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Bigod: Bigod of Felbrigge, Bigod of Framlingham, Bigod of Norfolk, Bigod of Suffolk
Bi31 to 28. Robert le Bigot b c1015, d 1071
Bi30 =29 =28 =27 Robert le Bigot b c 1036
m ?Joan de St. Sauveur dau of Neil III, Vicomte de Saint Sauveur
m Helen de Normandy b about 1011 d after 1070
Nigel Vicomte de St Sauveur
m Adela d'Eu dau Geoffroi Fitz Richard de Brione and Hawise Guines b about 958 or Adela de Vernon
The ancestry shown for Roger Bigod of Framlingham is uncertain. Here is what is reported by 'Mathematical' although the Robert at the top of this page is shown as brother of Richard of Goz, Viscount of Avranches, who was father of Hugh 'Lupus', Earl of Chester. This is relevant because TCP Norfolk reports that Roger was possibly son of Robert le Bigot, but this seems unlikely due to the dates the reason for this being unclear and possibly being resolved by our showing 2 generations of Robert le Bigot, who was said to be related to Richard d'Avranches, father of Hugh, Earl of Chester. Hence what we show is consistent with TCP albeit not specifically supported by TCP. What follows is mainly as given by BE1883 as supported by TCP.
Bi29 =28 =27=25 Roger Bigot or Bigod of Framlingham, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, 'Earl of East Anglia' b c 1060, d 08/15.09.1107 The first of this great family that settled in England, in the Conqueror's time, possessed six lordships in Essex and a hundred and seventeen in Suffolk, besides divers manors in Norfolk. Roger Bigod was one of the tight-knit group of second-rank Norman nobles who did well out of the conquest of England. His territorial fortune was based on his service in the royal household, where he was a close adviser and agent for the first three Norman kings, and the propitius circumstances of post-Conquest politics. This Roger, adhering to the party that took up arms against William Rufus in the 1st year of that monarch's reign, fortified the castle at Norwich andwasted the country around. At the accession of Henry I, being a witness of the king's laws and staunch in his interests, he obtained Framlingham in Suffolk as a gift from the crown. We find further of him that he founded in 1103, the abbey of Thetford, in Norfolk, and that he was buried there at his decease in four years after, leaving, by Adelisa his wife, dau. and co-heir of Hugh De Grentesmesnil, high steward of England, a son and heir, William Bigod, steward of the household of King Henry I. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, 1883, p. 53, Bigod, Earls of Norfolk]. Much of his honour in East Anglia was carved out of lands previously belonging to the dispossessed Archbishop Stigand, his brother Aethelmar of Elham, and the disgraced Earl Ralph of Norfolk and Suffolk. Apart from a flirtation with the cause of Robert Curthose in 1088, he remained conspicuously loyal to Rufus and Henry I, for whom he continued to act as steward and to witness charters. The adherence of such men was vital to the Norman kings. Through them central business could be conducted and localities controlled. Small wonder they were well rewarded. Roger established a dynasty which dominated East Anglia from the 1140s, as earls of Norfolk, until 1306. Roger's by name and the subsequent family name was derived from a word bigot meaning double-headed instrument such as a pickaxe: a tribute, perhaps to Roger's effectiveness as a royal servant; certainly an apt image of one who worked hard both for his masters and for himself. [Who's Who in Early Medieval England, Christopher Tyerman, Shepheard-Walwyn, Ltd., London,1996]
TCP reports that the parentage of Roger's first wife, Adelaide, is not known. BE1883 identifies her as daughter of Hugh de Grentesmesnil Grentmesnil, Steward of England, but that seems uncertain as his daughter Adeline presumed the same as Adelaide is known to have married another although she may have married Roger after. Some web sites suggest that she was daughter of Ivo de Grenmesnil, son of Hugh, but the dates make that seem unlikely.
m1. Adelaide de Tosni/Toeni, daughter of Robert de Toeni, Lord of Stafford b c1031, d 1088 Tudor shows only 4 daughters by this as as 2nd marriage. The other daughters being Cecily who married William "Pincerna" d'Aubigny and had issue, Gunnora who married Robert FitzPayne and had issue and Jane who married Richard or Robert FitzEustace 5th Baron Lacy and had Roger FitzRichard 1st Baron Warkworth.
Bi28-1 William Roger Bigod of Framlingham, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk d unm 25.11.1120 Tudor shows William as son of Adeline de Grentemesnil
Bi28-2 Maud Bigot
m William de Albini 'Pincerna', a 1066, butler to King William
m2 Alice or Adeliza de Toeni b c1064, d after 1135, dau of Robert de Toeni
Bi28 =27 =26 =25 Hugh Bigod of Framlingham, 1st Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk b c1095, d before 09.03.1176-7 steward to Henry I like his brother William, who being mainly instrumental inraising Stephen, Earl of Bologne, to the throne upon the decease of his royal master, was rewarded by this new king with the Earldom of the East Anglia, commonly called Norfolk, and by that designation we find him styled in 1140 6th Stephen. He was s. by his eldest son, Roger Bigod, 2nd earl. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and ExtinctPeerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, 1883, p. 53, Bigod, Earls of Norfolk] The Bigods held the hereditary office of steward dapifer of the royal household, and their chief castle was at Framlingham in Suffolk. Encyclopµdia Britannica, 1961 ed, Vol. 3, pages 556/557, Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk.
m1 div Juliana de Vere a 1185, dau of Alberic de Vere, Great Chamberlain of England
Bi27=26 =25=24 Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk b about 1148 in Norfolk d 1220 §C BE1883 identifies Roger's wife as Isabel, dau of Hamelin Plantagenet, 5th Earl of Surrey. TCP identifies Roger's wife as Ida with unknown ancestry. +1 Hamelin Plantagenet, 5th Earl of Surrey b 1130, d 07.05.1202
m 1164 Isabel de Warenne, Countess of Surrey b 1137, d 13.07.1199/after 04.1203,
+2 William de Warrenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey>m Ida ?Plantagenet
Bi26=25 =24=23 Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk b about 1186 Norfolk d 02.1225 §C
m Maud Marshall Ma26=25=24=23 b c1171, d 27.03.1248, dau of William Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke
m Isabel FitzGilbert de Clare
John FitzGilbert le Marshal
m Sibilla d'Evereux
Richar FitzGilbert de Clare
m Eva MacMorrough
Bi25-1 Roger Bigod, 4th Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk b 1212/3, dsp 03/04.07.1270
m Isabella of Scotland dau of William 'the Lion', King of Scots
Bi25=23 Hugh Bigod, Chief Justice d 1266
m1. Joane Burnet dau of Robert Burnet
m2 Joane Stutevile dau of Nicholas de Stuteville
There is some uncertainty as to which wife was mother of which of Hugh's children. BE1883 reports that there was no issue by the second marriage but TCP and some web sites suggest that all/most of the children not all reported here were by the second marriage.
Bi24-1 Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk dsp 1307 appears to have disinherited his brother and any other possible heirs to the earldom when he surrendered the earldom to Edward I and was then regranted it with remainder only to any children of his first marriage.
Roger appears to have disinherited his brother and any other possible heirs to the earldom when he surrendered the earldom to King Edward I and was then regranted it with remainder only to any children of his first marriage.
m1 Aliva Basset d before 11.04.1281, dau of Philip, Lord Basset
m2 1290 Joane de Avenne dsp 26.10.1317, dau of John de Avenne, Count of Bayonne & Hainault
Bi24=22 Sir John Bigod d 18.03.1304/5
m Isabel
Bi24 Joan Bigod b 1243/4, d by 02.04.1323
m Sir Philip de Kyme, 1st Lord d before 02.04.1323
Bi25-3 Sir Ralph Bigod b about 1214
m Berta dau of Lord Furnival
Bi25=22 Simon Bigod b about 1216 d by 1242 (This Simon and the following connection are reported in various web sites, but fabpedigree shows an intermediate generation not shown by others which allows plausible guestimates on dates of birth.)
m Maud, heiress of Felbrigge b about 1240 Gilbert de Norfolk No23=26b about 1215
History of Felbrigge's Manor,
It contained a carucate in demean and was held by the de Norfolk family. The last in line was Gilbert de Norfolk, who died seized of the manor and left five daughters coheiresses. The first married Eudo, son of Adam de Multon; the second, William de Verdon; the third, Roger Bygod of Felbrigge, the fourth, William de Maynwaryn; the fifth, Rob. de Aiguillon; and each of them had a fifth part of the manor and advowson, which after this division became so many separate manors. Martina de Norfolk was Gilbert's sister, and William was her son, and both had lands here, but were not concerned in the manor.
No26=29 Roger de Norfolk
No25=28 Richard alive in the 3d and 4th of Henry III =1219/20
No25-1 William m Mary dsp 1257. (The link to the scanty information on Gilbert's estate give rise to suspect that this is the same William Bi26-2 listed below and that Maud ought to be listed as Bi26-7.)
Bi21=24 Sir Roger le Bigod of Felbrigge b about 1240 d after 1295
m Cecilia. Considering the proximity and class involved, she is likely to have a first cousin by one of Maud' de Felbrigge's sisters, i.e. either a de Multon, a Verdon, a Mainwaring, or a de Aiguillon
Bi20=23 Sir Simon Bigod de Felbrigge b about 1295 d after 1349
m Alice de Thorpe b Suffolk
Sir George de Thorpe
Bi19=22 Sir Roger Bigod de Felbrigge b about 1325 d after 1368
m Elizabeth de Scales b about 1350 dau of
Sc20=23 Robert de Scales, 3rd Lord
Fe18=21 Sir Simon Bigod de Felbrigge of Felbrigge KG b about 1355 d 1442?16 standard bearer to King Richard II. and held a patent in the 18th of that King, for 100l. per ann. the usual fee or allowance; in the 22d of that King, was one of the knights of the King's chamber, and had a grant of the manor of Beeston Regis, in Norfolk, late Richard Arundel's, who was attainted. In the 8th of Henry V. he and Sir William Beauchamp, Sir John Beaufoe, Kinghts, Robert Lovell, &c. were appointed commissioners to muster 500 men at arms, 1000 archers, commanded by Hugh Courtney Earl of Devonshire, and the Lord Botreaux, for the guard of the narrow seas; being made Knight of the Garter in the 2d of that King, in 1422, at St. George's feast at Windsor, with Humphrey Duke of Gloucester, Richard Beauchamp Earl of Warwick, Robert Lord Willoughby, Henry Lord Fitz-Hugh, Lewis de Robesart Lord Bouchier; Sir John Cornwall, Sir Thomas Erpingham, Sir Walter Hungerford, and Sir John de Robesart, his senior knights, and Will. de Hertaulolux, his junior, reciting that King Hen. V. in his life, had instituted Garter to be principal of the office of arms, but that no maintenance was settled on him; they, during the nonage of King Henry VI. settle several annual pensions on him, payable by every Knight of the Garter.

Sir Simon de Felbrigge (d.1416)

Felbrigge Psalter
m1 Margaret b about 1355 dau of Semovitz/Ziemowit or Primislaus/Premislaw d 7 May 1306, Duke of Teschen/?Ratibor in Silesia. BE1883 Scales identifies Margaret as "dau. and heiress of the Duke of Silesia". Commoners vol iv, Tyndale and some web sites name her father Semovitz or similar, other web sites as Premislaus. Commoners and various web sites identify Margaret as niece of Emperor Charles IV son of Jean of Luxembourg who married Elizabeth of Bohemia and became King of Bohemia and report that, because of this connection, the crown of Bohemia was offered to her great-grandson Sir John Tyndale. Whilst some web sites suggest that Margaret was daughter of Elizabeth, sister of Emperor Charles IV. Margareta d after 2 Oct 1408 dau of Duke Henryk VIII "Waleczny" of Lüben (1381-99) and Brieg (1398-99 is unaccounted for in the Piast annals.Margareta d after 1368 dau of Boleslav II of Münsterberg is unaccounted for in the Piast annals.
Fe17=20 Alena/Alana de Felbrigge b about 1380
m Sir William Tyndall of Dene b about 1380
m2 m2. Katherine Clifton ?dau of Anketill Mallory, Esq. of Winwick in Northamptonshire, widow of Ralph Grene, Esq. of Drayton, in the said county, (who died October 4 in the 5th of Henry V.) the said Catherine survived Sir Simon, who made his will several years before his death, dated at Felbrigg in September, in the 10th of Henry VI. appoints Ralph Lord Cromwell, Robert Lord Willoughby, Thomas Lord Scales, William Lord Bardolph, Sir John Clifton, Sir William Paston, &c. trustees; his manors of Felbrigg, Runton, Baningham, Colby, Tottington-hall, and Ingworth in Norfolk, are mentioned; the manors of Felbrigg and Aylmerton, to be sold after his wife Catherine's decease, to pay his debts and legacies; (fn. 4) to Alana, his daughter, wife of Sir Tho. de Wanton, the manors of Brisworth in Suffolk, and of Sharpenhow and Strutley in Bedfordshire; they giving sufficient security not to disturb his trustees in the executing the residue of his will; and the heirs of her body failing, he gives them to Sir John Fellbrigg, &c to Ann, his daughter, a nun at Brusyard in Suffolk, 13s. 4d. per ann. to be paid out of the manor of South Repps, for life, and after to the abbess and convent aforesaid, for ever; also 8 marks per ann. to the said Ann for life, out of the manor of Fellbrigg, after the decease of Catherine his wife.
Fe17-2 Katherine de Felbrigge b about 1395 dsp
m Sir Myles Stapleton of Ingham
Fe17-3 Anne de Felbrigge a nun at a convent of Minoresses at Bruisyard, Suffolk, who is known to have been an early owner of the Felbrigge Psalter and was probably its embroiderer. is an illuminated manuscript Psalter from mid-13th century England that has an embroidered bookbinding which probably dates to the early 14th century. It is the oldest surviving book from England to have an embroidered binding. The embroidery is worked in fine linen with an illustration of the Annunciation on the front cover and an illustration of the Crucifixion on the back. She probably learned this rare embroidery work from her mother, which testifies to her mother's continantal origen.
Bi25=24 Isabel Bigod
BE1883 shows Isabel as daughter of Sir Ralph and granddaughter of the 3rd Earl but we follow TCP and elsewhere by showing her as brother of Sir Ralph and daughter of the 3rd Earl.
m1 Gilbert de Laci of Ewyas Lacy dvp 1230-1 Margery de Laci m John de Verdon d 1278
-2 Maud de Laci m1 Peter of Geneva d before 29.06.1249 b 1232/35 Dublin, Ireland d 11 April 1304
m 1253 Meath, Ireland Geoffrey Baron Geneville b about 1226 Dublin, Ireland d 21 October 1314
-1-1 Geoffrey de Geneville b about 1252 Trim, Meath, Ireland died before 11 October 1283
-1-2 Piers de Geneville born 1256 Dublin, Ireland d June 1292
-1-3 Gautier de Geneville Seigneur of Vaucouleurs b about 1256 Vaucouleurs, Champagne, France d after 18 April 1303 La Bassee, Artois, France
-1-4 Jehan de Geneville Seigneur of Vaucouleurs born about 1258 Vaucouleurs, Champagne, France
-1-5 Simon de Geneville born about 1260 Trim, Meath, Ireland died after 24 April 1309
-1-6 Jeanne de Joinville born about 1266 Vaucouleurs, Meuse, France
m2. John FitzGeoffrey FitzPiers, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Baron of Birkhampstead d 1256 Ma23-1 John FitzJohn of Shere, Sheriff of Westmoreland, 1st Lord dsp c06.11.1275 m before 18.02.1258/9 Margery Basset d before 29.10.1271, dau of Sir Philip Basset of Wycombe, Justiciar
Ma23-2 Richard FitzJohn of Shere, 2nd Lord dsp before 05.08.1297 m Emma d 26.01.1331/2
Ma23 Maud FitzJohn d 16/8.04.1301 m1 Sir Gerard de Furnivalle of Hallamshire dsp before 18.10.1261, m2 William de Beauchamp, 1st Earl of Warwick d 1298
Ma23-4 Isabel FitzJohn m Robert de Vipont of Appleby, Sheriff of Westmoreland b 1239, d 07.06.1264
Ma23-5 Aveline FitzJohn d c20.05.1274 m Walter de Burgh, Lord of Connaught, 1st Earl of Ulster d 28.07.1271
Ma23-6 Joan FitzJohn d 04.04.1303 Joan is shown by BP1934 Ormonde as granddaughter of the Earl of Essex, sister of John FitzJohn rather than his daughter. We follow BE1883 FitzJohn which shows this relationship because the dates seem slightly more consistent albeit not fully convincingly so. m Theobald, 1st Lord de Botiller d 26.09.1285
Bi26-2 William Bigod
m Margaret de Sutton dau of Robert de Sutton
Bi26-3 Thomas Bigod
Bi26-4 Margery Bigod
m William de Hastings
Bi26-4-1 Sir Henry de Hastings of Ashill
Bi26-4-2 Ida de Hastings b by 1218 Ashill Swaffham Norfolk d 2 Mar 1289 in London bur Grey Friars, London
m Hugh Pecche b c 1214 Corby Glen, Lincolnshire d 1292 she m2 Sir Stephen de Seagrave
Bi26-4-2-1 Sir John de Peche b c 1260 Warwickshire d 1335 Honley Warwickshire
-1 Sir John de Peckham b c 1290 m Marjorie Aldham
-1-1 Sir John de Peckham b c 1320 Horton, South Gloucester
m Ellen Bokeland b c 1320 Kent dau of James Bokeland b c 1290 and Joan
-1-1-1 Sir James de Peckham b c 1340 Horton Gloucester d 1400 Wrotham Kent
m Margaret
-1-1-1-1 Reginald de Peckham b 1360 d 1407 Kent
m Alice Wykham b c 1370 Kenrt d c 1407
1-1-1-1-1-1 James Reynold de Peckham b c 1400 Yaldham d 1454 Sussex
m Alice Wypeham b 1414 Wrotham Kent d 1462
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Reginald Peckham b c 1430
-1-1-1-1-1-2 William de Peckham b c 1432 d 1491 Wrotham Kent m Katherine Watton
-1-1-1-1-1-3 James Peckham b c 1435 Wrotham Kent m Margaret Burgoine dau of Thomas Burgoine
-1-1-1-1-1-4 Laura Peckham b c 1440 Yaldham Wrotham Kent d 1520 Bethersden
m William Lovelace b c 1435 d 3 Sep 1496 London
-1-1-1-1-1-5 Elizabeth Peckham b c 1445 m John Ashburnham
Bi26-5 Adeliza Bigod shown by some to be daughter of the 1st Earl we are following BE1883
m Aubrey de Vere, Earl of Oxford 2nd ?
Bi27 =26 =25 Mary/Margaret le Bigod b c1194, d 31 Mar 1237
m Randoph Ralph FitzRobert of Middleham . . . Y
Fi26 =25 =24 Ralph FitzRandolph of Middleham b c 1206, d 1270
m Anastasia de Percy b c 1216, dau of William de Percy of Topcliffe
Fi25 =24 =23 Mary FitzRandolph b c 1244, d 11.03.1320
m c1260 Robert de Nevill, younger of Raby b c1240, d 1271
Ne24 =23 =22 Ralph de Nevill, 1st Lord of Raby d 18.04.1331
m1 Euphemia de Clavering dau of Robert FitzRoger de Clavering, 1st Lord
Ne23 =22 =21 Ralph Nevill, 2nd Lord of Raby d 1367
m Alice de Audley d 1374, dau of Sir Hugh de Audley
Ne21 =20 =19 Ralph Nevill of Raby, 1st Earl of Westmorland d 21.10.1425 m1 Margaret Stafford + 9 ch dau of Hugh, Earl of Stafford
m2 Joan Beaufort b 1379, d 1440, dau of John Plantagenet 'of Gaunt', Duke of Lancaster
Bi27-2. Isabel Bigod
m John Enfield
Bi27-3. Baldwin Bigod b. ABT 1152
Bi27-4 Hugh Bigod b. ABT 1154
Bi27-5 Simon Bigod b. ABT 1156
Bi27-6 Nicholas Bigod b. ABT 1158
Bi27-7 William Bigod b. ABT 1160
Bi27-8 Juliana Bigod b. ABT 1162
Bi27-9 Alice BIGOD
m Aubrey de Vere 2nd Earl of Oxford
h. Roger de Vere
m2 Gundred de Beaumont dau of Roger de Newburgh, 2nd Earl of Warwick
Bi27-10 Hugh Bigot
Bi27-11 William Bigot
Bi28-4 Gunnor Bigod
m Robert FitzSwain de Essex of Rayleigh standard bearer Robert's 2nd wife was Alice, dau of Aubrey de Vere
a. Henry de Essex of Rayleigh, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedford d 1163, standard bearer
m Cicely
1 Agnes Lucy of Essex
m. Aubrey de Vere, 1st Earl of Oxford d 1194
2 Alianor or Adeliza probably of this generation
m. Roger FitzRichard of Warkworth
B. daughter sister of Roger, 'Earl of Norfolk', probably of this generation
m Geoffrey de Ridel, Count of Blaye

Sources: BE1883 Bigod of Norfolk, TCP Norfolk
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