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Ca10 =11 Colonel Miles Cary of Bristol, Virginia.

Ca14 =15.

William Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England. b – 1492 (1510?) Died - 1572
William Cary died in 1572 - the Elder dwelling upon ye Back in St. Nicholas Parish in ye city of Bristoll. He was sheriff of Bristol in 1532, and Mayor in 1546 temp. with Henry VIII. In his will, dated April 2, 1571, he requests 'my body to be buried in the crowde of St. Nicholas according to the religious custom of Christmas' and 'a sermon to be preached at my burial and the preacher to have for his pains six shillings, eight pence.' He died March 28, 1572, temp. Elizabeth. m1 xm2 Agnes x d 1559 .
His will dated 2 Apr. 1571 and proven on 10 June 1572, Having evidently retired from business when he made his will, he does not give his trade, but he was undoubtedly a "Drapper" like son Richard, "The Younger" who lived, and so carried on his business, in his father's house.
William Cary was sheriff of Bristol in Somerset, in 1532, during the reign of Henry Viii. He was mayor of that city in 1546.
Lived during the reigns of Henry VII, VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I.
(Ancestry derived from pedigree registered in 1699 in Heralds’ College of Arms, London, by John Cary of Bristol gentleman, and his brother, Richard Cary, Alderman of London.)>source for some of this biographical data:
Cary Patriarchs page
Y DNA Test results
Cary Y DNA project results
John Cary of Bridgewater MA was haplogroup r1b1a2, as probably was Col Miles Cary of Magpie Swamp, Warwick County, Virginia
Ca13-1 William Cary b at Bristol, England d. between Mar 1572 and 1573. He was a cloth worker and resided in London, England.
m Elizabeth
Ca13-2 Agnes Cary m 1544 Humphrey Cooper m after 1569 Thomas Dickinson.
Ca13-3 Susan Cary m. John Lacy after 1571.
Ca13 =14 Richard Cary, Merchant of Bristol b 1515/?26 d - after 11 June 1570
m1st Ann and had issue
m2 Joan Holton sister of Robert Holton.
Ca12 =13 William Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England. b 1550 baptized 3 Oct. 1550 d 1632
m1 14 January 1572, to Alice Goodall Go12 +
m2 Mary Llewelyn + 1 ch
Ca11-1 William Cary b 3 Jan 1577 Bristol, England d Oct. 2, 1638 St. Thomas Church, England
Ca11-2 Richard Cary bap Aug. 1, 1579 St. Nicholas Church Bristol d July 1644
m Mary Shershaw in 1606 in England
They had 9 daughters and 8 sons only the first Son (Shershaw Cary) left issue
-1 Shershaw Cary b 1615 d 1651 m1 Mary Scrope + 3 ch m2 Mary Yeo b c 1615 + 1 ch -1-1 John Cary b 1647 m Mehitable Warren
-1-2 Richard Cary, esq. b 1649 d 26 Jan 1727 m Jane Wright dau of Joseph Wright
-1-3 Thomas Cary
-1-4 William Cary d y

-1-2-1 Jane Cary m Henry Long
-1-2-2 Martha Cary d 17768 m Robert Elwes

-1-2-1-1 Jane Long b 24 Apr 1714 d 11 Apr 1737 m Charles Adelmare Caesar
-1-2-2-1 Cary Elwes b 1718 Throcking Hertford d 22 Dec 1782 m1 Elizabeth Holgate + 1 ch m2 Hester

-1-2-1-1-1 Jane Caesar b 1732 d 29 Sep 1802 m1 Sir Charles Cottrell-Dormer of Rousham m2 George Lane Parker
-1-2-1-1-2 Harriot Caesar b 4 Oct 1735 d 11 Oct 1792 m Chester
-1-2-2-1-1 Robert Cary Elwes of Great Billing b 28 Jul 1772 d 10 Feb 1852 m Caroline Pelham

-1-2-1-1-1-1 Robert Cottrell-Dormer d 1744
-1-2-1-1-1-2 Mary Cottrell-Dormer d 17853
-1-2-1-1-2-1 Jane Chester
-1-2-1-1-2-2 Harriott Chester b 17 Jun 1764 d 3 Mar 18332 m y Owen
-1-2-1-1-2-3 Sarah Chester
-1-2-1-1-2-4 Catherine Chester b 27 Nov 1765 d 7 Apr 1825 m y Dandridge
-1-2-1-1-2-5 Robert Chester
-1-2-1-1-2-6 Charles Chester
-1-2-1-1-2-7 Harry Chester
-1-2-2-1-1-1 Cary Charles Elwes, Esq. of Great Billing
-1-2-2-1-1-2 Dudley Christopher Cary Elwes
-1-2-2-1-1-3 George Cary Elwes b 3 Feb 1806 m ARabella Henage had issue
Ca11 =12 John Cary , bap 1583, Continued below
Ca11-4 Walter Cary baptized June 18, 1588 St. Nicholas parish, England d Feb. 1633 Bristol, England
married Grace Browne
Ca11-5 Robert Cary baptized Nov. 3, 1589 St. Nicholas parish, England d Oct. 7, 1628 Bristol, England
married Anne Thomas of Abergavenny. Robert left a will mentioning 4 daughters and 2 sons. According to the Heralds' College pedigree of 1700, this family became extinct during the civil wars
Ca11-6 Anne Cary b 1590 Bristol, England ? 1632 Avon Gloucester
Ca11-7 Susan Cary b 1592 Bristol, England d England
Ca11-8 Margery Cary b about 1594 Bristol
m Hugh Yeo
-1 Mary Yeo b c 1615 m Shershaw Cary b 1615 d 1651 son of Richard Cary and Mary Shershaw b 1585 d 1663 he m1 Mary Scrope + 3 ch -1-1 William Cary d y
Ca11-9 Thomas Cary bap April 11, 1596 St. Nicholas parish, Bristol d 12 Feb 1648 St. Thomas, England,
m Joan Milner abt 1647 in England
??-1 Mary Carrie b about 1620
m John Bolling b about 1620
-1-1 Col Robert Thomas Bolling b 26 DEC 1646 at Tower Street, All Hallows, Barking Parish, in London
m Jane Ann Meriweather STITH b about 1672
Ca11-10 James Cary Baptized April 14, 1600 St. Nicholas parish, England d Nov. 2, 1681
Charlestown, Mass. James emigrated to the Massachusetts colonies in 1639. His record at Charlestown
is complete to and including his tombstone recording his death. From him descended a line of sea captains, merchants and clergymen, who have maintained the Bristol tradition in New England.
m2 in 1624 Mary Llewellyn in Bristol, England
Ca11-11 Anne Cary b 1624 Bristol, England d infant/
Ca11-12 Henry Cary Bap Nov. 20, 1625 St. Nicholas, England about 1700 Marlborough, England
- - - - -
Ca11 =12. John Cary, bap 1583, Continued from above
m1 29 May 1604/?09 Elizabeth Hereford b 1587 Bristol d there 1617 dau of Thomas Hereford and Elizabeth, Children by Elizabeth Hereford:
Ca10-1 John Cary b 1610 in Bristol, Somersetshire, Eng d 31 Oct 1681 in Bridgewater, MA Haplogroup R1b - Lineage VI
m Elizabeth Godfrey b 29 Oct 1620 in Bristol, Somerset, Eng d 1 Nov 1680 in Bridgewater, Mass dau of Francis Godfrey and Elizabeth x
Ca10-1-1 John "Serjeant" Cary b 4 Nov 1645 in Duxbury, MA d July 14, 1721 in Bristol, RI
m Abigal Penniman b Abt. 1648 d 1729
-1 John Cary b Dec 9 1674 Bridgewater MA m Damaris Arnold
-2 Eleazer Cary b Sept. 27 1678 Bridgewater MA m Lydia Throope
-3 James Cary b June 10 1680 Bridgewater MA m Bridget Pococke
-4 Benjamin Cary b Oct 29 1681 Bristol MA m Susannah Kent
-5 Josiah Cary b May 6 1686 Bristol MA m Ruth Reynolds

-4-1 Benjamin Cary b 1706 Swansea MA m Thankful Taylor

-4-1-1 Thomas Cary b 1741 Providence RI m Sarah Brown

-4-1-1-1 Chad Cary b May 17 1773 Smithfield, RI m Elizabeth Smith

-4-1-1-1-1 George Smith Cary b. Sep 6 1801 Smithfield, RI, m. Sarah Alverson
-4-1-1-1-1-1 William Henry Cary b. Aug 31 1831 Warwick RI, m. Ellen Converse
-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Pliny W. Cary b. 1865 CT
-4-1-1-1-1-1-2 Frederick Grant Cary b. Mar 29 1869 Worcester MA, m Elizabeth Brown + b. Jul 29 1910 Worcester MA, m PRIVATE + LIVING C-12 Kit # 83301
-4-1-1-1-1-1-3 Arthur M. Cary b. 1875 Worcester MA
-4-1-1-1-2 Edward Manton Cary b. 1834 CT
-4-1-1-1-1-2-1 Edward L. Cary b. 1864 CT
-4-1-1-1-1-2-2 Herbert M. b. 1872 CT
-4-1-1-1-1-2-3 Charles b. 1874 MI
Ca10-1-2 Francis Cary b 19 Jan 1647/48 in Duxbury d 1718 in Bridgewater, Ma
m Hannah Brett b c 1655 in Duxbury, Ma d aft 1724
Ca10-1-3 Elizabeth Cary b 20 Dec 1649 in Duxbury d 1723 in Bridgewater
m1 William Brett b Abt. 1649 d WFT Est. 1677-1738 m2 Deacon William Britt b WFT Est. 1637-1857 d WFT Est. 1883-1943
Ca10-1-4 James Cary b 28 Mar 1652 in Braintree Ma d 20 Nov 1706 in Bridgewater
m1 Mary Standish dau of Joshua Standish and Sarah Allen
m2 Mary Shaw b Abt. 1662 in Weymouth d: 1736 in Bristol
-1 Mercy Cary d b 28 Jan 1686 in Bridgewater d bef 18 Nov 1725 in Rehoboth, Bristol Ma m David Daniel Thurston b 1688 Medfield Ma son of John Thurston and Hannah Cary Ca10-1-8 -1-1 = Ca10-1-8-1-1 John Thurston b 22 May 1714 Rehoboth m Seabury Stoddard
-1-2 = Ca10-1-8-1-2 James Thurston b 3 Sep 1718 in Rehoboth m 10 Feb 1748 in Bridgewater Pheobe Perkins
-1-1-1 = Ca10-1-8-1-1-1 Job Turston b 27 Jan 1737 Rehoboth m Dorcas Garnsey dau of John Guernsey and Anna Peck
-1-2-1 Abigail Thurston b 4 Mar 1764 in Rehoboth Bristol, MA d 12 Sep 1843 in Franklin, Norfolk m Noah Ballou b 29 Jul 1759 in Cumberland, Providence, RI d 20 Dec 1843 in Franklin MA son of Noah Ballou and bigail Razee
-1-1-1-1 Job Thurston b about 1770 Coeymans Albany NY m Hannah Watson dau of Ralph Watson and Hannah Hart
-1-2-1-1 Thurston Ballou b 30 Nov 1803 in Cumberland, Providence, RI d 10 Dec 1886 in Franklin m Caroline Follette dau of Luther Follett and Mary Whiting (?related to Whiting of Va?
-1-1-1-1 = Ca10-1-8-1-1-1 Job Thurston b 17 Aug 1799 Coeymans d 1 Feb 1835 Marchall Oneida Co NY
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Thurston b 27 Aug 1832 Marshall d 14 Nov 1883 Stockbridge Wisc m ancestor of Michele L Daniels, author's DNA match
-1-2-1-1-1 George W. Ballou b 15 May 1831 in Cumberlain, Providence
Ca10-1-5 Mary Cary b 8 Jul 1654 in Duxbury d WFT Est. 1655-1748 unm
Ca10-1-6 Jonathan Cary b 24 Sep 1656 in Bridgewater d 1695 in MA
m Sarah Allen b April 14, 1667 in Bridgewater d 1743
Ca10-1-7 David Cary b 27 Jan 1657/58 in Bridgewater d 1718 in Bristol RI
m Elizabeth Brackett b 1671
Ca10-1-8 Hannah Cary b 30 Apr 1661 in Bridgewater d 1718 m John Thurston b 13 Dece 1656 in Medfield, MA -1 Sarah Thurston b July 29, 1691 in Medfield, MA
-2 Hannah Thurston b Jun 8, 1693 in Medfield, MA d 1780 Fact 1: m 1st cou John Cary b June 23, 1695 in Windham, CT d: January 11, 1776 Fact 1: m his 1st cousin
-3 Bethia Thurston b May 29, 1695 in Medfield, MA
-4 Jabez Thurston b June 23, 1697 in Medfield, MA d June 29, 1697
-5 Rebecca Thurston b Aug 19, 1698 in Medfield, MA
-6 Mehitable Thurston b: June 08, 1700 in Medfield, MA d Oct 4, 1781
-7 Phebe Thurston b: Dec 4, 1702 in Medfield, MA
-8 David Thurston b: 1704
-9 Jane Thurston b: December 13, 1704 in Medfield, MA
-1-1 = Ca10-1-4-1-1 John Thurston b 22 May 1714 Rehoboth m Seabury Stoddard
-1-2 = Ca10-1-4-1-2 James Thurston b 3 Sep 1718 in Rehoboth m 10 Feb 1748 in Bridgewater Pheobe Perkins
-2-1 John Cary b April 12, 1717 in Windham, CT d May 08, 1788 m Rebecca Rudd d: 1797
-2-2 Lieutenant Beneijah Cary b: Mar 7, 1718/19 in Scotland, CT d Mar 11, 1773 m Deborah Perkins d Dec5, 1772
-2-3 Phebe Cary b Jul 22, 1721 d 1738
-2-4 Joseph Cary b: Aug 4, 1723 m Abigail Hebard
-2-5 Mercy Cary b October 27, 1725 d: 1814 m John Baker
-2-6 William Cary b Dec 12, 1727 Fact 1: Died in childhood
-2-7 Jonathan Cary b Aug 24, 1729 Fact 1: died in youth
-2-8 Capt Nathaniel Cary b Nov 1, 1731 in Scotland, CT d: Nov 22, 1776 in Revolutionary War m Jerusha Downer
-2-9 Samuel Cary b Jun 13, 1734 d: Jan 1784 in Lyme, NH m Deliverance Grant b May 23, 1743 in Bolton, CT
-1-1-1 = Ca10-1-4-1-1-1 Job Thurston b 27 Jan 1737 Rehoboth m Dorcas Garnsey dau of John Guernsey and Anna Peck
-1-2-1 =Ca10-1-4-1-2-1 Abigail Thurston b 4 Mar 1764 in Rehoboth Bristol, MA d 12 Sep 1843 in Franklin, Norfolk m Noah Ballou died at age: 84 b 29 Jul 1759 in Cumberland, Providence, RI d 20 Dec 1843 in Franklin MA son of Noah Ballou and bigail Razee
-2-1-1 Ezekiel Cary b Dec 7, 1741
-2-1-2 Phebe Cary b Nov 14, 1743
-2-1-3 Hannah Cary b Nov 15, 1745
-2-1-4 William Cary b Oct 25, 1747
-2-1-5 Jonathan Cary b June 05, 1749
-2-1-6 John Cary b Aug 9, 1751 d: 1776
-2-1-7 Rebecca Cary b Dec 29, 1753 m Walter Baker
-2-1-8 Esther Cary b May 14, 1756 d: 1777
-2-1-9 Zillah Cary b Dec 1743 m Jonathan Kingsley
-2-1-10 Anna Cary b Feb 14, 1744/45 d 1763
-2-1-11 Deborah Cary b Feb 17, 1746/47 m Stark b in Franklin, CT
-2-1-12 James Cary b Nov 27, 1750
-2-1-13 Martha Cary b May 18, 1755 Fact 1: Died in childhood
-2-1-4 Abigail Cary b July 27, 1758 d: 1772
-2-8-1 Irena Cary b Oct 2, 1757 d: 1777
-2-8-2 Roger Cary b Janu 7, 1759
-2-8-3 Joseph Cary b Aug 19, 1760
-2-8-4 Anson Cary b March 15, 1762
-2-8-5 Martha Cary b Jan 13, 1764 m Benjamin Greenslit
-2-8-6 Lavinia Cary b Sep 23, 1765 m Asa Parish b: in Vermont
-2-8-7 Philomela Cary b Mar 02, 1767 d in Illinois m Josiah Geer d: in Illinois
-2-9-1 Christopher Cary b Feb25, 1763
-2-9-2 Anna Cary b May 05, 1765 d in College Hill, Ohio m Solomon Howard Fact 1: Served in the Revolutionary War
-2-9-3 Phebe Cary b August 25, 1767
-2-9-4 Deliverance Cary b Oct 26, 1769 d: 1828
-2-9-5 Hannah Cary b Dec 16, 1771 Fact 1: Died in infancy
-2-9-6 Samuel Cary b 1773
-2-9-7 Mercy Cary b Mar 5, 1776 d: 1830 in College Hill, Ohio m Thomas Weston b: in Townsen, MA
-2-9-8 Samuel Cary b Nov 3, 1778
-2-9-9 John Cary b Dec 26, 1780
-2-9-10 William Cary b January 29, 1783
-1-1-1-1 = Ca10-1-8-1-1-1-1 Job Thurston b about 1770 Coeymans Albany NY m Hannah Watson dau of Ralph Watson and Hannah Hart
-1-2-1-1 = Ca10-1-8-1-2-1-1 Thurston Ballou b 30 Nov 1803 in Cumberland, Providence, RI d 10 Dec 1886 in Franklin m Caroline Follette dau of Luther Follett and Mary Whiting (?related to Whiting of Va?
-2-1-9-1 Luce Kingsley Fact 1: Proffesser at Yale
-2-8-5-1 Child Greenslit
-2-8-5-2 Child Greenslit
-2-8-5-3 Child Greenslit
-2-8-5-4 Child Greenslit
-2-9-2-1 Child Howard
-2-9-2-2 Child Howard
-2-9-2-3 Child Howard
-2-9-2-4 Child Howard
-2-9-10-1 Freeman G. Cary b 1810
-1-1-1-1-1 Job Thurston b 17 Aug 1799 Coeymans d 1 Feb 1835 Marchall Oneida Co NY
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Thurston b 27 Aug 1832 Marshall d 14 Nov 1883 Stockbridge Wisc m ancestor of Michele L Daniels, author's DNA match
-1-2-1-1-1 George W. Ballou b 15 May 1831 in Cumberlain, Providence
-2-9-10-1-1 Estelle Cary b Jan 13, 1841 in Cincinatti, Oh d March 09, 1910 in Fort Worth, TX m George Stockton Rall b: February 14, 1835 in Cincinatti, Ohio d: July 23, 1920 in Fort Worth, TX
-2-9-10-1-1-1 Edwin Rall
-2-9-10-1-1-2 Elbert Rall
-2-9-10-1-1-3 Ella Rall
-2-9-10-1-1-4 William C. Rall
-2-9-10-1-1-5 Anna Rall b Jul 1872
-2-9-10-1-1-6 Guy Rall b May 1879
-2-9-10-1-1-7 Cary E. Rall b October 18, 1885 d January 17, 1979 Bur in Oakwood Cemetary, Ft. Worth, TX m Hattie Lucy Dixon b: April 17, 1889
-2-9-10-1-1-7-1 Catherine Rall b August 24, 1909 in Fort Worth, TX d 1996 m y Poe
-2-9-10-1-1-7-1-1 Pamel Poe
-2-9-10-1-1-7-2 Cary Eugene Rall b June 23, 1917 in Fort Worth, TX m Martha Hagood
-2-9-10-1-1-7-2-1 Gary Preston Rall
-2-9-10-1-1-7-2-2 Michael Rall
-2-9-10-1-1-7-3 Betty L. Rall b March 21, 1923 in Fort Worth, TX m Donald Lee Dickens
Ca10-1-9 Joseph Cary b 18 Apr 1663 in Bridgewater d 10 Jan 1721/22 in Scotland, CT Deacon
m1 Hannah Godfrey b Abt. 1668 in Norwich, CT d Abt. 1691 m 1687 in Norwich, CT
m2 Aft. 1700 in Windham, CT Mercy Bushnell b March 1656/57 in Saybrook, CT d 23 Jan 1740/41 abt. 1692
Ca10-1-10 Rebecca Cary b: March 30, 1665 in Bridgewater d 1714 in Norwich, Ct
m Samuel Allen b December 04, 1660 in Bridgewater d 28 Jun 1750
Ca10-1-11 Sarah Cary b 2 Aug 1667 in Bridgewater d WFT Est. 1668-1761
Ca10-1-12 Mehitabel Cary b 24 Dec 1670 in Bridgewater d in Preston, Ct
m Elisha Adams b 18 Feb 1658/59 in Medfield, Norfolk Mass d 1698 m2 Miles Standish
-8-2-9-10-1-1-7-3-1 Gregory Dickens b 1952
-8-2-9-10-1-1-7-3-2 Deborah Dickens
Ca10-2 Thomas Cary b 27 Dec 1613 Bristol, England d 1669 Monye Somerset Co MD
m1 1640 Susanna Limberry b 1620 Bristol d 1680 MD
m?2 Jane x b 1635 d 1694
Ca10-2-1 Richard Cary b c. 1650 England
m Mary
-1 Thomas Cary b c 1678 Somerset Co. M
m1 Mary Crouch,
m2 Rachel Crouch
-1-1 Thomas Crouch Cary b 1701 Somerset Co., MD
Ca10-2-2 Edward Cary b c 1655 England or VA
m1 Lydia Ann
m2 Catherine Ferrill
-1 Edward Cary Jr b 1687 Sussex Co DE m Ann Stapleton -1-1 Thomas Cary b 1717 Sussex Co DE m Elizabeth Waples
-1-2 Edward Cary b 1723 Sussex Co. DE m Sarah Thompson
-1-3 William Cary b. 1726 Sussex Co DE d 1745 Sussex Co m. ? Molton
-1-1-1 Edward Cary b 1737 Sussex Co DE m Susanna Brown
-1-2-1 Solomon Cary b. between 1743 – 1750 Sussex Co DE m Nancy Short
-1-1-1-1 Isaac Cary m Catherine Eylar
-1-1-1-2 Stephen Brown Cary b 1765 Sussex Co DE m Sarah Mitten
-1-1-1-3 Bowen Cary b 1741 Sussex Co. DE, m Elizabeth Gray
-1-1-1-4 William Cary b 1748 Sussex Co. DE
-1-1-1-5 Thomas Cary b 1750 Sussex Co. DE
-1-1-1-6 Nehemiah Cary b 1753 Sussex Co. DE, m Elizabeth Houston

-1-1-1-2-1 Stephen Carey b 1797 Washington Co PA m Catherine Smith

-1-1-1-2-1-1 Henry Clay Carey b 1842 Hamilton Co. IN, m Sarah T. Gause

-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 Stephen Jefferson Carey b 1865 Hamilton Co IN, m Flora A. Williams
-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1 Jerone William Carey b 1902 Craighead Co AR
Ca10-2-3 Thomas Cary Jr. b c 1660 England or VA m Ledah C
Ca10-2-4 John Cary b c 1665 in Virginia d 15 Sep 1723 Sussex Co DE
m Bridget Aleef/Ayliffe? (Shawn Gray's tree shows her maiden name as Jones. shows his DOB as c 1640 and wife as Jane Flood and only Mary b c 1663 m Charles Jennings (ch are shown in his file, not here) and Thomas Cary b 22 Feb 1667 d 1713 London as children.)
-1 Samuel Cary b c 1702 Sussex Co. DE, m Esther Russell
-2 Thomas Cary Sr. b c 1707 Sussex Co. DE, m Elizabeth Bowen b 1710 d 1818
-3 William Cary b. between 1709-1711 Sussex Co. DE, m. Mary
-1-1 William Cary b. circa 1743 Sussex Co. DE
-1-2 Joseph Cary b. circa 1746 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3 Eli Cary b. 1747 Sussex Co. DE, m. Elizabeth Burton
-1-4 Samuel Cary b. 1747 Sussex Co. DE
-2-1 William Cary b. circa 1727 Sussex Co. DE, m. Anna
-2-2 Ebenezer Cary b. 1734 Sussex Co. DE, m. Hannah Collings
-2-3 Thomas Cary Jr. b. c 1735 Sussex Co. DE, m. Ellinor
-2-4 John Cary Sr. b. after 1746 Sussex Co., DE
-2-5 Samuel Cary b. 1750 Sussex Co. DE, m. Comfort Waples

-1-3-1 John Cary b. 1770 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-2 Cornelius Cary b. 1771 Sussex Co. DE, m1 Peggy Ingram m2 Margaret
-1-3-3 Joseph H. Cary b. 1772 Sussex Co. DE, m1 Comfort Burns m2 Margaret Hood m3 Mary Holland
-4-1-3-4 Samuel b. Cary 1774 Sussex Co. DE
-4-1-3-5 Eli Cary Jr. b. 1776 Sussex Co. DE, m Mary McIlvain Prettyman
-4-1-3-6 Woolsey Burton Cary b. 1778 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-7 Nehemiah Cary b. 1788 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-8 CaryJoshua b. circa 1790 Sussex Co. DE, m. Hetty
-1-3-9 James Cary b. 1792 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-10 Lemuel S. Cary b. circa 1794 Sussex Co. DE, m Mary

-1-3-4 Samuel b. Cary 1774 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-5 Eli Cary Jr. b. 1776 Sussex Co. DE, m Mary McIlvain Prettyman
-1-3-6 Woolsey Burton Cary b. 1778 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-7 Nehemiah Cary b. 1788 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-8 CaryJoshua b. circa 1790 Sussex Co. DE, m. Hetty
-1-3-9 James Cary b. 1792 Sussex Co. DE
-1-3-10 Lemuel S. Cary b. circa 1794 Sussex Co. DE, m Mary
-2-2-1 Eunice Carey b 1765 Sussex Co DE d there 1822 m William Thompson
-2-2-2 Elisha/elijah Carey b 1760 m Hester Redden b 1792
-2-2-3 Purnal Carey b 1769 d 1843 m Eunice Short d 1860
-2-2-4 Rhoda Carey b 1770
-2-2-5 Zachariah Carey b 1770
-2-2-6 Hannah Carey b 1777 mNephthali Carpenter b 1775

-2-2-4-1 Woolsey Carey b 1786

-1-3-5-1 Lemuel C. Cary b. 12 Dec 1810 Sussex Co. DE, m. Jane Burton Richards
-1-3-5-1-1 James Rhodes Cary b. 4 May 1840 Sussex Co. DE, m. Eliza Angeline Carey
-1-3-5-1-1-1 Frances Eli Cary b. 9 Oct 1873 Sussex Co. DE, m. Annie Lillian Webb
-1-3-5-1-1-1-1 Ralph Major Cary, b. 24 Sept 1909 Sussex Co. DE
Ca10-2-5 William Cary Sr. b. 1668 Somerset Co MD
m Elizabeth
-1 Thomas b. 1695 Somerset Co. MD, m. Elizabeth
-2 William, Jr. b. circa 1707 Somerset Co. MD
-3 Levin b. circa 1709 Somerset Co. MD
-4 Jonathan b. circa 1711 Somerset Co. MD m Elizabeth Holloway

-3-1 Thomas Cary b. circa 1733, m. Margaret Raglin

-3-1-1 Michael Cary b. 1760-1770 Worcester Co MD, m Leah Ennis

-3-1-1-1 Daniel Cary b 29 Nov 1808, Orange Co NC m Sarah Howard Cannon
-3-1-1-1-1 William Henry Cary b 1840 Henderson Co TN
-3-1-1-1-2 Jasper Newton Cary b 17 Aug 1848 Henderson Co TN m Nancy Elizabeth Stone
-3-1-1-1-2-1 John Henry Cary b 5 Nov 1875 Hempstead Co AR m Nancy Elizabeth Hipp
-3-1-1-1-2-1-1 Fred Naylor Cary b 6 Aug 1909 Erath Co TX
Ca10-2-6 Mary Cary b 1635 d 1710
m Peter Jennings b 1630 New Kent VA d there 1719 son of Peter Jennings b 1600 Yorkshire d 4 Mar 1624
-1 Jane Jennings b 1668 St Pauls Parish New Kent VA d 1 Mar 1737 Hanover Co VA m Edward Garland b 1664 d 1719 There are conflicting reports on his marriages and children in need of better reconciliation. Updates on this generation will be made in his file, not necessarily here. -1-1 Elizabeth Garland b c 1682 or the same as m Nathaniel Dickerson b 1678 New Kent Va d 23 Aug 1753 St Martins Louisa Co Va
-1-2 Peter Garland b 1686
-1-3 John Garland b 1688 St. Peter`s Parish, New Kent VA m Ann Cosby b 1678 Hanover Co VA d 1734 dau of John Cosby
-1-4 Sarah Garland b c 1702 in Hanover Co. VA m Thomas Wingfield b c 1695 in St. Peters Parish New Kent Co VA
-1-5 Margaret Garland b ?1702 m William Overton b 1675 d 1759
-1-6 Mary Garland b St Peters Parish, New Kent Va d 1749 St Pauls Parish, Hanover Va m1 William Overton, m2 John Cosby, m3 1719 Edward Nelson, merchant marine captain (1691 - ).
-1-7 John Garland b 1685 St. Paul's Parish Hanover Co Va d 1734 in VA m Ann Cosby
-1-8 Elizabeth Garland b 1690 - 19 Nov 1739 She is also given the second name "Truhart", which raises the question of whether it is the name of a first husband or of ancestral origin.
m? James Overton Ov9 (one of the author´s connections to this tree)
-1-9 Martha Garland b 1690 in New Kent Co VA m John Cosby
-1-10 Ann Garland b ABT 1710 in New Kent Co
-1-11 Edward Garland b 20 May 1700 Kent VA d 18 Nov 1743 Hanover VA m Elizabeth Ann x
Ca10-2-7 John Cary b c 1645 in Sutton, Courtenay, Berwickshire
m Jane Flood b c 1645 in Surry, VA d c 1669 VA dau of John Flood and Fortune Jordan
-1 Mary Cary b c 1662 St Martin Birmingham Warwickshire d c 1688 Engl m 1679 Charles Jennings b 28 Jul 1662 in St Martin, Birmingham d 4 Jul 1747 in Nether-Whitacre, Erdlingrton Hall, Warwickshire son of Humphrey Jennings and Mar Millward he m2 1690 Elizabeth Burdett and had John Jennings b c 1698
-2 Mary Cary b c 1678 VA d c Mar 1732 Surry VA m c 1702 Nathaniel Harrison b 8 Apr Wakefield Surry VA d 30 Nov 1727 Sunken Meadow Surry VA
-1-1 Robert Jennings b c 1680 Birmingham d c 1716
-1-2 Sarah Jennings b 3 Apr 1702 Birmingham d 17 Oct Hancock VA m 1 Apr 1721 Anna River St Pauls Parish Hanover VA Cornelius Dabney
-2-1 Nathaniel Harrison Jr
-2-2 Hannah Harrison b 1707 Wakefield, Sussex Co. VA d Sep 1776, Middlesex Co VA m Armistead Churchill b 25 JUL 1704 in Middlesex Co Va d 5 JUL 1763 in Middlesex Co Va
-2-3 Benjamin Harrison
-2-4 Ann Harrison
-2-5 Elizabeth Harrison
-2-6 Sarah Harrison
-2-7 Ann Harrison m Digges
-2-8 Mary Harrison

-1-2-1 Agnes Dabney
-1-2-2 Isaac Dabney
-1-2-3 Sally Dabney m Winston
-1-2-4 Thomas Dabney
-1-2-5 John Dabney
-1-2-6 William Dabney
-1-2-7 Sarah Dabney m Brown
-1-2-8 Cornelius Dabney III
-1-2-9 Elizabeth Dabney m Maupin
-1-2-10 Mary Elizabeth Dabney m Harris
-1-2-11 Frances Jennings Dabney m Maupin
-1-2-12 Ann Dabney m Terrell
-1-2-13 Susanna Dabney m Brown
Ca10-3 Philip Cary b about 1614 Bristol, England d abt 1765 England
Ca10-4 Prudence Cary b about 1615
Ca10-4 Elizabeth Cary b about 1617
m2 Alice Hobson Ho11 dau of Henry Hobson Ho12, Alderman of Bristol, England and Alice Davis Da12 daughter of William Davis Da13 living in 1636
Ca10-6 Henry Taylor Cary b 1618 Bristol, England
Ca10-7 Matthew Cary b 1619 Bristol, England d ct 1648 Stepney Mariner, England
Ca10-?-1 Possibly a daughter of a branch of thisgeneration was:
Dorothy Cary b c 1640
m Samuel Tucker b c 1630 in Va son of William Tucker b 6 APR 1589 in England and Mary Elizabeth Thompson b 21 JAN 1597/98
-1 Mary Tucker b 1657
Ca10 =11

Cary Coat of Arms
Motto "Sine Deo Careo"

The Cary family of Bristol had an anchor added to the original coat of arms of the Cary family of Cary Castle to show their merchant status.
Matthew Cary wrote a treatis on free trade about the same time as John Locke, which, however, did not gain nearly the same fame.
The main bone of contention was the Parliamentary Acts the made London the sole port for accepting import goods and allowing export trade: a stab in the back for the mariners of all other ports, in particular Bristol, a godsend to the corruption of Royal officials syphoning off funds for Royal wars, a plague to the trade of outlying areas, whose goods had to be carted to and from London at higher expense instead of the nearest port, a horrific drain on the country man´s pocket for the least of luxuries, while Londoners lived "high on the hog" and "wined and dined" for next to nothing in comparison.

Col Miles Cary b 1620/ bap 22 Jan 1622, All Saints Church Bristol, England. When Miles Cary came to the Colonies he lived with and worked for Thomas Taylor. He emigrated to Virginia about 1645, and settled at Magpie Swamp, Warwick County, Virginia. He was Justice of Warwick, 1652. He was Collector of Customs on the James River. He was Royal Naval Officer, having superintendence of building Fort Monroe. He was a merchant and owned and operated a mill. d in 10th June 1667 from wounds received while defending Fort Comfort from a raid by the Dutch Navy.
m Anne Taylor Ta10 dau of Captain Thomas Taylor Ta11 of Virginia formerly of Bristol ?= same who b 15 Mar 1573/4 in of Hadleigh Suffolk m Margaret Swinderby b 1578 in Copenhagen
Ca10 Maj Thomas Cary of 'Windmill Point' b after 1645/6 Warwick Co Va d there 1708 d 1708 Magpie Swamp, Warwick Co Va
m 1669 Anne Milner b ABT 1649 (Data on this family thanks to Fonda Flax Carroll (also shown as Frances Anne Milner b nansemond Co VA dau of Francis Milner b 1620 Nansemond Co VA d 1708 and Elizabeth Ball b 1625 grandau of Thomas Milner b 1605 appleton Yorkshire d 27 Apr 1694 Nansemonde VA and Mary Selden b 1605 Farring d 1700 Nansemonde VA, Capt William Ball b 1600 )
Ca9-1 Thomas Cary b 1670 d >1713
m Elizabeth Hinde
-1 Thomas Cary b c 1696 d 1764
-2 James Cary of Nottoway b
-3 Elizabeth Cary b 1725 d 1800 m1 Richard Whitaker b Halifax NC bur Whitaker's Chapel Endfield NC

-3-1 John whitaker b 12 May 1747 Halifax Co NC d there 20 Jul 1816 m Christian Benton b 1755 d 1841
-3-2 Elizabeth Cary Whitaker b 1750/?67 Chesterfield VA d 26 Jul 1851 Lebanon Wilson Co TN m 1780 Rev Edward Morris b 1756 d 1830 Lebanon TN (from Richard Pickett's tree)
-3-3 Richard Whitaker b 26 Jan 1752 Washington VA d 18 Oct 1838 Washington Martin Co NC m Rachel Bentley b 1765 d 1829 (from Nicholas Ferrante's tree)

-3-1-1 Eli whitaker b 1771 d 1841 m Mary Bradford b 1793 d 1841
-3-2-1 Nancy Morris b 1791 d 1879
-3-2-2 Penny Morris b 1793 d 1882
-3-2-3 Elizabeth Morris b 1797 d 1836
-3-2-4 Dr Richard Whitaker Morriss b 5 Sep 1798 Franklin NC d 1862 TX
-3-2-5 Thomas Morriss b 1801 d 1865
-3-2-6 Mary Dickens Morris b 15 Nov 1802 Franklin NC d 1855 Warren TN m Henry Fuller Smith
-3-2-7 Martha Morriss b 1805 d 1841
-3-2-8 Louisa James Morriss b 6 May 1808 NC d 19 Feb 1864 Somerville Burlestson TX m Benjamin Tarver b 1802 d 1879
-3-3-1 Thomas Whitaker b 1788 d 1869 m Jemima Edgeemon b 1796 d 1862

-3-1-1-1 James whitaker b 1812 d 1860 m Mary Crowell b 1829 d 1906
-3-2-6-1 Martha Louisa Smith m Edward Ruthvin Pennebaker
-3-2-8-1 Charles Tarver b 1832 m Maria Keener b 1836 d 1906
-3-2-8-2 Higdon Tarver b 1834 d 1912 m Anna Lewis
-3-2-8-3 Sarah Tarver b 1844 d 1928 m Peter Maricle b 1825 d 1905
-3-2-8-4 Mary Tarver b 1844 d 1925 m John Compton b 1840 d 1890
-3-2-8-5 Thomas Tarver b 1846 d 1925 m Fannie Fulton b 1855 d 1886
-3-3-1-1 Ann Whitaker b 10 Mar 1807 KY d 10 Mar 1887 Putnam TN m Joseph Hyder b 1810 d 1879

-3-1-1-1-1 Martha whitaker b 1848 d 1885 m Robert Bradford
-3-2-6-1-1 Alice Pennebaker m Edward Taylor Campbell gr grandpar of Caroline Campbell m y Edwards, author's DNA match
-3-3-1-1-1 Lavinia E Hyder b McMinn TN d 1871 Putnam TN m Jacob Fox b 1825 d 1892
Ca9-2 James Cary b c 1673 Windmill Point Warwick Va
Ca9-3 Capt Miles Cary b 1671 d 1724 Clerk of Warwick Co
m Elisabeth Cocke b 1665 Bremo Henrico d 19 Sep 1726 Warwick Co VA
-1 Richard Cary b ca 1696 d 1721 "He served an apprenticeship in the office of the Clerk of York County, and in 1718 succeeded his father as Clerk of Warwick, etc. He died unmarried after a brief career."7
-2 Thomas Cary b ca 1698 d 1755 m Dorothy Philipson [died Chesterfield Co (will dated 1761, Chesterfield Co, Will book I, 548) , dtr of Dr Robert Philipson of York County, Va. Two children of Union
-3 Maj Miles Cary b ca 1701-1766 Of Peartree Hall and later Persimmons Ponds Clerk of Court Warwick after his father. Mercantile Pursuit with Hinde Russell called ?miles Cary and Co?. m1 Hannah ARMISTEAD b ca 1706-ca1750 + 9 ch m2 Anne ? Timson?] HOWARD7 No ch
-4 Nathaniel Cary b ca 1703 d bef 1761 Mentioned in his grandfather Cocke's will, and underage in same dated Nov 1706 "The will of his sister-in-law Dorothy Philipson Cary, 1761, shows that he had married, lived in Chesterfield d without issue."
-5 Anne Cary b ca 1707-
-6 Elizabeth Cary b ca 1709
-7 Bridget Cary b ca 1710
-8 Dorothy Cary b ca 1712
-9 Martha Cary b ca 1714
Ca9-4 Milner Cary ?dy
Ca9-5 Elizabeth Cary m1 James Cox b 1674 Cornwall Engl d 16 Dec 1738 St Thomas Orange Co VA
m?2 y ?Jones
-1 Judith ?Jones m William Cary son of Lt Col William Cary and his wife Martha SCARSBROOKE
-5-2 Frances ?Jones m y Anderson
Ca9-7 Anne Cary b 1676
Ca9-7? Dorothy Cary b 1679 Windmillpoint d by 1718 Henrico VA ?= b ~1680 d 1774 b bt 1680, Of the Co of Warwick Va d bef 1774 Va
m1 John Pleasants 12 Sep 1671 Curles Henrico VA d 7 Jun 1714 Henrico Co will prob 14 Jan 1713 son of John Pleasants b 27 FEB 1643/4 in England and Jane Larcome b 29 NOV 1638 in Curles, Henrico Co Va
m2 Robert JORDAN b 11 Jul 1668 Nansamond Co Va d 3 Aug 1728
-1 Rev Thomas Pleasants b 3 NOV 1695 in Henrico Co d 1744 d 24 JAN 1744/45 in Henrico Co m1 c 1720 Mary P Jordan b 24 Dec 1699 dau of Robert Jordan b 11 JUL 1668 and Mary Belson b 24 MAY 1673
-2 John Pleasants b 1697 Curles Plantation Henrico d there 1771 m1 Margaret Jordan b 1702 d 1746 m2 Mary Woodson b 1715 d 1767
-3 Ann/Anna Pleasants b 1704/8 d 1757
-4 Jane Pleasants b by 1708
-5 Joseph Pleasants b after 1708 d by 1743
-6 Dorothy Pleasants b 1694 d 1727
-7 Mary Pleasants b 1712 d 1744 m Charles Woodson b 1711 Henrico Co d 1796 Powhatan Co son of Tarleton Woodson b 1681 and Ursula Fleming b 1687
-1-1 Thomas Pleasants b: ABT 1721 in Goochland, VA d 4 May 1804 VA m 2 Jun 1761 Elizabeth Brooke b 22 MAR 1739/40 in of Montgomery Co
-1-2 John Pleasants b: ABT 1726
-1-3 Robert Pleasants b: 1728 in Henrico Co
-2-1 Mary Jane Pleasants b 1722 Curles d 1790 NC m Richard Burton b c 1720 d 1779/?99
-2-2 Robert Pleasants b 1723 in Curles, Henrico Co Va
-2-3 Capt John V Pleasant b 1736 VA d 1759/?67
-2-4 Elizabeth Pleasants b 1728
-2-5 Anne Pleasants b 1730 in Henrico, Va
-2-6 Dorothey Pleasants b 1730
-2-7 Samuel Pleasants b OCT 1737 in Henrico Co Va d 1807 Philadelphia, Pa m 13 JUL 1762 in Philadelphia Mary Pemberton b 17 OCT 1738 in Philadelphia, Pa
-2-8 Thomas Pleasants d 1775
-2-9 Jonathan Pleasants d 1776
-7-1 Charles Woodson Jr b 1737 Henrico Co d 1796 Powhatan Co m Ann Trotter b c 1740 Henrico Co d 1806 Powhatan Co Henrico Co d 1785 Henrico Co
-1-1-1 Deborah Brooke Pleasants b 25 NOV 1763 in VA m 4 JUN 1789 in VA William Stabler b 30 AUG 1767 in Va
-1-1-2 James Brooke Pleasants b 21 FEB 1770 m 7 AUG 1790 in Baltimore Co Deborah Brooke b: 4 SEP 1770 in Sandy Springs, Montgomery Co., MD Hannah Pleasants b: ABT 1793
-1-1-3 Sarah Pleasants b c 1772 d 11 Feb 1810 m 17 MAY 1803 Tarlton Woodson Pleasants b ABT 1776 in Goochland, VA son of James Pleasants b: ABT 1732 in 'Contention', Goochland, Virginia and Anna Randolph b c 1734 in Albemarle Co VA
-1-1-3-1 Elizabeth Pleasants b c 1807 in VA
-2-1-1 Fortune Burton b 1739 d 1784
-2-1-2 Nancy Burton b 1745 d 1811 m Lt George Reeves b 1735 Drewrys Bluff Chesterfield VA d 15 Nov 1811 Independence Grayson Co VA
-2-1-3 Miliken Burton b 1748 d 1765
-2-1-4 Tom burton
-2-1-5 Lucy Burton b 1755
-2-1-6 John Burton b 1758 d 1836
-2-1-7 William Burton b 1769
-2-1-8 Richard Burton b 1^771 d 1817
-2-1-9 Elizabeth Burton b 1771
-2-1-10 Mary Burton b 1773 d 1837
-2-1-11 Dorcas Burton b 1748/?75 d 1765
-2-1-12 Emily Burton b 1777
-2-7-1 Israel Pleasants b 20 MAY 1764 in Philadelphia, Pa
-7-1-1 Ann Woodson b c 1762 Henrico Co dau of Charles Woodson Jr b c 1737 d c 1789 and Ann Trotter b c 1740 d 1806 m capt William Pope b aft 10/23/1753 Louisa Co d 7/18/1852 Powhatan Co VA

-1-1-2-1 Hannah Pleasants b: ABT 1793 m 12 SEP 1814 in Montgomery Co Henry Howard b 28 MAY 1791 in Frederick, MD
-1-1-1-1 William Henry Stabler b 13 APR 1802 in MD m 16 FEB 1825 in Montgomery Co Eliza Thomas b: 10 APR 1803 in Montgomery Co., MD
-1-1-3-1 Elizabeth Pleasants b c 1807 in VA
-2-1-2-1 Lucretia Reeves b 1750 d 1811
-2-1-2-2 William Reeves b 1755/?62 d 1774/?1854
-2-1-2-4 Jesse Reeves b 1760 Grayson Co VA d 10 Sep 1833 Ashe Co NC m1 Elizabeth Terrill b 1774 d 1830 m2 Mary Bowers b 1790 d 1857
-2-1-2-5 Elizabeth Reeves b 1765 d 1845
-2-1-2-5 Mary Reeves b 1770/?5 d 1870
-2-1-2-6 George Reeves b 1776 d 1811
-2-1-2-7 Susan Reeves b 1772/?80
-2-1-2-8 Charity Reeves b 1785 d 1874
-2-1-2-9 Prudence Reeves b 1785 d 1850
-2-1-2-10 Lucy Reeves b 1780
-2-7-1-1 John Pemberton Pleasants b 16 APR 1766 in Pa d Baltimore m1 14 MAR 1793 Anne Cleves Armistead b 20 OCT 1773 in Hesse, Gloucester Va (dau of William Armistead b 1735 in Hesse, Gloucester, VA and Maria Byrd Carter b 22 NOV 1745 in King George Co, granddau of William Armistead b ABT 1715 in Gloucester Co Va and Mary Bowles b ABT 1721 in St. Mary's Co gr granddau ofJames Bowles b ABT 1700 in London, England and Rebecca Tasker Addison b 3 JAN 1702/03 in Md)
-7-1-1-1 Lucy Ann Pope b 5/21/1793 Powhatan Co d 3/21/1834 m Robert Kelso Dabney b c 1789 Prince Edward Co VA d 1877
-1-1-1-1-1 Henrietta Stabler b 27 FEB 1829 in Montgomery Co d 21 MAY 1907 in Olney, Montgomery Co m 28 MAY 1850 in Philadelphia Nicholas Snowden b: 7 APR 1828 in Montpelier - Maryland
-1-1-2-1-1 Dr Marshall Pleasants Howard ,b 27 APR 1817 in MD m Anna Norman McCeney b c 1828 in MD
-2-7-1-1-1 Mary A. Pleasants b 28 JUN 1799 in Baltimore Md d 5 Mar 1838 m 17 MAR 1829 in Baltimore George Agustus Hughes b ABT 1789 in Baltimore, MD
m2 18 MAY 1816 in Baltimore Mary Hall b 10 OCT 1793 in Baltimore Md dau of Jacob Hall b ABT 1752 in Maryland and Mary Wilmott b ABT 1752 in Md
-2-7-1-1-2 Phineas Pemberton Pleasants b: ABT 1817 in Baltimore Md d 2 SEP 1855 in Baltimore Merchant
-2-7-1-1-3 Richard Hall Pleasants b 10 OCT 1818 in Baltimore Md d 28 FEB 1894 in Baltimore Md Tobacco merchant/commissioner m 26 NOV 1856 Elizabeth Moale Poultney b JUL 1829 in Baltimore dau of Samuel Poultney b 16 JUN 1797 in Baltimore , Maryland and Ellin Moale Curzon b 26 OCT 1799 in Baltimore
-2-7-1-1-4 Jacob Hall Pleasants b 18 OCT 1822 in Baltimore Md d 20 AUG 1901 in Baltimore m 7 DEC 1859 Margaretta 'Margaret' Riggs b 18 NOV 1835 in Baltimore Md dau of Samuel Riggs b 20 AUG 1800 in Montgomery Co MD and Margaret Norris b 27 APR 1808 in Baltimore
-2-7-1-1-5 Mary Camilla Pleasants b 8 JUL 1824 in Baltimore Md
m 26 JUL 1852 Nathaniel Burwell Whiting b 9 DEC 1818 in Clarke, VA
-7-1-1-1-1 William Pope Dabney b 17 Jul 1829 Powhatan Co d 3/05/1894 VA m Lela Bankhead Madison b 1839 VA
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Emily Roseville Snowden b 7 APR 1851 in Prince George's, MD
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Mary Thomas Snowden b 3 JUN 1861 in Montgomery Co
-1-1-2-1-1-1 Margaret Victoria Howard b 9 DEC 1847 in NC
-1-1-2-1-1-2 Laura V. Howard b c 1850 in NC
-1-1-2-1-1-3 Henry Howard b 1855 in NC
-1-1-2-1-1-4 Marshall Pleasants Howard b 8 OCT 1858 in VA
-2-7-1-1-1-1 Maria Sidney Hughes b ABT 1830 in Baltimore m 7 Jul 1851 Dr. William E. Boteler b 20 OCT 1822 in Frederick Co Md
-2-7-1-1-3-1 Pendleton PLEASANTS about 1858 MD Clerk-Tobacco Store MD
-2-3-1-1-3-2 William PLEASANTS about 1863 MD
-2-7-1-1-3-3 Ellen PLEASANTS b about 1865 MD
-2-7-1-1-3-4 Richard PLEASANTS about 1867 MD
-2-7-1-1-3-5 Bessie PLEASANTS about 1869 MD
-2-7-1-1-3-6 Dr. Jacob Hall Pleasants b SEP 1874 in Baltimore
-2-7-1-1-4-1 Margaret Pleasants b JUL 1862 in Baltimore Md
-2-7-1-1-4-2 Alfred W. Pleasants b AUG 1871 in Baltimore Md
-2-7-1-1-5-1 Lucy Burwell Whiting b 20 JAN 1863 in Clarke Co Va m George Harrison Burwell
-7-2-1-10-5 b 19 NOV 1848 in 'Carter Hall', Clarke Co Va

-2-7-1-1-5-1-1 George H Burwell b Jun 1891 d unm 1920
Ca9-2 Anne Cary b abt 1649 Warwick, Virginia
?m possibly William Overton Ov10 or y Stuckey
Ca9-3 Henry Cary b 1650 Va d 1720 of The Forest, Va He was a building contractor. Among other public buildings he constructed the York Co courthouse (1694), the fort on York River (1697), The first capitol at Williamsburg (1701-1703), the reconstruction of the College of William & Mary after a fire (1705), and the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg (1705-1710). He lived in the Governor's Palace during its construction. His petition to the government is evidence that bricks were burned in Virginia as early as 1709, rather than being imported. (b ?1650? middle name, wife and descendants reported by ysearch/FPBXZ)
m Judith Lockey dau of Edward Lockey Jr
-1 Miles Taylor Cary b 1677 d 1724 m Elizabeth Cocke
-2 ?Elizabeth Cary b c 1678 m c 1698 Capt John Scasbrook/Scarisbrooke II son of Lt Col John Scasbrook/Scarisbrooke and his second wife Elizabeth ?Farlow (first wife was Mary Martiau dau of Capt Nicolas Martiau b 2 Apr 1591 in Nantes, Loire Atlantique, France and Jane Boykin. The variant spellings of his name give rise to the question if the original form might have been Scarisbrick).
-3 Anne Cary m Maurice Langhorne b 1670 Warwick Co Va d 1698 son and heir of John Langhorne b 1640 St Brides Pembrokeshire Wales d 1687 Warsaw Wyoming Co NY
-1-1 Maj Miles Cary
m Hannah Armistead dau of William Armistead (son of Anthony Armistead and Hannah Ellison) and Hannah Hinde
-3-1 John langhorne b 1695 Warwick Co Va d there 1767 m Mary Beverley b c 1700 Middlesex Co Va dau of William Beverley ?and Judith Wormley
-1-1-1 Miles Cary Jr b 28 May 1727 d 9 Sep 1766
m Elizabeth Taylor b 1 Mar 1733 Isle of Wight Co/Brunswick Va d 16 Mar 1774
-3-1-1 Lockey Langhorne b 1723 Warwick Co d before 1781 Cumberland Co Va m Thomas Tabb b 5 Sep 1719 Charles Parish York Co Va d 22 Apr 1782 Cumberland son of Edward Tabb b 1678 Elizabeth City Va and Margaret Heyward grandson of Thomas Tabb b 13 Dec 1647 Elizabeth City m Martha Moore
-1-1-1-1 Miles Cary b 1 Sep 1757 m Griselda Buxton
-3-1-1-1 Mary Tabb b 19 Dec 1740 Charles Parish m Robert Brown d c 1784 Cumberland Co
-1-1-1-1-1 Margaret Cary b 21 Jan 1793 d 27 Jun 1837 m Lewis Taylor
-3-1-1-1-1 Mary Frances Brown b 25 Feb 1771 Cumberland Co Va d after 1830 Horseshoe Bend Smith Co TN m Samuel Robinson b 28 Dec 1765 Cumberland d Aug 1827 Horseshoe Bend son of Hezekiah Robinson and Judith x grandson of John Robinson d 1768 Cumberland and Tabitha ?Jones
-3-1-1-1-1-1 Hudson Allen Robinson b 3 Jan 1794 Cumberland d 21 Jun 1865 Arizone Claiborne Parish Louisiana m Mary Dyer dau of Joel Dyer and Jane Brigance Ancestors of Merle Stevens, author's DNA match
Ca9-4 Bridget Cary b 1652 Magpie Swamp, Warwick Co Va d 1670/71 m Capt William Bassett in 1670 and her descendants include descendents in Alabama and Georgia. -1 Hon. William Bassett b 1671 m Joanna Burwell b 1674 in Gloucester Va d 7 OCT 1727 in New Kent Co dau of Lewis Burwell and Abigail Smith b 11 Mar 1656 d 12 Nov 1693 -1-1 Martha Bassett b 28 DEC 1694 in Eltham New Kent Co Va d 12 JUN 1738 m Gawin Corbin b 1669 in Middlesex Co., Va
-1-2 William Bassett b 8 JUL 1709 in New Kent Co Va d 1744 m 29 Jan 1728/9 Elizabeth Churchill b 1710 in Middlesex Co., Va d 16 Apr 1779 dau of William Churchill b 1649 Engl and Elizabeth Armistead b 16 Feb 1666/7 in Va
-1-3 Mary Bassett b 7 AUG 1716 in Eltham, New Kent Co. VA
-1-4? Lucy Bassett b about 1718 probably in Eltham, New Kent Co. VA m William Roscow b after 1695 d after 1736 Sherriff Warwick 1729; 1726 and 1736 House of Burgesses rep Warwick and had issue
-1-1-1 Mildred Corbin b ABT 1718 m John Bushrod b 1689 in Westmoreland Co Va
-1-1-2 Joanna Corbin b 1720 in Virginia d after 1779 m 17 May 1739 Robert Tucker b 1710 in Norfolk Co Va
-1-1-3 Gawin Corbin b 1725 in Virginia d DEC 1759 in Westmoreland Co Va m Hannah Ludwell Lee b 2 JUN 1728 in Westmoreland Co
-1-2-1 Elizabeth Bassett, m2/?1 Benjamin Harrison a signer of The Declaration Of Independence
-1-2-1-1 William Henry Harrison ninth President of the United States
Ca9-5 Elizabeth Cary b 1653 Virginia
m before 11th Apr 1670 Emanuel Wills
-1 Miles Wills b about 1673 m Hannah Scasbrook b about 1675 dau of Lt. Col. John Scasbrook/Scarisbrooke d about May 1679 and Elizabeth, after 2 Apr 1694.
For descedants see William & Mary Quarterly XXIV, 200. The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 10 (1966), p. 96,
Ca9 Miles Cary b 1655 Virginia d 1709 Richneck, Va
m1 Mary Milner, dau of Thomas Milner No issue.
m2 1702, April 13, Mary Wilson Wi9 widow of Colonel William Roscow of Blunt Point, Warwick County, dau and heiress of Colonel William Wilson Wi10 of Hampton, Elizabeth City Co
Ca8-1 Mary Cary b after 1703 d 1775
m 1722 Joseph Selden b 1705 in England d 1727 Elizabeth City Co son of Samuel Selden and Rebecca Yeo
-1 Wilson Cary Selden b c 1723 in VA d 1792 m Elizabeth Jennings b c 1735 West Indies
-2 Samuel Selden b 1725 in Buckroe, Hampton Co. VA d Salvington, Stafford Co m1 Mary Thomson Mason b 1731 in Stafford Co. VA m2 Sarah Ann Mason Mercer b 24 Jun 1738
-3 Miles Selden b ABT 1726 d 1785 m ABT 1747 Rebecca Cary b: 1728
-1-1 Wilson Cary Selden b 1761 d 1835 m1 ABT 1795 Eleanor Love b: 1772 in Fairfax Co. VA + 1 ch m2 Mary Mason Selden b ABT 1749 in Salvington, Stafford Co. VA m3 17 Jul 1818 Mary Bowles Armistead b: 1783 + 2ch
-1-2 Elizabeth Selden b ABT 1763 in VA d 29 Jun 1815 Richmond m 22 May 1779 James McClurg b ABT 1746 in Hampton, VA
-1-3 Anne Cary Selden b ABT 1770 in Elizabeth City Co. Va m 1 Jan 1791 in Old St. John's Church, Richmond Co James Breckinridge b: 7 Mar 1763 in Fincastle, Botetourt Co. VA
-1-4 Mary Selden m Hugh Young
Ca8-1-2-1 Mary Mason Selden b ABT 1749 in Salvington, Stafford Co. VA d 17 nSep 1787 Winchester Co VA m1 1767 Mann Page V b ABT 1747 in Gloucester Co. VA m2 Wilson Cary Selden b 1761
-2-2 Anne Mercer Cary Selden b 21 Jun 1738 d 26 Jul 1806 m John Taliaferro Brooke b 27 Aug 1763 in Smithfield, Fredericksburg, VA
-3-1 Miles Cary Selden Jr. b 9 Apr 1752 in Pear Tree Hall, Henrico Co. VA
-3-2 Mary Selden
-3-3 Hannah Selden b 7 Feb 1762
-3-4 Rebecca Cary Selden b ABT 1765
-1-1-1 Wilson Cary Selden b 1796
-1-1-2 Elizabeth Armistead "Eliza" Selden b 24 Mar 1820 in Exeter Co. VA
-1-1-3 John Selden b 24 Feb 1822 in Loudoun Co. VA
-1-2-1 Elizabeth Selden McClurg b 1781
-1-3-1 Catherine Breckinridge b ABT 1792 in Frankfort, Franklin Co. KY
-1-3-2 Elizabeth Breckinridge b 31 Mar 1794 in Fincastle, Botetout Co. VA
-1-3-3 Letitia Breckinridge b 26 Oct 1791 in Fincastle, Botetout Co. VA
-1-3-4 Cary Breckinridge b 13 Feb 1796 in Grove Hill, Botetourt Co. VA
-1-3-5 Mary Ann Breckinridge b 12 Mar 1797
-1-3-6 Matilda Breckinridge b 15 Apr 1799
-1-3-7 Robert Breckinridge b 12 May 1802
-1-4-1 Elizabeth Young b 1780 d 5 Aug 1815 m James Purviance b 1772
-1-4-2 Frances Young b ABT 1790 m Robert Purviance Jr. b 1779 in Baltimore, MD
-2-1-1 William Byrd Page b ABT 1774 in Westmoreland Co. VA
-2-1-2 Judith Byrd Page b 13 Jul 1774 in VA
-2-2-1 Samuel Selden Brooke m Angelina Edrington
-2-2-2 Henry Laurens Brooke

-1-4-1-1 James Purviance b: 19 Feb 1807 in Baltimore, MD
-2-2-1-1 Fenton Mercer Brooke
Ca8-2 Anne Cary b c 1705 m Major Peter Whiting, son of Col. Henry Whiting Wh9
Ca8 Wilson Cary b 1703 Warwick Co
m Sarah Pate
Ca7 Ann Cary b 1735 d 1786
m Robert Carter Nicholas
-1 Elizabeth Nicholas b 11 Aug. 1752 m 29 Aug. 1776 Gov. Edmund Jennings Randolph, son of John Randolph, 1776 d 1810.
-2 George Nicholas b 11 Aug. 1753 d 27 July 1799), m Mary Smith dau of John Smith of Baltimore, Md
-3 Wilson Cary Nicholas (31 January 1761 - 10 October 1820) m 1783 Margaret, daughter of John Smith of Baltimore, Md
-4 John Nicholas (1756 - 31 Dec. 1819 ) m Anne Lawson
-5 Sarah Nicholas, b. 1752 at Frederick Co., VA m John Hatley Norton son of John Norton and Courtenay Walker
-6 Judith Nicholas (1765 - '1 )
-7 Lewis Nicholas (1766 - '/ ), who lived in Albemarle.
-8 Robert Carter Nicholas (2 June 1768 - 7 ) m 27 Jul 1801 Martha Mosby b ABT 1770 in Powhatan, VA
-9 Philip Norborne Nicholas (1775 - 1849) m1 Mary Spear of Baltimore, Md m2 Maria Carter Byrd, dau of Thomas Taylor Byrd and Mary Anne Armistead, dau of William Armistead Ar9-4-1-1.
-10 Mary Nicholas; b. 1759; d. 1796; unm

-2-1 Col. Robert Carter Nicholas (1779
-2-2 Maria Nicholas (1780 - ? ) 17 Mar 1804 m Col. Thomas D. Owings of KY in Lexington Ky son of John Cockey Owings and Colegate Deye grandson of Joshua Owings Ow9-11 and grandnephew of Samuel Owings Ow9
-2-3 Smith Nicholas (1782 - ? )
-2-4 Ann Nicholas (1783 - ?) Ni5-5 Sidney Nicholas (1785 - ? )
-2-6 Major Cary Nicholas (1786 - ? ) U.S. Army and great wit Ni5-7 George Ann Nicholas (1788 - ?)
-2-8 Margarette Gailbraith Nicholas (1789 – Aug.13, 1819) m1 Gen. J.C. Bartlett, m2 Gov. Thomas Fletcher, dsp She was portraited by Jewet; the portrait in the posession of Gen. Charles Parsons Nicholas Ni3-5-4 in 1975 and doublessly passed to his daughter, Frances whose biography of her father encompasses the "war" of a mathematical genius who brought America to nuclear non proliferation and the mathematics that powered the space age.
-2-9 John Nelson Nicholas (1791 - 1826) ablest Journalist in KY and in 1821 made Jefferson admit authorship of the KY Resolution of 1798 with the further awowal that he wrote them at the insistance of George Nicholas (Ni6
-2-10 Elizabeth Randolph Nicholas (1793 -) m James Gabriel Trotter of Lexington
-2-11 George Wilson Nicholas (1795 - ? )
-2-12 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1797 - 1869) m1 Matilda Prather Pr5 m2 Mary Smith
-2-13 Henrietta (Hetty) Morrison Nicholas (1798 - ? ) m Richard Hawes Jr. brother of Albert Gallatin Hawes, nephew of Aylett Hawes, and cousin of Aylett Hawes Buckner, was b near Bowling Green, Caroline Co Va, Feb 1797. In 1824, Richard Hawes, Jr., removed to Winchester Ky, and practiced law. He represented that Co in the legislature in 1828, 1829 and 1834, served in the Black Hawk War. He represented the Ashland District in Congress for four years--1837 to 1841. In 1843 he removed to Paris and continued to practice law until the fall of 1861. He took a leading part May 10-12, 1861, in efforts to harmonize in favor of an armed neutrality in the action of the state. Failing in this and becoming a mark for the bitterness of those who were inciting the military arrests in the fall of 1861, he took refuge in Virginia to escape imprisonment by the Federal authorities. Being too old--64 years--for active field duty, he was for eight or nine months brigade commissary in the Southern army.
-2-14 Clara Nicholas, d unm
Ca7-2 Mary Cary b 1733
m 1754 Edward Jaquelin Ambler b 1733 VA d 30 Oct 1768 Jamestown son of Richard Ambler b 1690 and Elizabeth Jacquelin b 1709
-b Jaquelin Ambler b 9 Aug 1742 m 24 May 1764 Rebecca Lewis Burwell Ct7-1-4 b 20 May 1746 in White Marsh, Gloucester Co VA had issue
-1 Sarah Ambler b 27 Sep 1760 in VA d by 26 Aug 1789 m 25 Mar 1779 in Hanover Co William Hartwell Macon b 2 Mar 1752 in New Kent Co. VA
-2 John Ambler Esq. b 25 Sep 1762 in Jamestown, VA m 1782 Frances Armistead b c 1761 in New Kent Co VA dau of Gill Armistead d 1762 and Elizabeth Allen
-1-1 Mary Macon b 29 Dec 1779 in Hanover Co. VA m William Marshall b 31 Jan 1767 in Oak Hill, Fauquier Co. VA
-2-1 Edward Ambler b May 1783 d 10 Jul 1846 m 1811 Sarah Taqylor Holcombe
-2-2 Mary Cary Ambler b May 1787 in VA d 25 Sep 1843 Dinwiddie Co VA m c 1805 in VA John Hill Smith
-1-1-1 Lucy Macon Marshall b c 1803 d 1830 m 1 Jan 1824 div Edwin Burnley b: 13 Feb 1796 in Hanover Co. VA
-2-2-1 Mary Elizabeth Smith b c 1820 in VA d 1920 m 11 Feb 1846 John James Gravatt b 27 Nov 1817 in Port Royal, Caroline Co. VA
-1-1-1-1 Hardin Burnley b 4 Feb 1827 m Blanche Dupree Williams b 4 Mar 1847
-1-1-1-2 William Marshall Burnley b 1 Feb 1829 in Waterproof, LA d 7 Dec 1872
-2-2-1-1 Mary Cary Ambler Gravatt b 1846 d 1929
-2-2-1-2 Lucy Jaquelin Gravatt b 1847 d 1906 m c 1872 Rees Tate Bowen b 10 Jan 1809 in Maiden Spring, Tazewell Co VA
-2-2-1-3 Charles Urquhart Gravatt b 28 Jun 1851 in Port Royal, Caroline Co. VA
-2-2-1-4 John James Gravatt Jr. b 14 May 1854 in Port Royal, Caroline Co. VA
-2-2-1-5 William Loyall Gravatt b 13 Dec 1859 in Port Royal, Caroline Co. VA m Sydney Smith Peyton b: 28 Aug 1859 in VA
Ca7-3 Elizabeth Cary d 1822
m about 1795 Rev Lord Bryan Fairfax
-1 Lord Thomas Fairfax m Louisa Washington dau of Warner Washington and Hannah Fairfax
Ca7-4 Wilson Miles Cary b 4 Aug 1731 d Nov 1817 m 23 May 1759 Sarah Blair -1 Miles Cary b 1786 in Wrwick Co Va d 8 Nov 1827 in Huntsville Alabama m Elizabeth Scarsbrooke Wilson Curle and had 9 children
-2 Sarah 'Sally' Cary b 1762 in James City Co
-3 Mary Monroe Cary b 1764 in Va d 16 Nov 1836 Williamsburg m 22 NOV 1787 in Elizabeth City William Samuel Peachy b 9 NOV 1763 in Virginia
-4 Elizabeth Blair Cary b ABT 1777 in Fairfax Co m 18 Feb 1796 Fernando Fairfax b ABT 1769 in Fairfax Co son of Rev Bryan Lord Fairfax and Elizabeth Cary

-3-1 Mary Cary Peachy b ABT 1788 in Goshen, Amelia Co m1 Benjamin Harrison Coupland b 16 NOV 1786 m2 16 APR 1806 John Yelverton Tabb b 1785 in 'Clay Hill', Amelia Co son of John Tabb b 27 AUG 1736 in Amelia Co and Frances Cooke Peyton b 31 MAY 1752 in Gloucester Co
-4-1 Wilson Miles Cary Fairfax b 1 DEC 1798 in Fairfax Co d 8 Aug 1860 DC civil engineer m 2 MAR 1824 Lucy Anna Griffith b ABT 1799 in Va dau of Frederick/?David Griffith b c 1775 and Elizabeth Fairfax b 1770 in Fairfax Co da of Rev Bryan Lord Fairfax and Elizabeth Cary
-4-2 Archibald Blair Fairfax b 22 MAY 1809 in Fairfax Co m1 15 NOV 1833 Sarah Carlyle Herbert b 2 JUL 1812 in Prince Georges Co. , MD m2 2 MAR 1852 in Baltimore Elizabeth 'Eliza' Mary Norris b ABT 1817 in Alexandria, Va

Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas b 1830 m y Graves
Ni4 George Nicholas (1831-1896) m1 Emma Hawes, m2 Mary Anna Pope
Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870)
Ni4-4 Matilda Nicholas (1835-1921) m Hon P Barrett of Mo.
Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (1839-1907) m Maj. James Johnson/Johnston, C.S.A. -
Ni4-6-1 Mary Johnston living in Louisville in 1920 corner of 4th and Braodway
Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) m Thomas
Ni4-8 Samuel Smith Nicholas Jr (1844- ?) m Nannie Carter, dau of Capt. Frank Carter + 2 dau

Children by his second wife:
Ni4-9 Cary Ann Nicholas, (l849- ?)
Ni4-10 Catherine Nicholas b 1850 m Rudolph Fink
Ni4-11 Sarah Nicholas (1852- ?)
-4-3-1-1 Anna Theresa Coupland b 1820 in Va
-4-3-1-2 Thomas Yelverton Tabb b 30 SEP 1809 in Amelia Co
-4-4-1-1 Emily Fairfax b 1825 in Va
-4-4-1-2 Wilson Miles Cary Fairfax b 1830
-4-4-1-3 Frederick Fairfax b 1835
-4-4-1-4 Anne 'Annie' Fairfax b 6 JUN 1837 in Pa
-4-4-1-5 Alice Fairfax b 1840 in Pa
-4-4-2-1 Julian Fairfax b 1841
-4-4-2-2 Edward Fairfax b 1852
-4-4-2-3 Lewellyn Fairfax b 1855
-4-4-2-4 Arthur Fairfax b 1857

Ca7-5 Sally Cary
m George William Fairfax
Ca8-4 Miles Cary of 'Ceeleys', Elizabeth City Co b 1708 d 1756
Ca9-7 Col William Cary b 1657 Virginia d 1713 Skiffs Creek, Va
m Martha Scarsbrook/Scarisbrooke
+1 Capt John Scarisbrook and Mortain
Ca9-7-1 Harwood Cary b c 1680, 2 d 1720 Goochland Va of Skiff Creek, Warwick Co "Apparantly inherited Skiff Creek Plantation, Warwick Co Va, for it passed to son. Left one son, William Cary who in 1764 was authorized to sell Skiff Creek and other lands and slaves [Va Statues VIII, p 34] "
m Martha Thruston
-1 Mary Cary b 1709 Warwick, Chesterfield Co Va d 1734 NC
m Francis Wilkinson 17 Oct St Peters New Kent Co Va d there 1728 Daniel Wilkinson b 16603 Williamsburg Va d 1728 New Kent Va and Rebecca Parke b 1675 St Peters Parish Kent Engl
-1-1 Gen John/?James Francis Wilkinson m Judith Lee dau of Maj Charles Lee Jr and Elizabeth Pinkard -1-1-1 Lucy Wilkinson b 1750 Wilkes Ga d there 1822 m Francis Smith -1-1-1-1 Col John Smith T b 1770 Essex Co Va m Jane Adams McElwee b 22 Mar 1782 dau of Pvt James McElwee Jr b 16 Sep 1753 York Distr SC
-1-1-1-1-1 John Smith Brown b 29 Aug 1897 Lenoir City Tn d before 1907 m Lavinay Brown dau of Moses Brown and Elizabeth Duncan
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Carter James Brown b 1850 ancestor of Shirley Juanita Becker, author's DNA match
Ca9-7-2 Martha Cary b c 1686 d 1738
m Edward JACQUELIN b 1668 Kent Engl immig to Va 1697 he m1 Rachel
-1 Edward Jacquelin
-2 Matthew Jacquelin
-3 Martha Jacquelin
-4 Mary Jacquelin b 1714 d 1764 m 17 NOV 1737 in Jamestown John Smith b: 13 NOV 1715 in Gloucester Co., Virginia
-5 Elizabeth Jacquelin b Oct 1709 d 1756 m 1724 Richard Ambler b 24 Dec 1690 Yorkshire Engl d Feb 1766/?98 son of John Ambler and Elizabeth Burkadike
-4-1 Augustine Smith b 3 JAN 1738/39 in York Co VA
-4-2 Mary Smith b 1744 d 14 Dec 1791 m Rev Thomas Smith b 1739 in Westmoreland, VA son of Gregory Smith b 31 DEC 1712 and Lucy Cooke b 1716 in Gloucester Co
-4-2-1 Thomas Gregory Smith b 17 JAN 1778 in Westmoreland
-5-1 Elizabeth3 Ambler b 1731 d 1740
-5-2 Edward J. Ambler b 1733 m Mary Cary
-5-3 John Ambler b 1735 d 1766
-5-4 Richard Ambler b 1736 d 1745
-5-5 Martha Ambler b 1738 d 1739
-5-6 Mary Ambler b 1740 d 1763
-5-7 Jaquelin Ambler b 9 Aug 1742 Va m Rebecca Lewis Burwell dau of Lewis Burwell and Mary Willis
-5-8 George Ambler b 1744 d 1750
-5-9 Richard Ambler b 1748 d 1749

-5-2-1 Sarah Ambler b 27 Sep 1760 m William Hartwell Macon
-5-2-2 Col. John Ambler b 25 Sep 1762 at Jamestown, VA d 8 May 1836 m1 1782 Frances Armistead, dau of Gill Armistead and Betty Allen m2 Lucy Marshall, dau of Col. Thomas Marshall and Mary Randolph Keith, 1790 m3 Catherine Bush dau of Philip Bush and Catherine Clough

-5-2-1-1 Mary Macon m William Marshall son of Col. Thomas Marshall and Mary Randolph Keith
-5-2-2-1 Elizabeth Jaquelin Ambler b 11 Mar 1765 d.s.p. m1 William Brent m2 Col. Edward Carrington, son of George Carrington and Anne Mayo
-5-2-2-2 Mary Willis Ambler b 18 Mar 1766 m Chief Justice John Marshall.
-5-2-2-3 Martha Ambler b 1767 d Jul 1776
-5-2-2-4 Ann Ambler b 16 Mar 1772 d 29 Jun 1832 bur at Shockoe Hill Cemetery m 24 Nov 1795 in Richmond George Fisher son of Daniel Fisher
-5-2-2-5 Lucy Nelson Ambler b 4 Aug 1776 d 15 May 1797 m Daniel Call, son of Daniel Call
Ca9-7-3 Maj Miles Cary b ca 1698 d after 1711/1766 m Anne PEYTON
Ca9-7-4 William Cary b ca 1700 d 1742
m Judith Jones believed daughter of y Jones and Elizabeth Cary, and grandaughter of Thomas Cary and Ann Milner ?first cousins once removed
Fairfax Harrison states
" Her inclusion as a daughter to Eliz Cary is based on Eggleston and Jones family tradition. The only evidence for the marriage - ed note to Jones of Gloucester - is a tradition in the Jones family wich takes color from specifications that this Elizabeth Cary was mother to the Judith Jones of Gloucester who m William Cary of Prince George - see post, p 138] , and that one of the children of Frances (Jones) Anderson, a sister of Judith (Jones) Cary, was named Thomas Cary. See statement of L. B. Anderson, 1872, in W.M. Cary Notes.- ...... SOURCES [ed note: for Thomas Cary and children] : (1) The Eggleston Notes for the will of THomas Cary , recorded 1708 in Warwick Will Book , I , 23, naming children Thomas, James, Milner and Elizabeth (2) Gleanings from public records, as cited.?2p 42
?The family of Jones is described as originally of Goucester, but appears in the surviving Warwick records before 1750, perhaps in consequence of the marriage of one of them with Eliz Cary 3[see supra, p 41], who is reputed to be the mother of this Judith Jones, and of Tingnal, Harwood, and Frances. Harwood Jones was JP for Warwick in 1768. Tingnal Jones moved from Warwick to Mecklenburg, where he was steward of Col WIlliam Byrd?s Roanoke plantation. See statemen of his descendant James Alfred Jones, 1872, in W M Cary Notes. The family is still extant in Warwick and Eliz City. It has included those locally famous characters the Rev. ?Saervint? Jones and ?Hellcat Billy? Jones, Clerk of Warwick before and after Reconstruction. The Allen Jones who in 1764 acquired the Skiff Creek plantation from William Cary 4[Hening, viii, 34] was doubless also of this family] " 2page 139
possibly of this marriage was
-1? Judith Cary b c 1725 m David Bell
-2? y Cary b c 1725
-1-1 Judith Cary Bell b 1750 m Nathiel Gist b 1733 d 1796
-2-1 y Cary b c 1750
-2-1 Robert Cary b c 1780 m Agnes Queen
-1-1-1 Anna Gist b 1791 Buckingham Co VA d 1815 ?Ky m 6 Apr 1809 Frankfort KY Nathaniel Gray Smith Hart
-2-1-1 Elizabeth Cary b c 1812 m 14 Apr 1836 James Watson Prather, b 12 July 1812, d 31 Aug 1889
-1-1-1-1 Thomas Hart
-1-1-1-2 Henry Clay Hart b 1812 d 1883 m 1835 Elizabeth Brent dau of Hugh Brent and Elizabeth Trotter Langhorne
-2-1-1-1 Martha Prather b 21 Jan 1837 m 4 Mar 1858 Col Charles Champion Gilbert
-2-1-1-2 Charlotte Rosetta Prather b 16 Nov 1839 d 27 Jun 1870 m 5 Nov 1857 William Griffith b c 1835 Louisville
-2-1-1-3 Robert Prather
-2-1-1-4 James Prather

-1-1-1-2-1 Harry Hart
-1-1-1-2-2 Hugh B. Hart m Nannie Fry
-1-1-1-2-2-1 Bettie Hart
-1-1-1-2-3 Lizzie Hart
-1-1-1-2-4 Nathaniel Hart
-2-1-1-1-1 Martha Prather Gilbert b 12 Dec 1858 Ft Clark TX d 4 Jul 1859 Louisville KY
-2-1-1-1-2 Charles Champion Gilbert b 17 Nov 1859 Louisville m 12 Feb 1881 Alma Kochler b Decatur IL
-2-1-1-1-3 Watson Prather Gilbert b 9 Feb 1861 Ft Cobb In m 28 Mar 1894 Elizabeth Coffin
-2-1-1-1-4 Isabel Cass Gilbert b 19 Jun 1862 Louisville m 22 Dec 1882 Ft Yates Dakota Capt John C Gresham
-2-1-1-1-4-1 Catherine Gilbert Gresham b 17 Oct 1883 Ft Yates
-2-1-1-1-4-2 Isabel Cass Gresham b 24 Jun 1885 Blacksburg VA
-2-1-1-1-4-3 Louise Van Horne Gresham b 6 Sep 1887 Ft Mead Dakota
-2-1-1-1-4-4 Champion Gilbert Gresham b 21 Nov 1894 Ft Riley KA d 1 Jan 1896 New Orleans
-2-1-1-1-5 Robert Prather Gilbert b 10 Mar 1864 Louisville d 9 Jan 1888
-2-1-1-1-6 Elizabeth Cary Gilbert b 5 Mar 1870 Ft Bridges Wy d 16 Mar 1875 Camp Baker Montana
-2-1-1-2-1 Ida Prather Griffith b 19 Jul 1858 m David Meriweather b Louisville
-2-1-1-2-2 Watson Prather Griffith b 24 Oct 1859
Ca9-7-5 John Cary b ca 1701/2 d after 1711
Ca10-9 Richard Cary b 1620 Bristol, England d June 10, 1667 Warwick, Virginia
Ca10-10 Alice Cary b 1625 Bristol, England
Ca10-11 Honor Cary b 1627 Bristol, England d Nov. 6, 1644 All Saints' Bristol, England
Ca10-12 Mary Cary b Nov. 1630 Bristol, England resided at 'Wakefield', Surry Co., VA.
m Hon. Nathaniel Harrison b 8 Aug 1677 d on 30 Nov 1727, son of Hon. Benjamin Harrison and Hannah Churchill
-1 Hannah Harrison m Armistead Churchill -1-1 William Churchill b. 24 Feb 1726 of 'Wilton' and 'Bushy Park' Middlesex Co Va m. Elizabeth Carter, dau of Col. Charles Carter and Mary Walker, 1751.
?Ca10-13 possibly related was: William Carey b 10 May 1668 in Somerset Co MD d Abt. May 1734
Elizabeth x
-1 Jonathan Carey, b Abt. 1705 in Worcester County, Md. He was the son of 14292. Unknown. m 7147. Elizabeth Holloway Abt. 1726 in Maryland. 7147. Elizabeth Holloway, b Abt. 1705 in Worcester County, Md d 1774 in Worcester Co Md. dau of John Holloway and Mary x -1-1 Hezekiah Carey
-1-2 Piercy Carey, b Abt. 1717 in Maryland; m George Hamblin Abt. 1750 in Sussx County, Delaware.
-1-3 Solomon Cary b. circa 1730 Haplogroup R1b - Lineage IV

-1-2-1 John Hamblin, b 1748 in Worchester Co Md m Orpha Kirby
-1-2-2 George Hamblin, b 1753
-1-2-3 Pierce Dant Hamblin, b 24 Mar 1756 in Worchester Co Md d Mar 1843 in Knox Co Ky m 5 Jul 1781 in Pittsylvania Co Va Abigail Vicent
-1-2-4 Benjamin Hamblin, b Abt. 1759 in Worcester Co Md d Abt. 1840 in Patterson Creek, Whitley Co Ky m Sarah Elizabeth Brim Bef. 1800 in Stokes Co NC
-1-2-5 Job Hamblin, b 14 Jul 1762
-1-2-6 Eliakim Hamblin, b Abt. 1767.
-1-2-7 Elizabeth Hamblin b 04 Mar 1768
-1-3-1 Solomon Cary b circa 1765

-1-2-4-1 Cinthia Hamblin, m Claiborne Reynolds.
-1-2-4-2 Catherine Hamblin
-1-2-4-3 Daniel Hamblin
-1-2-4-5 Joseph Hamblin
-1-2-4-6 Sarah Hamblin, b 06 Dec 1797 in North Carolina; died Aft. 1880 in Whitley County, KY m Amos Bennett 07 Feb 1818 in Whitley County, KY son of Ezekiel Bennett
-1-2-4-7 Benjamin Hamblin, b 20 Dec 1808 in South Carolina; m Judy Sears Abt. 1827 in Whitley County, KY
-1-3-1-1 Josiah Cary b. circa 1790, m. Elizabeth Dale

-1-2-4-6-1 Nancy Bennett
-1-2-4-6-2 John Bennett
-1-2-4-6-3 Cassy Bennett
-1-2-4-6-4 Sarah Bennett
-1-2-4-6-5 James Bennett
-1-2-4-6-6 Jane Bennett
-1-2-4-6-7 Elizabeth Bennett
-1-2-4-6-8 Jesse Bennett
-1-2-4-6-9 Daniel Bennett
-1-2-4-6-10 Edwin Bennett
-1-2-4-6-11 Joseph Bennett, b 1819
-1-2-4-6-12 Benjamin James Bennett, b 17 Aug 1819 in Whitley County, KY m died 07 Oct 1889 in Whitley Co KY m Rachel Catherine (Katie) Pennington 27 Aug 1838 in Whitley County, KY . dau of William Pennington and Susannah Nosseman
-1-2-4-6-13 Rebecca Bennett, b 1823
-1-2-4-6-14 Amos Bennett, b 1832 in Whitley County, KY m died Jun 1870 in South America precint, Whitley County, KY m m1 Nancy L. Perkins 30 Sep 1852 in Whitley Co KY b 1834; died Abt. 1860 in Whitley Co KY m2 Della Sears c 1860 in Whitley Co KY m b in Poplar Creek, Whitley County, KY
-1-3-1-1-1 Lemuel H. Cary b. circa 1815 Worcester Co. MD
-1-3-1-1-2 Issac D. Cary b. circa 1820 Worcester Co. MD, m. Sarah Hastings
-1-3-1-1-3 John L B R Cary b. Oct 5, 1825 MD,m. Comfort Ann Collins
-1-3-1-1-4 Josiah J. Cary b. 3 Nov 1833 m. Susan Collins

-1-2-4-6-12-1 Allie Bennett, m Hamblin
-1-2-4-6-12-2 Amos Bennett, b 1841 in Whitley County, KY m m Della Sears 01 Dec 1859 in Whitley County, KY m b 1841
-1-2-4-6-12-3 Pheobe Bennett, b 1842 in Whitley County, KY m died Bef. 1865 in Whitley County, KY m Thomas Peace 26 Dec 1861 in Whitley Co KY m b 11 Apr 1845 in Whitley Co KY m d 17 Nov 1914 in Whitley Co KY
-1-2-4-6-12-4 Rebecca Bennett, b 26 Feb 1848 in Whitley County, KY m died 21 Sep 1938 in Corbin, Whitley County, KY m m Thomas Peace 06 Jul 1865 in Home of Benjamin Bennett, Whitley Co KY . dau of Thomas L. Peace and Jensie (Jane) Harp
-1-2-4-6-12-5 Susan Bennett b 25 Nov 1852
-1-2-4-6-12-6 William B. Bennett b 28 Jul 1856 m Rachel Brummeth 22 Mar 1879; b 22 Jun 1857
-1-2-4-6-12-7 Sarah (Sally) Bennett b 20 Nov 1859
-1-2-4-6-12-8 Elizabeth (Betty) Bennett b 14 Jun 1861; m Jesse LaMance Powers
-1-3-1-1-4-1 Joshua Thomas Cary b Mar 2, 1860 MD, m. Alice E. Lynch
-1-3-1-1-4-2 John Franklin Cary b Feb 12, 1873 MD, m1 Hessie ? m2 Clara Usselton
-1-3-1-1-4-3 William L Cary b. 1865, m. Mary Catherine (Kate) Breasure + LIVING C-6 Kit # 78051
-1-3-1-1-4-4 Joseph Simpson Cary b. Sept 25 1862 Worcester Co. MD, m. Laura Ann Jones + LIVING C-10 Kit # 80677

-1-2-4-6-12-4-1 Jemima Peace, b 31 Mar 1865 in Buffalo, Whitley County, KY m d 30 Apr 1946 in Oak Ridge (Dorotha), Whitley Co KY m1 Leander (Lee) Moore 16 Mar 1881 in Thomas Peace's home Whitley County, KY m2 Benjamin Foster Walden Abt. 1890 in Corbin, Whitley County, KY m3 Tom Cotton Aft. 1917
-1-2-4-6-12-4-2 Benjamin A. Peace, b 28 Sep 1867 in Corbin, KY m died 17 Sep 1948 in Corbin, KY m Elizabeth Harp 24 Jan 1890; b 05 Nov 1867; died 04 Nov 1905
-1-2-4-6-12-4-3 William Peace, b 17 Jan 1871
-1-2-4-6-12-4-4 Amos Peace, b 15 Nov 1873
-1-2-4-6-12-4-5 James Peace, b Abt. 1874
-1-2-4-6-12-4-6 Hayes Peace, b 29 Nov 1877; m Alica Gross
-1-2-4-6-12-4-7 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Peace, b 01 Oct 1879; m Brown
-1-2-4-6-12-4-8 Grant Peace b 23 Aug 1882; died 20 Mar 1965 in Corbin, KY m m x Cavins
-1-2-4-6-12-4-9 Sulathia Peace b 23 Oct 1882
-1-2-4-6-12-4-10 Lamar G. Peace b 12 Mar 1884
-1-2-4-6-12-4-11 Frank Peace b Aug 1884
-1-2-4-6-12-4-12 Lacy Peace b 09 Oct 1888
-1-2-4-6-12-4-13 Lafeyette Peace b 19 May 1891
- - - - - 
Ca10 Col. Miles Cary was a Member of the Council in 1665. He was Eschestor (or Exchequer) General of Virginia, 1665. He was Burgess in 1659.

On his tomb an inscription gives, names of his father, mother, and maternal grandfather. The coat of arms of the Cary family of Devonshire is carved on this tombstone.

The arms: Argent on a bend sable; three vases argent, with a silver swan for their crest.

His tomb is at Cary's Quarter, at the intersection of the James and Warwick Rivers.

He died 1667, June 10th from wounds received in the attack by the Dutch Fleet upon Old Point Comfort, where he had been ordered to build a fort (Monroe) in 1665.

He left a will, and directed sale of two houses in Baldwin and St. Nicholas Streets for benefit of his three daughters, Anne, Bridgett and Elizabeth when married.

The inscription on the tomb of Colonel Miles Cary (Ca10): "Here lyeth ye body of Miles Cary Esquire, only son of John Cary and Alice, his wife, daughter of Henry Hobson of ye city of Bristol, Alderman.
He was b in ye City. and departed this life ye 10th day of June 1667. about the forty seventh year of his age, leaving four sons, and three daughters, namely, Thomas, Anne, Henry, Bridgett, Elizabeth, Miles and William."

In the city of Newport News, Va., there were four landings on Salter's Creek. On Walnut Avenue about 100 feet back of Blair, was the landing which for a century was used by thw Wilsons and the Carys.

He acquired his father in law's lands at Windmill Point and Magpie Swamp, and others, aggregating more than 2600 acres in Warwick, including the plantations afterwards known as the Forest, Richneck and Skiffs Creek [Mulberry Island] 2 He was a slaveowner and left numerous slaves in his will. He operated a mill and a store.

About his death at the hands of roving Dutch
The Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News area, known as Hampton Roads is where he was killed by the Dutch [in one of the last actions of their second and final war with England in America] .

The Dutch precense in the now United States involved only one permanent settlement , New Amsterdam, on Manhattan Island, from which they sent branch hamlets up the Hudson and to the shores of Long Island Sound and to the South on the Delaware River. The Swedes came into collision with the Dutch on the Delaware and were overpowered by them. The English collided with, and finally overpowered the Dutch after several wars. In the mid Seventeenth century the British and Dutch saw each other as direct competitors and so, several times during this period they were in conflict. The First Dutch Anglo War (1652 - 1654) was followed by the Second (1664-1668) and third (1672-1674). All of these wars were caused by commercial rivalry , and their battles were fought in the North Sea, English Channel, the Far East, and off the coasts of West Africa and North America.
In 1664, Stuyvesant surrendered Fort Amsterdam. In the same year Fort Orange capitulated as well. Both the city of New Amsterdam and the entire colony were renamed New York, while Fort Amsterdam was renamed Fort James and Fort Orange became Fort Albany. The loss of the New Netherland province led to a second Anglo-Dutch war during 1665-1667. Dutch gains in this second war were temporary, but of interest is that Dutch war parties extended as far south as Virginia. Miles Cary was killed by the Dutch in Hampton Roads [Now the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News area] during the Second Anglo-Dutch War and on 10 Jun 1667. With the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War [from 1665 to 1667] the Dutch faded entirely from now United Statesian presence.

About his Life:
Birth Records:
Baptismal record All Saints Church, Bristol reads 'The 30 Jan, 1622 [O.S.] was baptized Miles, the sonne of John Cary"2He is Mentioned in grandfather Henry Hobson's will as Myles Cary, son of Alice Cary, wife to John Cary, draper, of Bristol. "The Pedigree of Cary of Bristol, filed in the Heralds College, 1699 (includes the following... not repeated in the pedigree of 1701 ) among the children of John Cary and Alice Hobson, viz., 'Miles Cary, settled in Virginia and had issue Thomas Cary who m Anne, daughter of Francies Milner'"2 There was also "Testimony as to Miles Cary and his family in Hunsdon peerage case 1707, Harl. MS.6694, in the British Museum" 2
Life in Warwick County, Virginia

"Miles Cary went out as a young merchant with the tradition of a mercantile family, and suffered a sea change into a planter and public officer after he was established in the new world. On the other hand, the descendants of his New England uncle continued to maintain in their new environment and in a most interesting way, the Bristol seafaring and mercantile tradition ..." 2p 34-5

He " settled Warwick County, where he met his wife; He Lived at 'Magpie Swamps' inherited from father in law, and passed 'Magpie Swamps' to his son Thomas. His will mentions two homes, one on St Nicholas St, one on Baldwin , presumably in Bristol, to be sold for his daughter's benefit. In Virginia he owned 2, 000 acres well stocked, numerous slaves, in addition to a mill and a store. Anne bore him children between 1645-1666" 1
"*Note-Council and General Court Records, 1670. Col Miles Cary, late of Warwick, by his will, among several bequests and legacies, directed a sale to be made of his two houses in the city of Bristol, Kingdom of England; one of them situated in Belame Street and the other house situated in St Nicholas Street, and that the produce of money they should be sold for should be equally divided among his three daughters, to wit: Anne, Bridget and Elizabeth Cary. Emmanuel Willis m Elizabeth Cary, and they by a deed of the 11th of April, 1670, conveyed to William Bassetet, of the Courts of New Kent, all their interest in said houses [General Court Will Book . N. p 3]" 1

...'first record for him is on the bench of the Warwick Co Court 1652. Major 1654, Lieutenant-Colonel 1657, Colonel and Co Lieutenant 1660. Collector of the Tobacco Duties for James River, Escheator General for the Colony, Burgess 1660-1665, being member of the Publique Commitee" of the Assembly (Hening, ii, 31); advanced to the Council 1665. He maintained a water mill and a mercantile buusiness, both of which are mentioned in his will. Died , probably, from wounds, during the Dutch raid on Hampton Roads in June, 1667. He had acquired his father in law's lands at Windmill Point and Magpie Swamp, and others, aggregating more than 2600 acres in Warwick, including the plantations afterwards known as The Forest, Richneck, and Skiffs Creek (Mulberry Island). m in Virginia by 1646 , Anne Taylor, dau of Captain Thomas Taylor. The surviving evidence for the marriage is the reference in miles Cary's will to 'my father in law, Thomas Taylor, deceased.' In his patents of 1657 Miles Cary recites that he had acquired Thomas Taylor's property by devise and he returns Anne Taylor by her maiden name as a headright. She is described in the 1682 patent of Miles2 as 'his mother Mrs Anne Cary' and so was living fifteen years after her husband's death. She was undoubtedly buried, as was also, probably , her father, in the graveyard at Windmill Point. No evidence has yet appeared to identify this Taylor family definitely. Thomas Taylor was one of the original patentees in Elizabeth City in 1626 (Hotten, 273) and in 1643 took up 600 acres in Warwick. In 1646 he sat as Burgess for Warwick and as late as 1652 was in the commission of the peace. In the patent of 1643 he is styled 'mariner.' He was probably a Bristol sea captain long engaged in the Birginia trade who retired from the sea in Warwick. Heis relation to Miles Cary suggests thta he may have been of the family of John Taylor, alderman of Bristol, who is mentioned in relation to the Bristol Carys in the 1652 will of the Bristol clergyman, Robert Perry (P.C.C. Bowyer, 243. See Va Mag, xi, 364). We have seen that there had already been a Taylor / Cary marriage in Bristol."2p 34-5

Death Records and Tomb
His will is found Will: Book A, page 448, June 21 1667 [recorded Warwick ]1
His located tomb was found in pieces , the fragments revealing a coat of arms when put together, which Fairfax Harrison describes as "Ar. on a bend sa. three roses of the field. Crest: a Swan ppr. " and part of an original monument involving brick altar tomb surmounted by a heavy iron stone slab, evidently carved in England but with no traces of the bricks remaining. 2 Pecquet du Bellet informs that this tomb was discovered in 1851 " on a farm called "Bensalls" near Warwick Inn, then occupied by Mr Lucas1 , and Fairfax Harrison gives us description of the location "on the high bluff over the mouth of Potash Creek, looking down Warwick River, in the midst of an ancient grove. In 1868 it was described as 'at the foot of a giant walnut and in the deep shade of a bower formed by the festoons of a mighty grapevine with embraces the entire grove in its snake-like folds'" . 2

The tombstone was in five fragments that , when put together, held the coat of arms above described, and bearing the inscription;

"Here lyeth ye body of Miles Cary, Esq.
Only son of John Cary and Alice his wife,
Daughter of Henry Hobson of ye city of Bristol. Alderman, he was born in ye city and departed this life ye 10th day of June , 1667.
about the 47th year of his age, leaving four sons and three daughters [viz:] Thomas, Ann, Henry, Bridget, Elizabeth, Miles and William"

" The Will of Myles Cary [recorded in Book A, p 448, June 21st 1667] corroborates the statement of the epitaph. The coat of arms of the original colonist is represented on articles handed down from early days, with this motto: 'Sine Deo Careo'1
His tomb calls him Esq, but court records refer to him as Colonel , yielding to the Virginia tradition of calling the men of the militia by their rank.

About his Plantation, its position and occupants:
He was given Windmill Point and Magpie Swamps by his father in law. Following the Characteristics of the Carys in Virginia is account of the first Cary home in Virginia and Cary holdings in Virginia over several generations, in which Windmill Point features prominantly . These excerpts are transcribed from " The Virginia Carys : An Essay in Genealogy. " by Fairfax Harrison. Published New York. Publisher: De Vinne. 1919.
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