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Kynaston 3

: Kynaston of Breadonheath Brandonheath, Kynaston of Hardwick, Kynaston of Hordley, Kynaston of Morton, Kynaston of Rosehampton
Thomas Kynaston Haughley of Rosehampton and Breadonheath
Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Kynaston identifies Thomas's wife as Maria, dau of David ap Rijs ap Llwellyn ap Madoc Lloyd of Brandon. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
m Mary dau of David ap Rees ap David of Breadonheath
1. Thomas Kynaston of Rosehampton and Breadonheath Brandonheath
m Isabell Kynaston dau of George Kynaston of Oteley
A. Thomas Kynaston of Breadonheath
m Eleanor Thornes dau of Nicholas Thornes of Sheldock
i. Thomas Kynaston of Breadonheath d c1633
m Margaret Heylin dau of Roger Heylin of Wilcote
a. Edward Kynaston b c1608, a 1674
m 09.02.1639/40 Maudlyn Puleston dau of John Puleston of Emral
1 Edward Kynaston of Breadonheath
ii. Humphrey Kynaston d 13.09.1648
m1 ??
m2 Lucy Conway dau of Henry Conway of Nant
a.+ issue - Edward in London b c1639, a 1666, grocer, Thomas MD
m3. Rose Meredith dau of Hugh Meredith of Wrexham
B. Francis Kynaston 5th son
i. Thomas Kynaston of Brunington a 1674
m Gwen Bentley dau of Thomas Bentley of Quisall
a. William Kynaston vicar of Stoke in Wirrall
m Katherine Stubb dau of John Stubb of Farndon
1 Thomas Kynaston
2 William Kynaston
A Edward Kynaston Kynaston of Trewylan d 28.11.1885 had issue 1 dau
m 01.09.1842 Elizabeth Boyd
C.+ other issue - Richard, Ralph, John
Edward Kynaston of Hordley d 1592/4
m1 Margaret Lloyd dau of Edward Lloyd of Llanemayne or Llwyn-y-mane
1. Roger Kynaston of Hordley, Sheriff of Salop d 1606/8
m Margaret Vaughan dau of John Vaughan of Lloydiart
A. Edward Kynaston of Hordley d 1631
m Mary Owen dau of Thomas Owen of Condover
i. Roger Kynaston of Hordley, Sheriff of Salop d 1684, a younger son
m Rebecca Weld dau of Sir John Weld of Willey
a. Edward Kynaston of Hordley, Sheriff of Salop
m Amy Barker dau of Thomas Barker
1 John Kynaston of Hordley and Albrightlee d 1733
m1 1705 Beatrice Corbet b 1669, dau of Sir Vincent Corbet, 2nd Bart of Moreton Corbet
A+ issue d unm - Corbet d 1741, MP, Beatrice
m2 Anne Harwood dau of Thomas Harwood of Tern by Margaret Hill
C Edward Kynaston dsp 1772
D Roger Kynaston d 1788
m 1752 Mary Powell dau of Henry Powell of Worthen by Margaret, dau of Nathaniel Baskerville
i Sir John Kynaston, later Powell, 1st Bart of Hardwick dsp 25.10.1822
m Mary Elizabeth Corbet dau of John Corbet of Sundorne
ii Sir Edward Kynaston, 2nd Bart of Hardwick b 07.01.1758, d 26.04.1839, Rev.
m 09.12.1783 Letitia Owen dau of Robert Owen of Dublin
a Sir John Roger Kynaston, 3rd Bart of Hardwick b 02.07.1797, d unm 07.03.1866
b Amy Kynaston of Hardwick dsp 1868
m Evelyn Sutton d 01.1835, prebendary of Warminster
c Letitia Kynaston d 1834
b. Elizabeth Kynaston
m Richard Corbet
c. Rebecca Kynaston
m Richard Mytton
B.+ other issue - Prudence, Katherine, Maria
2. Richard Kynaston b about 1560
m _ Twyford
A.+ issue - Blanche, Margaret b about 1580
3. Humphrey Kynaston
m Margaret Pratt dau of Humphrey Pratt
4. Margaret Kynaston
m Richard Tanet or Tanat of Abertanet
5. Elizabeth Kynaston
m Gregory Wisedome MD
6. Johanna Kynaston
m Maurice ap John Winn ap Reignold of Llangedwin
7. William Kynaston,
8 John Kynaston, dy
9 Edward Kynaston,
10 John Kynaston,
12 Hugh Kynaston,
13 Ralph Kynaston,
14 Thomas,
7.+ Richard Kynaston,
15 Phillip Kynaston, Maria, Anna
m2 Margaret Kinaston dau of Humphrey Kinaston of Stokes
18. Anthony Kynaston dsp
19. Jane Kynaston
m Edward Penrine of Landrine
20. Elizabeth Kynaston
m Thomas Trevor of Oswestry
Roger Kynaston of Morton
m Gwen dau of Meridith ap Rees ap David Lloyd of Garthe Garthon
1. Edward Kynaston of Morton
m Katherine Lloyd dau of William Lloyd of Melnerley
A. John Kynaston of Morton
m Bridget Kynaston dau of Francis Kynaston of Oteley
i.+ issue - Judith b c1603, Margaret dinfant, Maria
B. Mary Kynaston
m Robert Winn of Bedwell
C. Gwen Kynaston
m Edward Evans of Kriketh
D. Elizabeth Kynaston
m Hugh Muckleston of Oswaldestre
E.+ other issue - Roger, Thomas, Humphrey, Robert, Elianora dsp
2. Humphrey Kynaston of Knockington
m Jane Lloyd dau of Oliver Lloyd of Leighton
A. Roger Kynaston of Cristioneth
m Anna Eyton dau of John Eyton of Cristioneth
3. John Kynaston of Kricketh
m Katherine Lloyd dau of David Lloyd of Trepenall or Trevnall
A. Gwen Kynaston
m _ Owen son of Griffith Owen
B.+ other issue - Roger, Richard
4. Thomas Kynaston
m _ Stanney dau of Richard Stanney of Oswestrey
A.+ issue including Elizabeth,Ellena
5. Richard or Ralph Kynaston
m Sara Lewis dau of Richard Lewis of Shrewsbury
A. Sara Kynaston
m Ralph Thurlin of Salop
B.+ other issue including Nathaniel, Samuel, Ralph, John
6. Margaret Kynaston
m John Lloyd of Llanworthey or Llanorthy
7. Elizabeth Kynaston
m1 Thomas ap Hugh of Lloyd Tedman
m2 David Hanmer
8. Ermine Kynaston
m Roger Kiffin of Swiney
9. Katherine Kynaston dsp
m Edward Lloyd of Melverley
10. Elianora Kynaston
m John Jones of Argoyd
11. Helen Kynaston
m Humphrey Griffith of Llanagomris or Llanagomrie
12.+ other issue - Robert dsp, Jane dsp

Main sources:
1 For Kynaston of Breadonheath : BLG1952 Williams of Trewylan
2 For Kynaston of Hordley : BLG1952 Kynaston of Hardwick with input from Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Kynaston
Most of this section was first uploaded into Kynaston01 on 29.05.05.
3 For Kynaston of Morton : Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Kynaston
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