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Cotton 3: Cotton of Bedhampton, Cotton of Combermere, Cotton of Warblington
John Cotton d c1558?
m Cicely Mainwaring d c1558?, dau of Thomas Mainwaring of Ightfield
Visitation Cheshire, 1613 identifies the above as Richard or John and Joanna or Cicely. The more specific identifcation comes from the US Presidents web site reported below. Perhaps because of uncertainty on the names or on the dates of death of the above, BP1934 starts with ...
1. Sir George Cotton of Combermere b 1505, d 1545/55
m Mary Onley dau of John Onley of Catesby
A. Richard Cotton of Combermere b 1540, d 1602
m 06.01.1559/60 Mary Mainwaring b c1541, d 1578, dau of Sir Arthur Mainwaring of Ightfield
i. George Cotton of Combermere d 1641
m Mary Bromley dau of Sir George Bromley, chief justice of Chester
a. Thomas Cotton of Combermere d c1648
m1 Frances Needham dau of Robert Needham, Viscount Kilmorey
1 George Cotton dvpsps 1647
m Mary Smith dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Haugh
2 Mary Cotton
m _ Mainwaring of Nantwich captain
3 Frances Cotton
m Richard Fenston of Morly
m2 Elizabeth Calveley b 01.08.1609, dau of Sir George Calveley of Lea
4 Sir Robert Cotton, 1st Bart of Combermere b 1637, d 12.12.1712
m Hester Salusbury d 1710, dau of Sir John Salusbury, 3rd Bart of Llewenny
A Hugh Calveley Cotton dvp, 3rd son
m Mary Russell dau of Sir William Russell, Bart
i Catherine Cotton
m Thomas Lewis of St. Pierre
B Sir Thomas Cotton, 2nd Bart of Combermere d 12.06.1715
m 18.11.1689 Philadelphia Lynch d 30.12.1758, dau of Sir Thomas Lynch of Esher
i Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, 3rd Bart of Combermere bpt 02.01.1694-5, dsp 27.08.1748
m Elizabeth Tollemache d 16.08.1745, dau of Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Earl of Dysart
ii Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton, 4th Bart of Combermere d 1775
m Elizabeth Cotton d 04.01.1777, dau of Rowland Cotton of Etwall
a Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, 5th Bart of Combermere d 24.08.1809
m 1767 Frances Stapleton d 20.04.1825, dau of James Russell Stapleton of Bodrhyddan
1 Sir Stapleton Cotton, 1st Viscount Combermere of Bhurtpore and Combermere, Field Marshal b 14.11.1773, d 21.02.1865 had issue
m1 01.01.1801 Anna Maria Pelham-Clinton b 29.07.1783, dsp 31.05.1807, dau of Thomas Pelham-Clinton, 3rd Duke of Newcastle
m2 18.06.1814 Caroline Greville d 25.01.1837, dau of William Fulke Greville
m3. 02.10.1838, sps Mary Whoolley Gibbings b c1779, d 31.08.1889, dau of Robert Gibbings of Gibbings Grove
2 Lynch Cotton d 1799, Colonel
m Louisa Margaret _ d 11.9.1859
3 Frances Cotton b 01.12.1769, d 26.11.1818
m 10/6.01.1792 Robert Needham, 11th Viscount Kilmorey b 14.11.1746, dsp 30.11.1818
4 Sophia Cotton d 24.05.1838
m Sir H.M. Mainwaring, Bart of Over Peover
5+ other issue - Robert Salusbury b 11.09.1768, dvpsp, William d 16.06.1853, Penelope b 31.12.1770, d 1786, Hester Maria d 20.03.1845
b Rowland Cotton d 03.11.1794, Admiral
m 29.06.1782 Elizabeth Aston dau of Sir Willoughby Aston, Bart
1 Sir Willoughby Aston Cotton b 1783, d 04.05.1860, General had issue
m 16.05.1806 Augusta Maria Coventry d 01.11.1865, dau of George William, 7th Earl of Coventry
2 Sydney Arabella Cotton
m Richard Moore
c George Cotton b 1742, d 10.12.1805, Dean of Chester
m 1771 Katherine Maria Tomkinson d 12.1818, dau of James Tomkinson
1 James Henry Cotton b 08.02.1781, d 05.1862, Dean of Bangor, 2nd son had issue
m1 14.04.1810 Mary Anne Majendie dau of W.H. Majendie, Bishop of Bangor
m2 1826, sp Mary Fisher dau of Samuel Fisher
2 Thomas Davenant Cotton d 13.11.1813, captain had issue
m 25.06.1810 Mary Burnley
3 Frances Hester Cotton
m Edwin Rowland Green, later Cotton of Etwall Hall dsp, Major General
4 Catherine Maria Cotton
m 1798 Philip Humberstone
5+ other issue d unm - Lynch Sydney d 1813, Major, Frances, Mary
d Thomas Cotton
m 08.10.1779 Mary Attwick dau of William Attwick of Portman Square
1 William Cotton b 1780, dspm 1861
e William Cotton d unm, Lt. Colonel
g Henry Calveley Cotton of Woodcote b 1750, d 15.05.1831
m 14.04.1788 Matilda Lockwood d 03.02.1848, dau of John Lockwood of Dews Hall
1 Henry Calveley Cotton b 25.03.1789, d 04.10.1850, vicar of Greatness had issue
m 24.05.1815 Eloisa Mostyn-Owen d 17.08.1872, dau of William Mostyn-Owen of Woodhouse
2 Sir Sydney John Cotton b 12.1792, d 20.02.1874, General had issue
m 1820 Marianne Hackett d 1854, dau of Capt _ Hackett
3 Richard Lynch Cotton of Oxford b 14.08.1794, d 08.12.1880 had issue
m 25.06.1839 Charlotte Bouverie-Pusey b c1807, d 02.07.1883, dau of Philip de Bouverie, later Bouverie-Pusey
4 Charles Robert Cotton of Knolton Hall b 22.11.1796, d 18.05.1873, 5th son had issue
m 26.05.1841 Mary Anne Elizabeth Egerton d 05.07.1902, dau of Sir Philip Grey-Egerton, 9th Bart
5 Hugh Calveley Cotton b 13.02.1798, d 13.10.1881, Colonel had issue
m 25.04.1825 Louisa Brodie d 01.07.1862, dau of W. Brodie of Brodie
6 Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton b 15.05.1803, d 24.07.1899, General, 9th son had issue
m 1841 Elizabeth Learmonth d 05.12.1907, dau of Thomas Learmonth
7 Frederic Conyers Cotton b 30.07.1807, dsp 12.10.1901, Major General, 11th son
m 09.04.1849 Mary Cunliffe d 1896, dau of Brooke Cunliffe
8 Maria Frances Cotton
m Joseph Hordern rector of Burton-Agnes
9+ other issue - Rowland Edward b 31.10.1795, d 15.12.1823, Francis Vere b 16.06.1799, d 30.01.1884, Admiral, Robert Salusbury b 19.09.1800, d 20.06.1824, George Herbert b 27.04.1860, d 06.03.1844, Rev., Matilda Hester Mary d 20.05.1868
h Elizabeth Cotton
m _ D'Avenant Colonel
i Mary Cotton
m Rev. _ Finch
j Philadelphia Cotton
m Henry Shelley
k Hester Salusbury Cotton d 1822
m 1772 Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart of Adderley Hall b 06.02.1752, dsp 31.03.1823
iii Hester Maria Cotton d 18.06.1773 apparently of this generation
m John Salusbury of Bachygraig, Governor of Nova Scotia b 1710, d 1762
iv+ other issue - Philadelphia, Sophia
C Elizabeth Cotton d 05.03.1711 probably of this generation
m Sir Edward or William Glegg of Gayton b c1653, d 09.01.1716
D Arabella Cotton
m 28.07.1683 Sir Henry Tichborne of Beaulieu, Lord Ferrard of Beaulieu b 1663, d 03.11.1731
E Mary Cotton probably of this generation
m Sir William Fowler, 1st Bart of Harnage Grange d c1717
F Anne Cotton d 22.08.1710 probably of this generation
m 20.06.1682 Sir Thomas Taylour, 1st Bart of Kells b 20.07.1662, d 1736
G Sydney Cotton probably of this generation
m Nathaniel Lee of Darnhall bpt 04.03.1655
H+ other issue - John d infant, Robert d infant, George dvp unm 08.01.1701-2
b. Dorothy Cotton probably of this generation
m 1622 William Massey bpt 1600, d 1668
BP1934 reports that Sir George had 2 sons and 1 daughter by his marriage to Mary Mainwaring and then married twice more and had further issue. The Visitation 1613 record reports just the marriage to Mary Mainwaring and shows George and the following children by that marriage.
ii. Mary Cotton
m William Bulkley of Wore
iii.+ other issue - Andrew, Arthur, Dorothy
The following connection comes from the US Presidents web at The site shows Frances's mother as Mary Mainwaring.
vi. Frances Cotton b 1573
m George Abell
a. Robert Abell d 1663
1 Caleb Abell
A Experience Abell b 1674, d 1763
m _ Hyde
i James Hyde b 1707, d 1793
a Abiah Hyde b 1749, d 1788
m Aaron Cleveland b 1744, d 1815
B. Mary Cotton d 16.11.1580
m1 Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby d 24.10.1572
m2 Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent b 1541, dsp 31.01.1614-5
C. Winifred Cotton sister of Countess Mary
m Thomas Dering of Liss b c1528, a 1588
Visitation Hampshire, 1575+1622-34, Cotton supports the following, starting with ...
2. Sir Richard Cotton of Werblington Warblington & Bedhampton, Sheriff of Hampshire b by 1497, d 02.10.1556, 3rd son
m Jane Onley d 1586, dau of John Onley of Onley Catesby
A. Sir George Cotton of Warblington & Bedhampton d 1609
m Mary Shelley dau of John Shelley of Michellgrove
i. Richard Cotton of Bedhampton
m1/2. Elizabeth or Mary Blount sister of Sir Edward Blount and of Sir Christopher of Kidderminster
m2/1. Elizabeth Lumley dau of Thomas Lumley of Scarborough by Elizabeth, natural dau of Edward IV
Visitation ends with this generation having shown Richard as married to Elizabeth Blount. It appears that 'The Baronetage of England' suggests that the mother of Richard's daughter Elizabeth was Elizabeth Lumley although this contradicts what we have seen elsewhere. Richard's successors are as reported in VCH Hampshire vol 3, Warblington + Bedhampton.
a. George Cotton dvp
1 Richard Cotton of Warblington & Bedhampton
A William Cotton of Warblington & Bedhampton d 1736
b. Elizabeth Cotton
m Sir Henry Longueville of Wolverton b 1547, bur 23.09.1618
ii. John Cotton
iii. Mary Cotton
m Sir John Carell
iv. Jane Cotton
m William Owen of Godstow
v. Elizabeth Cotton
m _ Lone of Kent
B. Susan Cotton b 1560 Southampton Hampshire d 1617
m c1580 Charles Grey, 7th Earl of Kent b c1545, d 26/8.09.1623
C.+ other issue - William d unm, Henry Bishop of Salisbury, had issue
3. Mary Cotton mentioned by Visitation Hampshire as of this generation, possibly identified by 'The Baronetage of England' as 2 generations later
m Allen Hodgkis of Bedfordshire?
Possibly identified by 'The Baronetage of England' as of this generation were ...
4.+ other issue - Ralph of London, Thomas, Robert

Sources: BP1934 Combermere with some support/input from Visitation Cheshire, 1613+1663, Cotton of Combermere and a little from Griffith's Pedigrees Llyweni, p222
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