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Giffard 2: Giffard of Black Ladies, Giffard Gifford of Chillington, Gifford of Water Eyton
The following ancestry for the John Giffard who died in 1400, with the initial Gilbert being shown as younger son of Helias II Giffard, 2nd cousin of the Walter a 1166 we show as John's ancestor. While overlaps with what was shown by Commoners are possible. BLG1952 makes the following guestimate seem best for the early generations shown by Commoners in italics as follows.
Gilbert Giffard
1. Peter Giffard a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189
m Alice sister of Peter Corbuchin of Chillington
A. Peter Giffard of Chillington
m Margaret de Cluddeley
i. Sir John Giffard of Chillington d 1329
m Ada de Courtenay dau of Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton
a. Sir John Giffard of Chillington d 1371
m c1300 Catherine Stafford dau of Stafford of Marston
1 Edward Giffard of Chillington a 1378
m ?? Venables dau of Venables, lord of Kinderton
A John Giffard of Chillington d 1400 see below

We now follow BLG1952:
Walter Giffard a 1166
1. Peter Giffard of Chillington
A. Peter Giffard of Chillington
m Avice Hastang dau of Eutrop Hastang
i. Peter Giffard of Chillington dsp c1263
ii. William Giffard of Chillington d 1272
iii. Sir John Giffard of Chillington d c1310
m Ada probably dau of Basset of Sapcote
a. Sir John Giffard of Chillington d c1344
m ?? probably dau of Chandos of Derbyshire
1 John Giffard of Chillington dsp c1350
m Katrine Dunsowe dau of Robert de Dunsowe of Shrewsbury
2 Sir Edmund Giffard of Chillington d 1379
m Agnes Whiston dau of Sir John Whiston of Whiston
A John Giffard of Chillington d 1400 see alternative ancestry above
i Thomas Giffard of Chillington, Sheriff of Staffordshire d 1420
m Joyce Fraunceys dau of Sir Robert Fraunceys or Francis of Whiston
a Robert Giffard of Chillington d 04.06.1486
m1 Isabella Blount dsp
m2 Cassandra Humphreston d 01.1527, dau of Thomas Humphreston
1 Sir John Giffard of Chillington, Sheriff of Staffordshire d 13.11.1556
There is some confusion as to the attribution of Sir John's children between his wives. Grazebrook shows Thomas, Dorothy and possibly Frances as children of Joanna and Cassandra as possibly by Elizabeth . Commoners shows Sir Thomas and William as sons of Joanna . BLG1952 shows Sir Thomas as son of Elizabeth.
m1 Joanna Hoorde dau of Thomas Hoorde or Horde of Bridgnorth
A Dorothy Giffard or Gifford
m1 John Congreve of Congreve
m2 Francis Shirley of Staunton Harold d 27.07.1571
B Cassandra Giffard d 01.1570
m Humphrey Swinnerton of Swinnerton
m2 Elizabeth Gresley dau of Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakelow
C Sir Thomas Giffard or Gifford of Chillington, Sheriff of Staffordshire d 27.05.1560 - continued below
m1 Dorothy Montgomery dau of Sir John Montgomery
m2 Ursula Throgmorton dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton of Caughton
D William Giffard, Archbishop of Rheins
E Frances Giffard
m Sir John Talbot of Grafton d 06.06.1555
Sir Thomas Giffard or Gifford of Chillington, Sheriff of Staffordshire d 27.05.1560 - continued above
m1 Dorothy Montgomery dau of Sir John Montgomery of Cubley
1. Elizabeth Giffard
m Sir John Port of Etwall and Cubley judge
m2 Ursula Throgmorton dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton or Throckmorton of Caughton
2. John Giffard or Gifford of Chillington, Sheriff of Staffordshire d 1612
m Joyce Leveson dau of Sir James Leveson of Lilleshall and Trentham
A. Walter Giffard or Gifford of Chillington d 27/9.04.1632
m 1579 Philippa White dau of Henry White of Southwarnborough
i. Peter Giffard or Gifford of Chillington b c1581, d 25.06.1663
m Frances Fowler dau of Walter Fowler of St. Thomas
a. Walter Giffard or Gifford of Chillington b 1611, d 1688
m1 Anne Holt dau of Sir Thomas Holt, Bart of Aston
1 John Giffard or Gifford of Chillington b 1637, d 1694
m Frances Fitzherbert dau of William Fitzherbert of Swinnerton
A Thomas Giffard or Gifford of Chillington b c1618, dsp 1718
m 1688 Mary Thimelby dau of John Thimelby of Farnham
2+ other issue - Walter d unm c1670, Charles d young, Frances d unm, Winifred d unm, Mary, Catherine, Magdalen, Winifred d young
m2 Anne Huggeford dsp, dau of Thomas Huggeford or Hugford of Solihull
b. John Giffard or Gifford of Black Ladies 5th son
m Catherine Hawkins dau of Richard Hawkins of Nash
1 John Giffard of Black Ladies d 1709
m c01.1685-6 Catherine Taylor dau of John Taylor of Fockbury
A Peter Giffard of Black Ladies, later of Chillington
m1 Winifred Howard dsp, dau of Robert Howard of Horecross
m2 Barbara Throgmorton dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton, Bart of Caughton
i Peter Giffard of Chillington d unm 1748/9
ii Maria Giffard d 30.05.1764
m 25.07.1743 Sir Edward Smythe, Bart of Acton Burnell b 21.10.1719, d 02.11.1784
iii Anna Giffard
m _ Weld of Lulworth
m3. Helen Roberts dau of Robert Roberts of Plas Ucha
iv Thomas Giffard of Chillington d 1775
m1 Barbara Petre dau of Robert, Lord Petre
a Maria Catherine Giffard d 07.01.1821
m 19.08.1782 Sir John Courtenay Throgmorton, 5th Bart of Coughton b 27.07.1753, dsp 03.01.1819
m2 Barbara Throgmorton d 17.05.1764, dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton, Bart of Caughton
b Thomas Giffard of Chillington d 01.08.1823
m 23.06.1788 Charlotte Courtenay b 14.02.1764, d 22.11.1844, sister of the Earl of Devon
1 Thomas William Giffard of Chillington b 28.03.1789, d 21.01.1861, Lt. Colonel had issue 3 daughters
m Charlotte Earls dau of Laintol Earls
2 Walter Peter Giffard of Chillington b 23.09.1796, d 06.03.1877 had issue
m 07.07.1836 Henrietta Dorothy Boughey d 17.08.1889, dau of Sir John Fenton Boughey, 2nd Bart of Aqualate
3 Charlotte Giffard b 1790
m Samuel Campbell Simpson of Brockton
4 Sophia Elizabeth Giffard d 13.01.1880
m 28.07.1821 John Wrottesley, 2nd Lord b 05.08.1798, d 27.10.1867
5 Anna Barbara Giffard b 1797, d 23.11.1834
m 1829 Rev. Charles Whitmore
6 Barbara Denise Giffard b 1798, d 1841
m 26.09.1839 William Lacon Childe of Lacon
7 Caroline Mallet Giffard b 1802, d 1841
m 29.10.1821 John Mytton of Halston b 30.10.1796, d 29.03.1834
8 Louisa Pauline Charlotte Giffard b 1807, d 10.12.1879
m 27.12.1832 Sir Thomas Fenton Fletcher Boughey, 3rd Bart of Aqualate
9+ other issue - Francis John d unm1836, Charles Robert b 1800, d 1853, Robert Edward b 1805, d unm 01.02.1836, Lucy Harriet b 14792, d 1843
m3. Frances Stonor dau of T. Stonor of Stonor
c John Giffard dsp 1833
m Eleanor Sutton, heiress of Sutton Sturmey, Ireland
d Frances Giffard
m 19.02.1798 William Throgmorton b 08.05.1762, d 31.03.1819
v John Giffard of Plas Ucha
m Elizabeth Hyde dau of Robert Hyde of Nerquis
a+ 2 daughters d unm
vi Catherine Giffard
m Francis Canning of Foxcote
B John Giffard of Madeley
The following is supported by
m 1733 Rose Brooke d 1763, dau of Comberford Brooke of Comberford and Madeley
i Rose Giffard
m 1765 Peter Parry of Twysog
ii Barbara Giffard a 1775
m Thomas Slaughter
iii+ 2 daughters
C Catherine Giffard
m Thomas More of Barnborough
D+ other issue - Walter, 3 daughters
2 Catherine Giffard
c. Edward Giffard or Gifford of The Lodge, High Offley Park
m Winifrid Draycot dau of Albion or Albyn Draycot
1 Thomas Giffard b c1665, a 1680, eldest son
The following is supported by
m c1680 Mary Comberford b c1654, d c1683, dau/coheir of Robert Comberford of Comberford
A Mary Giffard d c1683
d. Catherine Giffard or Gifford
m Henry Hungerford of Solihull
e.+ other issue - Richard, Joseph, James, Charles, Mary, Dorothy, Margaret, Ursula, Elizabeth, Winifrid
ii. John Gifford
m _ Andrews dau of_ Andrews of Winwick, sister of Sir John
iii. Andrew Gifford of Wolverhampton 4th son
m Catherine Leveson dau of Sir Walter Leveson of Wolverhampton
a.+ issue - Thomas, Augustine b 1642, d 1733, Bonaventure, Anne, Mary
iv. Ursula Gifford
m Sir Thomas Vavasour of Hazlewood a 1628
v. Elizabeth Gifford
m Francis Hanford of Wollashall
vi. Frances Gifford possibly of this generation
m Edmund Powell or Appowell of Sandford
vii.+ other issue - George d unm, Robert, Richard, Dorothy, Bridget, Anne
B. Richard Giffard or Gifford of Saredon
m Elizabeth Leveson dau of Thomas Leveson of Wolverhampton, sister of Sir Walter
i. John Giffard b 1596/7, d 17.03.1672
ii. Mary Giffard
m Francis Purcell
C. Mary Giffard
m Ralf Brooke of Lapley
D. Cassandra Giffard
m Thomas Cassey of Whitefield
E. Ursula Giffard
m John Wakeman of Beckford
F.+ other issue - Thomas dsp, Gerard of Hilton had issue, Jane
3. Edward Giffard had issue
m Frances Skerne of London
4. Humphrey Giffard or Gifford of Blackladies
m Elinor Ward d 10.07.1600, dau of John Ward of Capeston or Capesthorne
A. Francis Giffard or Gifford of Water Eyton 5th son
m Margaret Fletcher dau of Thomas Fletcher of Water Eyton, widow of William Chetwynd of Ridge
i. Humphrey Gifford of Water Eyton b c1625, a 1680
m Dorothy Ipsley a 1680, dau of Edward Ipsley of Middle Mayfield
a. Jane Gifford
m John Stubbs, younger of Water Eyton
b. Priscilla Gifford bpt 20.08.1655
m 03.04.1678 James Collier son of Edward of Darlaston
c.+ other issue - Edward bpt 13.04.1654, d c1672, Humphrey bpt 08.12.1657, d c1670, Thomas
ii. Thomas Gifford of Dunston a 1680
m Amy Knight dau of Edward Knight of Water Eyton
iii.+ other issue - Francis bpt 28.12.1626, d unm, William bur 06.1630
B.+ other issue d unm - Robert, Edward, Nicholas, Giles, John
5. Dorothy Giffard probably of this generation
m Gilbert Astley of Patshull
6. Anne Giffard probably of this generation
m George Smith of Ashby Folville d 31.07.1607
7. Isabel Giffard probably of this generation
Anne Giffard probably of this generation
m Richard Smith
A. Anne Smith
m Francis Meynell of Willington d 1618
9.+ other issue - Robert d unm, daughter

Sources: BLG1952 Giffard of Chillington, Commoners vol i, Giffard of Chillington, Visitation Grazebrook 1865, Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Giffard of Chillington + Visitation Staffordshire, 1664-1700, Gifford
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