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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Kerdeston of Kerdeston, Knipersley of Knipersley, Kyme of Kyme, Kenn of Kenn

Roger de Kerdeston a 1199
1. William de Kerdeston of Kerdeston, Sheriff of Norfolk a 1297
m Margaret de Gant dau of Gilbert de Gant of Folkingham
A. Sir Roger de Kerdeston, 1st Lord, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk b c1273, d 01.07.1337
m Maud a 12.1347, probably sister of William Bateman, Bishop of Norwich
i. William de Kerdeston, 2nd Lord b by 1307, d 14.08.1361
m1 c1322 Margaret Bacon d 1328, dau of Sir Edmund Bacon of Ewelme by Joan de Brewes
a. Maud de Kerdeston b by 1324, dvp 20.05.1349
m by 1343 Sir John de Burghersh d 30.06.1349
p/m2.about 1329 Alice de Norwich
TCP reports that Roger and William were both born out of wedlock, before their parents were married.
b. Roger de Kerdeston dspm before 1367
c. Sir William de Kerdeston b c1325
m Cecily
1 Sir Leonard or Laurence de Kerdeston
A Sir Thomas de Kerdeston d 20.07.1447
m1 Elizabeth possibly Elizabeth de la Pole
m2 Philippe Trussell dau of Sir John Trussell
i Elizabeth de Kerdeston
m Sir Terry Robsart
p/m3. by 1342 Margaret or Margery Cobold b about 1330 d 03.1368, she m2. Sir Hamon de Felton, 3rd Lord
BE1883 reports that William's daughter Margaret was by his first wife Margaret Bacon but we follow TCP and show her by his third. TCP reports that Margaret was born out of wedlock, before her parents were married.
d. Margaret de Kerdeston
m by 12.1347 Sir William de Tendring
1 John Tendring
m Aveline de Tylney dau of Sir John de Tylney
A+ issue dsp - Isabel, Elizabeth
2 Sir William Tendring of Tendring
TCP identifies Sir William's wife as Catherine Clopton but she is thought to have been ...
m Katharine Mylde d 1402/3, dau of William Mylde of Clare, widow of Sir Thomas Clopton
A Alice Tendring
m Sir John Howard, Sheriff of Essex and Hertford d 1436
William de Kyme a 1086
1. Simon de Kyme
A. William de Kyme
i. Simon de Kyme
m Agnes
a. Philip de Kyme d c1189
m Hawise
1 Simon de Kyme d 1220
m Rohese a 1228
A Philip de Kyme d 1242
i Simon de Kyme dsp 1248
ii William de Kyme d before 03.09.1259
m Lucy de Ros a 1279
Ky24 Philip de Kyme, 1st Lord d before 02.04.1323
m Joan Bigod b 1243/4, d by 02.04.1323, dau of Hugh Bigod, Chief Justice
Ky23-1 William de Kyme, 2nd Lord b c1283, dsp before 25.03.1338
m Joan de Littlebury dau of Sir Humphrey de Littlebury
Ky23 Lucy de Kyme
m before 20.09.1303 Robert de Umfraville, Earl of Angus d 03.1325
b.+ other issue - Simon, Walter
ii. Agnes de Kyme probably of this generation
m Herbert de Orreby
Aldred de Knipersley of Knipersley or Knypersley
1. William de Knipersley
A. Robert de Knipersley a 1268
m Margery de Morton dau of Geffrey de Morton
i. William de Knipersley of Knipersley a 1314, 1343
a. William de Knipersley a 1343
1 Robert de Knipersley of Knipersley
m Ellen Venables dau of William Venables of Bradwell
A William de Knipersley of Knipersley dsp 1378-9
m Margery de Morton dau of Thomas de Morton of Belot's Morton
B Katherine de Knipersley
m Thomas Bowyer
ii. Robert de Knipersley
John Kenn of Kenn, Somerset
m1 _ May
m2 Margaret Bayman dau of Sir Christopher Bayman of Glourwalls, Gloucestershire
1. Christopher Kenn of Kenn
m1/2. Florence Stallenge
Visitation shows just one daughter/heir, Elizabeth, but BEB1841 Guise of Elmore & BP1934 Guise refers to Christopher's eldest daughter/coheir who married Sir William Guise she is named Margaret in Visitation Gloucestershire, 1623, Gyse and BEB1841, by note, refers to Elizabeth, describing her as youngest daughter.
A. Margaret Kenn
m Sir William Guise of Elmore a 1608
B. Elizabeth Kenn b c07.1593, d 22.11.1663
m1 John Poulett, 1st Lord of Hinton St. George d 20.03.1648-9
m2 John Ashburnham of Ashburnham d 15.06.1671
Visitation shows just one wife for Christopher, Florence Stallenge, but this may be the Christopher who also married ...
m2/1. Frances Cholmley dau of Lord Chief Justice Sir Roger Cholmeley, widow of Thomas Russell of Strensham
2. Thomas Kenn of Kenn
m _ Speake
A. Thomas Kenn of Kenn
m Dorothy Engham dau of Sir John Engham of Kent
i. George Kenn b c1601
m Elizabeth Barron dau of Edmund Barron of Field Court
ii. Thomas Kenn
iii. Thomas Kenn of London a 1643
m1/2. Mary Handcorne dau/coheir of William Handcorne of London
m2/1. Dorothy Fryer dau of Sir Samuel Fryer of Buckinghamshire
3. John Kenn of Clevedon
A. John Kenn of Kenn
m Suzan Daye
i.+ issue - Christopher, Francis, William, Edmund
B. Christopher Kenn
4. Edmund Kenn of Hutton
m Margaret Strond dau of John Strond of Parnham
A. Margaret Kenn
m Henry Morgan of Manston
B. Katherine Kenn
m Christopher Greene of Sussex
C. Alice Kenn
m George Prowze of Tiverton
D.+ other issue - Edmund of Langford a 1623, John, Edward, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary

1 TCP Kerdeston, BE1883 Kerdeston
2 TCP Kyme
3 Visitation H. Sydney Grazebrook 1885, Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Bowyer of Knipersley
4 Visitation Gloucestershire, 1623, Kenn
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