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Mainwaring 3: Mainwaring of Biddulph, Mainwaring of Whitmore
Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore and Biddulph d 1586
m Alice de Boghay d 1573, dau of Robert de Boghay or Boghey
1. Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore d 1604
m Jane Cradock dau of Matthew Cradock of Stafford
A. Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore, Sheriff of Staffordshire bpt 24.01.1577, bur 13.09.1647
m 11.09.1600 Sarah Stone bur 07.1648, dau of John Stone of London
i. Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore, Mayor of Newcastle, Sheriff of Staffordshire b 07.04.1603, d 1675
m mcrt 19.09.1627 Anne Lomax bur 11.12.1693, dau of George Lomax of Clifton
a. Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore, Sheriff of Staffordshire bpt 07.04.1635, d 12.1703
m1 07.1658 Elizabeth Heneage d 16.05.1674, dau of Thomas Heneage of Battersea
1 Bridget Mainwaring
m Thomas Key of Islington
2 Anne Mainwaring
m Rev. John Taylor
3+ other issue d unm - Elizabeth, 7 other children dvp young
m2 29.07.1679 Bridget Trollope bur 27.05.1723, dau of Sir Thomas Trollope, 1st Bart of Casewick
11 Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore, Sheriff of Staffordshire b 13.08.1681, d 1738
m1 1708 Jemima Pye bur 22.08.1721, dau of Edmund Pye of Farringdon
A Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore, Sheriff of Staffordshire b 29.12.1709, d 15.04.1795
m 29.05.1735 Sarah Bunbury d 29.11.1798, dau of William Bunbury of Bunbury family
i Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore b 03.09.1736, dsp 12.1825
m before 04.04.1777 Anne Chetwode d 07.02.1816, dau of Sir Philip Touchet Chetwode, 2nd Bart of Oakley Hall
ii William Mainwaring of London b 07.09.1737, d 06.05.1812
m 16.11.1771 Frances Stone d 23.08.1811, dau of Richard Stone of Ilford
a Charles Mainwaring of Whitmore ? b 11.02.1787, d unm 12.12.1831, 5th son
b Sarah Mainwaring of Whitmore and Biddulph d unm 31.03.1837
c Anne Mainwaring d 1814
m 1803 Joseph Sladen of Swanton Court
d Janet Mainwaring d 1858
m 1803 Michael Russell of Wimbledon
e Edward Mainwaring b 02.12.1772, d 01.07.1796, d unm
f William Mainwaring b 09.08.1776, d 06.02.1812, d unm
g Henry Mainwaring b 05.01.1779, d 04.06.1797, d unm
h Rowland Mainwaring b 22.09.1780, d 12.12.1831, Captain, d unm
i Julia Mainwaring d 1851, d unm
j+ 2 daughters d infant
iii Rowland Mainwaring of Four Oaks b 1745, d 1817, 4th son
m1 Elizabeth Mills dau of Thomas Mills of Barlaston
m2 10.12.1780 Jane Latham dau of Capt. Latham
a Edward Henry Mainwaring d unm 1809
b Rowland Mainwaring of Whitmore and Biddulph b 31.12.1783, d 11.04.1862, Rear Admiral had issue
m1 31.12.1810 Sophia Henrietta Duff d 11.10.1824, dau of Major William Duff of Fife family
m2 15.11.1826 Mary Anne Clark d 08.01.1835, dau of John Clark of Preshute
m3. 11.11.1836 Laura Maira Julia Walburgha d 17.03.1891, dau of Col. M. Florian Chevillard
c Thomas Mainwaring b 1784, d 1835 had issue
m 1806 Sophia Isabella Walker dau of Thomas Walker of Wendlebury
d George Mainwaring b 1790, d 1865 had issue
m Isabella Byers dau of Lt. Gen. Byers
e Charlotte Margaretta Mainwaring
m Charles Smith of Northampton
f Elizabeth Mainwaring
m Rev. W. Wilkieson of Woodbury
g Susannah Jane Mainwaring
m Henry Bell of Newbiggen House
iv James Eyton Mainwaring bpt 05.04.1750, d 02.11.1808, vicar of Ellaston
m1 Anna Vawdry dau of Thomas Vawdry of Middlewich
a James Mainwaring of Boden Hall Rev had issue
m 1838 Emily Jane Smith dau of Charles Smith of Northampton
b+ other issue d unm - Anna Maria, Frances
m2 Anna Bridge dau of T. Bridge of Cheshire
v+ other issue d unm - Richard d infant, Martha Susanna d 04.1787, Julia d 06.1811, Charlotte d 05.1750
B Henry Mainwaring rector of Etwall
m 15.06.1737 Mary Elizabeth Vaughan dau of John Vaughan of Caergay
i Anne Mainwaring
m 1760 Charles Pye of Wadley
ii+ other issue
C Thomas Mainwaring b 27.12.1711, d 1776
m 1735 Frances Pye dau of Henry Pye of Farringdon
i Charles Henry Mainwaring d 1800
m 1777 Julia Wroughton dau of Rev. Philip Wroughton
a Thomas F.C. Mainwaring b 1780, d 1858, Vice Admiral had issue
m1 1811 Mary Ann Frank dau of Bacon Frank of Campsall
m2 1841 Cecilia Charlotte Hall dau of ? Hall, Dean of Durham
b George Mainwaring dsp 1838
m 1832 Mrs. Hoy widow of Hoy of Thornhill
c Julia Mainwaring
d Sarah Mainwaring
m James Harrison of Weard Hall
D Benjamin Mainwaring b 04.12.1719, 8th son
i Edward Mainwaring b 1744, d 1803
m Elizabeth Judith Reeves
a Edward Reeves Philip Mainwaring b 1780, d 05.10.1865, Rear Admiral had issue
m 1827 Eliza Hill dau of M. Hill, rector
b Charles Henry Mainwaring
c Benjamin Mainwaring d 1852
m 1819 Mary Milbon
d Frederick Mainwaring Lt. Col had issue
m Mary Catharine Popham dau of Lt. Col. Popham
e George Mainwaring Major
m Maria Mackenzie dau of Col. Mackenzie
f Edwin Mainwaring
ii John Montagu Mainwaring b 1761, d 1842, Lt. General
iii Jemmett Mainwaring d 1801, Captain RN
E Jemima Mainwaring b 06.12.1710
m 1741 Richard Nash of Walberton
F+ other issue d unm - Charles b 02.01.1713, bur 28.01.1728, John b 21.01.1715, Robert b 20.03.1716, James bur 25.07.1717
m2 Martha Lloyd bur 16.02.1740, dau of William Lloyd of Haighton / Hallghton
12 Mary Mainwaring d unm
13 Bridget Mainwaring
m George Davenport of Calveley
b. John Mainwaring of London had issue
c. Anne Mainwaring
m John Hockenhall
d.+ other issue - John d infant, Philip b 1638, d c1648, George b 1644, d unm 1691, Thomas dsp aged 43, Jane, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary
ii. John Mainwaring d 14.05.1692, rector of Stoke-upon-Trent
m1 Susannah Piggot dau of Walter Piggot of Chetwynd
m2 Anne Gregson dau of Matthew Gregson of Twinditch
iii. Jane Mainwaring
m 08.08.1625 James Abney of Messham Hall
B. John Mainwaring dsp
C. Randle Mainwaring bpt 29.01.1588, Colonel
m Eliza Hawes dau of Humphrey Hawes of London
i. George Mainwaring, Mayor of Chester bpt 10.121642, d 14.08.1695
m 25.04.1672 Elizabeth Bradshaw bur 12.12.1725, dau of Edward Bradshaw of Chester
a. James Mainwaring of Bromborough bpt 17.04.1673, d 24.06.1749
m 12.10.1693 Mary Johnson dau of Michael Johnson of Chester
1+ 4 sons dvpsp
5 James Mainwaring of Bromborough bpt 01.1701-2, d 23.10.1749
m Mary Kinaston bur 08.02.1786, dau of Charles Kinaston of Oteley Park
A Charles Mainwaring of Bromborough b 1723, d 30.07.1781
m 24.06.1754 Mary Falconer d 1789, dau of William Falconer of Chester
i James Mainwaring of Bromborough b 15.04.1757, d 02.1827
a James Mainwaring minister
ii Charles Mainwaring of Oteley Park b 07.09.1768, d 06.05.1807, minister
m 24.06.1800 Sarah Susannah Townshend d 12.1829, dau of John Townshend of Hem House
a Charles Kynaston Mainwaring of Oteley Park and Bromborough b 16.09.1803, d 06.1862 had issue
m 02.10.1832 Frances Salusbury d 10.01.1872, dau of John Lloyd Salusbury of Galltfaenan
b Townshend Mainwaring of Galltfaenan d 25.12.1883 had issue
m Anna Salusbury dau of John Lloyd Salusbury of Galltfaenan
c Susan Mainwaring d 1854
m 22.11.1825 Rev. Edward Duncombe of Aldborough
iii Elizabeth Mainwaring d 04.07.1823
m 10.05.1782 Hon. Booth Grey d 04.03.1802, of Stamford family
iv Mary Mainwaring
m John Smith
v Harriet Mainwaring d unm
B Thomas Mainwaring b 1725
m Elizabeth Mason dau of James Mason of Shrewsbury
i Mary Mainwaring
m Bulkeley Hatchett of Ellesmere
C Elizabeth Mainwaring d unm 31.10.1749
6+ 1 son and 7 daughters
b. Roger Mainwaring b 1685, 6th son
m Elizabeth Eaton dau of Joseph Eaton of Stepney
Roger is identified as ancestor of the Mainwaring-Ellerkers of Risby. The following is an attempt to pull together the descent from cross-references from elsewhere in the database with a little detail from various web sites. It is not yet known how the connection with the Ellerker family arose.
1 Eaton Mainwaring, later Ellerker of Risby Park b 1722, d 09.07.1771 presumed of this generation
m Barbara Dixon sister/heir of Abraham Dixon of Belford
A Roger Ellerker of Risby Park, Yorshire dsp 1775
B Charlotte Ellerker d 02.02.1802
m 24.12.1777 George Townshend, 2nd Marquess Townshend b 1755, d 1811
C Arabella Ellerker d 11.04.1782
m 20.12.1776 Thomas Onslow, 2nd Earl of Onslow b 1754, d 1827
c.+ 7 sons and 3 daughters
D. Mary Mainwaring
m 11.12.1594 John Brett of Brimsdale
E. Elizabeth Mainwaring
m 1601 Thomas Jolley of Leeke
F. Jane Mainwaring
m Francis Martin of London
G. Alice Mainwaring
m 09.08.1608 John Baddeley of Holeditch
H. Ann Mainwaring dsp bur 19.05.1643
m1 19.09.1609 William Fallows of Fallows d 1623
m2 Hugh Mear of Norbury
I. Katherine Mainwaring dsp 1634
m 29.09.1607 Thomas Hunt of Congton
J. Dorothy Mainwaring
m 1610 James Trevis of Treverton
K. Frances Mainwaring d infant
L. Sarah Mainwaring
m 30.06.1619 John Bulkley of Stanlow
m Margaret Mainwaring dsp
m1 28.01.1612 John Burne of Chesterton
m2 _ Baddeley of Chesterton
2. Anne Mainwaring
m Thomas Rosse
3. Jane Mainwaring d infant

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