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Brabant 3: Dukes of Brabant, Dukes of Limburg
Br24. Henri II, Duke of Brabant b 1207, d 01 Feb 1248
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m1 before 22 Aug 1215 Marie of Swabia b 1201, d 1235, dau of Philip, Duke of Swabia, King of Germany
Br23-1. Henri III, Duke of Brabant d 28 Feb 1261
m 1251 Adelaide Alissa de Bourgogne b c1233, d 23.10.1273, dau of Hugues IV, Duke of Burgundy, King of Thessalonika
A. Henri IV, Duke of Brabant b 1251/2, d after 29 Apr 1272
B. Jean I 'Victorious', Duke of Brabant and Limburg b 1253, d 03 May 1294
m1 1270 Marguerite of France b 1255, d 1271, dau of Louis IX 'Saint', King of France
i. son b/d 1271
m2 1273 Marguerite of Flanders b c1251, d 03 Jul 1285, dau of Guy de Dampierre, Margrave of Namur, Count of Flanders
ii. Godfrey of Brabant
iii. Jean II, Duke of Brabant and Limburg d 27.09.1275, d 27.10.1312
m 9 Jul 1290 Margaret of England b 11.09.1275, d after 11 Mar 1333, dau of Edward I, King of England
a. Jean III, Duke of Brabant and Limburg b 1300, d 5.12.1355
m 1311 Marie d'Evreux d 31.10.1335
1+ 3 sons d young - John b1 1327 d 1335/6, Henri d 29.11.1349, Godfrey d after 03 Feb 1352
4 Jeanne, Duchess of Brabant and Limburg d 24 Jun 1322, d 1.12.1406
m1 1334 Willem IV, Count of Hainault and Holland b 1307, d 1345
m2 03.1352 Wenzel of Bohemia, Duke of Luxembourg b 25 Feb 1337, d 07.12.1383
5 Margaret of Brabant b 09 Feb 1323, d 1368
m 06 Jun 1347 Louis II, Count of Flanders, etc b 25.11.1330, d 09 Jan 1384
6 Marie of Brabant b 1325, d 01 Mar 1399
m 1347, sp Reinald III, Duke of Geldern b 1333, d 1371
partners unknown
7+ at least 20 illegitimate children
partners unknown
b.+ at least 4 illegitimate children
iv. Margaret of Brabant b 4 Oct1276, d 14 Dec 1311
m 09 Jun 1292 Emperor Henri IV, Count of Luxembourg, King of Germany b 12 Jul 1274, d 24 Aug 1313
v. Marie of Brabant d after 02.11.1338
m 1297/1305 Amadeo Amadeus V 'the Great', Count of Savoy b 1249, d 1323
partners unknown
vi.+ at least 5 illegitimate children
C. Godfrey of Brabant, lord of Aerschot d Courtrai 11 Jul 1302
m 1277 Jeanne Isabeau de Vierzon d after 1296
i. John de Brabant b c1281, d Courtrai 11 Jul 1302
m after 01 May 1300 Marie de Mortagne
ii. Marie de Brabant d 1327/31
m1 c1296 Walram, Count of Julich d 1297
m2 Robert de Beaumont, Sn de Povance
iii. Elisabeth de Brabant d 1349-55
m 1304 Gerard V, Count of Julich d 1328
iv. Alix de Brabant d 16 May 1315
m 1302 S, Jean d'Harcourt d 1329
v. Blanche de Brabant d 1327/30
m1 Jean Berthout, Sn de Malines d 1304
m2 before 1307 Jean, Vcte de Thouars d 25 May 1332
vi. Margaret de Brabant, a nun d after 1318
vii. Joan de Brabant, a nun d after 1318
D. Marie of Brabant b 1256, d 12 Jan 1321
m 27 Aug 1274 Philippe III, King of France b 1245, d 05.10.1285
partner unknown
E. Gilles a 1286 had issue
Br23-2. Philippe of Brabant d young
Br23. Matilda of Brabant b 1224, d 29.09.1288
m1 14 Jun 1237 Robert I, Count of Artois b Sep 1216, d 8 Feb 1250
m2 before 31 May 1254 Guy IV, Count of Chatillon-St. Pol b after 1226, d 12 Mar 1289
Br23-4. Beatrix of Brabant b 1225, d 11.11.1288
m1 10 Mar 1241 Heinrich Raspe IV, Landgrave of Thuringia, German King d 16 Feb 1247
m2 11.1247 Guillaume III de Dampierre, Count of Flanders b 1224, dsp 06 Jun 1251
Br23-5. Marie of Brabant b c1226, d 18 Jan 1256
m 02 Aug 1254, sp Ludwig II 'Severus', Duke of Upper Bavaria b 13 Apr 1229, d 02 Feb 1294
Br23-6. Margaret of Brabant, Abbess of Herzzogenthal d 14 Mar 1277
m2 c1240 Sophie of Thuringia b 20 Mar 1224, d 29 May 1275
Br23-7. Heinrich I, 'das Kind von Heessen', Landgrave of Hesse d 24 Jun 1244, d 21 Dec 1308 had issue
m1 10.09.1263 Adelheid Welf b c1245, d 12 Jun 1274
m2 before 26 Feb 1276 Mechtilde / Irmgarde de Cleves d 21.12.1309, dau of Thierry VI, Count of Cleves
Br23-8. Elizabeth of Brabant b 1243, d 9 Oct .1261
m 13 Jul 1254 Albrecht I, Duke of Braunschweig b 1236, d 15 Aug 1279

Sources: GenEU Brabant3.
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