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Fairfax 2: Fairfax of Cameron, Fairfax of Denton, Fairfax of Tolston Toulston, Fairfax in Virginia
Fa15. Sir William Fairfax of Steeton, Sheriff of Yorkshire d 31.10.1558
m 1518 Isabel Thwaits dau of Thomas Thwaits or Thwayts of Denton Castle
Fa14-1. Sir Thomas Fairfax of Denton and Nunappleton, Sheriff of Yorkshire b 1521, d 28.01.1599-1600, 2nd son
m Dorothy Gale d 02.01.1595-6, dau of George Gale of Acomb Grange, widow of John Rokesby of Sandall
Fa14-1-1 Sir Thomas Fairfax of Denton, 1st Lord Fairfax of Cameron b 1560, d 02.05.1640
m 1582 Ellen Aske d 23.08.1620, dau of Robert Aske of Aughton
i. Ferdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord of Cameron b 29.03.1584, d 13.03.1647-8
m1 1607 Mary Sheffield bur 04.06.1619, dau of Edmund Sheffield, 1st Earl of Mulgrave
a. Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord of Cameron b 17.01.1611-2, d 12.11.1671, C-I-C of Parliamentary army
m 20.06.1637 Anne Vere d 16.10.1665, dau of Horatio de Vere, Lord Tilbury
1 Mary Fairfax b 13.07.1638, d 20.10.1704
m 15.09.1657 George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham b 30.01.1627-8, dsp 16.04.1687
2 Elizabeth Fairfax bpt 06.04.1640, d 1642
b. Ellen Fairfax b 10.02.1611-2, d 17.03.1671 (from Lester james' tree)
m Sir William Selby of Twizell
c. Frances Fairfax b 13.12.1612, d 04.05.1649
m Sir Thomas Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange b c1600, d 13.05.1614, Speaker of the House of Commons son of Lewis Widdrington and Katherine Lawson
-1 Catherine Widdrington d. 31 Aug 1676
m Sir Robert Shafto of Whitworth bap 13 May 1634 d 21 May 1705 son of Robert Shafto d Before 12 Sep 1623 and Jane Eden d. After 1631
-1-1 Mark Shafto of Whitworth b 8 Apr 1662 d 28 Dec 1723 m Margaret Ingilby b 1660 d 12 Dec 1715 dau of Sir William Ingilby of Ripley b. 1621 and Margaret Savile grandau of John Savile of Methley Yorks and Margaret Garraway -1-1-1 Catherine Shafto d 2 Jul 1730 m Sir John Eden b about 1680 d 2 May 1728 son of Sir Robert Eden b 1644 d. 17 May 1720 and Margaret Lambton b 1651 d. 22 Jul 1730 (dau of John Lambton of Durham b 1624 and Margaret Hall) -1-1-1-1 Sir Robert Eden b ct 1718 d 25 Jun 1755 m Mary Davison of Beamish d 30 Jan 1794 dau of William Davison of Beamish b 1673 d 27 Aug 1713 and Elizabeth Blacket b About 1645 d 10 Sep 1694 -1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Eden b 1734 d. 1 May 1805 m Mariana Jones b About 1750 dau of Arthur Jones of Reigate Priory and Ann x
-1-1-1-1-2 Sir Robert Eden b 1741 d 1784 1st Baronet of Maryland Gov of MD m Caroline Calvert dau of Charles Calvert 5th Baron Baltimore and Mary Janssen b 1706 d 1768
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Arthur Eden b 9 Aug 1793 d 1874 m Frances Buncombe-Poulett-Thomson d. 25 Mar 1877 dau of John Buncombe-Poulett-Thomson of Waverley Abbey House d Jan 1839 and Charlotte Jacob d 18 May 1824
-1-1-1-1-2-1 Frederick Morton Eden b 1766 Ashted Surrey d 1809 m Anne Smyth d 1808 dau of James Smyth and Mary Highford d 1800
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Dulcibella Eden d. 1903 m Hugh Hammersley d 28 Sep 1882 son of Charles Hammersley and Emily Buncombe-Poulett-Thomson
-1-1-1-1-2-1-1 Marianne Eden (c1793 13 May 1859)
-1-1-1-1-2-1-2 Sir Frederick Eden, 3rd Baronet (c1794- December 1814)
-1-1-1-1-2-1-3 Caroline Eden (c1801 10 November 1854)
-1-1-1-1-2-1-4 Sir William Eden, 4th/6th Bt.+1 31 Jan 1803 21 Oct 1873)
-1-1-1-1-2-1-5 Rt Reverend Robert Eden (2 September 1804 26 Aug 1886)
-1-1-1-1-2-1-6 George Morton Eden b 1806 Ashted Aurrey Engl d 1862 m Louisa Eyres
-1-1-1-1-2-1-7 Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Eden (3 July 1808 7 Mar 1878 sp) m1 Emma Williams m2 Fanny Cecilia Grenville
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Mabel Barbara Hammersley b 1864 d 1943 m Walter Nassau Senior b 1850 d 1933 son of Nassau John Senior b 1822 d 1891 and Jane Elizabeth Hughes 'Janie Senior' b 10 Dec 1828 d 24 Mar 1877 grandson of John Hughes of Donnington Priory b 1790 d 1857 Margaret Elizabeth Wilkinson b 1797 d 1887 gr grandson of Thomas Wilkinson of Stokesley Hall, Stokesley and Jane Hutton b Before 1798 2gr granson of Rev. Thomas Hughes of Uffington b 1756 d 6 Jan 1833 and Mary Ann Watts b 3 Apr 1770 d 1853
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Oliver Nassau Senior b 1901 m Dorothy Gardner Smith b 31 May 1904 dau of Herbert Heaton Gardner Smith b 1869 d 1922 and Annie E Pierce b 1874 d 1918
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Pamela Mary Senior b 23 Aug 1928 m Denys Gordon Milne, C. B. E. b 12 Jan 1926 son of Dr. George Gordon Milne b 31 Jan 1894 d Apr 1942 and Margaret Nightingale Campbell b 19 Mar 1900 d 18 Dec 1983
-1-1-1-1-2-1-6-1 Morton Eden b 1835 d 1880 m Georgeiana Pester b 1838 d 1890
d. Elizabeth Fairfax b 04.02.1613-4
m 30.03.1646 Sir William Craven of Lenchwick d 12.10.1655
e. Mary Fairfax b 04.05.1616, bur 21.12.1678
m 24.05.1638 Henry Arthington of Arthington
f. Dorothy Fairfax b 04.06.1617, d 07.06.1687
m Richard Hutton bpt 05.04.1613, d 08.04.1648
g.+ other issue - Charles b 22.03.1614-5, d Marston Moor 07.07.1644, John b 31.05.1619, d 07.06.1619, Ursula b 29.09.1609, d 06.07.1628
m2 16.10.1646 Rhoda Chapman b c1616, bur 11.10.1686, dau of Thomas Chapman of London
j. Ursula Fairfax b 02.1647-8, d 25.07.1702
m 1669 William Cartwright of Aynho b 1634, d 17.04.1676
ii. Henry Fairfax of Oglethorpe b 14.01.1587-8, d 06.04.1665, minister, 4th son
m1 27.09.1623 Katherine Dukenfield d 24.12.1623, dau of Richard Dukenfield of Dukenfield
m2 04.02.1626 Mary Cholmley b 04.02.1603, d 08.01.1650, dau of Sir Henry Cholmley of Roxby
a. Thomas Fairfax b 07.03.1627-8, d 28.04.1640
b. Henry Fairfax, 4th Lord of Cameron b 20.12.1631, bur 16.04.1688
m Frances Barwick d 14.02.1683-4, dau of Sir Robert Barwick of Toulston by Ursula, dau of Walter Strickland of Boynton
1 Thomas Fairfax, 5th Lord of Cameron b 16.04.1657, d 06.01.1709-10
m c1685 Catherine Colepeper d before 23.06.1719, dau of Thomas Colepeper, 2nd Lord of Thoresway
A Thomas Fairfax of Greenway Court Virginia, 6th Lord of Cameron b 1690, d unm 12.03.1782
B Robert Fairfax of Leeds Castle, 7th Lord of Cameron b 1707, d 15.07.1793
m1 25.04.1741 Martha Collins d 17.09.1743, dau of Anthony Collins of Baddow
i son b c1743, d 1747
m2 18.07.1749 Dorothy Best d 21.05.1750, dau of Mawdistley Best of Boxley
C Margaret Fairfax dsp 30.03.1755
m 15.11.1725 David Wilkins minister
D Frances Fairfax b 1703, d 13.12.1791
m Denny Martin, later Fairfax of Leeds Castle
E+ other issue d unm - Henry Colepeper d 14.10.1734, Katherine b 1695, d 04.08.1716, Mary b 1705, d 09.1739
2 Henry Fairfax of Tolston or Toulston b 20.04.1659, d 1708
m 17.09.1684 Anne Harrison dau of Richard Harrison of South Cave
A Henry Fairfax of Tolston bpt 15.09.1685, d unm 22.11.1759
B William Fairfax, Governor of the Bahamas bpt 30.10.1691, d 03.09.1757, to Virginia in USA, 4th son>
m1 27.03.1723 Sarah Walker d 18.01.1731, dau of Major Thomas Walker
i George William Fairfax of Tolston b 1724, dsp 03.04.1787
m 17.12.1748 Sarah Cary Ca7-5 d 02.11.1711, dau of Col. Wilson Cary of Ceelys, Virginia
ii Thomas Fairfax d unm 26.06.1746
iii Anne Nancy Fairfax b c1728, d 14.03.1761
m1 19.07.1743 Lawrence Washington d 26.07.1752, brother of President George W.
m2 George Lee of Virginia
iv Sarah Fairfax
m Major John Carlyle of Alexandria, Virginia
m2 28.10.1731 Deborah Gedney dau of Col. Bartholomew Gedney
v Bryan Fairfax, 8th Lord of Cameron b 1737, d 08.1802
m1 1759 Elizabeth Cary d 1788, dau of Col. Wilson Cary of Ceelys, Virginia
a William Fairfax d infant
b Thomas Fairfax, 9th Lord of Cameron b 1762, d 21.04.1846 had issue
m1 11.1795 Mary Aylett dsp 30.04.1796
m2 02.02.1798 Louisa Washington dsp 28.04.1798, dau of Warner Washington
m3. 31.12.1800 Margaret Herbert d 07.03.1858, dau of William Herbert
c Ferdinando Fairfax of Shannon Hill b 1766, d 24.09.1820 had issue
m c1795 Elizabeth Blair Cary d 19.01.1822, dau of Col. Wilson Miles Cary of Ceelys
d Elizabeth Fairfax
m Rev. David Griffith
m2 Jane / Jenny Dennison
e Anne Fairfax b 1783
m Charles Jefferson Catlett
-1 Louisa Catlett b 1808 m Col John West Minor -1-1 Esther Fairfax Minor m James Monroe Heiskell
-1-2 Fairfax Catlett Minor
vi William Henry Fairfax d unm Quebec 1759
vii Hannah Fairfax
m Warner Washington b 22.09.1722
C Dorothy Fairfax bpt 16.05.1689
m 1731 Henry Chapman of Thirsk
D+ other issue - Thomas bpt 13.03.1687, d infant, Richard bpt 31.07.1690, bur 29.10.1690, Brian in Wetherby a 1730, Barwick b 1695, d 1700, John b 1699, d infant, Anne bpt 11.07.1693, d unm
3 Dorothy Fairfax b 30.12.1655, d 14.01.1744/5
m1 Robert Stapleton of Wighill dsp 1675
m2 Bennet Sherard d 1711
4 Frances Fairfax b 02.04.1663, bur 22.07.1723
m 26.10.1686 Nicholas Rymer minister
5 Anne Fairfax bpt 27.04.1670
m 02.09.1690 Ralph Carr of Cocken
6+ other issue - Bryan b 02.04.1665, d 14.10.1666, Barwick of Tadcaster b 18.09.1667, d before 01.07.1734, Mary b 29.07.1653, bur 07.05.1654, Ursula b 03.05.1661, d 1668, Mary bpt 08.10.1673, d unm 24.09.1716
c. Bryan Fairfax b 06.10.1633, d 20.09.1711
m 22.04.1675 Charlotte Cary d 14.11.1709, dau of Sir Edmund Cary
1+ 5 sons
d. Ellen Fairfax b 09.03.1628-9, d 20.07.1630
iii. Charles Fairfax of Minsington or Mensington, Governor of Hull b 05.03.1595-6, d 22.12.1673, 7th son
m Mary Brerehay bur 21.10.1657, dau of John Brerehay of Scow Hall and Menston
The following comes from Visitation Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1666, Fairfax of Mensington.
a. Thomas Fairfax b c1628, a 04.1666
m Eleanor Hinchcliffe dau of James Hinchcliffe of Kirkstall Abby
1 Eleanor Fairfax b 06-7.1666
b. Eleanor Fairfax
m George Smithson of Moulton
c.+ other issue - Charles d young, William d unm, Bryan d infant, John b 1634-5, a 1666, Henry b 1634-5, a 1666, Ferdinando of London d unm, grocer, Peregrine b 1643-4, a 1666, Charles b 1644-5, a 1666, Mary, Dorothy, Elizabeth
iv. Dorothy Fairfax b 13.07.1590, d 09.03.1655-6
m 15.02.1608 Sir William Constable of Flamborough, Bart dsp 15.06.1655
v. Anne Fairfax b 08.10.1600, d 19.08.1624
m before 10.1621 George Wentworth of Wolley b c1600, d 18.10.1660
vi. Charles b 08.04.1586, d infant
vii. Henry b 08.04.1586, d infant, William b 10.05.1593, d unm Frankenthal 13.10.1621
viii. Thomas b 04.08.1594, d unm 04.07.1621
ix. John b 29.10.1597, d unm Frankenthal 13.10.1621
x Peregrine b 31.05.1599, d unm Mouslach 09.1621
xi. Mary b 16.05.1588, d infant
Fa14-1-2 Ursula Fairfax
m Sir Henry Belasyse, 1st Bart of Belasyse
Fa14-1-3 Christian Fairfax
m John Aske last of Aughton son of Robert Aske of Aughton, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1588
-1 Richard Aske of Middle Temple, London
Fa14-1-4 other issue - Ferdinand, Sir Charles d Ostend, Colonel, Edward of Newhall, Anne, Elizabeth
Fa14 Henry Fairfax 4th son
m Dorothy Aske dau of Robert Aske of Aughton
Fa13-1 Gabriel Fairfax of Street House
Fa13 Frances Fairfax b about 1576 in Billboro, Yorkshire
m Robert Beverley
Be12 Peter Beverley Be12 bap 1613 Hull Yorkshire d 16 Sept 1650 Hull, Yorkshire m Susanna Hollis/Hollice b 1634 in Yorkshire, daughter of Robert Hollis Be11-1 Jane Beverley b. 1638/39 possibly married Col John Armistead about 1685
Be11-2 Phillip Beverley b. 1639/40
Be11-3 Henry Beverley b. 1640/1
Be11 Robert Beverley b 1642/43
Be11-5 Anne Beverley b. 1643/44
Capt Henry/Harry Beverley b 1669 in Middlesex Co Va d 30 Nov 1730 in "Newlands" Spottsylvania Va m c 1696 Elizabeth Smith b about 1672 in Va d 1708 dau of Laurence Major Smith b 29 Mar 1629 in Stoneyhurst, Burnley Parish, Lancashire and Mary Debnam/?Hitchen
Be10-2 Mary Beverley b 1678 Jamestown Middlesex Co Va m 1694 William Jones
Peter Beverley b about 1668 Va d 1728 m Elizabeth Peyton Pe10, dau of Major Robert Peyton and Mary ?
Be9 Ann Beverley b 1689, Jamestown VA d 1744 Elmington m 2 Jan 1723 Col. Henry Whiting Wh9 b 1668 Elmington d 1723
Be9-2 Elizabeth Peyton Beverley b 1 Jan 1691 Gloucester Co d 26 Dec 1723 Charles City Co, VA bur 3 Jan 1724 m 22 June 1709 William Randolph
Be9-3 Susannah Beverley b ca. 1692 Gloucester Co d 1768 bur Williamsburg m 1718 John Randolph
Wh8-1 Major Peter Whiting, b c 1703 d c 1790) m Ann Cary, dau of Miles Cary and Mary Wilson
Wh8-2 Henry Whiting, (1705 - )
Wh8-3 Col. Beverley Whiting, m1 Elizabeth, m2 Mary Skaife
Wh8 Thomas Whiting b c 1712 d 1781 Gloucester Co Va m1 to Elizabeth Beverley (?? s.b.) m Elizabeth Thruston (1740-1766) Th8 + 2 ch m3. to Elizabeth Seawell
Wh8-5 Francis Whiting

Wh8-3-1 Major Peter Beverley Whiting b c 1730 m Elizabeth Burwell.
Wh7 Elizabeth Thruston Whiting m1 1st cous John Thruston m2 June 18, 1805 to Colonel Aaron Fontaine Fo7 in Jefferson Co
Wh7-2 Francis Whiting
Th6-1 Mary Buckner Thruston
Th6 Elizabeth Taylor Thruston m 1804, Sep 11 to Worden Pope Po6 d 1838
Po5 Patrick Henry Pope b 17 Mar 1806 d 4 May 1841 US Congressman for Louisville Ky m 18 July 1827 Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5 dau of James Brown III (Br6) and Urith Owings Lawrence La6
Po4 Po4 Mary Ann Pope b 30 Sep 1838 d 7 Jun 1897)
m 29 Jan 1857 in Louisville Ky George Nicholas Ni4 + 13 ch
Fa14-3. Gabriel Fairfax of Steeton
m Elizabeth Aske dau of Robert Aske of Aughton
Fa14-4. Anne Agnes Fairfax
m1 Sir Henry Everyngham of Byrkyn Everingham of Birkin
m2 Edmond Eltoft of Farnhill b c1517, d 1587
Fa14-5. Mary Fairfax
m Robert Rockley of Rockley
Fa14-6. Ursula Fairfax
m Raff Vavasour d before 05.1611, son of Sir William of Haselwood
Fa14-7. Brydget Fairfax
m Cotton Gargrave son/heir of Sir Thomas of Kynsley
Fa14-8. Suzan Fairfax
m1 Christhopher Carruthers
m2 Thomas Burgh of Hill
m3. Robert Bullock
Fa14-9.+ other issue - Francis dsp, Edward d young
Fa14-?.+ Probably related to the above was John Fairfax d 1735 m Mary Scott dau of Edward Scott (from Scott Kendall's tree)
Fa14-? William Fairfax b 31 Jul 1722 Charles Co MD d 4 Oct 1793 Occuquan VA
m1 Benedicta Blanchard b 1720 + ch
-1 William Fairfax d 1848 m1 Lettice Adams m2 Ann KIng
-2 Anne Fairfax b 1740 m y Warden
-3 Ada Fairfax m y Calvert
-4 Catherine Fairfax
-5 Hezekiah Fairfax b 1754 Charles Co MD m Margaret Calvert b 1780 d 1866
-6 Benedicta Fairfax
-7 Jonathan Fairfax

-5-1 Martha Fairfax b 1815 m French Simpson b 1816

-5-1-1 Granville Simpson b 23 Apr 1851 KY d 2 Dec 1943 Jefferson KY m Buena Carrico b 1848 d 1931 /td>

-5-1-1-1 Corinne Simpson b 1890 d 1971 m Robert McCollum b 1880 d 1966 ancestors of Tonya Swope, author's DNA match
m2 Elizabeth Buckner b 1742 Pr Wm Co VA d Occuquan Pr Wm VA + ch s. below +1 Peyton Buckner d 1750
m Elizabeth Seale b 1724 d 1783
Fa14-?-1 Catherine Fairfax
m William Garner
Fa14-?-2 John Fairfax b 1763 d 1843
m Mary Byrn b 1770 d 1803
-1 Buckner Fairfax b 1798 d 1880
-2 John Fairfax
-3 Mary Fairfax m Aquilla Martin
-4 William Fairfax
-5 George Fairfax
Fa14-?-3 Sarah Fairfax b 1768 d 1835 m Henry/?Hugh Davis b 1768
Fa14-?-3-1 William Davis b 1806 Fairfax Co VA D THERE
m Jane Bradley d 1877
-1 William Davis b 1834 d 1905 m Mary Arundell b 1841 d 1912
-2 Jane Davis b 1832 d 1912 m William Lewis d 1876
-3 Mary Davis b 1846 d 1917 m John Steele b 1830 d 1892
-4 Harriet Davis b 1848 m Arthur Ball b 1851 d 1927

-4-1 Benjamin Ball b 1886 d 1957
-4-2 Peter Ball b 1888 d 1975
-4-3 Grace Ball b 1889
-4-4 William Ball b 1891 d 1946
-4-5 Arthur Ball b 1894 d 1963
Fa14-?-3-2 George Davis b 1810 d 1882 m Susan Coulter b 1819 d 1897
Fa14-?-3-2-1 Sarah Davis b 1843 d 1920
m James Stone b 1844 d 1924
Fa14-?-3-2-1-1 Lorena Stone b 1867 d 1915
m Horace Bradley b 1858 d 1937 son of John Bradley and Jane Miller
-1 Sadie Bradley b 1899 d 1988 m Roy Marshall b 1896 d 1939 ancestors of Tonya Swope, author's DNA match
Fa14-?-4 Elizabeth Fairfax m Richard Pell

Sources: BP1934 Fairfax, TSP Fairfax with a little input from Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Fairfax
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