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Carew 1: Carew of Beddington, Carew of Bickley, Carew of Carew, Carew of Haccombe, Carew of Mohun's Ottery, Carew of Mulsford 
Ca23 =22. Sir Nicholas Carew, lord of Carew and Mulsford b c 1235 d a 1311 summoned to Parliament as Lord of Moulsford in 1300-01. also shown by TP 

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Tudor shows m1 as mother of Thomas Carew, Sir John Ca22 as well as Will de Carew, and David de Carew Visitation Surrey suggests that Nicholas's wife was Allice/Avice, dau of Lord Martin of Devon. However, Lord Martin appears not to have had a daughter Allice. Avice Tuitt seems to have been the 1st wife.and Alice Martin the mother of William d bef 27 Feb 1356/7, David, Thomas, Beatrix and Nicholas.Beatrix m Richard Barry and had Avice Barry. Thomas m1 Maude Pauncefot and had Sir William d 1357 Hugh of Herford d after 1402 m2 x Malemaynes and had John (priest of Beddington) and Nicholas of Beddington
Ca22 =21 Sir John Carew of Carew and Mulsford b c 1275 d 26.06.1324 had livery of the lands of Moulsford, but John Wogan, Justicar of Ireland, evidently had the custody of Moulsford in 1316.
Tudor shows m1 as mother of m1 Alianore de Mohun b 01.08.1280, dau of William de Mohun of Mohun Ottery wife of John, presumed mother of 
Nicholas de Carew, Baron Carew, b before 1313 d 20 Jun 1324 m Eleanor Talbot dau of Richard Talbot and Joan Mortimer
m2 Joan Talbot dau of Ta23 Gilbert Talbot 1st Baron Talbot b 18 Oct 1276 d 24 Feb 1345/6 in Eccleshall and Anne Boteler Bo23
Tudor shows m2 as mother of Ca21 =20 Sir John Carew of Carew and Mulsford, Lord Deputy of Ireland under Lionel Duke of Clarence b 1310 d 1363
m Margaret Mohun dau of John Mohun, 1st Baron of Dunster
Ca20. Sir Leonard Carew of Carew and Mulsford b c1343, d 1371
m Alice FitzAlan dau of Sir Edmond FitzAlan of Arundel
Ca19. Thomas or John Carew of Carew and Mulsford, Baron Hydon b 1361 Mohun Ottery d 1431
m Elizabeth Bonville dau of Sir William Bonville of Shute
Ca18 Sir Nicholas Carew of Carew b 1409 in Molesford Devon d about 1446
m Joan Courtenay dau of Sir Hugh Courtenay of Haccombe
Ca17 Sir Thomas Carew of Mohun's Ottery
m Joan Carminow b by 1428 dau of Thomas Carminow
Ca16 Sir Nicholas Carew of Mohun's Ottery  b about 1435 in Mohun's Ottery Devon d 16 Nov 1470 bur Westminster Abbey
m Margaret Dynham dau of Sir John Dynham, 6th Lord
Ca15-1 Sir Edmund Carew of Mohun's Ottery b about 1455 d 24.06.1513
m Katharine Huddersfield dau of Sir William Huddersfield
1 Sir William Carew of Mohun's Ottery
A Sir George Carew of Mohun's Ottery dsp
This was probably the George who married ...
m Mary Norreys dau of Henry Norreys, father of Henry, Baron of Rycote, she m2. Sir Arthur Champernowne who d 1578
B+ issue dsp - Sir George, Sir Phillip, Sir Peter
2 Sir Gawen Carew dsp
3 George Carew, Archdeacon of Totnes, Dean of Bristol, Exeter, Windsor, etc d 06.1583
m Ann Harvey d 27.08.1605, dau of Sir Nicholas Harvey
A Sir Peter Carew d 25.08.1580
i Anne Carew
BE1883 shows Anne as daughter of Earl George but TCP confirms that George dspl. Visitation Sussex, Apsley identifies Anne as dau/heir of Sir Peter Carew.
m1 _ Wilford of Kent
m2 Sir Allen Apsley Lieutenant of the Tower of London
B George Carew, Earl of Totness b 29.05.1555, d 27.03.1629
m 31.05.1580 Joyce Clopton bpt 17.09.1562, d 14.01.1636/7, dau of William Clopton of Clopton
partner unknown
ii Sir Thomas Stafford d 1654-5
4 Thomas Carew of Bickley
m1 Elizabeth Courtenay dau of John Courtenay of Bickleigh
A John Carew dsp
B Humphrey Carew of Bickley
m Agnes Hurst widow of _ Bodley of Dunscomb
i John Carew dsp
ii Peter Carew of Bickley a 1620
m Elizabeth Chudleighe of Ashton
a Sir Henry Carew of Bickley b c1599
m Dorothy Mohun b c1604, dau of Sir Reginald Mohun, Bart of Boconnocwife of Henry, presumed mother of ...
1 Elizabeth Carew
m 1653 Sir Thomas Carew, 1st Bart of Haccombe bpt 21.06.1632, d 09.1673
2 Dorothy Carew
m John Chichester of Hall dsp
b Elizabeth Carew
m _ Erisye of Cornwall
c+ other issue - Edmond dsp, Peter, Dorothy, Mary, Bridget
m2 Elizabeth Smarte
C+ other issue - Anne, Humphrey, William
5 Katherine Carew probably of this family, of this generation
m Sir Philip Champernowne of Modbury, Devon d 1545
Ca15-2 Sir John Carew d 1512
This is from Tudor Ca15 Jane Carew b about 1460 in Clovelly Devon 
m Robert Cary of Cockington
Ca17-2 Sir Nicholas Carew of Haccombe b about 1400 d 13 Sep 1449
m Elizabeth Croker dau of Sir John Croker of Lydeard
i John Carew of Haccombe b about 1440
m Elizabeth Zouche b about 1490 dau of John la Zouche, Lord of Harringworth
a John Carew of Haccombe b 1500 Haccombe Devon England d 31.05.1529 of plague in Naples as commander of English contingent there
m Elizabeth Martin b 1504 Haccombe Devon/?Athelhampton dau of Sir William Martin of Athelhampton Dorset and m2 Christina Paulet/Poulet
1 Thomas Carew of Haccombe b c1518, d 28.03.1586
m Mary Huddie d 19.11.1588, dau of William Huddie of Pillesdon
A William Carew of Haccombe dsp before 1620
B Peter Carew of Haccombe dsp before 1620
C John Carew of Haccombe a 1620
m Elizabeth Hill d 1611, dau of Robert Hill of Shilston
D+ 6 daughters - Katherine, Dorothy, Barbara, Mary, Margaret, Joane
2+ other issue - Henry, Mary, Christopher
b+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth, Joan
Ca17-3 Hugh Carew of Lynham b after 1433 dsp
Ca17-4 Alexander Carew of Antony d 1519
m Isabel Hatch dau of John Hatch of Woodleigh
Ca17-5 Sir William Carew of Bury St Edmunds, Wickband, etc
m1 Jane Chatworth and had Elizabeth, Thomas, Nicholas, William, John b 1501 m Marjory Kelly and had George,
m2 Joan Drury 
Ca17-6 Elizabeth Carew m John Challons
Source Tudor Ca17-7 Jane Carew
Ca17-8 Florence Carew 
Ca18-2 Hugh Carew
Ca18-3 Elizabeth Carew m Thomas Tremayne of Collacombe b about 1400 d 1 Feb 1482 son of Nicholas Tremayne and Joane Doddscombe about 1433 Collacombe Manor, Lamberton Devon 
1. Christopher TREMAYNE
2. Elizabeth TREMAYNE
4. Catherine TREMAYNE
5. Joan TREMAYNE m.1 Sir Richard Edgecumbe - m.2 Oliver Kelly
6. Sir John TREMAYNE  m. Jane Warre
Tudor shows Ca19 John Carew d 1346/7
m Agnes Martin
Ca18 Elizabeth Carew
m Sir Roger Lewknor of Mallerforde Bucks/? of Horsted Keynes, Sussex b 1369 d before 1405
" Ca19-3+ Nicholas Carew  and William Carew 
Ca21-2 ? Joan Carew reported by TCP FitzPayn, assumed to be of this generation
m Sir Guy de Briene of Laugharne and Walwyn's Castle d by 1349
The following comes from Visitation Surrey.
Ca22-2. Thomas Carew b about 1297 or a generation or two is missing
A. Nicholas Carew of Beddington b about 1345 a 1415
m Luce ( shows her as Isabella de la Mare dau of Stephen de la Mare and Alice x)
i. Nicholas Carew of Beddington b 1405 d 20 Apr 1458 a 1433
m Margaret Fiennes b 1414 Hurstmonceaux Sussex
a. Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington b about 1420 d 1467-8
1 James Carew of Beddington b about 1430
m Ellinor Hoo dau of Sir Thomas Hoo
A Sir Richard Carew of Beddington, Sheriff of Surrey a 1502
m Malin or Maud dau of Sir Robert Twiniho Oxenbrig
i Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington
m Elizabeth Bryan dau of Sir Thomas Bryan
a Sir Francis Carew of Beddington dsp
b Anne Carew
m Sir Nicholas Throckmorton of Paulerspury b 1515, d 1571
Their younger son inherited Beddington and changed his name to Carew.
c Mabell Isabella? Carew
m William Saunders of Ewell
d Elizabeth Carew
m _ Hall
e Mary Carew
m Sir Arthur Darcy of Brumham d 1561
ii Anne Carew
m Nicholas Leigh of Adington
iii Margaret Carew probably of this generation
m John St. John of Lydiard Tregoze and Farley-Chamberlayne b 1504-5, d 05.04.1576
iv Mary Carew probably of this generation
m Sir William Pelham
v+ other issue - Francis, 2 daughters
2 Nicholas Carew of Beddington 
A+ 3 daughters ?Alice Carew b 1455 m William Prater
b Isabel de Carew b 1355 Beddingham Surrey
c Thomas Carew b 1398 Beddington d 1480, Army & Navy Commander
m1 Mary de la Mare b 1384
m2 Agnes Hayton b c 1395 d c 1450 dau of Thomas Hayton and Beatrice she m1 Thomas Sayer m2 John Hexham
-1 Mary/Mercy Carew b c 1420 m Richard Forde
-2 Joan Carew m Saunders of Surrey
-3 Isabel Carew
-1-1 Walter Forde b c 1445 Penhurst Kent
-1-2 Margaret Forde b c 1450 Penshurst Kent m John Ashfield
-1-3 Anthony Forde
-1-4 Richard Forde Jr
-1-5 Hugh Forde
-1-6 Walter Forde
-1-7 Elizabeth Forde m Blount
-1-1-1 Erasmus Forde b c 1470 d 1531 m Julian Salford
-1-2-1 Sir Edmond Ashfield
-1-1-1-1 Edmund Forde b c 1525 Hartin Sussex m Jane Cheseman -1-1-1-1-1 Magdalen/Magdalene Ford b c 1555 m1 Henry Knyvet m2 John Ford
-1-1-1-1-2 Thomas Ford
-1-1-1-1-3 Dorothy Ford
d Thomas Carew b 1385
Notes: in the Inquisitions of Edward III, Writ to the escheator dated 27 Apr 1365 to take proof of age of Leonard Carew, son of John Carew, whose lands were in the custody of Phillippa, Queen of England. Thomas Cheyne, the escheator, 'caused warning to be given to John Gornay, knight, and Elizabeth, his wife, the Queen's farmers of the lands &c late of John De Carru in this bailiwick, and they did not wish to be present of send anyone in their place'.

Writ of dedimus potestatem dated 20 Jul 1365 wherein a commission begins to investigate Leonard's claim that 'the King has been deceived in assigning Elizabeth with dower rights of the manors of Camelton, Otery Mohun, and Monketon, Devon, and Andeport, Southampton, as these manors were given by William Chaylou (parson of the church of Stoke Fleming), Vincent De Berstaple, and William Stedham (vicar of the church of Andeport) to John and Margaret and the heirs of their bodies so that John had no estate in them except in fee-tail'. Took a while, but a decision made 15 Jul 1367 in Sir Leonard Carew's favor.

He did not enjoy his inheritance for long, though. Leonard died 9 Oct 1369. Thomas, aged one year and more, was his heir. Supposedly, he died in battle while in the service of his Carru, Pembrokeshire, overlord John Hastings, Earl of Pembroke.

Sir John Carew served under Lionel, Duke of Clarence, in Ireland (1362-66), who had been appointed viceroy by his father, Edward III. Lord Deputy of Ireland. After the death of his brother, Nicholas De Carew, Thomas Carew, his uncle, was the next to inherit Moulsford. The manor was seised on 6 may 1325 by Joan Talbot and her son. John paid a £100 fine for his seizure of Moulsford Manor and it apparently passed to his uncle, Thomas Carew. In 1331, Thomas Carew had license to enfeeof Master William Carew, probably in trust for his nephew John, the younger, who was afterwards knighted and became Justicar of Ireland. He held the manor at his death on Whit Monday, 1362, and his son Leonard received seisin of it in 1364. He died Oct 1369, leaving an infant son, Thomas, and his "next friend" had the custody of the manor. This was evidently Nicholas Carew of Purley in Theale Hundred, who had a grant of free warren there in 1373. Thomas Carew was in possession in 1401 and made settlement on his wife, Elizabeth De Bonville, 8 Apr 1410.

Sources: BP1912/1934 Carew, BLG1886 Carew of Antony, BE1883 Carew of Clopton and Totness, TCP Totness, Visitation Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Carew with a little input from Visitation Devonshire, 1620, Carew
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