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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Drury 1: Drury of Horningsheath, Drury of Livermere, Drury of Rougham, Drury of Thurston
'The History of the Family of Drury' starts with 3 brothers: Peter of Horningsheath a 1086, Burchard of Bardwell 3rd son who had a son Warin of Bardwell who had issue and ...
Dr29. Drieu ? of St. Edmund
Dr28 Walter of Livermere a 1086
Dr27-1 Robert FitzWalter of Livermere a 1114
Dr27-1-1 Robert of Horningsheath a 1197
Dr27-2 Richard FitzWalter a 1121
Dr27 Drieu FitzWalter de St. Edmund of Horningsheath b c1080
Dr26 Sir Richard FitzDrieu de St. Edmund of Horningsheath a 1186, 2nd son
Dr25-1 Humphrey FitzDrieu de St. Edmund of Horningsheath a 1208
m Matilda
1 Robert FitzDrieu of Livermere a 1215
A Thomas de Livermere of Horningsheath
i Robert de Livermere a 1302
2 Richard FitzDrieu a 1233
3 Alice FitzDrieu
m Henry de Nekton of Fornham
Dr25-2 Walter FitzDrieu de St. Edmund 5th son
1+ issue - Richard, Nicholas of Fornham
Dr25 Robert FitzDrieu de St. Edmund d 1200-3
The family history book appears to suggest that the name Drury was not used until the 14th century at least, although FitzDrieu gradually became FitzDruri. We use Drury as the family name for generations from here on largely for the sake of simplicity.
m Matilda dau of Anselm FitzOsard de Thurston
Dr24 John FitzRobert Drury of Thurston 2nd son
Dr23 John Drury a 1280
Dr22-1 John FitzJohn Drury of Thurston
a Alice Drury a 1305
m Henry Le Lomb of Thurston
Dr22 = 20 Henry FitzJohn Drury a 1286, 1325
m1 Havise Green a 1297, dau of Richard de la Grene of Barkway
Dr21 John Drury of Thurston b c 1280 a 1345
m Amabilia Newton dau of Thomas Newton
Dr20 Sir Nicholas Drury of Thurston and Rougham
m Agnes Saxham dau of Sir Simon de Saxham
Dr19 Sir Roger Drury of Rougham d 1420
m1 Margaret Naunton dau of Sir Thomas Naunton of Chavents
Dr18 Sir William Drury of Rougham d 1450
m Katherine Swinford d 1478, dau of Sir Thomas Swinford
Dr18-2 Thomas Drury of Hessett d 1444
m Joan
a+ issue - William, John, Thomas, Walter, Alice, Joan, Margery, Agnes
Dr18-3 Elizabeth Drury d 1467
m John Baret of Bury
Dr18-4 Margery Drury b c 1434 Rougham Suffolk d 19 Jun 1420 presumably the Margery who married ...
m William Clopton of Long Melford b c 1365 Kentwell Suffolk d there 08.1446
-1 Catherine Clopton b c 1407 Poslingford Suffolk m John Denston b c 1400 Kentwell Suffolk
-2 Alice de Clopton b c 1410 Long Melford Suffolk m John Harleston b 1403 Sudbury Suffolk d 1456
-1-1 Anne Denston b 1435 Kentwell Suffolk d 30.05.1481 m John Broughton b 1442, Lancashire England d 10.10.1479.
-2-1 Richard Harleston b c 1425 Humberstone Lincoln d 1491
-2-2 John Harleston b c 1428 Sudbury d bef 25 OCT 1458 m Margaret Berdewell
-1-1-1 Robert Broughton b 1466, Nettlestead Suffolk d 10.08.1506, Denston Hall Kentwell Suffolk
m KATHERINE de Vere b 1466 Essex d 20.06.1504
-1-1-1-1 John Broughton b 1491, Broughton Westmoreland England d 23.01.1518, Westmoreland
m JANE x
-1-1-1-1-1 Jane Broughton b 1510, Broughton Westmoreland England d 1570, Ashford Kent continued from above m Richard Osborne b 1510 Ashford Kent d 11.08.1581 son of Richard Osborne b c 1488 d 1573 and Elizabeth Flydane b c 1491 d 1528 -1-1-1-1-1-1 Sir Edward Osborne b 1540, London d 15.02.1592, London Middlesex m Anne HEWETT b 1543 London d 04.07.1585 London
Dr18-5+ other issue - George dsp, Roger dsp, Nicholas dsp, Joan
m2 Joan d 1446
Dr19 Nicholas Drury of Thurston d 1456
m Joan Heath dau of Thomas Heath of Mildenhall
Dr18-1 Henry Drury of Ickworth dvp
m Elizabeth Haton dau of George Haton
a Henry Drury dvpsp
b Joan or Jane Drury
m1 Thomas Hervey of Ickworth d 1477
m2 Sir William Carew of Bury St. Edmund
Dr17 = 18 Roger Drury of Hawstead
m Felice Dunston dau of William Dunston of Besthorpe
Dr16 =17 Robert Drury of Hawstead d 1535, Speaker of the House of Commons
m1 Ann Calthorpe dau of William Calthorpe of Bunham Thorpe and Jane Boleyn b 1485 Blickling d 1543 Norwich
Dr15 =16 Sir William Drury of Hawstead d 1557m1 Joan Seymour d 1517, dau of Sir William Seymour or St. Maur no ch m2 Elizabeth Sotehill d 1575, dau of Henry Sotehill of Stoke Faston -1 Robert Drury dvp 1557 m Audrey or Ethelreda Rich dau of Richard, Lord Rich, Lord Chancellor
-2 Henry Drury of Lawshall m Elizabeth Isaac dau of Thomas Isaac of Beddow
-3 >Ann Drury m Sir Christopher Heydon of Baconsthorpe d 1579
-4 Mary Drury b 1526 m1 Sir Richard Corbet 'of Assington' m2 24.06.1565 John Tyrell of Gipping dsp 1591
-5 Frances Drury d 1609 m James Hobart of Haleshall d 1615
-6 BridgetDrury m Henry Yelverton of Rougham d 1601
-7 Elizabeth Drury d 1621 m Sir Robert Drury of Rougham b 1543, d 1625
-8 Dorothy Drury m Robert Rokewood of Coldham Hall d 1600
-1-1 Sir William Drury of Hawstead b 1550, d 1589 m Elizabeth Stafford dau of Sir William Stafford of Chebsey
-1-2 Thomas Drury dsp m _ Fitzharding of Radcliffe
-1-3 Ann Drury m John Thornton of Soham
-1-4 Mary Drury m Robert Russell of West Rudham
-1-5 Elizabeth Drury m1 Thomas de Grey of Merton d 1566 m2 Nicholas Wynne of Walsingham
-1-6 Susan Drury m Robert Basepole of Aldeby
-1-7 Winifred Drury m Edmund Markant of Colchton
-1-8 Bridget Drury m Richard Zouch of Pitton
-1-9 Dorothy Drury m Edward Barnes of Soham
-1-10 Audrey Drury m George Parker of Whepsted
-1-11+ Henry dsp, Robert dsp
Dr15-2 Sir Robert Drury of Hedgerley or Egerley b c 1501 d c 1575/1589
m Elizabeth Brudenell dau of Edmund Brudenell of Hedgerley
-1 Edmund Drury b c 1436 Horton Bucks d there c 1510 m Jane Trenchard
-2 Robert Drury of Hedgerley or Egerley m Anna Bourman dau of Nicholas Bourman or Borman of Brook
-3 Lucy Drury
-4 Sir William Drury, MP
-5 Elizabeth Drury
-6 Sir Dru Drury b c 1530 Linstead Halesworth Suffolk d 29 Apr 1617 Riddlesworth Norfolk MP m1 Elizabeth Wodehouse m2 Catherine Finch
-7 Margaret Drury m Trenchard
-8 Anne Drury m Woodlief
-1-1 Robert Drury
-6-1 Elizabeth Drury
-6-2 Ann Drury
-6-3 Sir Drue Drury b 1588 d 1632 m Anne Walgrave
-6-4 Frances Drury

-6-3-1 Katharine Drury
-6-3-2 Sir Drue Drury
-6-3-3 William Drury
-6-3-4 Waldegrave Drury
-6-3-5 Robert Drury
-6-3-6 Henry Drury
-6-3-7 Elizabeth Drury
-6-3-8 Ann Drury
Dr18-3 Elizabeth Drury
m y Monk
Dr19-3 John Drury of Wetherby
i Roger Drury
Dr20-2 Roger Drury a 1362, rector of Great Barton or Beckerton
Dr21-2 Nigel Drury, Sheriff of London
m Margery
1 Edward Drury of London
2 Sarah Drury
m 21Thomas de Spayne of London
Dr21-3 Alice Drury
m William Sweeting of Suffolk
Dr21-4+ other issue - Roger rector of Bradfield, Matilda a 1302
m2 Cecily Reyner dau of John Reyner
Dr22-3 Roger FitzJohn Drury of Groton a 1318
Dr24-2 Jordan FitzRobert Drury
m Matilda
A William FitzJordan Drury a 1249
Dr24-3+ other issue - Richard dsp before 1249, Nicholas
Dr25-4+ other issue - Drieu, Geoffrey, William
Dr26-2+ other issue - Humphrey of Livermere dsp, Drieu
Dr? Presumably of some branch of the above tree was:
Robert Drewrie b c 1615
Dr?-1 John Drewry b c 1640 d York Co VA
Dr?-1-1 John Drewry b c 1665 Charles Parish York Co VA d there 28 Jul 1714
m Deborah Dunston Carroll b Charles Parish York Co VA d there 17 Sep 1735
+1 David Carrell/Carroll
m Judith
Dr?-1-1-1 Samuel Drewry b 28 Feb 1690 d 1768
Dr?-?-?-1 Presumably related to the above was:
Charles Drury b c 1715 New Kent VA d c 1760 Edgecombe Co NC
m Martha Hardy b 1710 NC d there 1780 dau of
+1 John Neville Jr b c 1685 +2 John Neville b c 1648 Isle of Wight Co VA d there 1703
m Elizabeth Reynolds b c 1669 Isle of Wight Co VA
+3 William Neville b c 1610 England d 25 Apr 1665 Isle of Wight Co VA
m Lydia x b c 1610 Isle of Wight VA
+3 Richard Joshua Reynolds
m Joyce Staples b c 1641 Isle of Wight VA
+4 John Neville b c 1560 Grove Nottingham d 1588 West Burton Nottingham
m Gertrude Whalley
+4 Richard Staples
+5 George Neville of Thorney b c 1560 Grove Nottingham d 1588 West Burton Nottingham
m Barbara Hercy
Dr?-?-?-1-1 Elizabeth Drury
m y Duke
Dr?-?-?-1-2 Mills Nevel Drury

Sources: 'The History of the Family of Drury in the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk from the Conquest' by Arthur Campling, 1937.
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