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Bowes 1: Bowes of Aske, Bowes of Biddick, Bowes of Bradley, Bowes of Streatlam see also Bowes
William Bowes

Bowes. Ermine three bows gules.
1. John Bowes
A. John Bowes
i. Henry Bowes
a. Stephen Bowes
1 Stephen Bowes probably a c1310
A Adam Bowes of Streatlam
m Alice Trayne dau of Sir John Trayne or Trayner of Streatlam by a sister of Bernard Baliol of Bernard Castle
i Robert Bowes of Streatlam
m2 Elizabeth Leyburne dau of John Leyburne or Lilburne
a Sir William Bowes of Streatlam
m Maud de Dalden dau of Jordan de Dalden
1 Sir Robert Bowes of Streatlam d c1421
m Jane Conyers d 07.11.1438, dau of Roger Coigniers or Conyers of Sockburne
A Sir William Bowes of Streatlam
Visitation identifies Sir William's wife as Jane Dacre, daughter of Ralph Dacre, Baron of Greystoke. However, no Dacre became a Baron of Greystoke until the death in 1516 of Elizabeth, Baroness Greystoke, who had married Sir Thomas Dacre, Lord of Gillesland. BLG1843 identifies her as ...
m Jane Greystoke dau of Ralph, Lord Greystock
i Sir William Bowes of Streatlam, Sheriff of Northumberland
m Maud FitzHugh dau of William, Lord FitzHugh
a William Bowes dsp 1474
m _ Clifton niece of Lawrence Booth, Bishop of Durham
b Ralph Bowes of Streatlam b 01.09.1468, d 03.07.1482, 4th son - continued below
m Margaret Conyers b c1468, d 12.08.1532, dau of Richard Coigniers or Conyers of Cowton
c Henry Bowes
m1 Tabba Sadler
m2 ?? widow of _ Clervaulx of Croft
d Margery Bowes b 1471 d before 04.06.1503
m Sir William Hilton b by 1451, d before 31.05.1506
-1 William Hilton b 1488 ormsby Yorks d 1536 m Sibill Lumley b 1485 d 1518 -1-1 Thomas Hilton b 1514
-1-2 Jane Hilton b 1515
-1-3 William Hilton b 1516 Yorks d 1562 Durham m Margaret Metcalf b 1520 Napa Yorks d 1566 North Biddick Durham
-1-4 Joan Hilton b 1518
-1-5 John Hylton b 1518 d 1551 m Mary Woode b 1512
-1-6 Anne Hilton
-1-3-1 Mark Hilton b 1560 d 1605 m Ellen Mainwaring b 1562 Northwich Cheshire d 1606 Wearmouth Durham
-1-3-2 William Hilton
-1-3-3 Elizabeth Hiulton
-1-3-4 Dorothy Hilton
-1-3-5 Ellen Hilton
-1-3-6 Ralph Hilton
-1-3-7 Sibyl Hilton
-1-3-8 Margery Hilton
-1-3-9 Anne Hilton
-1-3-10 Robert Hilton
-1-3-11 Katherine Hilton
-1-5-1 John Hylton b 1545 d 1615 m Elizabeth Febbige
e Elizabeth or Joan Bowes
m Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wilton b by 1452, d 23.06.1486
f Catherine Bowes
m Sir Richard Conyers b c1461
g Isabella Bowes
m John Swinnow Swennowe of Roke
h Anne Bowes
m Ralph Wicliffe of Wicliffe
i+ other issue dsp - Robert, Thomas
B John Bowes possibly of this generation
m Anne
2 Thomas Bowes
m ?? widow of _ Clervaulx of Croft
A George Bowes dsp
3+ other issue dsp - Roger, William, Adam, Ralph, John
b Thomas Bowes dsp
Ralph Bowes of Streatlam b 01.09.1468, d 03.07.1482 - continued from above
m Margaret or Margery Conyers b c 1468, d 12.08.1532, dau of Richard Coigniers or Conyers of Cowton
1. Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam b 1480 d 1516, 2nd son bur Durham
m Elizabeth Clifford dau of Henry, Lord Clifford
A. Margery Bowes b c 1506 Streatlam d c 1546 Durham
m Sir Ralph Eure b 24.09.1508, dvp Halidon Hill 06.03.1544/5
-1 William Eure, Sr., 2nd Baron Eure
-2 Frances Eure b c 1533 Durham d aft 1575 m Robert Lambton
-3 Anne Eure Mansfield
-4 Ralph Eure
-5 Thomas Eure
-6 Muriel Eure
-7 Margaret Eure
-7 Henry Eure
-2-1 Isabel Elizabeth Lambton b 1^553 Lambton Durham d 1623 Stanley Durham m Sir Nicholas Tempest 1st Baronet of Stella
-2-2 Ralph Lambton
-2-3 Jane Lambton m Blakiston
-2-4 William Lambton
-2-5 John Lambton
-2-1-1 Jane Tempest b 2 Feb 1593 Ryton Durham m Thomas Chaytor
-2-1-2 Sir Thomas Tempest, 2nd Baronet
-2-1-3 Isabel Tempest m Bulmer
-2-1-4 Charles Tempest
-2-1-5 Henry Tempest
-2-1-6 Francis Tempest
-2-1-7 William Tempest
-2-1-8 Elizabeth Tempest m Athye
-2-1-9 Margaret Tempest m Errington
-2-1-10 Olivia Tempest
-2-1-1-1 Hieronyma Chayto m Thomas Swinbourne
-2-1-1-1-1 Nicholas Swinbourne b c 1640 Butterby Durham
-2-1-1-1-2 John Swinburne b 1632 m Anne
-2-1-1-1-1-1 Sir John Swinbourne b c 1666 Bickenhill Warwick d ther May 1729 m Anne Fisher b c 1665 Bickhill dau of Robert Fisher and Dorothy
-2-1-1-1-2-1 Richard Swinburne b 1689 d 1766 m Mary Smith had issue
B. Anne Bowes b c 1515
C. George Bowes of Streatlam and Dalden
m Muriel Evers or Eure dau of
she m2 Wiliam Wycliffe
+1 William, Lord Evers or Eure
i. Ralph Bowes
ii. Elizabeth Bowes b about 1540
m1 John Blakiston of Blakiston b c 1535 Blakiston Durham d 1587 Norton Derby son of Thomas Blakiston and Elizabeth Place
m2 Sir George Hart
-1 Marmaduke Blakiston
-2 William Blakiston, Sir
-3 Thomas Blakiston
-4 Chritopher Blakiston
-5 Robert Blakiston
-Muriel Wycliffe
-6 Sir Percival Hart, MP
-7 Robert Hart
-8 Frances Hart
iii. Dorothy Bowes
m Sir Cuthbert Collingwood of Eslinton
iv. Anna Bowes
m Robert Bowes of Aske below
D. Agnes Bowes d unm
2. Robert Bowes Master of the Rolls
m Alice Medcalfe dau of Sir James Medcalfe or Metcalfe
A.+ 4 sons dsp
3. Richard Bowes of Aske b 1488 Seaham Manor Durham d 10 Nov 1558 Durham a 1550 ?captain of Norham Castle
m Elizabeth Aske dau of Roger Aske of Aske
A. Sir George Bowes of Streatlam Knight Marshall, 3rd son b 1527 d 1580
m1 Dorothy Mallory dau of Sir William Mallory of Studley

Sir George Bowes 1527-1580
i. William Bowes of Bradley Hall a 1575, d 1613
m1 Mary Scrope dau of Henry Scrope, Lord of Bolton
a. Catharine or Mary Bowes
m Sir William Eure of Bradley
m2 sp Isabel Wray dau of Sir Christopher Wray, cheif justice
ii. Robert Bowes b about 1560 killed in the Kiswick mines in 1610, unmarried
iii. George Bowes of Biddick b about 1565
m Magdalen Bray dau of Sir Edward Bray
a. George Bowes of Biddick, later of Bradley Hall b about 1590 d 1643
m Mary Delaval dau of Sir Ralph Delaval of Seaton Delaval
1 Ralph Bowes of Bradley Hall b about 1620 d 1681
m 29.01.1649 Margaret Cradock dau of Sir Joseph Cradock
A George Bowes of Bradley Hall d 1729
m Sarah Baker
i Thomas Bowes of Bradley Hall b 1687, d 1752
m 1718 Elizabeth Pickering dau of John Pickering of Hedley Hall
a Ralph Blakiston Bowes of Bradley Hall d 1767
m 05.02.1756 Ann Clement dau of Ralph Clement
1 Thomas Bowes of Bradley Hall b 06.1758, a 1843
2 Jane Bowes
m James Smithson
b George Bowes of New Hall dsp 1757
c Sarah Bowes
m William Nugent Captain
d Jane Bowes
m Jacob Grieve
2 Anne Bowes probably of this generation
m Sir Francis Blakiston, 3rd Bart of Gibside d 08.10.1713
b. Robert Bowes of Biddick had issue
m 1620 Joan Hatton dau of Robert Hatton, prebendary of Durham
1 Catherine Bowes probably of this generation
m Christopher Hutton of Newcastle-on-Tyne d 1682
c. Frances Bowes
m John Lumley of Axwell Houses
d.+ other issue - William, Ralph of Newcastle, Toby of The Waterside, Bray, 5 daughters
iv. Henry Bowes
m _ Carnaby
v. Elizabeth Bowes
m1 Thomas Preston of Holker
m2 Sir Christopher Wandesforde of Kirklington d 11.07.1591
vi. Agnes Bowes
m John Coigniers or Conyers of Sockburne
m2 Jane Talbot dau of Sir John Talbot of Grafton
vii. Francis Bowes dsp
m Joan Headlam dau of _ Headlam of Nunthorpe
viii. Sir Talbot Bowes of Streatlam Castle dsp 1637-8
m Agnes Warcop dau of Thomas Warcop of Snaredell
ix. Richard Bowes
x. Thomas Bowes of Streatlam or Stretlam Castle d c1628
m Ann Warcop dau of Thomas Warcop of Tanfield
a. Thomas Bowes of Streatlam or Stretlam Castle b 1607, d 07.09.1660
m Anne Maxton dau of Anthony Maxton or Morton, prebendary of Durham
1 Sir William Bowes of Streatlam Castle d 1706
m 1693 Elizabeth Blakiston dau of Sir Francis Blakiston, Bart of Gibside
A George Bowes of Streatlam Castle and Gibside b c1701, d 17.09.1760
m1 01.10.1724 Eleanor Verney b 1710, dsp 14.12.1724, dau of Thomas Verney
m2 Mary Gilbert dau of Edward Gilbert of Paul's Walden
i Mary Eleanor Bowes b 24.02.1749, d 28.04.1800
m1 24.02.1767 John Lyon, later Bowes, 9th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne b 17.07.1737, d 07.03.1776
m2 17.01.1777, div 1789 Andrew Robinson Stoney, later Bowes of Coldpig Hill
B Anne Bowes
m 11.06.1713 Edward Chaloner of Guisborough b 1693, bur 08.10.1737
C Margaret Bowes
m Thomas Liddell of Newton Hall
D+ other issue d unm - Elizabeth, Jane
2 Maxton or Morton Bowes bpt 19.06.1651, bur 15.05.1717 who apparently married ...
m 13.09.1668 Sir William Dawson of Azerley bur 22.01.1718
3+ issue - Talbot d infant, Thomas b c1654, a 1666, Anthony d young, John, George, Anne, Jane, Dorothy
b. Elizabeth Bowes
m1 Philip Hutton son of Sir Timothy of Marske
m2 Thomas Tuttle rector of Romaldkirk
c.+ other issue - Talbot d unm, William d unm, captain, Ann d young
xi. John Bowes
m Elizabeth Dayvill dau of Christopher Dayvill of Yorks
a.+ issue - Elizabeth, Jane
xii. Jane Bowes
m _ Clopton
xiii. Elizabeth Bowes d 1625
m 03.1592 Timothy Hutton of Marske b 1569, bur 06.04.1629, son of Matthew, Archbishop of York
xiv. Anne Bowes bur 03.07.1608
m1 Thomas Hilton of Alston, younger of Hilton dvp 27.02.1597/8
m2 Sir John Delaval of Dissington d 12.08.1652
B. Robert Bowes 'of Aske' b c1535, d 1597, ambassador to Scotland, 5th son
m1 Anna Bowes dau of George Bowes of Streatlamabove
i. Ralph Bowes of Barnes a 1615
m Joan Headlam dau of William Headlam of Nunthorpe
a.+ issue - William b c1689, a 1615, Ralph, Robert, Toby, Francis, Richard, George, Thomas, Eleanor, Joan, Alice
m2 1566 Elenor Musgrave b c1546, dsp 25.07.1623, dau of Sir Richard Musgrave
C. Bridget Bowes
m Thomas Hussey
D. Ann Bowes b 1512 Streatham Durham d 6 Feb 1570 Steeton York
m1/?2 William Dodson
m2/?1 Marmaduke Vincent b 1510 Yorkshir son of Richard Vincent and Katherine Conyers
D-1 Eleanor Vincent
m Thomas Beverley b 1550 Selby
+1 John Beverley b c 1525 Beverley York
m Agnes Draycott b c 1530 dau of
+2 Thomas Draycott
m Agnes
+3 Sir Philip Draycott MP
E. Muriel Bowes b c 1546
m John Jackson
F. Elizabeth Bowes
m George Baynbrigg
G+ other issue dsp - Ralph b 1529 dsp m Elizabeth Clifford b 1531 Cumberland, Frances b 1533 Streatham, Christopher b c 1539 'Streatham, Mary b c 1543, Lucy Bowes b c 1545
J Margaret Bowes b 1541 Streatham Durham
m Thomas Middleton
K Margery Bowes b c 1533 East Lothian d Dec 1560
m the Scots reformer Rev John Knox
-1 Nathaniel Knox b 23 May 1557 Geneva CH d 28 May 1580 Cambridge
-2 Eleazar Knox b 29 Nov 1558 Geneva CH d 23 May 1591 Colchester Essex
4.+ other issue dsp - John, Margery

Visitation Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Bowes of Streatlam, BLG1843 Bowes of Bradley
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