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Pateshulle or Pateshull or Patshull of Bletsoe, Pateshulle of Pattishall, Peverel of Broun, Peverel of Nottingham, Plaiz of Plaiz
It is not known if this family is connected to the family of Pateshall on Pateshall1 or that of Peshall on Peshall1.
Sir Simon de Pateshulle, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire a 1189, 03.1216
m Amice possibly dau of William le Chevalier of Tolleshunt
1. Walter de Pateshulle, Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire d before 20.08.1232
m Margery dau of Richard de Argentom
A. Sir Simon de Pateshulle of Bletsoe, Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire d c04.1274
i. Sir John de Pateshulle of Pattishall d 1290
m Hawise a 1316
a. Simon de Pateshulle of Bletsoe d before 02.12.1295
m after 01.1286/7 Isabel de Stonegrave d by 1324, dau of John de Stonegrave
1 Sir John de Pateshulle of Pattishall, Bletsoe and Crawley b c1292, d 07/8.1349
m by 1312 Mabel de Grandison dau of William de Grandison, 1st Lord
A William de Pateshulle dsp 27.09.1359
m by 1332 Joan
B Sibyl de Pateshulle
m Sir Roger de Beauchamp, 1st Lord of Bletsoe d 1379
C Maud de Pateshulle
m c12.1330 Walter de Fauconberg, 4th Lord b 1319, d 29.09.1362
D Alice de Pateshulle
m Sir Thomas Wake of Blisworth
E Katherine de Pateshulle
m Sir Robert Tudenham or Tuddenham 'of Oxborough'
i ?? Tuddenham
a Sir Robert Tudenham or Tuddenham of Oxborough
m Margaret Harling dau of John Harling by Margaret, dau of Thomas Jenny by Elizabeth Borne
1 Robert Thomas? Tuddenham of Oxborough dsp
2 Margaret Tuddenham
m Sir Edmund Bedingfeld d 1446
F+ other issue dsp before 09.1359 - Simon, Richard
- - - - - 
Pe29 =30 =31 =32 =33. Ranulph de Peverel
m Maud dau of Ingelric
Ranulph and Maud are reported on various websites to have been father of both William and Payn/Robert below. We do not know what evidence has been found to support this view.
Pe8 =29 =30 =31 =32. William de Peverel of Nottingham Castle d 1113/4 may have been the illigitimate son of the Conqueror
m Adeline
TCP vol iv, Appendix I focuses on the family of Peverel of Nottingham reporting that little is known of William the elder except that he had a brother Robert. Reports that William may have been an illegitimate son of William the Conqueror are doubtful but no other possibilities are known.
Pe27-1. William de Peverel dvpsp
Pe27 =28 =29 =30 =31 William de Peverel of Nottingham Castle b about 1100 a 1155
m1 Oddona
m2 Avice of Lancaster a 1149, probably dau of Count Roger 'the Poitevin', lord of Lancaster, by Aumodis, Countess of La Marche
Not sure which wife was mother of ...
Pe26-1. Henry de Peverel
Pe6 =27 =28 =29 =30 Margaret de Peverel b c 1105
m Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Earl of Derby d before 1160
-1 William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby b about 1145 d before 21.10.1190
m Sibyl de Braose dau of William de Braose, Lord of Abergavenny
-1-1 William de Ferrers, 4th Earl of Derby d 22.09.1247
m 1192 Agnes de Meschines d 02.11.1246-7, dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester
-1-2 Walcheline de Ferrers, lord of Eggington shown by BE1883 as son of William, '3rd Earl' m Goda de Toni dau of Robert de Toni
-1-3 Agatha de Ferrers b c 1180, she is shown by BE1883 Ferrers as daughter of Robert, '4th Earl', but she is noted in various web sites including 'RoyalData' as daughter of William, 3rd Earl, by Sibyl de Braose.
p. John Plantagenet, 'Lackland', King John of England b 24.12.1166, d 18.10.1216 HJY
-1-4 Petronilla or Pernell de Ferrers b c 1180, she is shown by BE1883 Ferrers as daughter of Robert, 2nd Earl, but TCP Stafford identifies her as daughter of William, 3rd Earl, by Sibyl de Braose.
m Hervey de Stafford d 1237
-1-1-1 William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby d 24/8.03.1254
m1 before 14.05.1219 Sybil Marshal + 7 ch dau of William Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke m2 by 1238 Margaret de Quincy d before 12.03.1280/1 + 4 ch dau of Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester
-1-1-2 Thomas de Ferrers of Chartley dsp
-1-1-3 Hugh de Ferrers of Bugbrooke m ?? de Mohaut sister of Roger de Mohaut, steward of Chester
-1-1-4 x de Ferrers m John de Vipont Vespont of Appleby, Sheriff of Westmoreland d 25.07.1241
-1-1-5 Sibyl de Ferrers possibly of this generation m Sir Frank de Bohun of Midhurst d 14.09.1273
-1-1-6 y de Ferrers
-1-1-7? x de Ferrers b c 1235 d 1300 m Sir Hercules Beckwith Baron de Clint b 1230 Methby York d 1285 Ugleby York
-1-1-1-1 Agnes de Ferrers d 11.05.1290
m William de Vesci of Alnwick b c 1225 d 22.10.1253
-1-1-1-2 Isabel de Ferrers b c 1225 m1 Gilbert Basset of Wycombe d 31.07.1241 m2 Reginald de Mohun, 5th of Dunster b c 1225 d 20.01.1257/8
-1-1-1-3 Maud de Ferrers d 12.03.1298/9 m1 Simon de Kyme of Kyme dsp by 30.07.1248 m2 William Fort de Vivonne / Vyvon of Chewton d by 22.05.1259
-1-1-1-4 Sibyl de Ferrers m1 John de Vipont (Vieuxpont) Sheriff of Westmoreland b c 1194 m2 Frank de Mohun of Midhurst d 14.09.1273
-1-1-1-5 Joane de Ferrers d 10.1267 m1 John de Mohun, younger of Dunster d 1254 m2 Robert Aguillon of Watton and Perching d 15.02.1285/6
-1-1-1-6 Agatha de Ferrers d 22.05.1306 m Hugh de Mortimer of Chelmarsh d 06.1275
-1-1-1-7 Eleanor de Ferrers dsp by 26.10.1274 m1 William de Vaux Vallibus of Tharston and Wisset dsp before 05.12.1252 m2 Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester d 25.04.1264 m3. before 09.1267 Roger de Leybourne of Eltham d c10.1271
-1-1-1-8 Robert de Ferrers, 8th Earl of Derby b c1239, d 1279 Robert rebelled against King Henry III of England and lost the earldom. m1 mcrt 26.07.1249 Mary of Angouleme b c1242, a 07.1266 no ch dau of Hugh le Brun, Count of Angouleme m2 26.06.1269 Alianore de Bohun d 20.02.1313/4, dau of Sir Humphrey de Bohun, younger of Hereford
-1-1-1-9 William de Ferrers of Groby b c 1240, d before 20.12.1287 m1 Anne Despencer dau of Sir Hugh le Despenser of Loughborough m2 Alianore de Lovaine dau of Sir Matthew de Lovaine of Little Easton
-1-1-1-10 Joan Ferrers d 19.03.1309/10 m 1267 Thomas de Berkeley, 1st Lord b 1245, d 23.07.1321
-1-1-1-11 Agnes de Ferrers m Robert de Muscegros, Lord of Deerhurst b c1252, d 27.12.1280
-1-1-3-1 Cecily de Ferrers d before 28.07.1290 m1 John de Oddingsele d before 10.08.1257 m2 Sir Godfrey de Beaumont of Drayton and Scarning
-1-1-6-1 Thomas de Ferrers or Ferares of Loxley
-1-1-1-1-1 John de Vesci of Alnwick b 18.07.1244, dsp c10.02.1288-9 m1 after 04.08.1265 Agnes dsp, dau of Manfred III, Marquess of Saluzzo m2 1279 Isabelle de Brienne Beaumont d before 01.11.1334, dau of Louis de Brienne of Acre, Viscount de Beaumont
-1-1-1-1-2 >William de Vesci, Lord of Alnwick b 19.09.1249, d 19.07.1297 m after 25.07.1266 Isabel de Periton a 1313, dau of Adam de Periton
-1-1-1-2-1 William de Mohun of Mildenhall, Ottery, etc b c 1243 d 1280 m Beatrix FitzPiers dau of Reginald FitzPiers
-1-1-1-4-1 Robert de Vipount/Vieuxpont b after 1222 Brougham Castle, Westmorland d 1264/5
-1-1-1-5-1 Robert Aguillon b c 1252 Watton at Stone
-1-1-1-5-2 Isabel Aguillon Ag23 =24 =25 b 25.03.1257/8, d before 28.05.1323 m before 1282 Hugh Bardolf or Bardolph, 1st Lord b c 29.09.1259, d 09.1304
-1-1-1-8-1 John de Ferrers Fe21 =23 =24 =25 1st Lord of Chartley b 20.06.1271, d c 1312 m c1299 Hawyse de Muscegros d 06.1340, dau of Sir Robert de Muscegros of Charlton
Pe26-3? Helen Peverell b c 1115 Oswestry Shropshire d 1142
Pe26-4? Richard Peverell b 1120 Ermington Devon d 1180
Pe26-4-1? Hugh Peverell b 1146 Ermynton Devon d aft 1185
Pe26-6-4-1-1 Sir William Peverell b 1172 Edmington Devon
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1 Hugh Peverell b 1198 Ermington Devon d 1223 Ermington Devon
m Isabell de Brymeton b 1202 d 1223 Ermyngton Devon
+1 Ralphe de Brymyngton b 1175
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1 Hugh Peverel b 1223 Ermyngton Devon d 1259 Bodmin Cornwall
m Isabel FitzWilliam b 1230 Withycombe Williton Somerset d 22 Mar 1282 Combe Martin Devon she m2 Nicholas Martin and had Avice Martin b 1261 Barnstaple Devon m Nicholas Carew had issue
+1 Ralph Fitzwilliam b 1 Aug 1180 Withycombe Somerset d 1 Jan 1210 Williton Somerset
m1 x + 1 ch
m2 1186 Yolanda Mohun b 6 Jun 1166 Dunster d 29 Apr 1252 Lechlade Gloucester
+2 William FitzDurand de Mohun b c 1125 +3 Durand de Mohun b c 1070
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1-1 Claricia Peverel b 1245 Sampford Peverell Devon
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1-2 Richard Peverel b 1250 Sandford Devon d there 1342
m Jane Elyon b c 1255 Sanford/Sampford Peverell Devon d 1349
-1 Edmund Peverel b Castle Ashby Northampton d 12 Mar 1330 m Elizabeth Lisle
-2 James Peverel
-3 Constance Pefrill/Peverell/Peverel
-4 Robert Peverel b 1280 Castle Ashby Northampton d there 28 May 1318 m1 x + 1 ch m2 Alice de Lisle b 1284 Campton Bedford + 1 ch dau of Sir Robert de Lisle of Biggleswade and Margaret de Beauchamp b c 1295 Alcester Warwick (dau of Sir Walter Beauchamp and Alice de Tosny)
-5 Amicia Peverel m Carew
-6 BishopWalter de Langton
-1-1 Margaret Peverel b 1315 Castle Ashby d 1358 m William de la Pole
-4-1 Sir Edmund de Peverell b 29 Sep 1306 Castle Ashby Northampton m Elizabeth de Lisle
-4-2 Joan Peverell m y dŽEngaine
-1-1-1 John de la Pole b c 1341 Newborough Stafford d by 9 Mar 1380 Chrishall Essex m Joan de Cobham b c 1350 Cobham Kent d 1388 Chrishall Essex dau of John de Cobham 3rd Baron d 10 Jan 1407/8 and Margaret de Courtenay
-1-1-2 Richard de la Pole
-4-1-1 Margaret Peverell
-4-1-2 John Peverel
-4-2-1 b c 1310 Castle Ashby m Sir John dŽEngaine of Slow-cum-Quy and Teversham
-1-1-1-1 Joan de la Pole m Harpenden
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1-3 Lora/Laura Peverel b 1253 Plympton St Mary Devon
m Sir William de Raleigh
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1-4 Robert Peverel b 1253 Bradford Wilts
m Jane Elyon b 1255 Sampford Peverell Devon d 1349 she m2 Sir Richard Peverell of Sampford
-1 Jane Peverell b 1280 Pitchford Shropshire m William Russell b c 1257 Kingston Russell son of Ralph Russell and Isabel de Newmarch b c 1220 North Cadbury Somerset d c 1250 (dau of James de Newmarch of Cadbury) -1-1 Theobald Russell b c 1303 Kingston Dorset m Eleanor de Gorges heiress of Wraxall and Knighton -1-1-1 Sir Ralph Russell
-1-1-2 Sir Theobald de Gorges of Wraxall
-1-1-3 William Russell
-1-1-4 John Russell
-1-1-5 Richard Russell
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1-5 Amicia Peverel b 1275 d 1292 Carew Castle Pembrokeshire m Nicholas de Carew -1 John De Carew of Carew and Mulsford b c 1284 Carew Castle
-2 William de Carew b c 1284 Carew Castle
-3 David de Carew b c 1285 Carew Castle
Pe26-6-4-1-1-1-6 Sir John Peverell
Pe26-6-4-1-1-2 Elinor Peverell b 1227/?20 Sampford Peverell Devon
Pe26-6-4-1-2 sis of the above was:
Lucia Peverell b c 1185 Sandford Devon
m c 1215 Sir Alan Bassett of Tehidy b c 1180 Cornwall d by 1240 Oxfordshire
+1 William Basset of Ipsden b c 1155
m c 1205 Cecilia de Dunstanville dau of Alan de Dunstanville
+2 John Bassett of Ipsden b c 1130 +3 Osmund Basset of Oakley and Ipsden b c 1104
m Basilia wid of Luvet de Brai
Pe26-6-4-2-1 Alan Basset of Tehidy b c 1220 Cornwall d aft 1262 a 1262 m x Haccombe dau of Sir A. Haccombe -1 Lawrence Basset of Tehidy b c 1235 Cornwall b by 1296 m
Hawisia Malet
b 1235 Somerset
-1-1 William Basset of Tehidy and Trevalga d 1305 m Alice Wallis dau of John Wallis -1-1-1 Sir William Basset of Tehidy a 1334 -1-1-1-1 Sir William Basset of Tehidy d before 1346 m Joan
-1-1-1-1-2 Thomas Basset of Tehidy d 1354
-1-1-1-1-1 John Basset of Tehidy d before d c 1348
-1-1-1-1-2 William Basset of Tehidy and Trevalga d 1384 m Margaret had issue
Pe27-3 Maud/Mathilda de Peverel b c 1100
?=m Robert Martin de Tours
Pe27-3-1 William de Turre/Tours a -1
Pe27-3-2 William Martin de Tours b c 1145 Cemmaes,Machynlleth,Powys d 1209 Combe Martin Barnstaple Devon
m Angharad verch Gruffydd Deheubarth
-1 William Martin Baron Dartington and Blagdon b 1185 Dartington Totnes Devon d 15 Feb Blagdon Axbridge Somerset m Avice Torrington -1-1 Nicholas Martin b 1210 Dartington d by 22 Mar 1281 Combe Martin Barnstaple Devon m 1260 in Withycombe Peverel Isabel FitzWilliam b 1230 Withycombe Williton Somerset d 22 Mar 1282 Combe Martin Devon dau of Brompton Ralph FitzWilliam and Yolanda Mohun she m1 Hugh Peverel b 1223 in Ermynton, Devon d 1259 Bodmin Cornwal -1-1-1 Nicolas Martin
-1-1-2 Robert Martin
-1-1-3 Avice Martin m Carew
Pe27-4 Adelise de Peverel a 1156
m Richard de Redvers, Sn de Reviers, Vernon and Nemou, '1st Earl of Devon, Earl of Exeter' d 08.09.1107
Pe28-2. Payn Pagan or Robert Peverel of Bourn b aft 1080 d 28 May 1118 TCP Pecche and TCP Winchester identify Alice's and Aseciline's father as Robert but, acccording to 'MedieGen', his name normally appears as Pagan or Payn. Reported by as of this generation and branch was his wife as follows:
m Adelicia de Verdon b c 1085 d c 1132 Caxtonm Cambridge dau of ?Bertram de Verdon
m Adelice
A. William Peverel of Bourn dsp 1147/8
B. Maud Peverel of Dover dsp
C. Alice Peverel a 12.1188
m by 1135 Hamon Pecche d before 25.12.1185
D. Roese Peverel b 1091 Bourne Cambridge d there 1185 identified on various web sites
m?1 Rollo d'Harcourt Rohese Peverel
m?2 Sir Ivo dŽHarcourt, nephew of Rollo
E. Asceline Peverel d by 1190
m1 Geoffrey de Waterville or Wateville
i. Asceline de Waterville
Roger de Torpel
-1 Roger Torpel b c 1165 Bourn Cambridge -1-1 Asceline de Torpel b c 1180 m Ralph de Camoys of Flockthorpe -1-1-1 Walter de Camoys/Cameis b c 1192
-1-1-2 Ralph de Camoys b c 1214 d 11 Mar 1277 Hardingham Norfolk

-1-1-2-1 John de Camoys
-1-1-2-2 Ela de Comys
ii. Matilda de Waterville b c 1142 Cambridge d 1228
m William de Dives b 1154 Haddon Northampton d 1190 son of Hugh de Dives and Helawise
-1 Hugh de Dives b c 1164 Dives Northampton m Agnes
-2 Matilda de Dives
-1-1 Alice de Dives b c 1190 d 1207 m Richard de Muscegros Lord of Bruham/Brewham
-1-2 Ascelina de Dives b c 1196 East Haddon Northampton m1 Simon Muscegros m2 Robert de Meynell

-1-2-1 William de Meynell b Kirk Langley (dates at implausible)
iii. Radulf de Waterville
m2 1162 Saher de Quency d 1190
Pe27-?-1 Reported by wikitree as of this generation and branch was:
Richard Peverell b 1120 Ermington Devon d 1180
Pe26-5 Maude/Matilda Peverel de Dover
- - - - -
Pl32 =34 =39. Golda possibly father of ...
Pl31 =33 =38 Hugh de Plaiz a 1086 possibly father of ...
Pl30-1 Hugh de Plaiz dsp possibly brother of ...
Pl30 =32 =37 Ralph de Plaiz possibly father of ...
Pl29 =31 =36 Hugh de Plaiz possibly father of ...
Pl28 =30 =35 Ralph de Plaiz a 1177
Pl27 =29 =34 Ralph de Plaiz a 06.1208
Pl26 =28 =33 Sir Hugh de Plaiz d before 18.08.1244
m1 Philippe de Montfichet dau of Richard de Montfichet of Stanstead
Pl25-1 Hugh de Plaiz
Pl25 =27 =32 Richard de Plaiz d before 08.07.1269
m Joan a 1302
Pl24-1 Ralph de Plaiz b c1266, dsp before 06.11.1283
m Isabel
Pl24 =26 =31 Sir Giles de Plaiz, 1st Lord d before 15.10.130
m Joan a 03.1332
Pl23 =25 =30 Richard de Plaiz, 2nd Lord b 01.08.1296, d 08.1327
m Margaret
Pl22-1 Giles de Plaiz, 3rd Lord b c1320, dsp 16.07.1334
Pl22 =25 =29 Richard de Plaiz, 4th Lord b 21.09.1323, d 10.1360
m Margaret or Margery
Pl21 =24 =29 Sir John de Plaiz, 5th Lord bpt 14.01.1342/3, d 02.06.1389
m1 1353 Margaret de Norwich dau of Sir Walter de Norwich
m2 c1366 Joan de Stapleton d 02.09.1385, dau of Sir Miles de Stapleton of Bedale and Ingham
Pl20 =23 =28 Margaret de Plaiz b c1367, d 08.1391
m c1380 Sir John Howard of Wigenhall Ho20 =28, Sheriff of Essex and Hertford d 1436
-1 Sir John Howard b about 1375 dvp 1409 m Joan Walton dau of Sir Richard or John Walton
-2 Margaret Howard b about 1375 m1 after 02.1389/90 Constantine de Clifton, 2nd Lord of Buckenham b c1372 d 1395
-1-1 Elizabeth Howard m John de Vere, 12th Earl of Oxford d 1461
-2-1 Sir John Clifton, 3rd Lord of Buckenham b c1394, d before 01.12.1447 m before 06.01.1431/2 Joan Thorpe dau of Edmund Thorpe of Ashwellthorpe
-2-2 Elizabeth Clifton m Sir John Knyvett
-2-1-1 Margaret Clifton dvpsp m Sir Andrew Ogard d 1459
-2-2-1 Sir John/?William Knyvett of Buckenham Kn20 d c 1492
-2-2-2 Margaret Knyvett thought to be of this family, probably of this generation shown as such on various web sites m Sir Thomas Echyngham of Etchingham Ec17 d 1444
m2 div by 1240 Beatrice de Turnham dau of Stephen de Turnham, widow of Ralph de Fay
m3. Alice a 1275
C. Heloise
TCP Strange of Knokyn confirms:
m Ralph fitzHerluin of Hunstanton
i. Maud Matilda
m Roald Lestrange d before 1158

1 TCP Pateshulle with input from TCP Grandison, BE1883 Pateshull
2 TCP vol IV, appendix I, TCP Pecche
3 TCP Plaiz
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