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Dunbar 1

: Dunbar of Dunbar, Dunbar of Lothian, Dunbar of March
Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar b c1040, a 1072
Although it does include a note which might be interpreted as acknowledging the possibilty that there were 2 Gospatricks, TCP Dunbar treats this Gospatrick as the same person as the Gospatrick we show as his son with the Gospatrick who d 1166 as the 2nd Earl and Waltheof as the 3rd Earl. To add to the uncertainty about these early generations, BE1883 reports 4 generations of successive Gospatricks, all Earls, whilst some sources show 3 generations of successive Gospatricks but do not identify this Gospatrick as being the 1st Earl of Dunbar, leaving that to his son Gospatrick. As TSP provides quite a bit of detail on the various generations, we follow TSP in showing 3 successive generations of Earl Gospatricks but note that this leads to differences with the numberings of the Earls used in some other records.
1. Dolfin, Lord of Cumbria
2. Waldeve Waltheof, Lord of Allerdale
m Sigrid / Sigarith
A. Alan a 08.1139
i. Waldeve dvpspm
B. Gospatric of Bolton, etc a 1154
i. Waldeve d before 1200
a. Christiana
m Duncan Lascelles
b. Galiena
m Philip Moubray
C. Gunnild
m Uchtred, Lord of Galloway
D. Hectreda / Octreda
m1 Randulph de Lindesay
m2 William de Esseville/Esseby
3. Gospatrick, 2nd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian d 'Battle of the Standard' 23.08.1138
m Sybel Morel of Bearley dau of Arkil Morel
A. Gospatrick, 3rd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian d 1166
m Derdere
i. Waldeve, 4th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian d 1182
m Aline d 20.08.1179
a. Patrick, 5th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian b 1152, d 31.12.1232
TSP names Patrick, William, Robert and Ada as his children but noted also that he "had apparently other children, perhaps daughters, but their names are unknown." TSP is not clear as to which wife bore the children but BE1883 attributes those 4 named children to Ada.
m1 1184 Ada d 1200, dau of William 'the Lion', King of Scots
1 Patrick, 6th Earl of Dunbar d 1248
m c1213 Eupheme Stewart d c1267, dau of Walter Stewart, 3rd Hereditary/High Steward of Scotland
A Patrick, 7th Earl of Dunbar b c1213, d 24.08.1289
m 1242 Cecilia dau of John Fraser ?
i Sir Patrick 'black beard', 8th Earl of Dunbar, 1st Earl of March b c1242, d 10.10.1308
m by 1282 Marjorie Comyn dau of Alexander Comyn, 2nd Earl of Buchan
a Patrick, 9th Earl of Dunbar, 2nd Earl of March, 'Earl of Moray' b 1282, d 1368 §D
m1 before 1303 Ermengarde
1+ other issue dvpsp - Patrick b 1304, d by 05.09.1351, Sir John
m2 c1322 Agnes Randolph a 24.05.1367, dau of Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray
b Margaret of Dunbar
m Sir Richard Lundie of Lundie a 1297
ii Sir John of Dunbar a 1286
iii Sir Alexander of Dunbar a 26.06.1331
This Alexander is shown by BP1999 Dunbar of Mochrum as brother of Patrick, the Earl who married Agnes Randolph, rather than his uncle as we show here. We are following TSP Dunbar.
B Waldeve of Dunbar a 1271, rector of Dunbar
C Thomas of Dunbar
This connection from the house of Dunbar is suggested by research on the Learmonth family.
i Thomas
a ?? de Learmonth
1 ?? de Learmonth
A John Learmonth of Whitekirk b c1370
m Margaret Douglas
D Isabel of Dunbar a 1269 identified by a site visitor JB, 21.04.06
m1 Roger FitzJohn de Clavering of Clavering, Warkworth and Horsford d 1249
m2 before 19.05.1262 Sir Simon Baard Bayard a 1288
2 William of Dunbar d 1253
m Christiana Corbet d 1241, dau of Walter Corbet of Mackerston
A+ issue - Nicholas of Mackerston dsp, Patrick of Fogo, Walter
3 Sir Robert a 1258
4 Ada of Dunbar
m1 William de Courtenay d before 11.09.1217
m2 c1219 Theobald de Lascelles d before 10.1225
m3. William of Greenlaw @@ below
m2 before 1218 Christina widow of William de Brus of Annandale
We have not yet identified Christina who is shown by some web sites to be her own great-granddaughter by her 1st husband!
5 Cecilia of Dunbar identified by various web sites as fitting here but sb a generation or 2 later ??
m James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland b c1243, d 16.07.1309
b. Constantine d young
c. Alice / Helen
m Philip de Seton a 1177
ii. Patrick of the Hirsell and Greenlaw
m Cecilia Fraser ??
a. William of Greenlaw had issue possibly William of Home ??
m Ada of Dunbar dau of Patrick, 5th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothiansee above
iii. daughter possibly of this generation
m Gilbert or Gillebride, 2nd Earl of Angus d c1187
B. Waldeve later called Adam
C. Edward of Edlingham, etc
m Sibilla
i. Waldeve
a. John d before 1247
D. Edgar 'Unnithing'
m Alice de Greystoke dau of Ivo de Greystoke
i. Alexander dsp
ii. Patrick of Calstron/Kestern had issue
iii. Agnes of Dunbar probably of this generation
m Anselm le Fleming
E. Uthred of Dundas a temp David I of Scots 1124-1153
F. Juliana
m Ralph/Ranulph de Merlay, Lord of Morpeth
4. Octreda / Ethreda of Northumberland
m Waldeve son of Gillemin
5. Gunnilda of Northumberland
m Orm, lord of Allerdalte
6. Matilda of Northumberland
m Dolfin son of Aylward
7. Aethelreda / Ethelreda of Northumberland
m Duncan II, King of Scots b 1060, d 12.11.1094

Sources: TSP Dunbar, BP1999 Dunbar of Mochrum, BE1883 Dunbar.
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