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Leycester 1

: Leycester of Nether Tabley, Leycester of Toft, Leicester of Worleston
Sir Nicholas de Leycester d 1295
m 1276 Margaret Dutton dau of Sir Geoffrey Dutton
BLG1952 suggests that Margaret was daughter of Adam Dutton of Dutton but BP1934 & BEB1844 show her as Adam's grandaughter.
1. Roger de Leycester d 1349
Roger's wife is the only wife identified by Visitation before the John who married Margery Leigh. It names her Agnes dau of Geffery Dutton. We follow BLG1952, which names all the wives, in naming her ...
m Isobel
A. Nicholas Leycester d 1349 this generation omitted by Visitation
m Mary Mobberly dau of William Mobberly of Mobberly
i. John Leycester of Nether Tabley d 1398
m Joan Touchet dau of Robert Touchet
a. William Leycester of Nether Tabley d 1428
m 1398 Agnes Dutton sister of Sir Piers Dutton
1 John Leycester of Nether Tabley b 1400, d 1462
m 1421 Elizabeth Massy dau of Hamon Massy of Rixton
A John Leycester of Nether Tabley b 1423, d 1496
m 1442 Margery Legh of West Hall in High Legh
i Thomas Leycester of Nether Tabley b 1444, d 1526
m Margaret Grosvenor dau of Robert Grosvenor of Hilton or Hulton
a John Leycester of Nether Tabley d 1543
m1 1479 Lucy Ratcliffe dau of John Ratcliffe of Ratcliffe
1 William Leycester dvpsp
m Anne Sneyd dau of Richard Sneyd of Bradwell
m2 1491 Alice Henshaw dau of Henry Henshaw of Milne Hall
2 Peter Leycester of Nether Tabley b 1507, d 08.04.1577
m 1529 Alice Holford d 1575, dau of Sir John Holford of Holford
A Peter Leycester of Tabley b 1541, d 21.07.1581
m Elizabeth Colwich dau of Sir Edward Colwich of Colwich
i Peter Leycester dsp
ii Alice Leycester
m Sir George Leycester of Toft, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1612 see below
iii Elizabeth Leycester
m c1581 George Legh of High Legh d 24.03.1617
iv Katharine Leycester
m John Ireland of Hutt
B Adam Leycester of Nether Tabley d 17.06.1591
m 1582 Dorothy Shakerly d 1630, dau of Peter Shakerly, widow of Thomas Holford
i Peter Leycester of Nether Tabley b 1588, d 07.03.1647
m c11.1611 Elizabeth Mainwaring b 1587, d 1641, dau of Sir Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover
a Sir Peter Leycester or Leicester, 1st Bart of Nether Tabley b 03.03.1613-4, d 11.10.1678
m 06.11.1642 Elizabeth Gerard d 26.01.1678-9, dau of Gilbert Gerard, 2nd Lord of Gerard's Bromley
b Adam Leycester b 21.10.1625, to Ireland
m Mary Thaddius dau of _ Thaddius of Northdown
c+ other issue d unm - Philip b/d 1616, Philip b 1618, d unm 1653, Thomas b 1620, d unm 27.08.1652, Margaret b 1612, d young, Elizabeth b/d 1615
C William Leycester ancestor of Leycesters of Legh
D Alice Leycester
m Geoffrey Brereton of Tatton
E Margaret Leycester
m Richard Birkenhead of Manley
F+ other issue - Elizabeth, Ellin, Parnell
3 Richard Leycester mentioned by BLG1952 only
4 James Leycester ancestor of Leycesters of Hale Low
The following comes from Visitation Cheshire, 1613, Leicester of Hale Low in Bowdon.
A Lawrance Leicester of Halelow a 1613
m Elizabeth Massey dau of Raffe Massey of Hale
i Peter Leicester
m _ Wood dau of Richard Wood
ii+ other issue a 1613 - James b c1590, Lawrance
5 Lawrence Leycester
m Elizabeth Swinton dau of William Swinton
6 Elizabeth Leycester
m William Swinton
7 Jane Leycester
m Hugh Newton
8 Isabell Leycester
m John Ogles of Prescott, Lancashire
B Alice Leycester
m 1442 Richard Leigh of West Hall in High Legh d 1486
C Maude Leycester probably of this generation
m Thomas Daniell of Tabley
D Hammon Leycester parson of Mobberly
E Randle Leycester
F Nicholas Leycester
G Henry Leycester
H William Leycester
2 Laurence Leycester
3 Jeffrey Leycester
ii. Ralph or Rafe Leycester d 1380
Visitation shows Rafe as son of Rafe by dau of Samon Grene son of Nicholas a 1318, by Mary, dau of Sir William Modberley son of Roger by Joice, dau of Roger Downes son of Rafe. We show the ancestry given by BLG1952 supported by BP1934 & BEB1841. Visitation names Rafe's wife Ciceley rather than Joan.
m Joan Toft dau of Robert Toft of Toft, son of Hugh son of Hugh by Felice, dau of Thomas Dunstable son of Roger by dau of Thomas Weever son of Walter a 1284 son of Benedict son of Horntoft of Toft 'Horne the hunter'
a. Robert Leycester of Toft this generation omitted by Visitation
1 Robert or Rafe Leycester of Toft named Robert by BLG1952, Rafe by Visitation
m Jane Booth dau of Rafe Booth of family of Dunham Massey
A Rafe Leycester of Toft
m Agnes Ratcliff dau of Robert Ratcliff of Worsall
i John Leycester of Toft
m Elinor Harrington dau of Sir James Harrington of Wolfage
a Rafe Leycester of Toft
m Ellen Egerton dau of Rafe Egerton of Ridley
1 Sir Rafe Leycester of Toft a 1544, 1566
m1 Ellen Legh dau of Philip Legh of Booths
A William Leycester of Toft
m Katharine Edwards dau of John Edwards of Chirk
i Sir George Leycester of Toft, Sheriff of Cheshire d 04.1612
m Alice Leycester dau of Peter Leycester of Tabley see above
a Rafe Leycester of Toft bur 17.06.1640
m Mary Woodhull bur 21.09.1653, dau of Anthony Woodhull of Mollington
b Katherine Leycester
m 1602-3 William Tatton of Wythenshaw bpt 15.09.1585, d 08.01.1616-7
c Mary Leycester d 1658
m c02.1611 James Massey of Sale d 1649
d Alice Leycester
m John Bradshaw of Bradshaw
ii Jane Leycester
m Henry Davenport of Chorley
iii Anne Leycester
m _ Bradshaw of Lancashire
iv Ellyne Leycester
m _ Slade
v Mary Leycester
m1 _ Huntington
m2 Peter Middleton
m3. George Calveley son of Sir George
vi+ other issue - Rafe b c1563, Parnell
B Laurence Leycester 'of Chester'
i Anne Leycester d 1656 probably of this generation
m Sir Basil Brooke, Governor of Donegal b 1567, d 1633
C Elizabeth Leycester
m1 Sir Randall Mainwaring of Over Peover
m2 Edmund Trafford
D Anne Leycester
m Philip Mainwaring of Over Peover
E Jane Leycester
m1/2. Robert Langton of the Low
Probably the Joan who also married ...
m2/1. before 1584 Nicholas Ward of Castle Ward
F Mary Leycester probably of this generation, of this marriage
m Hugh Calveley of Lea
m2 Jane Calveley dau of Sir Hugh Calveley, widow of John Edwards of Chirke
b. Randle Leycester
The following comes from Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Lecester of Worleston & Visitation Cheshire, 1613, Leicester of Worleston and Chester.
m Isabel Crew dau/heir of David Crew of Pulcroft
1 Thomas Leicester of Worleston
m Cicely Owsinger dau of Thomas Owsinger of Owsinger
A Randoll Leicester
m Anne Foulshurst dau of John Foulshurst, brother of Crew
i Henry Leicester of Worleston
m Maud Huxley dau of James Huxley of Brindley
a Thomas Leicester of Worleston then Pool?
m1 Susanna Lodge dau of Sir Thomas Lodge, Mayor of London
1 Margaret Leicester dsp
m2 _ Wright of Nantwich
b George Leicester of Poole
m Alice Parvish sister of Henry Parvish of London
1+ issue - Thomas, George, John
c William Leicester, Mayor of Chester d 1616
m Jane Stokes d 1629, dau of Richard? Stokes of Chester
1 Richard Leicester of Chester
m1 Jane Fitton dau of John Fitton of Chester
A Thomas Leicester
m2 Elizabeth Newall dau of Peter Newall, alderman of Chester
B child dsp
2 Elizabeth Leicester
m Randall Minshull of Humpton, Cheshire
3+ other issue - William dsp, Randall of London, Margaret, Mary
d Anne Leicester
m Edward Minshull of Nantwiche
e+ other issue dsp - Richard, Randoll, Ralfe
ii Cicely Leicester
m Robert Highfield
iii Katherine Leicester
m Rafe Croxton
c. John Leycester
iii. Margery Leycester probably of this family, of this generation
m William Mainwaring of Over Peover d 1364
2. John de Leycester vicar of Wirral, a 1312

Sources: BLG1952 Leycester of Hilton, BP1934 Leicester, BEB1844 Leicester of Tabley, BLG1952 Roxby formerly Leycester of Toft, Visitation Cheshire, 1580+1613, Lecester/Leicester of Tabley, Visitation Cheshire, 1580+1613, Lecester/Leycester of Toft
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