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Vincent 1 : Vincent of Bernack /Bernake, Vincent of Stoke D'Abernon, Vincent of Swinford
Myles Vincent of Swinfford, Leicestershire b c 1290 a 1316
m Joane
1. John Vincent b c 1330
A. Thomas Vincent of Swinford b c 1360 a 1408
m Joane Bernake dau/heir of Sir John Bernake or Bernack of Bernake/Bernack, son by Isole, dau/heir of Henry Pas of Benake of Geffrey
i. John Vincent of Bernake, Northamptonshire b c 1385
m Margaret
a. Richard Vincent of Bernake or Bernack b c 1410 a 1433
m Elizabeth
1 John Vincent of Bernake or Bernack b c 1435
A Robert Vincent of Bernake or Bernack b c 1460
m Catherine St. Mark dau/coheir of Thomas St. Mark
i John Vincent of Bernack b c 1485
m Ann Hyll dau of Charles Hyll
a David Vincent of Bernack b c 1510
m1/2. Elizabeth Spencer of Berkshire
1 Sir Thomas Vincent of Bernack & Stoke D'Abernon b c 1535 d 1613 - continued below
m Jane Lyfield dau/heir of Thomas Lyfield of Stoke D'Abernon
m2 ??
2 Jane Vincent
m John Chaworth
b Cuthbert Vincent b c 1487
c Anne Vincent b c 1490
B?possibly of this family and generation was:
Richard Vincent b c 1440 Bernacke Northamptonshire d 1486
Anne Grimesby b 1461 Derbyshire, Drakelow
+1 William Grimesby b c 1435 Derbyshire, Drakelow
m Anne Moton b c 1437 Thurleston d 1477
+2 Thomas Grimesby b c 1409
m x Harcourt b c 1411 --
+2 Reginald Moton b c 1410 d 1445
m Margaret Bouge b c 1412
B-1George Vincent b c 1485 Leicestershire, Peckleton
m Anne Slory/Slorry/Slorey b c 1489 Leicestershire, Sliford
+1 William Slorey b c 1462
B-1-1Clement Vincent b c 1514 Leicestershire, Peckleton
m Anne Tanfield b c 1516 Northamptonshire, Gayton
+1 Francis Tanfield b c 1489 Northamptonshire, Gayton d 1588
m Bridget Cave b c 1491 Northamptonshire, Gayton
+2 William Tanfield b 1469 ?Gayton +3 Robert Tanfield b 1439 Northamptonshire, Gayton d 22 FEB 1483
m Catherine Neville b 1455 Durham, Raby d 1517
B-1-1-1Elizabeth Vincent b c 1547 Northamptonshire, Harpole
m Richard Lane b 1544 Northamptonshire, Courtenhall d Northamptonshire, Harpole son of Thomas Lane b abt 1520 d 1589 and Catherine Trentham b 1520
B-1-1-1-1Dorothy Lane b c 1589 Oxfordshire, Bicester, Courtney d 16 Jul 1656
m William Randall Randolph b 1572 Kent, Biddenden d 1670 Warwickshire, Moreton Morrell
2 Robert Vincent b c 1440 had issue in Northamptonshire
3 William Vincent d 06.03.1437, monk
Sir Thomas Vincent of Bernack and Stoke D'Abernon Surrey b c 1535 d 14.12.1613 - continued above
m Jane Lyfield dau/heir of Thomas Lyfield of Stoke D'Abernon or D'Auberon
1. Sir Francis Vincent, 1st Bart of Stoke D'Abernon d 1640
m1 Sarah Poulett d 13.06.1608, dau of Sir Amias Poulett, Governor of Guernsey and Jersey
A. Sir Anthony Vincent, 2nd Bart of Stoke D'Abernon, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex d 1642
m Elizabeth Acland dau of Sir Arthur Acland of Killerton
i. Sir Francis Vincent, 3rd Bart of Stoke D'Abernon
m1 1645 Catherine Pitt dau of George Pitt of Harrow-on-the Hill
Sir Francis had issue by both marriages. His eldest son and his brother Francis are both presumed to have been by his first marriage.
a. Sir Anthony Vincent, 4th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon dspm 1674
m Catharine Warren dau of Rev. Dr. _ Warren
b. Sir Francis Vincent, 5th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon d 10.02.1735-6
m Rebecca Ashe d 19.08.1725, dau of Jonathan Ashe of London
1 Sir Henry Vincent, 6th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon d 10.01.1757
m Elizabeth Sherman d 1751, dau of Bazaliel Sherman of London
A Sir Francis Vincent, 7th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon bur 28.05.1775
m1 25.08.1741 Elizabeth Kilmaine dsp 22.11.1744, dau of David Kilmaine of London
m2 13.03.1745 Mary Howard d 16.08.1757, dau of Lt. Gen. Hon. Thomas Howard
i Sir Francis Vincent, 8th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon bpt 11.10.1747, d 17.08.1791
m 12.07.1779 Mary Chiswell d 08.01.1826, dau of Richard Mullman Trench Chiswell
a Sir Francis Vincent, 9th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon b 24.07.1780, d 17.01.1809
m 16.01.1802 Jane Bouverie d 13/5.04.1805, dau of Hon. Edward Bouverie
1 Sir Francis Vincent, 10th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon b 03.03.1803, d 06.07.1880 had issue 1 daughter
m 10.05.1824 Augusta Elizabeth Herbert d 03.04.1876, dau of Hon. Charles Herbert
2 Everard Vincent d 1816
b Anna Maria Vincent d 18.01.1876
m 26.07.1817 William Johnson Campbell captain, son of Lt. Gen. Colin
ii Henry Dormer Vincent b 1751, d 22.05.1833
m 1794 Isabella Hervey d 08.11.1833/4, dau of Hon. Felton Hervey
a Henry William Vincent of Lily Hill b 05.09.1796, d 14.02.1865 had issue 2 daughters
m 09.08.1830 Elizabeth Anne Callander d 13.04.1839, dau of Col. George Callander of Craigforth
b Sir Frederick Vincent, 11th Bart of Stoke D'Abernon b 08.01.1798, d 09.01.1883, prebendary of Chichester had issue
m1 26.10.1826 Louisa Norris d 23.05.1841, dau of John Norris of Hughenden Manor
m2 04.09.1844 Maria Copley Young d 29.11.1899, dau of Robert Herries Young of Auchenskeoch
iii Mary Vincent d 09.03.1823
m 17.07.1775 Neil Primrose, 3rd Earl of Rosebery b 1729, d 25.03.1814
m3. Arabella Astley dsp 20.06.1795, dau of Sir John Astley, Bart
B Hester Amelia Vincent d 29.12.1803/4
m 01.07.1740 John Smith Bourke, later De Burgh, 11th Earl of Clanricarde b c1721, d 21.04.1782
C+ other issue - Thomas d 1740, Elizabeth d unm, Sarah
2 Richard Vincent
3 William Vincent
m _ Warren dau of Rev. Dr. _ Warren
A+ issue - William, Arthur, Diana, Catherine
4 Catherine Vincent
m George Phipps
5 Frances Vincent
m William Ward
6 Elizabeth Vincent
m Rev. John Butterfield
m2 Elizabeth Vane bpt 04.09.1624, dau of Sir Henry Vane of Hadlow
c.+ other issue
Not known by which marriage was ...
d. Elizabeth Vincent
m Philip Hildyard of East Horsley d 1692
B. Elizabeth Vincent
m Sir John Acland, 1st Bart d 24.08.1647
C. Margaret Vincent
m Sir Francis Gabell
D.+ sons d young
m2 sp Mary Archer dau of Sir Henry Archer
m3 Eleanor Malet dau of Robert Malet of Woollegh
2. Jane Vincent probably of this generation b c 1565
m Sir Matthew Browne of Beechworth Castle d c1603
-1 Sir Ambrose Browne, 1st Bart of Beechworth Castle b c 1590 d 16 Aug 1661 m 1 Oct 1607 Elizabeth Adam bur 17/9 Oct 1657, dau of William Adam of Saffron Waldron
-2 Jane Browne BE1883 shows Jane as daughter rather than sister of Sir Ambrose but BP1934 Kemp identifies her as Sir Matthew's daughter.
m Sir Robert Kempe, 1st Bart of Gissing d 20 Aug 1647
-1-1 Sir Adam Browne, 2nd Bart b c 1620
m before 1651 Philippa Cooper d 20 May 1701, dau of Sir John Cooper, 1st Bart of Winbourn St. Giles
-1-2 Ambrose Browne dvp unm shown by BEB1844
-1-3 x Browne shown by BEB1844 m John Browne of Buckland
-1-4 x Browne shown by BEB1844 m y Jevon
shown by BE1883:
-1-5 Edward Browne d 1622
-1-6 Thomas Browne a 1623
-1-7 Mabel Browne d unm
-1-1-1 Ambrose Browne dvp unm
-1-1-2 Margaret Browne of Beechworth m 1691 William Fenwick, Sheriff of Surrey dsp 1726
- - - - -
of no established relation the above was:
Vi24. Peter Vyncent b abt 1275
Vi23William Vyncent b abt 1300
Vi22William Vyncent b abt 1325 in Barningham, Yorkshire, England
Vi21William Vyncent b abt 1346 in Barningham, Yorkshire, England
m Isabella Percival
Vi20William Vyncent b abt 1373 in Barningham, Yorkshire, England d 1444
m Alicia //
Vi19Roger Vyncent b abt 1401 in Barningham, Yorkshire, England d 1492
m x Layton of Cleveland
Vi18Christopher Vyncent b abt 1426 in Smeaton, Yorkshire, England d 1511
m Agnes Wycliffe
Vi17William Vyncent b abt 1452 in Smeton, Yorkshire, England
m Alicia Swynham
Vi16Richard Vincent b abt 1478 in Smeton, Yorkshire, England d 1558
m x Conyers
Vi15Marmaduke Vincent b abt 1510 in Semton, Yorkshire, England d
m Ann Bowes ?possiblyBowes of Streatlam
Vi14Eleanor Vincent b abt 1552 in England
m Thomas Beverley Be14 continued below
Be13Robert Beverley
- - - - -
of no established relation the above was:
Vi?Andrew Vincent b c 1540 England
Vi?-1Susanna Vincent b c 1560
m Thomas Blower b c 1555 Stanstead Sussex d 29 Sep 1597 Lavenham Sussex
Vi?-1-1Caleb Blower b c 1588
Vi?-1-2 Alice Blower b 2 Jan 1589 Winston Suffolk d 29 Mar 1648 Deadham MA
m1 15 Feb 1607 England Michael Bacon b 6 Dec 1579 d 18 Apr 1648 had issue
m2 31 Jan 1647 Dedham MA Thomas Bancroft

1 Visitation Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Vincent
2 BP1934 Vincent
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