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Sackville 1

: Sackville of Buckhurst, Sackville of Sedlescombe Selscombe
Sa32=28. Herbrand de Salchevilla or Salkavilla or Sacheville d 1079
Sa31-1. Jordan de Salkevil in Normandy Sewer of England
Sa31=27 Sir William de Salkevil 'of Mount Bures & Bracstead' b 1072
m Albreda
Sa30-1 Sir William de Sackville b about 1100 dvp?
Sa30 Hodierna de Sackville b about 1100
m Matthew de Downham "ancestor of Gernon family"
Sa30-3. Agnes de Sackville
m Richard de Anestye
Sa30=26 Beatrix de Sackville
m William de Glanville, lord of Bromholm
Sa31-3. Robert de Salkevil b 1084
m Lettice Woodvill dau of Sir Henry Woodvill
Sa31-3-1 Sir Jordan de Sacheville or Sackville b about 1110 d 1178
m Hela de Dene dau of Ralph de Dene of Buckhurst, grandson of Robert Pincerna
Sa31-3-1-1 Sir Jordan de Sackville b about 1135 dsp 1207-8
m Clementia Vere dau of Alberic Vere, Earl of Oxford
Sa31-3-1-2 Richard de Sackville dsp
Sa31-3-1-3 Sir Jefrey de Sacheville or Sackville
m 1169 Constance Brooke dau of Sir Edmund Brooke
-1 Sir Jordan de Sackville b 1170
m Maud de Normanville
-1-1 Sir William de Sackville
m 1229 Clara Hastings dau of Matthew de Hastings
-1-1-1 Sir Jordan de Sackville d 1272
m Margery Aguillon dau sb sister?/coheir of Sir Robert de Aguillon
i Sir Andrew de Sackville d 1296
m Ermyntrude Malyns
a Sir Andrew de Sackville
m Joan Mortimer dau of Roger de Mortimer
1 Sir Andrew Sackville b 28.09.1306, d 22.09.1370 - continued below
m1 1337 Joan de la Beech d c1341
m2 1354 Joan Burgess
-1-2 Philip de Sackville
m Maud
-1-3 Bartholomew de Sackville
-2 Guy de Sackville
-3 Joan de Sackville b about 1170
m William St. Leger
Sa31-3-1-4. Ralph de Sacheville of Thorp b about 1143 John de Sacheville b about 1175 (Reported by Hales and of this generation and possibly of this brach or one of the brothers.) -1 dau de Sacheville b about 1200 reported by Hales
m Henry Killigrew, born 1200 in Bradwell, West Down, Devon d 1272.
-1-1 Mauger Killigrew, b 1225 in Bradwell, West Down, Devon d 1272
-1-1-1 Henry Killigrew, born 1256 in Heanton Satchville, Petrockstowe, Devon d 1315 in Heanton Satchville, Petrockstowe, Devon m x Trelawny
-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Killigrew, b 1258 in Heanton Satchville, Petrockstowe, Devon d 1330 in Heanton Satchville, Petrockstowe, Devon m Nicholas Yeo
Sa31-3-1-5 Guy de Sacheville b about 1145
Sa31-3-1-6 Warren de Sacheville b about 1147
Sa31-3-2+ other issue - Stephen, Nigel, Helias
Sa31-4. Avice de Salkevile
m Walter Alfase son of Gilbert
Sir Andrew Sackville of Buckhurst b 28.09.1306, d 22.09.1370 - continued above
m1 1337 Joan de la Beech d c1341, sister/heir of John de la Beeche
1. Sir Thomas Sackville dvpsp
m Alice Walleis dau of Sir John Walleis
2. John Sackville of Debenham Sackville, Suffolk dvpsp
m Agnes Hoo d 1405-6, dau of SIr Thomas Hoo, m2. John Gobat
m2 1354 Joan Burgess
3. Sir Thomas Sackville, Sheriff of Sussex d 12.1432
m1 1371 Margaret Dalingruge dau of Sir Edward Dalingruge or Dalingridge
A. Andrew Sackville d 1407-8
m Agnes Lewknor dau of Thomas Lewknor
i. Andrew Sackville dsp
B. Sir Edward Sackville b 1378, d 12.1459, 4th son
m c1410 Margaret Wakehurst dau of Richard Wakehurst of Wakehurst
i. Humphrey Sackville of Buckhurst b c1423, d 24.01.1488-9
m 1471 Catherine Browne dau of Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle
a. Richard Sackville of Buckhurst, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex b 1472, d 18.07.1524
m 1492 Isabel Dyggs dau of John Dyggs of Barham
1 Sir John Sackville of Buckhurst, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex b 1492, bur 05.10.1557
m 1512 Anne sb Margaret? Boleyn dau of Sir William Boleyn of Blickling
A Sir Richard Sackville of Buckhurst b 1513, d 21.04.1566
m Winifred Bruges dau of Sir John Bruges, Mayor of London
B Anne Sackville
m Sir Nicholas Pelham
C Isabel Sackville
m John Ashburnham of Ashburnham
D Mary Sackville
m John Lunsford of Hothley
E Richard Sackville
F Christopher Sackville d after 27.08.1558
m Constance Colepeper dau of Thomas Colepeper of Bedgbury
i John Sackville of Selscome or Sedlescome, Sussex d 21.12.1619
m Joan Downton dau/heir of John Downton of Sedlescomb
The following comes from Visitation Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Sackvile & Visitation Sussex, 1662, Sackville of Sedlescombe.
a Sir Thomas Sackville of Sedlescome b by1589
m1 mcrt 02.12.1615 Elizabeth Boys dau of Samuel Boys of Hawkhurst
1 Thomas Sackville of Sedlescome b c1622, d 03.01.1692, 2nd son
m Margaret Compton dau of Sir Henry Compton by Sisley Sackvill, dau of Robert, Earl of Dorset, widow of Anthony Roper of Eltham
2+ other issue - John b c1620, dvp?, William, Joane
m2 Anne Boys dau of Sir Edward Boys of Fretvile, widow of Francis Warnett
5+ other issue - Edward, Frances, Mary
b Sir John Sackville
m Elizabeth Walter dau/coheir of Sir William Walter of Wimbleton
1+ issue - Walter, William, daughter
c Anne Sackville
m1 John French of Chidinghurst
m2 Robert Forster of Battaile
d Jaoen Sackville
m John White brother of William of Nordiam
e Mary Sackville
m William White brother of John of Nordiam
ii+ other issue - Andrew, Frances, Annementioned in Visitation Kent, 1574, Coulpeper
2 Richard Sackville
m _ Thatcher dau of Thomas Thatcher of Sussex
A Anne Sackville
m Henry Shelly or Warminghurst
3 Joan Sackville
m John Parker of Willingdon
4 Mildred Sackville
m Sir WIlliam FitzWilliam of Gainspark Hall
5 Mary Sackville
m Robert Roberts of Glastenbury
6 Catharine Sackville
m Sir John Baker of Sisinghurst
7+ other issue - John/William priest, Edward, Isabel d 21.10.1570, prioress
b. Edward Sackville of Dorking, Surrey 4th son
m Joan Kynaston dau of Sir Roger Kynaston
1 William Sackville d 19.05.1693
m Rose Gaynesford dau of Richard Gaynesford
A John Sackville of Polesden Lacy b c1673
m Ann Harvey dau of Sir William Harvey, Clarencieux King of Arms
c.+ other issue - William d 1508, John had issue, Elizabeth, Katherine
C. Alice Sackville
m Reginald Malyn of Chynor
D. Elizabeth Sackville
m William St. John of Sussex
E.+ other issue - Richard dsp 1524, William dsp, John dsp, Joan, Catherine
m2 Cecily relict of John Rede
4. Alice Sackville
m John le Zouch of Sidenham
m3. sp Maud

Sources: Collins's 'Peerages of England vol II, 1812, Sackville, Duke of Dorset + various web sites, in particular and 'Tudor'
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