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Wales 5: Lords of Nannau, Kings/Princes/Lords of Powys
Gwerstan or Gwerystan
Gwerystan is shown in Griffith's Pedigrees as son of Gwaithfoed Fawr, normally called Lord of Powys but sometimes called Lord of Cibwyr in Gwent, by Morfydd, dau/coheir of Ynyr ddu, King of Gwent. However, this parentage appears to be disputed by those who think that he was possibly a Saxon whose name may originally have been something like Werestan. BLG1952 starts with Gwerystan ap Gwaethford, of Cibwyr, but BLGW2001 starts with Cynfyn ap Gwerstan.
m Nest dau of Cadell ap Brochwel Ysgythrogidentified in Griffith's Pedigrees Golden Grove p291 & Broom Hall p331
1. Cynfyn, King of Powys
m Angharad of Deheubarth dau/heir of Maredudd, Prince of Deheubarth, widow of Llywelyn ap Seisyll, King of Gwynedd
A. Bleddyn, King of Gwynedd, Prince of Powys b c1025, d 1075 §W§ There is some disagreement on the order of Bleddyn's marriages. BLG1952 identifies only his 2nd wife, dau of Brochwel ap Moelwyn, showing her as mother of Llywarch, Cadgan, Hunydd & Gwenllian. BLGW2001 suggests she was his 1st wife, mother of Cadwgan, with Haer being his 3rd wife and mother of other issue. We follow Griffith p392.
m1 Haer dau/heir of Gyllyn or Cilyn ap y Blaidd Rhydd, Lord of Gestyn Efionydd
i. Maredud / Meredith, Prince of Powys d 1132-3
m1 Hunydd dau of Eunydd ap Gwernwy, Lord of Dyffryn Clwyd
m2 Efa dau of Blettwrs ap Ednowain Bendew, Lord of Tegiengle Flint
ii. Eva
m Llewellyn Aurdochog
iii Madog ap Bleddyn b 1053
vi Rhirid ap Bleddyn b c 1054 Montgomeryshire Wales d 1088
m Afandrech Verch Collwyn
+1 Collwyn ap Tangno b c 1010 Glamorgan
m Medlan Benllydan verch Neiniad
+2 Tangno ap Cadfael
vi-1 Ithel ap Rhirid
vi-2 Madog ap Rhirid
vi-3 Cadwgan ap Rhirid
vi-4 Llewelyn ap Rhirid b c 1075
vi-4-1 Einion ap LLewelyn b c 1100
vi-4-1-1 Hwefrig ab Einion b c 1125
m1 x Pitcher
m2 x Avenal + ch dau of
+1 Sir Morris Avenal
vi-4-1-1-1 Seisyll ap Hwefrig b c 1150
m Jane Langley
+1 Sir Thomas Langley
vi-4-1-1-1-1 Rhirid ap Seisyll b c 1175
m x verch Llewelyn
+1 Llewelyn ap y
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1 Llewelyn ap Rhirid b c 1200
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Dafydd ap Llewelyn b c 1230
m x verch Gwilym
+1 Gwilym ab Ieuan of Llanhenwy
m Sibyl Kemeys
+2 Ieuan ap Philip of Berthdau
m x verch Gronwy
+2 John ap Henry Kemeys
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Ieuan ap Dafydd b c 1260
m Ann verch Lewys Vychan of Cowbridge
+1 Lewys Vychan of Cowbridge
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Dafydd ab Ieuan b c 1320 d 1374
m Ann Verch Morgan
+1 Morgaqn ap Llewelyn
m Mallt verch Rhun
Da19 Gwilym ap Dafydd of Rhiw'perrai b c 1374
m1 Tudful verch Thomas + 9 ch
p x + 1 ch
-1 John Gwyn ap Gwilym of Cibwr b c 1390 St Donats Glamorgan m x Grant
-2 Gwenllian verch Gwilym b 1380 m Gwilym Llwyd ap Dafydd
-3 Jonet verch Gwilym m Trahaem ab Ieuan
-4 Gwenllian verch Gwilym
-5 Crisli verch Gwilym
-6 x verch Gwilym
-7 Llewelyn Fychan ap Gwilym
-8 Dafydd Gwyn ap Gwilym
-9 Morgan ap Gwilym
-10 Llewelyn Fwaf ap Gwilym of Blaenbradach
-1-1 Annes verch John Gwyn m William Stradling St18 son of Sir William Stradling and Isabel St. Barbe
-1-2 Morgan Gwyn ap John Gwyn
-1-3 Alswn verch John Gwyn
-1-4 Nest verch John Gwyn
-1-5 Lewys ap John Gwyn
-1-6 Llewelyn ap John Gwyn
-1-7 Thomas ap John Gwyn
-2-1 Thoma ap Gwilym Llwyd
-10-1 Gwilym ap Dafydd of Rhiw'perrai
-1-1-1 Gwenllian Stradling St17 b 1442 St Donats Glamorgan d Dec 1475 p Anthony Woodville 2nd Earl Rivers
-1-1-2 John Stradling of Marthyr Mawr
-10-1-1 John Gwyn ap Gwilym, of Cibwr
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 x verch Dafydd
m Ieuan Ibrish
-1 Margred Ibrish
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 Philip ap Dafydd of Rhiw'perrai -1 Ann verch Philip
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Philip ap Dafydd b c 1262
vi-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 Gruffudd ap Dafydd b c 1265
vi-4-1-1-1-1-2 Tudful verch Rhirid b c 1200
m Thomas ap Cynwrig
vi-4-1-1-1-2 Cynwrig ap Seisyll
vi-4-1-1-3 Ifor ap Seisyll of Llys Tal-y-bent
m2 ?? dau of Brochwel ap Moelyn of Twr Celyn Dwrcelyn, Anglesey
v. Llywarch
vi. Cadwgan of Nannau, Prince of Powys d 1111
BLG1952 avoids placing Cadwgan's marriage in order but BLGW2001, whilst noting that the order is uncertain, follows that given in 'Peniorth'. Griffith p392 shows only 4 marriages: Gwennllian dau of Gruffydd, Frances Pigot, Gwennlian dau of Owen, and Elliw. On this we follow BLGW2001 which does not name the 1st wife but reports that she is sometimes "called in error Iwerydd, dau of Edwin ap Gronw". Griffith identifies the mother of Owen, Goronwy & Llewelyn and hence possibly Cadwgan's 1st wife as ...
m1 Gwenllian dau of Owen ap Edwin ap Goronwy
a. Owain, Lord of Powys d 1116, 3rd son
1 Llywelyn
2 Ieuaf / Iorwerth
A Gwenllian
m Idnerth, Lord of Radnor
b.+ other issue - Gronw Goronwy, Llywelyn d 1098
m2 Sanan dau of Dyfnal
d. Einon, Prince/Lord of Powys dsp 1123
m3. Ellyw dau of Cydifor ap Gollwyn
e. Morgan d 1128
m4. Frances? dau of Robert 'Picot' of Sai, Lord of the Clun Valley
f. Henry
h. Grufydd of Nannau
m Gwenllin / Angharad dau of Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd
1 Hunydd
m Sandde Hardd of Mostyn
m5. Euron dau of Hoedlyw ap Cadwgan ab Elstan Glodrydd
i. Maredudd d 1124
m 1124 ??
1 daughter
m Einon ap Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn
m6. c1098 Gwenllian b c1080, dau of Gruffyd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd
j. Madog, Lord of Nannau b c1100
BLG1952 shows Madog as m1. Jane m2. Efa but BLGW2001 & Griffith p200 show the marriages as follows.
m1 Efa or Eva dau/heir of Madog ap Philip ab Uchtryd, Lord of Cyfeuilog
1 Meurig, Lord of Nannau
m Gwenllian dau of Iorwerth ap Peredur ab Ednywain ap Bradwen
A Ynyr Hen, Lord of Nannau a 1200-50
m Gwerfyl dau of Madog ap Llywarch Vychan ap Llywarch Goch
i Ynyr Fychan, Lord of Nannau d c1300
m1 Gwenhwyfar dau of Gruffydd ab Owain ap Gronw ab Einion ap Seisyll
a Meurig Fychan, Lord of Nannau
m Gwladus or Generus or Angharad dau of Gruffydd ab Owain ap Bleddyn ab Owain Brogyntyn
b Hywelancestor of Vaughan of Nannau, etc
c Einion
1 Einion
m Angharad dau of John Gethin ap Madog Kyffin
A Gwenhwyfar see below @@
m John ab Einion of Efionydd
B Elen
m Gwilym ap John Llwyd
2 Gwenhwyfar see below @@
m John ab Einion of Efionydd
d Angharad
m Gwilym Powys
e Elen
m John ap Hywel ab Einion Vychan ab Einion Hen
f+ other issue - Gruffydd, Llywelyn, Ynyr Llwyd
m2 Gwenhwyfar dau of 'y mab Enion'
i Einion
j Gwenhwyfar
BLGW2001 mentions this daughter Gwenhwyfar, noting that she did marry husband not named, but also shows two Gwenhwyfars in later generations who both married John ab Einion of Efionydd see just above @@. Identifying her as this Gwenhwyfar is done by BP1934 Newborough which we provisionally follow.
m Ievan John ap Einion
ii Einion, Bishop of St. Asaph a 1268, 1292
iii Meurig Hen
a Gruffydd Gethin
1 Meurig Maelan
m Meddefus dau of Gruffydd ap Sion ap Gruffydd ap Hywel ap Madog Fychan
A Lleuki
m Gruffydd ab Adda, of Penmaen
B+ other issue - Nest, Tanno, Elen
b Llywelyn Goch a 1360-90, poet
2 Rhiwallon had issue
m Alfron dau of Gwrgeneu ap Hywel ab Ieuaf
3 Einion had issue
4 Efa
m2 Sian/Jane dau of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon, Lord of Maclor Cymraeg
m3. Efa/Eva dau of Einion ap Seisyll, Lord of Mathafarn
vii. Gwladys or Hunydd or Keywydh
m Rhydderch ap Tudur Mawr
viii. Gwenllian
m Caradog ap Trahaiarn
m3. ?? dau of Gruffydd ap Carwed ap Alaw, of Llwydiarth
ix.+ other issue d Llechryd 1087 - Maelog, Rhirid
m4. Morien dau of Idnerth ap Cadwgan ap Elystan Glodrydd
xi.+ other issue - Iorwerth Lord of Powys, Rhiwallon
B. Rhiwallon d Mechain 1070
i. Meilyr d 1081
ii. Gwaldys
m Rhys, Prince of South Wales d 1093
iii. Janet / Sioned
m Tudor 'Walensis', Lord of Whittington
C. West
m Ednowain ap Ithel of The Byrn
Some sources show Iwerydd as another daughter of Cynfyn, King of Powys. We show her as daughter of Llywelyn, Prince of Deheubarth.
2. Ellenorpossibly of this family, of this generation
m Einion ap Owan, King of South Wales dvp c983

Sources: BLG1952 Lloyd of Blaenglyn, BLGW2001 Lloyd, formerly of Blaenglyn, Griffith's Pedigrees Tribe of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn p392 & Nannau p200
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