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Hide (Hyde) of Aldbury, Hyde of Clarendon, Hyde of Dinton, Hyde of Hatch, Hyde of Rochester, Hyde of Salisbury
Laurence Hyde of Gussage St. Michael (Dorset) then Westhatch (Wiltshire) (d 07.06.1590)
m1. Mary Hartgill (dau of William Hartgill of Culmington)
1. John Hyde (d young?)
m2. Anne Sibell (d before 09 Jul 1606, dau of Nicholas Sibell of Farningham, widow of Matthew Colthurst of Claverton)
2. Robert Hyde of Hatch, Wiltshire (a 1623)
m. Anna (dau of John Baptiste Castilian of Bennam Valence)
A. Robert Hyde (b c1593)
m. Anne Rogers (dau of Edward Rogers of Canington)
i.+ issue (a 1623) - Robert (b 1621/2), Lawrence (b c1623)
B. Margaret Hyde
m. (04.09.1610) Robert Culliford of Encomb, Isle of Purbeck
C. Anne Hyde (bpt 11.1598, bur 15 Nov 1638)
m. Robert Hyde of Northberie
D. Elizabeth Hyde (bpt 08.06.1595)
The following connection is given in Commoners (vol iv, Hall of Jamaica now of Arrow's Foot).
m. Edward Heyleyn
i. Elizabeth Heyleyn
m. William Wyatt
E.+ other issue - Hamnet (a 28 Nov1604), Lawrence (b c1597), Richard (bpt Dec 1599), Valentine (b c1607), Maria, Barbara
3. Sir Lawrence Hyde of Salisbury, 'of Dinton' (d 26.01.1641/2, Attorney General)
m. Barbara (d 24.08.1641, dau of John Baptiste Castilian of Bennam Valence)
A. Lawrence Hyde (bpt 10 Nov 1593, bur 3 Dec 1643)
m. (01.12.1619) Amphillis Tichborne (dau of Sir Richard Tichborne by Hellena, dau of Robert White of Aldershot)
B. Alexander Hyde, Bishop of Salisbury (bpt 30 Apr1598, d before 29 Nov1667, 4th son)
The following connection is given in BP1934 (Parker of Melford Hall).
i. son (dsp)
ii. Margaret Hyde (d 06.01.1728-9)
m. Sir Henry Parker, 2nd Bart (d 25.10.1713)
C. Anna Hyde
m. (11.04.1621) Humphrey Hyde (son of George of Kingston Lisle, Berkshire)
D.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 24.02.1595/6, d 01.05.1665, Chief Justice), William (bpt 17.01.1596/7, d before 05.03.1630/1, rector of Otham), Francis (bpt 09.1601), Sir Henry (bpt 12.05.1606, d 04.03.1650/1), Edward (bpt 12.05.1606, d 16.06.1659, rector of Milston), Thomas (bpt 31.05.1607), Nicholas (bpt 20.04.1611), Sir Frederick (bpt 26.07.1614, Serjeant-at-law), James (bpt 15.05.1617, principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford), Charles (bpt 24.04.1619, bur 08.11.1619), Margaret (b c1604), Katherine (b c1612)
4. Henry Hyde of Purton and Dinton (d 29.09.1634)
m. (03.04.1597) Mary Langford (bpt 13.09.1578, a 03.1634/5, dau of Edward Langford of Trowbridge)
A. Sir Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon, Chancellor (b 18.02.1608/9, d 16.12.1674, 3rd son)
m1. (1629) Anne Ayliffe (d 1629/30, dau of Sir George Ayliffe of Gretenham and/or Robson)
m2. (10.07.1634) Frances Aylesbury (bpt 25.08.1617, d 08.08.1667, dau of Sir Thomas Aylesbury, Bart)
i. Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon (b 02.06.1638, d 31.10.1709)
m1. (before 26.01.1660) Theodosia Capel (bpt 03.01.1639/40, d 22.03.1661-2, dau of Arthur Capell, 1st Lord of Hadham)
a. Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon (b 28.11.1661, d 31.03.1723)
m. (10.07.1688) Catherine O'Brien (dau of Lord Henry O'Brien by Catherine, Baroness Clifton)
(1) Edward Hyde, 'Viscount Cornbury', Lord Clifton of Leighton Bromswold (bpt 06.10.1691, dvp unm 12.02.1712/3)
(2) Catherine Hyde (d unm)
(3) Theodosia Hyde, Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold (b 09.11.1695, d 30.07.1722)
m. (24.08.1713) John Bligh of Rathmore, 1st Earl of Darnley (d 12.09.1728)
m2. Flower Backhouse (dau of William Backhouse)
ii. Laurence Hyde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1st Earl of Rochester (bpt 15.03.1641/2, d 02.05.1711)
m. (1665) Henrietta Boyle (b c1646, d 16.04.1687, dau of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Burlington)
a. Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Rochester, 4th Earl of Clarendon (b 1672, d 10.12.1753)
m. (02.05.1692) Jane Leveson-Gower (b c1670, d 24.05.1725, dau of Sir William Leveson-Gower, 4th Bart)
(1)+ 2 sons (d young)
(3) Henry Hyde, 'Viscount Cornbury', Lord Hyde of Hindon (b 28.11.1710, dspvp 1753)
m. (09.11.1737) Frances Lee (dau of George Henry Lee, 2nd Earl of Lichfield
(4) Jane Hyde (d 01.1723-4)
m. (27.11.1718) William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex (b 1697, d 8 Jan 1743)
(5) Catherine Hyde (b c1701, d 17.07.1777)
m. (10.03.1720) Charles Douglas, 3rd Duke of Queensberry, 2nd Duke of Dover (b 24.11.1698, d 22.10.1778)
b. Anne Hyde
m. (15.07.1682) James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde (b 29.04.1665, d 16.11.1745, CIC)
c. Henrietta Hyde (d 30.05.1730)
m. (02.01.1693-4) James Scott, Earl of Dalkeith (b 23.05.1674, dvm 14.03.1704-5)
d. Mary Hyde (d 25.01.1708-9)
m. (17.02.1703-4) Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Lord Conway (b 28.05.1679, d 03.02.1731-2)
e. Catherine Hyde (d unm)
iii. Anne Hyde (d 31.03.1671)
m. (24.11.1659) James Stuart, King James II of England and Ireland, King James VII of Scotland (b 14.10.1633, d 19.09.1701)
iv. Frances Hyde
m. Sir Thomas Knightley of Hartingfordbury
v.+ other issue - Edward (d unm), James
B. Suzanna Hyde (bpt 22.06.1607) probably the Susan who married ...
m. Kympton Mabbott
i. Diana Mabbott
m1. Sir Henry Tuite, 4th Bart of Sonagh (d 05.1679)
m2. Rev. John Twells
C.+ other issue - Lawrence (bpt 15.06.1600, bur 09.10.1600), Henry (bpt 18.10.1601, a 1623), Nicholas (bpt 09.12.1610, bur 09.03.1611), Anna (bpt 01.01.1597/8), Elizabeth (bpt 26.04.15959), Maria (bpt 19.06.1603), Sibella (bpt 18.04.1605)
According to BEB1841 (Hewet of Headly Hall), one of the daughters, being sister of Chancellor Hyde, married ...
m. Christopher Stokes of Tiderton, Wiltshire )
i. Francis Stokes of Tiderton
a. Anne Stokes
m. Sir John Hewet, 3rd Bart
5. Sir Nicholas Hyde of Marlingsborow, Wiltshire (d 25.08.1631, Chief Justice of the King's Bench)
m. Maria Swaine (dau of Arthur Swaine of Sarson)
A.+ issue - Nicholas (bpt 03.07.1603, d young?), Arthur (b c1606), Lawrence (b c1611), Edward (b c1617), Robert 9b c1619, bur 24.01.1626/7), Judith, Anna, Maria, Elizabeth
6. Elizabeth Hyde
m. John St. Lowe of Knight
7. Johanna Hyde
m. (29.06.1584) Edward Young of Durnford
8. Alice or Avis Hyde
m. Thomas Bainard
9. Susan Hyde (bpt 21.04.1574)
m. Sir George Joy of West Kington
Possibly completely independent of the above-mentioned family but shown here for convenience was ...
Thomas Hide of Aldbury (d 1570)
1. Robert Hide
A. Sir Nicholas Hide, Sheriff of Hertfordshire, 1st Bart of Aldbury (a 1621)
m. Bridget Sandys (dau of Miles (not Michael) Sandys of Latimers)
i. Sir Thomas Hide, Sheriff of Hertfordshire, 2nd Bart of Aldbury (b c1594, d 18.05.1665)
m. (11.06.1660) Mary Whitchurch (dau of John Whitchurch of Walton)
a. Bridget Hide or Hyde (b 1662, d 08.03.1733)
m. (25.04.1682) Peregrine Osborne, 2nd Duke of Leeds (b 1659, d 25.06.1729)

Main sources:
(1) For upper section: Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Hyde), TCP (Clarendon), BE1883 (Hyde of Hidon, Clarendon, etc)
(2) For lower section: BEB1841 (Hide of Aldbury)
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