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Davenport 4: Davenport Damport of Henbury, Davenport of Weltrough
Hugh or Thomas Davenport of Henbury b 1451, d 1517 Visitation Cheshire, 1613, Mainwaring of Kermincham shows the heir Randall and a daughter Margery of Randall Mainwaring of Kermincham as married to a daughter Margaret a 1469, shown as sister of the above Hugh/Thomas and a son Thomas of Hugh Davenport of Henbury. Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Davenport alias Damport of Henbury starts with the above Hugh, married to Jane Manwaring. As noted under the continuation above, there seems to be some confusion between the generations.
m Jane or Margery Manwaring dau of Randoll Manwaring of Carincham
1. Thomas Davenport of Henbury omitted by various web sites
m _ Massy
A. Thomas Davenport of Henbury b 1470, d 1526
m Katherine Radcliff dau of Alexander Radcliff of Woodsall
i. Thomas Davenport of Henbury b 1497, d 1546
m Elizabeth Fitton dau of John Fitton of Gosworth
a. John Davenport of Henbury
m Katherine Manwaring dau of Sir Randoll Manwaring of Peever
1 Randoll Davenport of Henbury a 1580
m Mary Booth sister of Sir William Booth
A+ issue - William b c1565, Thomas, John, Dorothy
2+ other issue - John, Thomas, Richard, William, Elizabeth, Katherine, Anne
b. Hugh Davenport of Prestbury
m _ Warren dau of John Warren
1+ issue - Hugh, William
c. Ellen Davenport
m William Beard
d. Katherine Davenport
m William Leversege of Wheelock a 1580
e. Alice Davenport d 1591
m Sir George Beeston of Beeston b 1502, d 1601
f.+ other issue - Peter, Roger, Katherine, Amy, Joan
ii.+ other issue - Katherine, Elizabeth
3. William Davenport
4 John Davenport
5 Richard Davenport
6 Ralph Davenport
7 Joan Davenport
Margery Davenport
9 Parnell Davenport
Richard Davenport or Damport of Whelthrough of the Henbury family ?
m Mauld Maud Winington dau of John Winington of Hermitage
1. Richard Davenport of Wheltrough a 1580, d 1606
m Ellin Paver dau of Piers Paver of Nantwich
A. Raffe Davenport of Wheltrough b c1568, d 1629
m1 Anne Holme dau of Thomas Holme of Coddinston
m2 Anne Hamersley dau of Thomas Hamersley of Hamersley
i.+ issue - Richard b c1603, John, Anne
B.+ other issue - John, Anne, Elinor
2. Katherine Davenport
m Richard Okes son of Nicholas
3.+ other issue - Bridgett dsp, Anne

1 Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Davenport alias Damport of Henbury with in italics some input from various web sites
2 Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Davenport alias Damport of Wheltrough, Visitation Cheshire, 1613, Davenport of Wheltrough.
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