Ni6-4 John Nicholas

    was the son of Robert Carter Nicholas (Ni7) and Ann Cary (Ca7).
    Born: in Westmoreland County Virginia,1763
    Married: Anne Lawson, daughter of Gavin Lawson of Stafford County, Virginia.
    Died: in Geneva, N.Y. 31 December 1819

    John Nicholas (Ni6-4) and Anne Lawson had issue:

    Ni6-4-1 Gavin Lawson Nicholas.
    Ni6-4-2 Anne Cary Nicholas married Abraham Dox.
    Ni6-4-3 Susan Rose Nicholas, married Rev. Orin Clarke, issue: Susan L. Clarke married, George N. Dox.
    (Ni6-4-4) George Wilson Nicholas.
    (Ni6-4-5 Jane Lawson Nicholas.
    Ni6-4-6 Robert Carter Nicholas married Mary Seldon Rose
    Ni6-4-7 Elizabeth Randolph Nicholas
    Ni6-4-8 Sarah Norton Nicholas
    Ni6-4-9 Margaret Caroline Nicholas married Dr. F. B. Leonard of Lansingburg, N.Y.
    Ni6-4-10 Mary Blair Nicholas.
    Ni6-4-11 John Nicholas married Virginia Gallagher.

    The memoir of Col Joshua Fry says that this John Nicholas married Miss Rose. But perhaps his wife was the granddaughter of Miss Rose, possibly Susan Rose.
    The following biographical sketch of “one eyed” John Nicholas (Ni6-4), son of the Treasurer, Robert Carter Nicholas (Ni7) and Anna Cary, his wife, appeared in “American Orations” edited by Prof. Alexander Johnston of the College of New Jersey ( Princeton). Viz.;
    John Nicholas was born in Westmoreland County Virginia, 1763, was elected Representative from Virginia in the third Congress as a Democrat; he was re-elected to the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Congresses, serving from December 2, 1793, to March 3, 1801; removed to Geneva, New York, and devoted himself to agricultural pursuits. He was a member of the State Senate of New York, 1806 - 1809; he was the presiding judge of the Oneida County Court; superintended the education of a large family, and after a long illness died in Geneva, N.Y. 31 December 1819. (The political Register and Congressional Directory, compiled by Ben. Perley Poore)

    Reniell in his “Life of Jefferson”, says: "No Virginia family contributed more to Mr. Jefferson's personal success than the powerful family of Nicholas - powerful in talents, power in probity, powerful in their numbers and union.

    John Nicholas married .Anne Lawson, daughter of Gavin Lawson of Stafford County, Virginia. Robert Seldon Rose married another daughter, Jane Lawson. Messrs. Lawson, Nicholas, Rose and a kinsman, Col. Fitzhugh, with their families and slaves, removed from Virginia in 1803 to what was then called the “Genesee County” in Western New York, where they had large landed estates in the vicinity of what is now Geneva, Ontario County, New York and where many of their descendants still reside.

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    John Nicholas Compact Disc #98 Pin #344007
    Sex: M
    Birth: 1756 Place: , Frederick, Virginia, United States
    Death: 1820 Place: of, , New York, United States
    Father: Robert Carter Nicholas Disc #98 Pin #344003
    Mother: Ann Cary Disc #98 Pin #344004
    Spouse: Ann Rose Lawson Disc #98 Pin #344016
    Marriage: abt 1779 Place: , , Virginia, United States
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