Ca9 Colonel Miles Cary of Ceeleys and Richneck.

    Miles Cary was the third son of Colonel Miles Cary Ca10 and Anne Taylor Ta10.
    Born 1655, October 27, in Virginia. Son of (Ca10)
    Married - (first) Mary Milner, daughter of Thomas Milner.  No issue.
     (second) 1702, April 13, Mary Wilson Wi9 widow of Colonel William Roscow of Blount Point, Warwick County, daughter and heiress of Colonel William Wilson Wi10 of Hampton, Elizabeth City County.
    Died 1708, February 17, and was buried at Richneck, Warwick County.

    Miles Cary and Mary Wilson had issue:

    Ca8 Wilson Cary
    He was educated in England under the direction of his uncle. He was Clerk of the General Court. 1692-3. He was a Burgess and Chairman of important Committees from 1693 - 1699. He was a prominent member of the Committee to revise laws of the original trustees of William and Mary in 1693. He was Register of the Court of Admiralty. He was Naval Officer on York River. He was Surveyor General of Virginia (1692-1708). He was one of the gentlemen summoned to repel a fleet of pirates on Chesapeake Bay, April 28, 1700.

     The inscription on the grave stone of Mary, his first wife, at Richneck, Warwick County:¬  “Here lyeth ye body of Mary, the wife of  Miles Cary and daughter of Thomas Milner and Mary his wife, late of Nausemond County, deceased. She was born of the 6th of August 1667 and died 27th of October, 1700 in the 34th year of her age, issueless.

    Also, ye body of Colonel Miles Cary, husband of the said Mary, who died February 17, 1708, and left two sons, Wilson and Miles, and two daughters, Mary and Anne, by Mary, ye daughter of Colonel William Wilson of Hampton (Elizabeth City County).”
    Ca8-2 Mary Cary b. 1704 m 1722 Joseph Selden b 1705 England d 1727 Elizabeth City Co Va son of Samuel Selden and Rebecca Yeo She left a will at Elizabeth City Co., VA; proved 25 Mar 1775.
    .Ca8-2-1 Wilson Cary Selden b c 1723 in VA
    .Ca8-2-2 Samuel Selden b 1725 in Buckroe, Hampton Co. VA
    .Ca8-2-3 Miles Selden b c 1726
    Ca8-3 Anne Cary b. 1706; m. Maj. Peter Whiting d. before 1749 son of Col. Henry Whiting Wh9 and Ann Beverley Be9
    Ca8-4 Miles Cary; b. 1708. He resided at 'Ceeleys', Elizabeth City Co., VA. He left a will on 11 Oct 1752 at Elizabeth City Co., VA; proved 8 Sep 1756.

    Ca10 Colonel Miles Cary
    Born 1620, Bristol, England, Son of (Ca11)
    - He emigrated to Virginia about 1645, and settled at Magpie Swamp, Warwick County, Virginia. He was Justice of Warwick, 1652. He was Collector of Customs on the James River. He was Royal Naval Officer, having superintendence of building Fort Monroe.
    He was a Member of the Council in 1665. He was Eschestor (or Exchequer) General of Virginia, 1665. He was Burgess in 1659.

    On his tomb an inscription gives, names of his father, mother, and maternal grandfather. The coat of arms of the Cary family of Devonshire is carved on this tombstone.

    The arms: Argent on abend sable; three vases argent, with a silver swan for their crest.

    His tomb is at Cary's Quarter, at the intersection of the James and Warwick Rivers.

    Colonel Cary (Ca10.9) married Anne (Ta10.10) daughter of Thomas Taylor of Bristol.

    He died 1667, June 10th from wounds received in the attack by the Dutch Fleet upon Old Point Comfort, where he had been ordered to build a fort (Monroe) in 1665.

    He left a will, and directed sale of two houses in Baldwin and St. Nicholas Streets for benefit of his three daughters, Anne, Bridgett and Elizabeth when married.

    The inscription on the tomb of Colonel Miles Cary (Ca10): "Here lyeth ye body of Miles Cary Esquire, only son of John Cary alld Alice, his wife, daughter of Henry Robson of ye city of Bristol, Alderman.

    He was born in ye City. and departed this life ye 10th day of June 1667. about the forty seventh year of his age, leaving four sons, and three daughters, namely, Thomas, Anne, Henry, Bridgett, Elizabeth, Miles and William."

    Generation Ca11
    Son of (Ca12)
    John Cary ,
    Baptised  1583 ,
    Married, Alice Hobson (Ho11) daughter of Henry Hobson (Ho12), Alderman of Bristol, England and Alice (Da12) daughter of William Davis (Da13) living in 1636

    Generation Ca12
    Son of Ca13
    WilIiam Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England.
    Born - 1550
    Miarried 1572, January 14 to Alice Goodall (12.34)
    Died 1632

    Generation Ca13
    Son of (Ca14) Richard Cary, Merchant of Bristol.
    Born – 1526?
    Died - 1570

    Generation Ca14,
    William Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England.
    Born – 1510? ¬
    Died - 1572

    (Ancestry derived from pedigree registered in 1699 in Heralds’ College of Arms, London, by John Cary of Bristol gentleman, and his brother, Richard Cary, Alderman of London.)