Sir Edward Montagu b 1532 d 6 Jan 1603 and Elizabeth Harrington b 1545 d 19 May 1618
-1-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Whitmore b 1580 Shropshire d 17 Aug 1624
-1-1-1-1-3 Whitmore b Frances Whitmore b 1586 London d 1657 m John Weld
-1-1-1-1-4 William Whitmore b 1594 d 1625
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Anne Montagu b 1605 Cranbrook Hall Essex d 4 Feb 1683 m 24.04.1632 Dudley North, 4th Lord b c01.11.1602, d 24.06.167
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Montagu b 1611 Cranbrook Essex d 29 DEC 1672 m 08.05.1630 Christopher Hatton, 1st Lord of Kirby bpt 11.07.1605, d 04.07.1670
-1-1-1-1-1-3 Mary Montagu b 1615 Cranbrook Hall Essex ?d y
4 Alice Fulford b c 1443
m Sir William Cary of Cockington k Tewkesbury 1471
Shown by Visitation as Baldwin's siblings were ...
b William Fulford
c daughter
m _ de Morvell
Fu20 Presumably of this family and generation was:
Jane Fulford b 1268 Fulford Devon d Cheshire
m Richard Bosley b 1 Jun 1286 Brereton d 1 Jun 1345 London
-1 Mary Bosley b 1298 Malpas Cheshire d 1320
-4 Margery Bosley m William Brereton Br19 b c 1286 Brereton Cheshire dvp 1342 London
-3 Margaret Bosley m William de Overton Ov19 b c 1270 d 1345/55
ii.+ other issue - Sir Baldwin, Sir Amias
William Fulford of Great Fulford b c1476, d 20.08.1517 - continued above
m Joan Bonvile dau of John Bonvile of Comberaleigh or Combraleigh
1. Sir John Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Devon b c1504
m Dorothy Bourchier dau of John Bourchier, 1st Earl of Bath by Cecilia D'Aubeney
A. Sir John Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Devon b c1524, d 23.08.1580 this generation omitted by Commoners but in BLG1952 & Visitation
m Ann Dennys dau of Sir Thomas Dennys of Holcombe Burnell
i. Sir Thomas Fulford of Great Fulford b c1553, d 31.07.1610
m Ursula Bampfylde dau of Richard Bampfylde of Poltimore
a. Sir Francis Fulford of Great Fulford bpt 1583, d 1664, Colonel, MP
m 13.09.1601 Elizabeth Samways dau of Bernard Samways of Toller Fratrum and Winterbourne St. Martin
1 Thomas Fulford dvp Exeter 1642
A Francis Fulford of Great Fulford bpt 1632
m 1659 Susanna Kelland dau of John Kellan of Painsford
i Francis Fulford of Great Fulford dsp 1700, Colonel, MP
m1 Margaret Poullett dau of John Poullett, Lord of Hinton St. George
m2 Mary Tuckfield dau of John Tuckfield of Little Fulford
2 Amias Fulford b c1608, 4th son
m Margaret Trelawny dau of Sir John Trelawny, 1st Bart of Trelawnywife of Amias, presumed mother of ...
A Elizabeth Fulford d 1706
m Giles Frampton of Buckland b 1643, d before 10.1685
3 George Fulford b c1616
A Francis Fulford of Toller, later of Great Fulford d 1730
m Catherine Swete dau of William Swete
i Francis Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Devon b 1704, d 1748
m Anne Chichester dauof Sir Arthur Chichester, 3rd Bart of Youlston
a John Fulford of Great Fulford b 1736, dsp 1780
m 02.06.1762 Elizabeth Laroche dau of John Laroche, sister of Sir John, Bart
b Francis Fulford vicar of Dunsford
c Benjamin Swete Fulford
m Joanna Gerard Galpine dau of Thomas Galpine
1 Baldwin Fulford of Great Fulford b 01.10.1775, d 1847 had issue
m 26.11.1799 Anna Maria Adams d 1860, dau of William Adams of Bowdon
2+ other issue - Harriet, Elizabeth Mary, Florence Anne
d Anne Fulford
m 09.02.1759, div 1772 Sir John Colleton, 4th Bart d 1777
4 Elizabeth Fulford probably the Elizabeth d 1635 who married ...
m William Drewe of The Grange b 1603, d after 02.11.1654
5+ other issue a 1620 - Francis b c1604, John b c1606, Richard a c1618, Ursula b c1601, Grace, Anna, Margaret
b. William Fulford of the Middle Temple a 1620
c. Thomas Fulford of Thord, St. Margaret, Somerset b c1596, a 1620
1 Thomas Fulford apparently of this generation
A Margaret Fulford heir
m 1678 John Williams of Herringston b 1660, d 1722
d. Bridget Fulford
m 1598 Arthur Champernowne of Dartington
e. Elizabeth Fulford
m1/2. John Berriman of Beare
This is possibly the Elizabeth who also married ...
m2/1. Thomas Sydenham of Winford Eagle
f. Maria Fulford
m Thomas Acham
g. Anna Fulford
m John Sidnam of Bradley
ii. Andrew Fulford of Littleham a 1620, 6th son
m Elizabeth dau of John Shire or Stere of Bradley
a.+ issue a 1620 - Andrew b c1603, William, Gilbert, John, Henry, Richard, Mary
iii.+ other issue - Robert, Francis, Gabriel, Arthur
B. Andrew Fulford
Commoners suggests that the following Faith was Sir John's daughter rather than granddaughter but Visitation does not show her as a daughter of Sir John and BLG1952 identifies her as Andrew's daughter.
i. Faith Fulford
m John? Davis or Davies captain, "the great circumnavigator"
C. Elizabeth Fulford
m1 Humphrey Arundell of Stelland d 1549
m2 Thomas Cary
D. Cicilia Fulford
m William Adams

Sources: BLG1952 Fulford of Fulford supported by Commoners vol i, Fulford of Great Fulford + Visitation Devon, 1620, Fulford
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