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Dutton 1

: Dutton of Dutton, Dutton of Hatton
Wa30. Odard or Hubbard, later of Dutton b about 1040
m. Alice of Dutton
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Wa28 =23 Hugh FitzOdard of Dutton b c 1065 d 1130
m. Alice Poichard dau of Nicholas Poichard
Wa27 =Du22 Hugh de Dutton b c 1100 d after 1154
m. Alice Prescott dau of Richard Prescott
Wa26-1 Hugh de Dutton b about 1145
m. Isabel or Margaret Massey dau of Hamon de Massey of Dunham Massey
a. Hugh de Dutton b about 1175 d after 1234, 4th son
m. Muriel Despencer dau of Thomas Despencer, son of Thurstan
1+ issue - John, Hugh, Adam
4 Sir Thomas de Dutton of Dutton b about 1220, Sheriff of Cheshire a 1272
m. Philippa de Standon a 1290, dau of Vivian de Standon
A Sir Hugh de Dutton b about 1265 d 1294
Some web sites identify High's wife as Margaret, dau of Sir Henry de Risley, but Collins names her ...
m Joan St. Pierre a 1298, dau of Urian St. Pierre
i Sir Hugh de Dutton of Dutton b 08.12.1276, d 1326
m1 Isabella Massey d 1311, dau natural? of Sir Hamon Massey of Dunham Massey
a Katharine de Dutton
m Robert Pulford of Pulford
m2 Joan de Holand dau of Sir Robert de Holand
b Sir Thomas de Dutton of Dutton, Sheriff of Cheshire b 1314/5, d 1381
m1. Ellen de Thornton dau of Sir Piers de Thornton of Thornton
1 Peter de Dutton of Dutton b about 1340 dsp c1364
2 Thomas de Dutton dsp
3 Sir Lawrence de Dutton of Dutton b c1299, dsp 1392
4 Edmund de Dutton b about 1345 d 1382
m 1364 Joan de Minshull b 1350, dau of Henry de Minshull of Church Minshull
A Sir Piers de Dutton of Dutton b 1366, d 1433
m before 1393 Elizabeth Boteler dau of Sir John le Boteler
i Sir John Dutton of Dutton b about 1395 d 1445
m. 1418 Margaret Savage dau of
+1 Sir John Savage of Clifton
a Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton b 1421, d Blore Heath 23.9.1459
m. Anne or Margaret Touchet d 1503, dau of James Touchet, 5th Lord Audley
1 John Dutton of Dutton
m. Margaret de Molyneux
2 Peter Dutton d Blore Heath 23.9.1459
3 Roger Dutton of Dutton d 1499
m. Joan Aston dau of Sir Richard Aston
A Lawrence Dutton of Dutton dspl 1526
4 Anne Dutton d 22.10.1520
m. Sir Thomas Molyneux of Sefton d 1491
5 Isabel Dutton
m. Sir Christopher Southworth of Southworth
6 Elizabeth or Alice Dutton d 1516
m1. 1459 Ralph Bostock of Bostock b 1438, d 1483
m2. Ralph Vernon of Haslington
7 Margaret Dutton
m1. 1467 Thomas Aston dvp 1484
m2. Ralph Vernon of Haslington
8 Elinor Dutton
m Richard de Cholmondely of Cholmondely dvp before 1488
b John Dutton d Blore Heath b about 1425 23.09.1459
c Margaret Dutton b about 1423 d 1499
m 1443 Hugh Egerton of Wrinhill b 1427, d 1505
d Maud Dutton b c 1425 ancestors of Thomas Jefferson
m. Sir William Booth of Dunham d 1476
e? reported by was also:
Cicely Dutton b 1434 Hatton Cheshire
m John le Bird b c 1430 Broxton Chester
e-1 John Le Bird b c 1460 Broxton Chester
e-2 Thomas le Bird b c 1465 Brxton Cheshire d 1534 Broxton m Margaret Dodd b c 1480 Broxton dau of William Dodd and Margery Crue
e-2-1 Henry Le Bird b 1517 d 1572
-1 Hugh Le Bird,
-2 Roger Le Byrd
-3 Robert Thomas Bird
-4 Catherine Bird
-5 Elizabeth Le Byrd m Williaman
-6 Mary Anne Le Byrd Le Byrd m Davenport
-7 Anne Le Byrd m Calcott
-8 John Le Byrd b 1572 Broxton Chester d there 1630 m Elizabeth Burgh b 1572 Broxton Cheshire d 1599 London
-9 Thomas Le Bird Sr b 1573 London d there 1630 m Ales/Alice Palyn 23 Nov 1572 Broxton London d 1606 Cheshire
-8-1 Elizabeth Burgh Bird d 1665 England m Thomas Bird, Vintner of London b 1602 Brexton Cheshire d 1625
-8-2 John Byrd
-8-3 Henry Byrd
-8-4 Anne Byrd
-8-5 Mary Byrd
-8-6 William Thomas Bird
-8-7 Susanna Clarke
-9-1 Ralphe Bird
-9-2 John Bird
-9-3 Thomas Bird, Vintner of London b 1573 London d there 1630 m Elizabeth Burgh Bird d England 1655
-9-4 Anne Bird b 1610
-8-1-1 John Byrd, Goldsmith of London b 1620 London d there 1677 m Grace Elizabeth Stegge b 1625 Edmonton London dau of Thomas Stegge and Elöizabeth Grendon
-8-1-2 Thomas Bird, III
-8-1-3 William Byrd, of Martin's Brandon.
-8-1-1-1 Mary Byrd b 1643 London m Thomas Guy
-8-1-1-2 William Evelyn Bird, of Westover VA b 1652 London d 4 Dec 1704 Westover Parish Charles Cit Co VA m Maria "Mary" Horsmanden b c 1652 LKenham Kent d 9 Nov 1699 Westover Manor Charles City Co VA
-8-1-1-3 Thomas Byrd, Sr b 1653 London d 12 Mar 1710 Henrico VA m1 Martha x + 1 ch m2 Mary Crowley/Howlett/Ascough + 2 ch
-8-1-1-4 John Bird b c 1654
-8-1-1-5 Elizabeth Bird 1657 Edmonton London
-8-1-1-6 Sarah Bird b 1659 London m y Robinson
-8-1-1-7 Grace Stegge Bird b 1660 London m y Richards
-8-1-1-8 James Thomas Byrd b 1660 Wilmington New Castle DE m Sarah Empson

-8-1-1-2-1 Elizabeth Bird m Moss
-8-1-1-2-2 Martha Ann Bird m Winn
-8-1-1-2-3 William Evelyn Byrd, II, "The Bl...
-8-1-1-2-4 Susan Bird m Brayne
-8-1-1-2-5 Anne Ursula Bird b 29 Nov 1681 Belvedere Plantation Henrico Co VA d 31 Oct 1698 Jamestown VA m Robert Beverley
-8-1-1-2-6 Mary Bird m Rogers
-8-1-1-2-7 Warham Byrd
-8-1-1-2-8 Maurice Warsham Byrd
-8-1-1-2-9 John Byrd
-8-1-1-3-1 Robert Byrd b 1691 London
-8-1-1-3-2 Thomas Byrd Jr b 1680 Wilmington DE m Sarah hda issue
-8-1-1-3-3 Abraham Byrd
-8-1-1-8-1 Francis Byrd b Orange Co NC m Jane
-8-1-1-8-1-1 Thomas T Byrd b 24 Dec 1729 Pr Geo Co MD m Jane x and had Mary Polly Byrd b 1770 Smner Co TN m John Leroy Ruyle had issue
e-2-2 Mary Le Bird
e-3 Peter Le Birdb 1480
ii Elizabeth Dutton
m. 1410 Sir John Done of Utkinson
iii Ellen Dutton
m. Robert Done of Haxyards
iv+ other issue - Lawrence, Thomas
Some sources show Hugh, ancestor of the Duttons of Hatton, of this generation. We follow Collins in showing him a generation earlier.
B Hugh Dutton, Sheriff of Cheshire b 1367, d by 1440
m. Petronilla Vernon d before 1428, dau of Ralph de Vernon of Hatton
i John Dutton of Hatton, Mayor of Chester a 1458
m. 1438 Margaret Atherton a 1453, dau of Sir William Atherton of Atherton
a Peter Dutton of Hatton, later of Dutton d 1503
m. 1464 Margaret or Elizabeth Grosvenor d by 1503, dau of Robert Grosvenor of Hulme
ii Lawrence Dutton
C Agnes Dutton d before 1425
m. 1398 William Leycester of Nether Tabley d 1428
D+ other issue - Lawrence, Thomas, Ellen
5+ other issue - Henry, William
m2. Philippa widow of Sir Peter Thornton
c Geoffrey Dutton
1 Ellen Dutton
m. 1386 Sir Richard Aston of Aston
d Robert Dutton
ii William de Dutton
m. Maud de Stockport dau of Sir Richard de Stockport of Stockport
iii+ other issue - Robert a 1320, parson of Eccleston, Margaret
B Margaret Dutton
m. 1253 William Venables of Kinderton d 1292
C Katherine Dutton
m. John de St. Pierre
D+ other issue - Thomas, Robert
B claimed to be here was:
Geoffrey de Dutton of Chedle b c 1220 Tabley Cheshire d 1296
-1 Edward Dutton later Cheadle b c 1240 Dutton Runcorn Cheshire d 1315 Cheadle Stockport Cheshire -1-1 Margaret Dutton b c 1273 m Robert Baggalegh b 1265 Baguley Bucklow Cheshire son of son of Ralph Baguley b 1230 Baguley and Alice de Massey b 1233 Knowsley Lancashire (dau of Hamon de Massey and Matilda Timperly) -1-1-1 William Baguley
b. Thomas
c John
d Adam
e Alice
Du21 Geoffrey de Dutton b about 1145 a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189 m. Ellen de Chedle dau of Robert de Chedle
Du20 Sir Geoffrey de Chedle of Chedle b by 1189 d aft 1249 a 1240 m. Agnes Massey dau of Hamon Massey of Dunham Massey
Du19 Alice Dutton de Chedle, coheiress of Geoffrey
m John Davenport
Du19-2? claimed to be here was:
Geoffrey de Dutton of Cheadle b by 1229 in Dutton Runcorn Cheshire d 1294 Cheadle
m Isabelle Aston b c 1242
-1 Geoffrey de Dutton IV b c 1268 Nether Tabley Bucklow Cheshire d c 1297 Dutton Runcorn Cheshire m Margaret ?Dutton
-2 Roger Dutton of Cheadleb c 1268 Cheadle d there 1321 m Maude Massey b c 1270 Timperley Cheshire d 1327 Cheadle dau of Hamon de Massey and Mary Beauchamp
Wa26. Adam de Dutton b about 1155
m Agnes Fitzalured dau of Roger Fitzalured of Warburton
Wa25. Sir Geoffrey Galfrid Dutton of Warburton and Aston b about 1180 d a 1244
Wa24 Sir Geoffrey Dutton b about 1210
Wa23 Sir Peter Dutton de Warburton b about 1240 a 1307
Wa23-2 Thomas Dutton of Thelwall
Wa24-2 Margaret Dutton BLG1886 suggests that Margaret was sister of Sir Peter of Warburton but BP1934 Leicester shows her a generation earlier.
m1 sp Robert de Denbigh
m2 1276 Sir Nicholas de Leycester d 1295
Wa26-2+ other issue - Geoffrey, Roger, Thomas, Adam, Geoffrey, Roger, Thomas

1 Collins 1812, volume 8, Dutton of Sherborne.
2 BEB1844 Dutton of Sherborne + BLG1886 Egerton-Warburton of Warburton and Arley.
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