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Carminowe 1

: Carminow(e) of Carminow(e), Carminow(e) in Cornwall
In 1874 The Hareleian Society published its compilation of the records produced in the Visitation of Heralds made to Cornwall in 1620. It included an appendix providing a 'Comparative Pedigree' for this family, identified as being necessary because of errors in the Visitation.
Ca24. Robert Carmynowe (a 1255)
Ca23 Roger Carmynow
m. Sarra Hornacote (dau of Gervais Hornacote)
Ca22-1 John de Carminow (dsp)
Ca22 Roger de Carminow (d by 1309)
m. Joanna
Ca21-1 Sir Oliver Carminowe (Chamberlain)
m1. Elizabeth Pomeroy
Ca20-1 Sir Roger Carminow
m. Elizabeth Bottraux (dau of Sir William Bottraux)
1 Sir Thomas Carminowe
m. Elizabeth Belloprato (dau of Sir Ralph Belloprato alias Beaupell)
-1-1 Thomas Carminow (d by 1389)
m. Katherin
i Joanna Carminow (b c1386, d 21.02.1396)
Ca20 Elizabeth Carminow (d 1363)
m. (1334-5) Sir John Arundel
Ca20-3 Matilda Carminow
m. _ Trevarthian
(1) John Trevarthian (b c1360, a 1396)
Ca20-4+ other issue - Thomas (rector of Mawgan), John, Richard
m2. Isould Ferrers (dau of Reynold Ferrers)
Ca20-7. Margaret Carminow
m. Simon Berkele
Ca20-8. Johanna Carminow
m. John Petyt (d 1363)
Ca21 Sir John Carminow (d before 08.11.1329)
m. Joan Glyn (d 1349, dau of Sir John Glyn)
Ca20 Sir Walter Carminow
m. Alice Tynten (dau of Sir Stephen Tynten by Elizabeth, dau of Alan Bloyou)
Ca19-1 Sir Ralph Carminow (d after 06.1386, dspm)
m. Alice
Ca19 William Carminow (b c1356, d by 1408)
m. Margaret Kelly
Ca18-1 John Carminow (b c1375, d 26.07.1421)
m. Alice Dynham (dau of Sir John Dynham)
(i) John Carminow (dsp 06.05.1420-1)
m. Johanna
Ca18 Thomas Carminow (b c1394, d 1442-3)
m. Jane Hill (dau of Robert Hill)
Ca17 Joan Carminow (b by 1428)
m1. (by 1443) Sir Thomas Carew of Mohun's Ottery
m2. Sir Halnate Maleverer (d before 04.04.1502)
Ca17-2 Margaret Carminow (b by 1433)
m. Sir Hugh Courteney
Ca18-3 Nicholas Carminow (dsp)
m. Alice Polmarva
Ca18-4 Walter Carminow
m. Jane Resprin
(i) John Carminow 'of Ventengollam'
m. Philippa Trenowth (dau of John Trenowth or Trenwith of Fentongollan)
(a) Thomas Carminow
m. Elizabeth Chesman
((1)) John Carminow of Fentongollan
m. Margaret Tredennick (dau of Christopher Tredennick)
((A)) Oliver Carminow
m. Mary Coryton (dau of Peter Coryton or Coriton)
((i)) Anne Carminowe
m. William Salter of Dorset
((i)) Margaret Carminowe
m. Philip Cole of Devon
(B)) George Carminow
m. Jane Lowre (dau of John Lowre or Lower)
((i)) Thomas Carminow of Polmagan
m. Blanche Helliard (dau of Thomas Helliard of Lostwithiell)
((a))+ issue (a 1620) - Thomas (b c1602), William (b c1611), Janes (b c1599), Blanch, Elizabeth
((C)) Juell Carminow
((D)) Mary Carminow
m. William Flamanke
((2))+ other issue - Nicholas, Walter
(b) John Carminow
m. Margaret Chesman
(c) Nicholas Carminow
m. Catherin Wolvedon (dau of John Wolvedon of Wolvedon)
((1)) Elizabeth Carminow
m. Richard Herle possibly Nicholas of Prideaux?
((2)) Philippa Carminow
m. Richard Penpons
((3)) Jane Carminow
(d) Elizabeth Carminow
m. John Bere of Pengelly
(e) Elinor Carminow
m. Nicholas Opie of Bodmin
(f) Philippa Carminow
m. Peter Bevill
(g) Catherine Carminow
m. Humfrey Baten of Dunsland
(h) Isabel Carminow
m. John Viell of Trevorder
(i) Jane Carminow
m. Humphrey Calwoodley
((1)) Jane Calwoodley
Ca19-3 Matilda Carminow probably of this family, of this generation
m. Sir John Willington of Umberleigh (d 19.08.1378)
Ca20-2 John Carminow
Ca20-3 Margaret Carminow probably of this family, of this generation
m. John Beaupre
(1) Isabella Beaupre
m. Sir John Longland
(A) Agnes Longland
m. John Farway of Penhallam
(i) Joan Farway
m. Walter Stawel, younger of Cothelston (dvp by 1438)
Ca21-3 Richard Carminowe
Ca21-4 Minanus Carminowe (a 1321)
m. Thomazine
Ca21-5 Matilda Carminowe
m. Sir William Ferrers
Ca21-6 Joane Carminowe
m. William de Wallesbro
Ca22-3 Maud de Carminow
m. Sir Robert Heligan (d 1272)
The following comes from a note added to Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Petit) described as "A more reliable pedigree" (than that provided by the Heralds at the time of the Visitation), presumably added by The Harleian Society's editors in 1874.
i. Sir William Heligan (d 1286)
m. Margaret Dunstanville (d 1285, dau of Sir William Dunstanville of Tehidy)
a. Sir Belym Heligan (d 1312)
m. Isabell FitzYva (d 04.04.1313, dau of Richard FitzYva (son of Sir Richard by Isabella, King of King John))
(1) Richard Heligan (d 1326)
m. Margaret Prideaux (d 1302, dau of Sir Roger Prideaux)
(A) Isabella Heligan
m. John Petyt

Source(s): 'Comparative Pedigree of Carminowe' published by The Harleian Society in 1874 as an appendix to Visitation (Cornwall, 1620), edited by J.L. Vivian and H.H. Drake with a little input from Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Carminowe).
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