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Verdon : Verdon (Verdun) of Ewyas Lacie, Verdon of Meath, Verdon of Weobley
BE1883 spells the family name as Verdon but TCP spells the name as Verdun, using "Verdon" for another family.
Bertram de Verdun of Farnham Royal
1. Norman de Verdon or Verdun (a 1140)
m. Lasceline de Clinton (b 1124, dau of Geoffrey de Clinton, Lord Chamberlain)
A. Bertram de Verdon or Verdun, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d Joppa 1192)
m1. Maud de Ferrers (dau of Robert de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby)
m2. Roesia
Ve26-1 William de Verdon (dsp 1199)
Ve26-2 Thomas de Verdon (dsp 1199)
m. Eustachia Bassett (dau of Gilbert Bassett)
Ve26-3 Bertram de Verdon
Ve26 Nicholas de Verdon or Verdun 'of Alton, Staffordshire' (d 1231)
m. Joan
Ve25 Roesia de Verdon or Verdun (d 1248)
m. Theobald, 2nd de Botiller (d 19.07.1230) below
Ve26-5 Walter de Verdon, Constable of Bruges Castle
a. Ralf de Verdon
Ve26-6 Leceline de Verdon
m. (c1195) Hugh de Laci, Constable of Ireland, Earl of Ulster (b c1176, d before 26.12.1242)
B. Nicholas de Verdon, Abbot of Burton
C. Robert de Verdon ancestor of Verdons of Draycot and Ibstock
m. Joan de Bourton (dau of Henry de Bourton in Warwickshire)
D. Simon de Verdon
E. Alicia de Verdon
m. Ivo de Pantulf of Wem
2. Milo de Verdon
3. William de Verdon of Brisingham (a 1100) see below
4? Reported by as of this generation and branch:
Adelicia de Verdon b c 1085
m Robert Pevverell b c 1090 d 28 May 1118
Theobald, 2nd de Botiller (d 19.07.1230)
This link goes back to the top of file 'Butler01' where are given Theobald's children by his first marriage who continued with the name de Botiller, later Butler. Another link here, to lower down in 'Butler01', is to where Roesia is shown as Theobald's second wife. Because their children took their mother's name, we show them below.
m(2). Roesia de Verdon (d 1248, dau/heir of Nicholas de Verdon or Verdun of Alton)above
Bu24-1. John de Verdon or Verdun (b c1226, d 1278 / 21.10.1274)
m1. (before 14.05.1244) Margery de Laci (dau of Gilbert de Laci (Lacy) of Ewyas Lacy by Isabel le Bigod)
A. Sir Nicholas de Verdon or Verdun of Ewyas Lacie (dvsp 28.06.1271)
m. Basilia de Cogan (d c12.1284, dau of John de Cogan)
B. Sir John de Verdon, lord of Weobley (dsp c1295 / dvsp 28.06.1271)
C. Theobald de Verdon or Verdun of Meath, Constable of Ireland, 1st Lord (b c1248, d 24.08.1309)
m.(before 06.11.1276) Margery / Elenor
i. Sir John de Verdon (dvpsp 13.06.1297)
ii. Sir Theobald de Verdon or Verdun of Alton, 2nd Lord, Justice of Ireland (b 08.09.1278, d 27.07.1316)
m1. (29.07.1302) Maud Mortimer (d 17-8.09.1312, dau of Sir Edmund de Mortimer, 1st Lord of Wigmore, by Margaret de Fenles (Fiennes))
a. John de Verdon (dsp)
b. William de Verdon (dsp)
c. Joan de Verdon, heiress of Alveton (b 08.1303, d 1334)
m1. (28.04.1317) John (not William) de Montagu (dvpsp bur 14.08.1317, son/heir of William, 2nd Lord)
m2 (24.02.1317-8) Thomas de Furnivall, 2nd Lord (d 14.10.1339)
d. Elizabeth de Verdon, heiress of Ewyas Lacie (b c1306, d 01.05.1360)
m. (before 11.06.1320) Bartholomew Burghersh, 3rd Lord (d 03.08.1355)
e. Margaret or Margery de Verdon, heiress of Weobley (b 10.08.1310, d by 1377)
m1. before 10.02.1326/7 Sir William le Blount of Sodington, Lord (dsp before 03.10.1337)
m2. (before 18.10.1339) Sir Mark Hussee (dvp before 21.07.1349, son/heir of Henry, 2nd Lord)
m3. (before 10.09.1355) Sir John Crophull of Bonnington (d 03.07.1383)
m2 04.02.1315/6 Elizabeth de Clare (b 16.09.1294/5, d 04.11.1360, dau of Gilbert 'the Red' de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, 3rd Earl of Gloucester)
f. Isabel de Verdon, heiress of Ludlow (b 21.03.1316/7, d 25.07.1349)
m. (before 20.02.1330/1) Henry Ferrers, 2nd Lord of Groby (d 1343)
BE1883 identifies John's 2nd wife as Alianore "whose surname is unknown". TCP reports "Nothing is known of Eleanor's parentage but she may have been a Bohun."
m2. (before 1267) Alianore / Eleanor
D. Humphrey de Verdon (b 1267)not mentioned by BE1883 but mentioned by TCP as possibly of this marriage
Uncertain who was mother of ...
E. Thomas de Verdon of Staffordshire (a 1326) identified by BE1883 as 4th son
i. ?? de Verdonpresumed intermediary generation, presumed father/grandfather of ...
a. Sir Thomas de Verdon of Denston, Staffordshire
b. Sir John de Verdon, Sheriff of Staffordshire (a 1360, dsp)
c. Joan de Verdon
m. John de Whitmore of Whitmore
(1) Joan Whitmore
m. Henry Clerk of Ruyton
(2) Elizabeth Whitmore
m. James de Boghay, lord of Whitmore
BE1883 mentions this marriage and then refers to the family of Mainwaring of Whitmore. It is presumed that an estate at Whitmore passed through this marriage as follows ...
(A) ?? de Boghay
(i) ?? de Boghay
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
(a) ?? de Boghay
((1)) ?? de Boghay
((A)) Robert de Boghay or Boghey
((i)) Alice de Boghay (d 1573)
m. Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore and Biddulph (d 1586)
F. Agnes de Verdon (d 1305)
Bu24-2. Humphrey de Verdon (d 1285, rector)
Bu24-3. Nicholas de Verdon of Clomore (dsp)
Bu24-4. Theobald de Verdon ancestor of Verdons of Darlaston and Biddolph
Bu24=23 Maud de Verdon (d 27.11.1283)
m1. John FitzAlan, 'Earl' of Arundel (d 1267)
m2. Richard d'Amundeville (a 1286)
- - - - -
As yet of no known relationship to the above Verdon 2

BE1883 identifies William de Verdon of Brisingham a 1100 as ancestor of the Verdons of Norfolk, Suffolk & Northampton and of the undermentioned Baron Verdon in particular. However, TCP reported that "No connection has been found between this family of Verdon and that of Bertram de Verdun, the well-known Domesday tenant of Farnham Royal" who was William's father. TCP starts with ...
Ives de Verdon in Norfolk a 1101 possibly father of ...
1. William de Verdon a 1166 possibly father of ...
A. William de Verdon a 1197possibly father of ...
i. William de Verdon in Culpho, Suffolk d before 1242
m Maud a 1243, sister of Isabel, wife of Osbert de Wacheshampossibly parents of ...
Ve24 John de Verdon in Bressingham, Norfolk d before 23.12.1277, son of William of Bressingham
This is probably the John mentioned in BE1883 who m. Margaret dau/heir of Simon Fitz Le Lisle of Brixworth who d c1300 having had issue - John d c1302, Thomas of Brisingham, Brixworth, etc d 1315-6 and Susan m. Sir Nicholas Seyton. However, TCP & VCH show that his son John was father of Thomas of Brixworth, etc..
m ?? sister/heir of Simon FitzSimon of Brixworth
Ve23 John de Verdon of Brixworth, Northamptonshire b 11.06.1256, d before 17.03.1295/6
m before 1276 Eleanor de Furnivalle dau of Sir Thomas de Furnivalle of Sheffield, m2. Richard de Breuse
Ve22 Thomas de Verdon of Brixworth, etc. bpt 10.01.1275/6, d before 10.08.1315
BE1883 shows Thomas of Brisingham, Brixworth, etc d 1315-6 as father of Sir John of Marthesham d 1343 who, by Maud, had 3 sons - Sir Thomas of Brixworth dvp, father by Alice of Thomas who dsp before 1322, John Lord, and Sir Christopher. TCP, supported by VCH, shows as follows.
m before 1299 Margaret de Knovill dau of Bewes de Knovill, 1st Lord, by Joan dau of Cecily Walerand
Ve21 John de Verdon, Baron/Lord b 24.06.1299, d after 23.10.1376
BE1883 reports that Lord John married twice: to Maud, mother of Edmund, and Isabel dau of Sir John Vise de Lore by whom he had a daughter, Isabel m. Sir Imbert Noon. TCP reports as follows.
m1 by 1326 Agnes
Ve20 Edmund de Verdon dvp
m Joan
BE1883 appears to suggest that the following Margaret was Edmund's sister but TCP & VCH clearly identify her as his daughter.
Ve19 Margaret de Verdon d 24.11.1436
m1 Sir Hugh de Bradshagh of Old Hall in Westleigh d before 20.08.1383
VCH Lancashire, vol 3, Townships - Westleigh identifies Hugh as son of Roger son of Richard son of John of Westleigh son of Roger. See here for a possible link to Bradshaw01.
A Sir William Bradshagh of Old Hall d 12.08.1487
m Joanmentioned in VCH Lancashire, vol 3, Westleigh
i Elizabeth Bradshagh
m before 16.08.1414 Sir Richard Harrington d 1467
m2 before 26.08.1383 Sir John Pilkington of Pilkington d 16.02.1420/1
m2 by 1340 Maud widow of Ralph de Crophull of Bionnington
B. Bertran de Verdon

Main sources: BE1883 (Verdon) with some support from TCP (Verdun)