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Lorraine 3

: Dukes of Lorraine, Counts of Boulogne, Counts of Metz
1. Gerhard d 910
m Uda of Saxony
A. Wigfried, Archbishop of Cologne d 953
B. Gottfried, Count in Julich
m Ermentrude of France
i.+ issue - Gottfried d young, Gerhard a 963, Count of Metz, Gebhard, Adalard, Gerberga
C. Uda d after 963
m Gozelo, Count in the Ardennes
D. daughter
2. Matfried, Count of Metz d c930
m Landtsind
A. Adalbert, Count of Metz d 944
m Luitgarde dau of Pfgf Wigerich
i. Matfried a 960 probably father of ...
a. Richard, Count of Metz a 986
b. Gerhard, Count of Metz
Either Richard or Gerhard was father of ...
1 Gerhard, Count of Metz b by 966, a 1008
m Eva of Luxembourg d after 1029
A Siegfried d 1017
2 Adalbert II , Count of Metz b by 974, d 1033
The above links to an alternative ancestry for Adalbert as provided by 'Royal Genealogies'.
m Judith d after 1032
A Gerhard, Count of Metz d 1045
m by 977 Gisela
i Adalbert II of Longwy, Duke of Upper Lorraine b c1000, d 1048
m Clemence de Foix
a Ermesinde of Lorraine a 1058
m c1051 Pierre-Guillaume V, Count of Poitou d 1058
b Stephanie of Lorraine b c1035, d after 1088
m 1049/57 Guillaume I 'the Great', Count of Burgundy and Macon b c1024, d 12.11.1087
ii Gerhard IV, Count of Metz, Duke of Upper Lorraine b after 977, d 14.04.1070
m Hedwig of Namur b by 1000,d 1075/80, dau of Albert I, Count of Namur
a Thierry II, Duke of Lorraine d 23.01.1115
m1 c1075 Hedwig of Formbach d 1085/90, dau of Friederich, Count of Formbach
1 Simon I, Duke of Lorraine b c1076, d 13.01.1138
m Adelaide d c1158
A Matthias I, Duke of Lorraine b c1119, d 13.5.1176
m c1138 Bertha of Swabia b c1123, d c1195, dau of Friederich II, Duke of Swabia
i Simon II, Duke of Lorraine b before 1152, dsp c1206
m1 Agnes von Veldenz
m2 after 1190 Ida de Macon d c1227, dau of Gerard, Count de Vienne
ii Frederick I, Duke of Bitsch, Duke of Lorraine b before 1152, d 08.1206
m c1160 Ludmilla of Poland b c1150, d 1223, dau of Miecislaw, Duke of Poland
a Frederick II, Duke of Lorraine d 10.10.1213
m 1188 Agnes of Bar d 1226, dau of Theobald, Count of Bar
b Thierry 'the Devil' Sn d;Autigny a 1224 had issue
c Henry 'the Lombard', Lord of Bayon d before 1261 had issue
m1 after 1230 Damete de Pesmes
m2 1256 Sophie
d Kunigunde of Lorraine
m Walram IV, Duke of Limburg, Count of Luxemburg b 1180, d 02.07.1226
e+ other issue
iii Matthias, Count de Toul d by 1208 had issue
m Beatrice de Dampierre d 1206
iv Dietrich of Lorraine, Elekt of Metz d 1181
v Judith of Lorraine b c1140, d 1173
m c1170 Etienne II, Count of Auxonne
vi Adelaide/Adelheid/Alix of Lorraine d 1200
m before 1148, div 1183 Hugues III, Duke of Burgundy b 1148, d 1192
vii daughter, Prioress of Flavigny
B Count Robert de Flourenges d before 1208 had issue
m Euphemia
C Agatha of Alsace b c1119
m Renaud III, Count of Burgundy d 22.01.1148
D Helvide of Lorraine b c1119
m Frederick IV, Count de Toul a 1162
E Bertha of Lorraine d after 1162
m Hermann III von Baden d 16.01.1160
F+ other issue - Matthias, Baldwin, Jean
2 Gertrude of Lorraine b c1086, d 24.05.1144
m Florentz II, Count of Holland d 1122
m2 Gertrude of Flanders b c1080, d 1117, dau of Robert I, Count of Flanders
3 Thierry I of Lorraine, Count of Flanders b 1099/1101, d 17.01.1168
m1 Swanhilde d 1132
A Baldwin d c1154
B Lauretta of Flanders d c1175
m1 1139 Iwan, Count of Aalst d 1145
m2 c1150, div 1152 Henry II, Duke of Limburg b c1111, d 08.1167
m3. 1152 Raoul I, Count de Vermandois et de Valois b 1085, d 1152
m4. 1152/9, div 1163 Henry I 'the Blind', Count of Namur, Luxemburg, etc b 1111, d 14.08.1196
m2 1134 Sibylle d'Anjou b 1112, d 1165, dau of Fulk V 'the Younger', Count of Anjou
C Philip, Count of Flanders, Count of Vermandois, Regent of France b c1143, d Acre 1191
m1 1159 Mabile, Countess de Vermandois et de Valois b 1143, d 1183
m2 1183 Matilda/Theresa of Portugal b 11557, d 1218
partner unknown
i Thierry of Flanders
m 1203 "le Damsel de Chypre" dau of Isasakios Dukas Komnenos, Emperor in Cyprus
D Matthias of Lorraine, Count of Boulogne b c1137, d 25.07.1173
m1 1160, div 1169/70 Marie de Blois, Countess de Boulogne b c1131, d 25.07.1180, dau of Stephen, King of England
i Ida, Countess de Boulogne d 1216
m1 1181 Gerhard of Geldern d 1181
m2 1183 Berchtold IV, Duke of Zahringen d 1186
m3. 1190 Renaud, Count of Dammartin and Boulogne b c1175, d 1227
i Matilda de Boulogne b 1170, d 16.10.1210
m c1179 Henry I, Duke of Brabant b 1165, d 05.09.1235
m2 c1170 Eleonore, Countess de Vermandois et de Valois b 1152, d after 1222
E Pierre, Count de Nevers d 1176
m 1175 Matilda de Montpensier d 1192
i Sibylle de Nevers b c1176, d after 1236
m 1193 Robert de Wavrin, Sensechal of Flanders
F Gertrude of Lorraine
m1 c1155, div before 1162, sp Humbert III, Count of Savoy b 1136, d 1189
m2 after 1158 Hugh d'Oisy
G Margaret of Lorraine, Countess of Flanders b c1145, d 15.11.1194
m1 c1160 Raoul II, Count de Vermandois et de Valois b 1145, dsp 1167
m2 04.1169 Baldwin V, Count of Hainault b 1150, d 17.12.1195
H Matilda, Abess of Fontevrault
4+ other issue - Henry, Ida/Oda, Ermengarde, daughter
b Gerhard I, Count de Vaudemont b 1057, d 1108 had issue
m1 Alberade
m2 c1080 Hedwig/Edith von Egisheim d by 1126, dau of Gerhard, Count of Egisheim
c Gisela, Abbess of Remiremont and St. Pierre
d Beatrix a 1102
m 1085/90 Etienne I, Count of Vienna et Macon d 27.05.1102
iii other issue
B Uda, Abbess of Remiremont a 1052
3 Adelaide d 1040
m Heinrich, Graf im Speyergau d 989
B. Bernwin, Bishop of Verdun a 928
C. daughter
m Count Lambert
3. Richard, Bishop of Liege d 945

Sources: GenEU Lorraine1, 11, 'Royal Genealogies'.
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