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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
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Windsor 3: Windsor of Blackcastle, Windsor of Plymouth, Windsor of Stanwell
Thomas Windsor Hickman, later Windsor, 7th Lord Windsor of Stanwell, 1st Earl of Plymouth b c1627, d 03.11.1687
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

Thomas's mother was Elizabeth Windsor, daughter of Henry Windsor, 5th Lord, and sister of Thomas, 6th Lord
m1 12.05.1656 Anne Savile b 18.01.1634/5, d 22.03.1666, dau of Sir William Savile, Bart of Thornhill
1. Other, Lord Windsor b 12.09.1659, dvp 11.11.1684
m 20.10.1673 Elizabeth Turvey bur 29.01.1687-8, dau of Thomas Turvey of Walcote
A. Other Windsor, 2nd Earl of Plymouth b 27.08.1679, d 26.12.1727
m Elizabeth Whitley d 10.06.1711, dau of Thomas Whitley of Peel
i. Other Windsor, 3rd Earl of Plymouth b 30.06.1707, d 23.11.1732
m 07.05.1730 Elizabeth Lewis d 09.11.1733, dau of Thomas Lewis of Soberton
a. Other Lewis Windsor, 4th Earl of Plymouth b 12.05.1731, d 21.04.1771
m 11.08.1750 Katherine Archer d 12.08.1790, dau of Thomas Archer of Umbershade, 1st Lord
1 Other Hickman Windsor, 5th Earl of Plymouth b 30.05.1751, d 12.06.1799
m 20.05.1778 Sarah Archer b 19.07.1762, d 27.05.1838, dau of Andrew Archer, 2nd Lord
A Other Archer Windsor, 6th Earl of Plymouth b 02.07.1789, dsp 20.07.1833
m 05.08.1811 Mary Sackville b 30.07.1792, dsp 30.07.1864, dau of John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset
B Maria Windsor b 1790, d 07.04.1855
m 25.10.1811 Arthur Blundell Sandys Trumbull, 3rd Marquess of Downshire d 12.04.1845
C Harriet Windsor, later Windsor-Clive, Baroness Windsor b 30.07.1797, d 09.11.1869
m 19.06.1819 Robert Henry Clive of Oakly Park d 20.01.1854, son of Earl of Powis
Their senior grandson inherited the barony of Windsor and became 14th Lord Windsor. He was later created Earl of Plymouth and had issue.
2 Thomas Windsor b 19.05.1752, dsp 1832
m 1793 _ Bagenal dau of John Bagenal of Berks
3 Andrews Windsor, 7th Earl of Plymouth b 12.05.1764, d unm 19.01.1837, rector
4 Henry Windsor, 8th Earl of Plymouth b 01.02.1768, dsp 08.12.1843
m 12.07.1798 Anne Copson d 30.01.1850, dau of Thomas Copson of Sutton Hall
5 Katherine Sydney Windsor b 1755, d 05.01.1823
m 26.07.1785 Sir James Tylney Long, Bart of Draycot
6 Elizabeth Windsor b 1757, d 02.04.1821
m 30.03.1776 Gore Townsend of Honington
7 Anne Windsor b 1762, dsp 09.07.1793
m 07.06.1787 Sir Thomas Broughton, 6th Bart of Broughton minister
8 Sarah Windsor b 1763, d 22.12.1825
m 04.08.1786 Sir William Champion de Crespigny, 2nd Bart of Champion Lodge d 28.12.1829
ii. Henry Windsor dsp 1741
B.+ other issue - Henry b 31.05.1681, dsp, Ann d unm 1701
2. Mary Windsor b 15.11.1658, dsp 03.01.1694
m 1672 Sir Thomas Cookes, Bart
3. Ann Windsor d infant
m2 09.04.1668 Ursula Widdrington b 11.11.1647, d 22.04.1717, dau of Sir Thomas Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange, Speaker
4. Thomas Windsor, 1st Viscount Windsor of Blackcastle, 1st Lord Mountjoy b 1669, d 08.06.1738
m 28.08.1703 Charlotte Herbert b c1675, d 13.11.1733, dau of Philip Herbert, 7th Earl of Pembroke
A. Thomas Philip Windsor bpt 07.02.1705/6, d infant
B. Herbert Windsor, 2nd Viscount Windsor of Blackcastle, 2nd Lord Mountjoy bpt 01.05.1707, d 25.01.1758
m 12.08.1735 Alice Clavering d 24.11.1776, dau of Sir John Clavering, 3rd Bart
i. Herbert Thomas Windsor b 26.12.1737, dvp 18.03.1741/2
ii. Charlotte Jane Windsor d 28.01.1800
m 11/2.11.1766 John Stuart, 1st Marquess of Bute b 30.06.1744, d 16.11.1814
iii. Alice Elizabeth Windsor dsps 11.02.1772
m 04.02.1768 Francis Seymour-Conway, 2nd Marquess of Hertford b 12.02.1743, d 28.06.1822
C. Ursula Windsor
m 20.03.1736 John Wadman of Imber
D. Charlotte Windsor
m 18.04.1736 John Kent of Salisbury
E. Catharine Windsor
m 10.02.1740-1 Mattheus Estevenon of Holland
F. Elizabeth Windsor
5. Dixey Windsor dsp 22.10.1743
m Dorothy Stote dau of Sir Richard Stote
6. Ursula Windsor d 20.08.1737
m 28.03.1703 Thomas Johnson of Walthamstow
7. Elizabeth Windsor d 16.10.1737
m 21.07.1720, sp Sir Francis Dashwood, 1st Bart b 1658, d 04.11.1724
8.+ other issue - Andrews d unm, Brig. General, William d 07.1682, Mariana d unm 22.04.1710

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