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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Mainwaring 2: Mainwaring of Bromborough, Mainwaring of Ightfield, Mainwaring of Over Peover
m Rafe Egerton of Wrynehill d 1452
Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover b c 1368, d 1456
m 1393 Margery Venables dau of Hugh Venables of Kinderton
1. Sir John Mainwaring of Over Peover d before 1481 Visitation 1580 shows Sir John's wife as Margaret Tuchett, dau of Lord Audley, and shows Mary Delves as first wife of their son William. We follow BP1934 & BLG1952 in showing the marriages as follows ... m1 1411 Margaret Delves dau of John Delves of Doddington
A. William Mainwaring dvp
m 1443 Ellen Butler dau of Sir John Butler of Bewsey
BP1934 identifies the Sir John who married Catherine Honford as grandson of the Sir John above. We follow BLG1952 and Visitation 1580.
Ma19 John Mainwaring of Over Peover d 08.07.1495
m Maud Legh Le19 dau of Robert Legh of Adlington Le20
a. Sir John Mainwaring of Over Peover, Sheriff of Flintshire b 1470, d 03.1515
m Catherine Honford sister of William Honford of Honford or Hanford
1 Sir Randall Mainwaring of Over Peover b c 1495, d 06.09.1557
m1 Elizabeth Brereton dau of Sir Randoll Brereton
m2 Elizabeth Leycester dau of Sir Ralph Leycester of Toft
Visitation 1580 shows Sir Randall'ssole wife and mother of his children as Elizabeth Brereton. Visitation 1613 reports one source that identifies Elizabeth Leister Leycester, second wife, as mother of his children but another source that says the mother was Elizabeth Brereton. There is obviously some doubt here.
A Margaret Mainwaring b 1521 Over Peover Great Budworth Cheshire d there 1591
m Sir Arthur Mainwaring of Ightfield, Sheriff of Shropshire a 1563see below
B Katherine Mainwaring
m John Davenport of Henbury
C Elizabeth Mainwaring
m1 Peter Shakerley of Hulme d 06.01.1553
m2 Christopher Holford of Holdford d 1581
2 Philip Mainwaring of Over Peover 7th son
m Anne Leycester dau of Sir Ralph Leycester of Toft
A Sir Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover d 1612
m1 1568 Margaret Fitton dau of Sir Edward Fitton of Gawseworth
i Sir Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover d 1634
m Joan Smithe dau of Sir Thomas Smithe of Houghe
a Philip Mainwaring of Over Peover b c1596, d 01.12.1647
m c12.1617 Ellen Minshull dau of Edward Minshull of Stoke
1 Sir Thomas Mainwaring, 1st Bart of Over Peover, Sheriff of Cheshire b c1623, d 28.06.1689, 2nd son
m 26.05.1622 Mary Delves dau of Sir Henry Delves, Bart of Doddington
A Sir John Mainwaring, 2nd Bart of Over Peover d 04.11.1702
m 28.09.1676 Elizabeth Whitley dau of Roger Whitley of Peel
i Sir Thomas Mainwaring, 3rd Bart of Over Peover b 07.08.1681, dsp 21.09.1726
m 20.03.1724-5 Martha Lloyd dau of William Lloyd of Halgton
ii Roger Mainwaring dsp 1707
m Elizabeth Middleton of Skipton
iii Henry Mainwaring of Over Peover b 03.08.1686, d 01.07.1726
m 26.07.1725 Diana Blackett dau of William Blackett
a Sir Henry Mainwaring, 4th Bart of Over Peover b 07.11.1726, d unm 04.1797
Diana married a second time, to Rev. Thomas Wetenhall rector of Walthamstow, and had a son Thomas Wetenhall who succeeded to Over Peover and changed his name to Mainwaring.
B Elizabeth Mainwaring
m Peter Shakerley of Hulme dsp 1726
2+ other issue - Randall b c1621, Edward
b George Mainwaring
m Elizabeth Tatton dau of Robert Tatton of Withensham
c Elizabeth Mainwaring
m Robert Ravenscroft bur 15.04.1640, son of Thomas of Bretton
d Anne Mainwaring
m Robert Brereton
e Margaret Mainwaring
m Henry Birkenhead son of Henry of Backford
ii Anne Mainwaring
m Lawrance Smithe d 1621, son of Sir Thomas Smithe
iii Katharen Mainwaring d 11.1613
m Sir Edward Stanley, 1st Bart of Bickerstaff bur 04.05.1640
iv Elizabeth Mainwaring b 1587, d 1641
m 1611 Peter Leycester of Nether Tabley b 1588, d 07.03.1647
v Edmond,
vi Thomas,
vii Edward,
viii John,
ix Anthony or Arthur,
x Phillipe,
xi Elianor
m2 Katharen Hurleston d 1618, dau of Roger Hurleston of Chester
B Edmund Mainwaring
3 Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore and Biddulph d 1586, 8th son
m Alice de Boghay d 1573, dau of Robert de Boghay or Boghey
4 Robert Mainwaring of Marton 9th son
m Margaret Glegg dau of John Glegg of Gaiton or Geyton
5 Henry Mainwaring 13th son
A Philipe Mainwaring
6 Catherine Mainwaring presumably the Katherine who married ...
m William Newton of Pownall
7+ other issue - Edmund dsp, John dsp, Piers dsp, William dsp, Richard dsp, Thomas of Canterbury, George, Richard, Margaret, Catherine
b. Robert Mainwaring
c. Maud Mainwaring
m 1490 Thomas Starkey of Wrenbury
d. Joan Mainwaring
m 1512 Sir Thomas Ashton of Ashton
e. Agnes Mainwaring possibly of this generation, married twice?
m1 1504-5 William Baskervyle of Old Withington
m2 Sir Robert Needham of Shavington & Shenton d 1556
B. Elizabeth Mainwaring
m Piers Warburton, younger of Arley
C. Margaret Mainwaring
m Hamnet Ashley of Ashley
m2 1455 Joan Warren dau of John Warren of Pointon
partner unknown
D. Nicholas Mainwaring of Nantwich
2. William Mainwaring of Ightfield b c1396, d 1499
m Margaret Warren dau of John Warren
A. George Mainwaring dsp
B. Thomas Mainwaring of Ightfield b c1450, d 1508
This generation is not given by Visitation 1580 but was found in various web sites and appears to be confirmed by cross-reference from the Sutton records.
m Jane de Sutton dau of Sir John de Sutton, Lord of Dudley
i. Sir John Mainwaring of Ightfield b c1478, a 06.1513
m Joan Lacon dau of Sir Andrew Lacon
a. Sir Richard Mainwaring of Ightfield, Sheriff of Shropshire b 1494 Ightfield d 30.09.1558 Visitation 1580 identifies Richard's wife as dau of Sir Andrew Corbett but various web sites show her as ...
m Dorothy Corbet dau of Sir Robert Corbet
1 Sir Arthur Mainwaring of Ightfield, Sheriff of Shropshire d 1590
m Margaret Mainwaring dau of Sir Randall Mainwaring of Over Peoversee above
A Sir George Mainwaring
m x More dau of Sir Edward More
i Arthur Mainwaring
B Mary Mainwaring b c1541, d 1578
m 06.01.1559/60 Richard Cotton of Combermere b 1540, d 1602
C Elizabeth Mainwaring
m 1569 Sir Thomas Aston of Aston, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1613
D Claimed to be of this branch and family was:
Blanche Mainwaring b 1548 d 1601
m Thomas King b 1542 d 1609
+1 William King b 1530 Cheshire d 10 Oct 1594
m Margaret Ferrers b 1530 d 1590
+2 Richard Ferrers b 1485 Peckham Warwick d there
m Jane Malehearbe b 1485 Feniton Devon d 1535 Baddesley Warwick
+3 Sir Henry Ferrers of Hambleton or Chilmore
m Margaret Heckstall dau of William Heckstall of Heckstall and East Peckham
+4 Sir Thomas Ferrers of Tamworth d 1459
m Elizabeth Freville dau of->
+5 William Ferrers, 5th Lord of Groby b 25.04.1372, d 18.05.1445
m3 before 26.10.1416 Elizabeth Standishe d 01/2.1441/2 dau of Sir Robert de Standishe of Ulnes Walton
+5 Baldwin de Freville of Tamworth Castle Warwick
+6 Henry Ferrers, 4th Lord of Groby b 16.02.1355/6, d 03.02.1387/8 BE1883, probably according to TCP following Dugdale who was citing Glover, identifies Henry's daughter as Joane, daughter of Lucas Poynings, 1st Lord St. John but TCP identifies her as ...
m before 27.04.1371 Joan d 30.05.1394, probably dau of Sir Thomas de Hoo of Luton Hoo and Stopsley
+7 William Ferrers, 3rd Lord of Groby b 28.02.1332/3, d 07.01.1370/1
m1 before 25.04.1344 Margaret de Ufford dau of ->
+8 Henry Ferrers, 2nd Lord of Groby b before 1304, d 15.09.1343
m before 20.02.1330/1 Isabel de Verdon b 21.03.1316/7, d 25.07.1349, dau of ->
+7 Robert de Ufford, 1st Earl of Suffolk
+9 William Ferrers, 1st Lord of Groby b 30.01.1271/2, d 20.03.1324/5
m Ellen Segreve d 1342, dau of ->
+8 Theobald de Verdon, 2nd Lord
+10 William de Ferrers of Groby b c 1240, d before 20.12.1287m1 Anne Despencer dau of Sir Hugh le Despenser of Loughborough
D-1 John King b 1570 d 1669
m1 Joanne Harold b 1572 dau of Thomas Harold b 1550 Kent
D-1 William King b 1588 Wiltshire d 15 Mar 1648 Kent Engl
m Ann Rolfe b 1600 Brenchley Kent
D-1-1 Robert King b 8 Jul 1632 Brenchley Kent d there 1 Aug 1681
m Elizabeth Inge b 18 Dec 1632 Brenchley d there 1 Apr 1669
D-1-1-1 Elizabeth King b 1646 d 1647
D-1-1-2 John King b 1648 d 1650
D-1-1-3 Robert King b 1651 d 1653
D-1-1-4 Silvester King b 1652 d 1653
D-1-1-5 John King b 30 Aug 1654 Branchley Kent d there 15 Feb 1675
m Bathshuah Snow b 24 Jul 1664 d 21 May 1706
-1 Roger King b 1695
-2 Samuel King b 1698
-3 Ebenezer King b 1700 d 1790
-4 Nathaniel King b 1702 d 1704
-5 Nathaniel King b 1704 d 1752
-6 Stephen King
-7 Joanna King b 1707 d 1752
D-1-1-6 Mary King b 28 Sep 1655 Brenchley Kent d 26 Mar 1659
D-1-1-7 Robert King b 1665 Oxted Surrey d 16 Mar 1733/?50 Brenchley Kent
m Hannah
-1 Benjamin King b 1706 Cranbrook Kent m Mary Kowe b 1710 Cranbrook Kent d 25 Oct 1777 Woodchurch Engl
D-1-1-8 Thomas King b 1667 Arlingham Gloucester d 15 Sep 1746 Gloucester m Margaret King b 1667 d 1731 -1 Mary King b 1 Nov 1701 Gloucester d 17 May 1767 Arlingham m John Fryer b 1695 d 1757 -1-1 Benjamin >King b 1732 Woodchurch d there 1779 m elizabeth Rapson b 1732 d 1807
D-1-2 John King b 1624
D-1-3 Thomas KIng b 1636
D-2 Francis King b 1589 Chester Cheshire d 1639 VA
m Dorothy Aston b 1593 Aston Old Hall Aston-by-Sutton Cheshire d 1653 Stafford VA
D-2-1 Michael King b 1630 Norwich Norfolk Engl d 1700 Nansemond VA
m Elizabeth Hiry b 1628 New Kent VA d 1716 Chowan NC
D-2-1-1 William King b 1658 Nansemond Co VA d 22 Feb 1747 New Kent VA
m Mary Curle b 1670 d 1778
+1 Joshua Curle b 1671 Elizabeth City VA d there 21 Feb 1732
m Rosea Tyler b 1695 d 1766
D-2-1-1-1 William King b 1703 Nansemond Co VA d 22 Mar 1796 New Kent Co VA
m Hannah Curle b 1710 Nansemond VA d 22 mar 1796 Elizabeth City Co VA dau of->
+1 Thomas Curle b 1640 d 1700 +2 Nicholas Curle b 1605 St Martins Parish Lewes Sussex
m Judith Havoll b 1608 Lewes Sussex d St Michaels Parish Lewes Sussex
+3 John Curle b 1564 Lewes Sussex
m Agnes Washier
+3 Joseph Havoll b 1577
D-2-1-1-1-1 Joshua S King b 1731/?5 Fauquier Co VA d 7 Jun 1802 Harrison KY
m Martha Fristoe b 1725 Wales d 1835 Harrison KY
D-2-1-1-1-1-1 Robert King b 15 Mar 1755 Fauquier Co VA d 17 Mar 1823 claysville Harrison Co KY m Jane Tate b 1756 d 1823 -1 John King b 1776 d 1846 m Nancy Stites b 1786 d 1860 -1-1 Cornelia King b 1825 m Daniel Payne b 1 Aug 1823 TN d 1900 Benton MO (from Nancy Orrick's tree) son of John Payne -1-1-1 George Payne b 1856 d 1898 m Elizabeth BArnhart b 1855 d 1883
D-2-1-1-1-1-2 Joseph King b 1760 Fauquier Co VA d Bracken Co KY d 1845 m1 Mary Bethell b 1768 d 1829 m2 Barbary Green b 1770 d 1858 -1 William King b 1803 d 1879 m1 Nancy Doty d 1835 m2 Nancy Turner d 1859 + 6 ch
-2 Salenia King b 1812 d 1860 m Alanson Blackburn b 1805 d 1872

-2-1 Joseph Blackburn b 1839 d 1927 m Mary Evans b 1838 d 1870

-2-1-1 James Blackburn m Caroline Henry
D-2-1-1-1-1-3 Richard King b 1762 d 1827 m1 Mary Dailey m2 Sarah Canady/Kennedy b 1768 d 1850 -1 Elizabeth King b 1799 d 1823 m John Figgins (from Amber Pasquall's tree)
-2 Daniel King b 3 Oct 1783 Culpeper VA d 18 Feb 1839 Oddville KY m Jane Frye b 1786 VA d 1843 Harrison Co KY (from James Perkin's tree)
-3 Sarah King b 1785 d 1816 m William Lemmons b 11783 d 1875
-4 Rachel King b 1798 d 1856 m John Blackburn b 1786 d 1876
-1-1 William Feagans b 1821 d 1885 m1 Nancy Dawson m2 Hannah Bougher
-3-1 Elizabeth Lemmons b 1811 d 1888 m George King b 1808 d 1899

-3-1-1 Rachel King b 1837 d 1902 m James Strait b 1826 d 1902
D-2-1-1-1-1-4 William King b 1 Jan 1766 Monmouth NJ d 5 Oct 1856 Phelps Ontario m Jane Harvey b 8 Aug 1776 Monmouth NJ d 4 Oct 1846 NY -1 Elizabeth King b 1800 Shrewsbury Monmouth NJ d 1887 Penn Yan Yates NY m Samuel Ackley b 17904 d 1874 -1-1 James Lawrence Ackley b 1823 Thompkins NY d 1918 Miwaukee Wisc m Caroline Gould -1-1-1 Lawrence James Ackley b 1860 Rome Jefferson Co Wisc d 1946 Chippewa Falls MN m Avis Flanders b 1867 d 1940
D-2-1-1-1-1-5 Joshua King b 1770 d 1831
m Hannah Kennedy/Canady b 167/?770 d 1841
D-2-1-1-1-1-5-1 Jesse King b 1789 Surry VA d 11 Nov 1845 Harrison KY m Sarah Collier b 1790 d 1850 -1 George King b 1808 d 1899 m Elizabeth Lemmons b 9 Jun Oddville Harrison Co KY d 10 Oct 1888 Edina Knox MO -1-1 Rachel King b 1837 d 1902 m James Strait b 1826 d 1902 -1-1-1 Emma Cornelia Strait b 10 Sep 1867 Springfield IL d 3 Dec 1920 Olmitz KA m Johann Becker b 1860 -1-1-1-1 Nannie Becker m Milo Flanders b 1883 d 1965 son of Lewis Flanders b 1849 m Sarah McMilan granson of Jesse Flanders d 1871 m Elizabeth Phelps -1-1-1-1-1 Albert Flanders m x Roblyer -1-1-1-1-1-1 Nancy Orrick m James Lewis b 1943 (from Nancy Orrick's tree)
D-2-1-1-1-1-5-2 Sarah Margaret King b 1796 VA
m Thomas Marshall
-1 Hannah Marschall b 1818 m Joshua Turner b 1814
-2 Thomas Marshall b 1824 d 1897 m1 Mary Browning b 1819 d 1875 m2 Mary Beatty b 1847 d 1929 + ch
-3 Joshua Marshall m Sallie
-4 Jane Marshall m William Mullins
-5 Berry Marshall
-6 Ruth marshall b 1830 d 1912 m Abel King b 1815 d 1862
-7 Benj Marshall b 1836 m Nancy Bailey
-8 Martin Marshall b 1840 d 1929 m1 Priscilla Welch b 1849 m2 Pelina Atwell b 1844 d 1928
-9 James M Marshall b 16 Mar 1841 Pendleton Co KY d 13 Jul 1903 Fleming Co KY m Nancy King

-9-1 James Marshall b 1860 d 1920 m Lorena Kirk b 1860 d 1936
-9-2 Jefferson Marshall b 1862 m Margaret Kirk b 1852 d 1945
-9-3 Mary Elizabeth Marshall (Lizzie) b 10 May 1867 Grant KY d 28 Jun 1903 Muses Mills Fleming Co KY m Calvin Hester, b 23 Dec 1865 d March 1951 son of Dennis Hester b 20 Nov. 1840 d 30 Nov. 1932
m 22 Dec. 1864 Minerva J. Whalen b 23 Feb 1841 d 8 Apr.1916
2 George Mainwaring possibly of this generation
m Ellen Aston dau of John Aston of Aston
3 Mary Mainwaring possibly of this generation
m Adam Oteley of Pitchford d 16.10.1578
4 Katherine Mainwaring probably of this generation
m Thomas Starkey of Wrenbury d 1581
ii. Cicely Mainwaring d c1558?
m John Cotton d c1588?
C. Margery Mainwaring
m Philip Egerton of Egerton d c1474
3. Randle Mainwaring of Kirmincham or Carincham
m Margaret Savage dau of Sir John Savage of Stainesby and Clifton
4. Hugh Mainwaring or Manwaring of Croxton
m Warren Croxton dau of _ Croxton of Croxton
5. Elizabeth Mainwaring
6. Cicely Mainwaring
m Thomas Fowlehurst of Crewe
7. Joan Mainwaring
m 1411 John Davenport of Davenport
8. Ellen Mainwaring
m Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth
9. Agnes Mainwaring d unm
10. Margaret Mainwaring
m1 William Bromley of Boddington family
m2 Sir John Nidham judge in Chester
11. Clemence Mainwaring mentioned by various web sites
m 1413 William Beeston of Beeston d 1416
12. Maud Mainwaring possibly of this generation
m William Poole of Poole a 1429
13. Alice Mainwaring possibly of this generation
m William Richard de Spurstowe

Sources: BP1934 Mainwaring, BLG1952 Cavenagh-Mainwaring of Whitmore and Biddulph, Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Meinilwarin or Manwaringe of Peever, Visitation Cheshire, 1613, Mainwaring of Peover
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