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Finch 1: Finch of Aylesford, Finch of Eastwell, Finch of Nottingham, Finch of Winchilsea
According to BP1934 Winchilsea and Nottingham, reporting Sir William Dugdale, this Finch family is probably descended from Henry Fitz-Herbert, chamberlain of King Henry I and ancestor of the Herbert Earls of Pembroke. They are thought to have changed their name to Finch after marriage to an heiress daughter of an earlier Finch family.
Fi18. William Finch of Netherfield, Sheriff of Sussex and Surrey a 1430
m Agnes Roo dau of Walter Roo of Dartford
Fi17-1. John Finch dsp
Fi17 Henry Finch of Netherfield
m Alice Belknap dau of Philip Belknap of The Moat
Fi16 Sir William Finch of Burmarshe
m1 Elizabeth Crowmer dau of Sir James Crowmer of Tunstal
Fi15-1 Lawrence Finch dsp m Mary Kemp dau of Christopher Kemp
Fi15 Sir Thomas Finch of Eastwell d 02.156
m Catherine Moyle d 09.02.1586-7, dau of Sir Thomas Moyle of Eastwell
Fi14-1 Sir Moyle Finch, 1st Bart of Eastwell d 18.12.1614
m 1578 Elizabeth Heneage, Countess of Winchilsea d 23.03.1633-4, dau of Sir Thomas Heneage of Copt Hall
Fi14-1-1 Sir Theophilus Finch, 2nd Bart of Eastwell dsp c 1619
m 16.07.1596 Agnes Heydon bur 16.02.1620-1, dau of Sir Christopher Heydon
Fi14-1-2 Thomas Finch, 2nd Earl of Winchilsea b 13.06.1578, d 04.11.1639
m 1609 Cecilie Wentworth d 1642, dau of John Wentworth of Gosfield
Fi14-1-2-1 Heneage Finch, 3rd Earl of Winchilsea d 09.1689
m1 21.05.1673 Diana Willoughby dau of Francis Willoughby, 5th Lord of Parham
Fi14-1-2-1-1 no surviving issue
m2 by 1653 Mary Seymour d before 10.04.1673, dau of William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset
Fi14-1-2-1-2 William Finch, Lord Maidstone dvp 28.05.1672
m Elizabeth Wyndham dau of Thomas Wyndham of Fellbrigge Hall
a Charles Finch, 4th Earl of Winchilsea b 26.09.1672, d 14.08.1712
m 26.09.1692 Sarah Nourse dau of Henry Nourse of Woodlands
1 son d infant
Fi14-1-2-1-3 Heneage Finch, 5th Earl of Winchilsea dsp 30.09.1726
m 14.05.1684 Anne Kingsmill d 05.08.1720, dau of Sir William Kingsmill of Sidmonton
Fi14-1-2-1-4 Frances Finch d 17.04.1712
m by 1673 Thomas Thynne, 1st Viscount Weymouth b 1640, d 28.07.1714
Fi14-1-2-1-5+ 5 sons presumed dsp and 3 daughters
m3. 10.04.1673 Catherine Norcliffe dspm 1679, dau of Sir Thomas Norcliffe of Langton
m4.29.10.1681 Elizabeth Ayres d 10.04.1745, dau of John Ayres of London
Fi14-1-2-1-13 John Finch, 6th Earl of Winchilsea b 24.02.1682-3, d unm 09.09.1729
Fi14-1-2-1-15+ 2 daughters
Fi14-1-2-2 Frances Finch
m 03.05.1631 Sir William Strickland, 1st Bart of Boynton d 1673
Fi14-1-2-3 Catherine Finch
m Ambrose Moore
Fi14-1-2-4 Anne Finch probably of this generation
m Sir William Waller of Osterley Park b c1598, d 1668, General
Fi14-1-2-5 Cicely Finch probably of this generation
m Sir Erasmus Philipps, 3rd Bart of Picton Castle d 18.01.1697
Fi14-1-2-6+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
Fi14-1-3 Sir Heneage Finch of Kensington d 05.12.1631, Speaker of House of Commons
m1 Frances Bell dau of Sir Edmund Bell of Beaupre Hall
Fi14-1-3-1 Sir Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Nottingham b 23.12.1621, d 18.12.1682, Lord High Chancellor of England
m 30.07.1646 Elizabeth Harvey bpt 19.04.1627, bur 23/4.03.1675/6, dau of Daniel Harvey of Folkestone by Elizabeth, dau of Henry Kynnersley of London
Fi14-1-3-1-1 Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, 7th Earl of Winchilsea d 01.01.1729-30, Secretary of State
m1 16.06.1674 Essex Rich dau of Robert Rich, 3rd Earl of Warwick
a Mary Finch bpt 18.05.1677, d 19.09.1718
m1 William Savile, 2nd Marquess of Halifax b 1665, d 31.08.1700
m2 01.01.1707-8 John Ker, 1st Duke of Roxburghe d 27.02.1740-1
m2 29.12.1685 Anne Hatton d 26.09.1743, dau of Christopher, Viscount Hatton of Gretton
b Daniel Finch, 8th Earl of Winchilsea, 3rd of Nottingham d 02.08.1769
m1 1720 Frances Feilding bur 03.10.1734, dau of Basil, 4th Earl of Denbigh
1 Charlotte Finch d unm
m2 19.01.1737-8 Mary Palmer bpt 23.08.1712, d 08.08.1757, dau of Sir Thomas Palmer, Bart of Wingham
2 Heneage Finch dsp 04.05.1820
m 22.08.1788 Sir George Osborne, Bart of Chicksands
3+ other issue - Essex, Hatton d unm 1829, Augusta d unm 1797
c William Finch d 25.12.1766
m1 Anne Douglas d 26.10.1741, dau of James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry
m2 09.08.1746 Charlotte Fermor dau of Thomas Fermor, Earl of Pomfret
1 George Finch, 9th Earl of Winchilsea, 4th of Nottingham b 04.11.1752, d unm 02.08.1826
2 Sophia Finch
m 07.1772 Charles Feilding Commodore RN
3+ other issue d unm - Charlotte, Frances, Henrietta d 1818
d John Finch d 1763
1 Elizabeth Finch
m John Mason of Greenwich
e Henry Finch d unm
f Edward Finch, later Finch-Hatton d 16.05.1771
m 06.09.1746 Elizabeth Palmer dau of Sir Thomas Palmer of Wingham
1 George Finch-Hatton of Eastwell Park b 30.06.1747, d 17.02.1823
m 10.12.1785 Elizabeth Mary Murray d 01.06.1825, dau of David Murray, 2nd Earl of Mansfield
A George William Finch-Hatton, 10th Earl of Winchilsea b 19.05.1791, d 08.01.1858 had issue
m1 26.07.1814 Georgiana Charlotte Graham b 03.06.1791, d 13.02.1835, dau of James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose
m2 15.02.1837 Emily Georgiana Bagot dsp 10.07.1848, dau of Sir Charles Bagot
m3. 17.10.1849 Fanny Margaretta Rice d 26.04.1909, dau of Edward Boyd Rice of Dane Court
B Daniel Heneage Finch-Hatton b 1795, d 03.01.1866, royal chaplain had issue
m 15.12.1825 Louisa Greville d 11.04.1883, dau of Robert Fulke Greville
C Louisa Anne Finch-Hatton d 01.03.1875
m 30.04.1807 Hon. Charles Hope d 01.07.1828, General
D Anna Maria Finch-Hatton d unm 02.12.1837
E Emily Mary Finch-Hatton d 14.12.1868
m 07.02.1826 Alfred C. Lawrence minister
2 Harriet Frances Finch-Hatton d 1821
m 1781 Sir Jenison William Gordon, Bart
3+ other issue - John Emilius Daniel Edward b 19.05.1755, d 10.01.1841, Anne d unm, Mary Henrietta Elizabeth d unm 1822
i Essex Finch d 23.05.1721
m 20.07.1703 Sir Roger Mostyn, 3rd Bart of Mostyn d 05.05.1739
g Charlotte Finch d 21.01.1773
m 04.02.1725-6 Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset b 13.08.1662, d 02.12.1748
h Mary Finch d 30.05.1761
m Thomas Watson-Wentworth, 1st Marquess of Rockingham b 13.06.1693, d 14.12.1750
Fi14-1-3-1-2 Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Aylesford b 1649, d 22.07.1719
m 16.05.1678 Elizabeth Banks d 01.09.1743, dau/coheir of Sir John Banks of Aylesford, Bart of London, by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Dethick, Lord Mayor of London
a Heneage Finch, 2nd Earl of Aylesford b 1683, d 29.06.1757
m 09.12.1712 Mary Fisher d 05.1740, dau/heir of Sir Clement Fisher, 3rd Bart of Packington
1 Heneage Finch, 3rd Earl of Aylesford b 06.11.1715, d 09.05.1777
m 06.10.1750 Charlotte Seymour d 15.02.1805, dau of Charles, 6th Duke of Somerset
A Heneage Finch, 4th Earl of Aylesford b 04.07.1751, d 21.10.1812
m 18.11.1781 Louisa Thynne d 28.12.1832, dau of Thomas Thynne, 1st Marquess of Bath
i Heneage Finch, 5th Earl of Aylesford b 24.04.1786, d 03.01.1859 had issue
m 23.04.1821 Augusta Sophia Greville d 02.03.1845, dau of George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick
ii John Finch b 1793, d 25.11.1861, General
m 1835 Katherine Ellice d 12.01.1872, dau of Alexander Ellice
iii Charlotte Finch d 17.01.1869
m 22.01.1823 Charles Palmer rector of Lighthorne
iv+ other issue - Daniel b 25.022.1789, d 17.01.1868, Edward b 1792, d 09.04.1830, Henry b 1795, d 1829, RN, Charles b 1799, Mary d 24.07.1823, Elizabeth d 01.06.1879m Franecs b c1791, d unm 12.07.1886, Henrietta d 1828, Caroline d 1821
B Charles Finch, later Griffith-Wynne b 04.06.1752, d 17.12.1819
m 28.12.1778 Jane Wynne d 11.1811, dau of Watkin Wynne of Voelas
i Charles Wynne Griffith-Wynne of Voelas b 04.03.1780, d 22.03.1865 had issue
m 05.1812 Sarah Hildyard d 19.05.1860, dau of Rev. Henry Hildyard of Stokesley
ii Jane Finch or Griffith-Wynne d 1858
m 1827 Rev. Thomas Cooke
iii Louisa Finch or Griffith-Wynne d 1822
m 1822 Count D'Aglie Sardinian Minister
iv+ other issue - George Heneage d 1867, Heneage d 1865, royal chaplain
C William Clement Finch b 27.05.1753, d 09.1794, Admiral
m 02.08.1789 Mary Brouncker d 06.10.1813, sister of Henry Brouncker of Boveridge
i+ issue d unm - William b 14.09.1791, d 19.10.1880, minister, Heneage d 19.09.1850, minister, Mary d 07.12.1870, Charlotte Louisa d 28.08.1883
D Charlotte Finch d 07.07.1808
m 14.08.1777 Henry Bowes Howard, 12th Earl of Suffolk, 5th Earl of Berkshire b 16.05.1739, d 05.03.1779
E Frances Finch d 21.11.1838
m 29.09.1482 George Legge, 3rd Earl of Dartmouth b 03.10.1755, d 10.11.1810
E+ other issue - John b 22.05.1755, dsp 29.06.1777, Edward b 26.04.1756, d 27.10.1843, Colonel, Daniel b 03.04.1757, d 10.1840, prebendary of Gloucester, Seymour b 11.06.1758, d 02.02.1794, Henry Allington b 26.02.1760, d 19.11.1780, Maria Elizabeth d unm 20.10.1848, Henrietta Constantia d unm 1814
2 Mary Finch d 16.03.1803
m 06.11.1736 William Howard, Viscount Andover dvp 18.07.1756
3 Elizabeth Finch d unm 19.12.1793
4 Frances Finch d 19.12.1761
m 02.04.1741 William Courtenay, 1st Viscount b 11.02.1709-10, d 16.05.1762
b John Finch d 01.01.1739-40
m 30.04.1726 Elizabeth Savile of Thrybergh d 28.10.1767, dau of John Savile, younger of Methley
1 Savile Finch dsp
m Judith Fullerton dau of John Fullerton
c Henry Finch d unm
d Elizabeth Finch d 26.02.1757
m 21.12.1703 Robert Benson, Lord Bingley dspm 09.04.1731
e Anne Finch d 30.11.1751
m 18.07.1700 William Legge, 1st Earl of Dartmouth b 14.10.1672, d 15.12.1750
f Frances Finch
m 16.10.1716 Sir John Bland, 5th Bart d 09.04.1743
Fi14-1-3-1-3 Elizabeth Finch probably of this generation
m Sir Samuel Grimston, 3rd Bart b 07.01.1643, d 10.1700
Fi14-1-3-1-4+ 11 other children
Fi14-1-3-2+ 6 sons and 4 daughters
m2 Elizabeth Cradock dau of William Cradock of Staffordshire
Fi14-1-3-12 Frances Finch
m 22.01.1654 Sir Clifford Clifton d 1673
Fi14-1-3-13 Elizabeth Finch d 23.02.1678/9
m 11.02.1650/1 Edward Conway, Earl of Conway b c1623, d 1683
Fi14-1-4 Francis Finch
Fi14-1-5 Catherine Finch b c 1485 bur 26.09.1639
m Sir John Wentworth, Bart of Gosfield b c 1583, d 10.1631
Fi14-1-6 Anne Finch d 14.11.1638
m Sir William Twysden, 1st Bart of Roydon Hall d 08.01.1628
Fi14-2 Sir Henry Finch
Fi14-2-1 Sir John Finch, Lord Fordwich d 1661, Lord Chief Justice who appears to have married ...
m Elionora Wyat dau of George Wyat of Boxley wife of John, presumed mother of ...
Fi14-2-1-1 daughter Finch
m Sir George Radcliffe in Ireland
Fi14 Jane Finch probably of this generation
m George Wyat of Boxley a 1570
-1 Sir Francis Wyatt of Boxley Abbey, Kent a 07.1618 m Margaret Sandys dau of Sir Samuel Sandys, son of Archbishop of York
-2 Elionora Wyatt m John Finch son of Sir Henry
-3 Hawte Wyatt m1 Barbara Mitford and had issue m2 Anne Cox and had issue.
-4 Henry Wyatt,
-5 George Wyatt
-6 Thomas Wyatt
-1-1 Henry Wyatt 'of Boxley Abbey' m1/2 Elizabeth Wesley + 1 ch dau of George Wesley m2/1. Jane Duke + 1 ch dau of Sir Edward Duke of Capington
-3-1 George WYATT b c 1618 m Susannah Baynham m: 1645
-3-2 Edward WYATT b 1619 KENT,ENG d 1690 Boxley Hall, Gloucester, VA m Jane CONQUEST
-3-3 Thomas WYATT b 16 Oct 1626 Boxley,KENT ENG d 10 Apr 1627 Boxley KENT ENG m2 1628/9 Anne COX, d Feb 1630/1 Boxley Parish,KENT,ENG dau of John COX and Anne LEE,
-3-4? Nicholas Wyatt b c 1635 d by 22 Jan 1673 m Damaris ?Stockett/Stockwell
-1-1 William Wyatt m Elizabeth Heylyn dau of Edward Helylyn
-1-1-2 Frances Wyatt b 1650-1, bur 12.06.1686 m Sir Thomas Sylyard, 2nd Bart of Delaware d 1692<
-3-4-1 Sarah Wyatt b 1657 in Anne Arundel Co MD m Edward Dorsey Do11
-3-4-2 Samuel Wyatt b c 1654 in Anne Arundel, MD d 1673 in Maryland
Fi15-3 another son
m2 Catherine Gaynsford dau of Sir John Gaynsford of Crowhurst
Fi15-4+ 2 sons + 3 daughters

Sources: BP1934 Winchilsea and Nottingham, BP1934 Aylesford.
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