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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

Change the two party system
so people against something like abortion
but for something like environmental protection never again get bigger and badder storms
and two bankrupting wars instead.

The Wallbreakers' baseball field in Dortmunderstrasse in Leipzig is just 5 km NNE of the center of Leipzig and most all of the university institutes.

It can be reached quickly by tram.

There is also a new S-Bahn or fast commuter train stop at Essenerstrasse on all the lines going north from the central train station.

The club has just put up a row of 6 containers with shower and dressing room facilities.

The zoning regulations prohibit putting up a permanent building on the property. But we are working on a deal with the city administration to put a second row of dwelling containers on top of as student quarters.

Such units are relatively cheap and quickly put in place.

So a relatively small donation can go a long way in securing a dorm room for your son or daughter and saving a good part of the costs of college education.

Besides the hardball and softball fields, the field is about 200 yards away from the school gymnasium, where the teams train in the winter season.

The university has over 30,000 students and several different faculties, so there is a very broad range of courses of study to choose from. Besides the courses of study at the university, leipzig has a HTWK technical college just 2 km further south.

For Winter practice we also want to outfit the area north of the softball field with an airdome, so we can keep fit all year round. When we have passed these milestones, we see the chance of promoting baseball in Europe by sponsoring youth seminars that offer a combination of language and baseball training: bringing school students together from all over the world for English, German, French or Spanish and always baseball training. There is space for a hundred pupils to each put up a tent in the summer! This will make Summer jobs for our students in the organisation of these seminars.