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Douglas 1: Douglas of Douglas, Douglas of Nithsdale, Douglas of Tourraine
Do27. William of Douglas b 1145 Hermiston Mid-Lothian d 1214 a 1177
m KERSDALE de MORAY b 1149 Scotland
Do26 Sir Archibald of Douglas and Hermiston d c1240
m Margaret Crawford dau of Sir John Crawford of Crawfordjohn
Do25 Sir William of Douglas b c1200, d by 10.1274
m Constance of Batail
Some sources show William le Hardi Douglas as son rather than grandson of Sir Archibald.
Do24-1 Hugh Douglas
Do24 Sir William, Lord of Douglas "le Hardi", a 1256, d 1298
m1 Elizabeth Stewart d by 1289, dau of Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward
Some sources suggest that Sir James's mother was by his father's second marriage rather than his first marriage.
Do23-1 Sir James Douglas, Lord of Douglas "the Good Sir James", d 25.08.1330 §D
Some web sites identify James's wife as Agnes Randolph, dau of Thomas, Earl of Moray, but we have not seen this supported by convincing evidence and, noting that the earldom of Moray was later obtained by a son of Agnes's younger sister, we follow TSP in believing that "The identity of his wife has not been ascertained."
m ??
Do23-1-1 William Douglas d Halidon Hill, 19.07.1333
Do23-1-2 daughter possibly of this generation, of this marriage
m James de Tuedi or Tweedie of Drumelzier a 1351
partner unknown
Do23-1-3 Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas "the Grim", d 24.12.1400
m c07.1362 Johanna Moray d c1407, dau of Sir Maurice Moray, 3rd of Drumsagard, Earl of Strathearn
Do23-1-3-1 Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas, Duke of Tourraine b c1372, d Verneuil 17.08.1424
m Margaret Stewart dau of John Stewart, King Robert III of Scots
i Archibald Douglas, Earl of Wigtown, 5th Earl of Douglas, 2nd Duke of Tourraine, 1st Count of Longueville b c1390, d 26.06.1438
m1 Matilda Lindsay dau of David Lindsay, 1st Earl of Crawford
This marriage reported in BE1883 but not in TSP.
m2 c1424 Euphemia Graham d c10.1468, dau of Sir Patrick Graham of Strathearn
a William Douglas, 6th Earl of Douglas, 3rd Duke of Tourraine, 2nd Count of Longueville b c1425, dsp 24.11.1440
m before 1440 Jean or Janet Lindsay dau of David Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Crawford
b David Douglas d 24.11.1440
c Margaret Douglas "the Fair Maid of Galloway"
m1 William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas d 1451 - see @@@ below
m2 div 1459 James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas d 15.04.1488 - see ### below
m3. 1460 Sir John Stewart of Balveny, 1st Earl of Atholl b c1440, d 19.09.1512
ii Sir James Douglas d Verneuil 17.08.1424
iii Elizabeth Douglas d c1451
m1 1413 John Stewart, Earl of Buchan Constable of France
m2 Thomas Stewart, younger of Mar and Garioch dvpsp by 1435
m3. William Sinclair, 3rd Earl of Orkney, Earl of Caithness, Chancellor d before 03.1482
Not mentioned by TSP but also described as a daughter of Earl Archibald was the following Mary. We would normally presume that she had just been missed out by TSP but it has been pointed out to us DMcA, 06.04.05 that a grandaughter of King Robert would probably have been well recorded. It is possible that either she was illegitimate or that she has been misidentified.
iv Mary Douglas b c1390 "elder legitimate daughter"?
m 1406-7 Sir Simon Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn b c1378, d 1437
Do23-1-3-2 James Douglas, Earl of Avondale, 7th Earl of Douglas d 24.03.1443
m before 07.03.1425-6 Beatrix Sinclair dau of Henry Sinclair, 2nd Earl of Orkney
i William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas b c1425, dsp 1451
m Margaret Douglas dau of Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas - see @@@ above
ii James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas d 15.04.1488
m1 div 1459 Margaret Douglas dau of Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas - see ### above
m2 Anne Holland dau of John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter
iii Archibald Douglas, Earl of Moray d 01.05.1455
m Elizabeth Mary/Agnes Dunbar dau of James Dunbar, 4th Earl of Moray
a James Douglas d before 18.03.1493-4
b Janet Douglas
iv Hugh Douglas, Earl of Ormond
v Sir John Douglas of Balveny
vi Henry Douglas
vii Margaret Douglas
m Henry Douglas of Borg 'of Dalkeith'
viii Beatrix Douglas a 1490
m1 William Hay, 1st Earl of Erroll, Constable of Scotland d c 10.1462
m2 1463 Arthur Forbes
ix Janet Douglas
m Robert Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld, 1st Lord d 1491
x Elizabeth Douglas
m William Wallace of Craigie
Do23-1-3-3 Mary or Marjory Douglas d c1420
m1 02.1399-1400 David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay d 1402
m2 1403 Sir Walter Haliburton, younger of Haliburton, High Treasurer, 0th/1st Lord d before 10.05.1447
Do23-1-3-4 Catherine Douglas possibly of this generation, by this marriage
m William de Vaux of Dirleton d 1392
Do23-1-3-5 Helen Douglas probably of this generation, by this marriage
m before 1400 Sir George de Lawedre or Lauder of Haltoun
partner unknown
Do23-1-3-6 William Douglas, Lord of Nithsdale
m c 1387 Egidia Stewart dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots
i Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale d c1420
ii Egidia Douglas
m1 Henry Sinclair, 2nd Earl of Orkney b c1375, d 1422
m2 Sir Alexander Stewart d 25.05.1425
m2 before 28.01.1289 Eleanor de Louvaine d after 03.05.1326, dau of Matthew de Louvaine
Do23-2 Hugh Douglas d by 1347
Do23 Sir Archibald Douglas of Liddesdale, Cavers, etc. Regent of Scotland, b c1297, d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333
m Beatrix de Lindsay d before 1352, dau of Sir Alexander de Lindsay of Crawford
Do22-1 John Douglas of Westcalder d by 1341
Do22 William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas, Earl of Mar d 1384
m Margaret, Countess of Mar b c1360, d by 19.10.1393, dau of Donald, 8th Earl of Mar
Do21 James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Douglas, Earl of Mar dspls Otterburn 08.1388
m Isabel Stewart dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots
Do20-1 son d infant
partners unknown
Do20-2 Sir William Douglas, 1st of Drumlanrig d 1427
m Elizabeth Stewart dau of Sir Robert Stewart of Durrisdeer
Do20-3 Archibald Douglas, 1st of Cavers d c 1435
m Margaret

Eleanor Douglas b c 1385 d 1425
Do20 Eleanor Douglas
m Sir William Fraser of Cowie, 2nd of Philorth d before 1441
-1 Agnes Fraser m 24.07.1423 Sir William Forbes of Kinaldie, 1st of Pitsligo d 13/23.01.1445-6
-2 Alexander Fraser, 3rd of Philorth
-3 Janet Fraser m Alexander Cumming Cu19 of Altyr b c 1420
-4 Isabel Fraser m Gilbert Menzies
Do20-5 Joan Douglas A Joan of this generation is normally shown as wife of William de Dacre, 5th Lord. We provisionally show his wife as Mary of a generation earlier see below.
Do21-2 Isabella Douglas, Countess of Mar dsp 1408
m1 by 1388 Sir Malcolm Drummond d 1402
m2 1404 Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar dspl 1435
p. Margaret Stewart, Countess of Angus d 1417
Do21-3 George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus d c1403
m 1397 Mary Stewart dau of John Stewart, King Robert III of Scots
by partners unknown
Do21-4 Margaret Douglas a 1404
m Thomas Johnson
Do21-5 Mary Douglas possibly of this family, of this generation
m William de Dacre, 5th Lord of Dacre and Multon b 1357, d c1403
Do22-3 Eleanor Douglas Because she was known for much of her life as the Countess of Carrick, Eleanor is often described as though she was a Bruce. However, she was Countess not through inheritance but through her first marriage.
m1 Alexander Bruce, Earl of Carrick d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333
m2 c1349 Sir James of Sandilands d 1358
m3. by 1364 Sir William Towers of Dalry
m4. by 1368 Sir Duncan Wallace of Sundrum d c1376
m5. 1376, sp Sir Patrick de Hepburn, lord of Hailes b c1321, d before 1406
Do23-4 Possibly of this generation, but if so unknown by which wife, or possibly daughter of 'the good Sir James' was ...
m Sir Arthur Galbraith, 5th Chief
Do24-3 Willelma Douglas
m William of Galbraithe
Do25-2 Sir Andrew Douglas of Hermiston d c1277
Do26-2+ other issue - Bruce d 1222, Bishop of Moray, Alexander a 1237, Henry a 1239, Hugh a 1230, Freskin d by 09.1232, Margaret

Sources: TSP Douglas, BE1883 Douglas of Douglas
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