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Seton 2

: Seton of Meldrum, Seton of Seton, Seton of Touch
Alan de Wyntoun thought to be a kinsman of his wife
m c1347 Margaret de Seton dau of Sir John de Seton
1. Sir William de Seton d before 03.1410
m Janet Fleming dau of Sir David Fleming
A. Sir John de Seton of Seton d before 1434
m before 08.03.1392-93 Catherine Sinclair a 03.1450, dau of Sir William Sinclair of Herdmanstoun
i. Sir William de Seton dvp Veneuil 17.08.1424
m Janet Dunbar probably dau of George Dunbar, 10th Earl of Dunbar
a. George Seton, 1st Lord d c1415, d 1478/9
m1 1436 Margaret Stewart dau of John Stewart, Earl of Buchan, Constable of France
1 John, Master of Seton dvp by 1476
m Christian Lindsay dau of John Lindsay, 1st Lord of the Byres
A George Seton, 2nd Lord d 1507-8
m Margaret Campbell dau of Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll
B John Seton a 1491
C Alexander Seton a 1501
D Margaret Seton dsps
m Robert Lyle, 2nd Lord a 1495, Ambasador
m2 before 08.01.1458/9 Christian Murray dau sb sister? of Sir William Murray of Tullibardine
2 Christian Seton
m Hugh Douglas of Borg
b. Catherine Seton d before 1478
m1 c1429 Sir Alan Stewart of Derneley
m2 Herbert Maxwell, 1st Lord of Carlaverock d before 14.02.1453-4
c. Janet Seton a 1492
m1 John Halyburton, 1st/2nd Lord d before 05.07.1454
m2 Edward Congletoun/Congalton of that ilk
ii. Christian de Seton
m c02.09.1416 Sir Norman Leslie of Rothes and Fythkill b c1380, d before 02.1439-40
iii. Janet de Seton
m Robert, Master of Keith dvp 1446
iv. Marion Seton possibly of this generation
m c1430 Sir William Baillie of Lamington
B. Sir Alexander de Seton, Lord Gordon d 1440
m 1408 Elizabeth Gordon of Gordon d 16.03.1438-9, dau of Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk
i. Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Huntly d 15.07.1470
m1 c08.01.1426-7, div Egidia Hay dau of Sir John Hay of Tullibody
a. Sir Alexander Seton, 1st of Touch a 1488
m Elizabeth Erskine dau of Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord
1 Sir Alexander Seton, 2nd of Touch d Flodden 09.09.1513
m Elizabeth Home dau of Alexander, Lord Home
A Sir Ninian Seton, 3rd of Touch
m Janet Chisholm dau of Sir Edward sb Edmund Chisholm of Cromlix
i Sir Walter Seton, 4th of Touch
m Elizabeth Erskine dau of John, Lord Erskine
a James Seton, 5th of Touch
m1 Janet Cranstoun dau of Sir William Cranstoun of that ilk
m2 Jean Edmonston dau of Edmonston of Ednam
b Janet Seton d 02.02.1616 probably of this generation
m1 Sir John Bellenden of Auchnoull d 01.10.1576
m2 before 15.07.1579/80 John Forbes, 8th Lord b 03.07.1542, d 29.06.1606
TSP Huntly shows the 1st Earls's second wife as Elizabeth Crichton but, noting that Elizabeth survived him, reports also that the Earl is thought to have married a daughter of Cumming of Altyre as his third or fourth wife. A site visitor RS, 20.01.04, after looking into the International Genealogy Index, suggests that he married the Cumming daughter about 1434 which would make her his second wife and so, assuming that she died within a few years, avoid the discrepancy. We follow that suggestion but note that TCP Huntly does not mention this marriage.
m2 c1434 ?? Cumming 'Fair Maid of Moray' dau of Sir Thomas Cumming of Altyr
j. Janet Gordon d before 1473
m Sir James Innes, 12th of that ilk d c1491
k. Margaret Gordon d c1506
m 26.06.1484 Hugh Rose, 8th of Kilravock d 17.03.1517
m3. by 18.03.1439-40 Elizabeth Crichton d 09.07.1479, dau of William Crichton, 1st Lord, Chancellor
b. George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly d c08.06.1501, Chancellor of Scotland
m1 mcrt 20.05.1445, div Elizabeth Dunbar d before 03.1494, dau of James Dunbar, Earl of Moray
m2 10.03.1459, div 24.07.1471 Annabella Stewart dau of James Stewart, King James I of Scots
m3. 12.05.1476 Elizabeth Hay dau of William Hay, 1st Earl of Erroll
c. Sir Alexander Gordon, 1st of Abergeldie d before 01.1504
m Beatrice Hay dau of William Hay, 1st Earl of Erroll
d. Adam Gordon d 1528, Dean of Caithness ancestor of Gordons of Wardhouse, Invergordon, Ardoch, Carroll, etc
partners unknown
1 George Gordon of Rothie 2nd son ancestor of Gordons of Beldorney
m Janet Ross, heiress of Beldorney
2 John Gordon of Drummoy d 1598 ancestor of Gordons of Embo
m Margaret MacRa dau of John 'vicar MacRa' of Kintail
A Alexander Gordon of Sideray Ciderhall 2nd sonapparently of this generation
m Margaret Keith dau of John Keith by Janet, natural dau of Alexander Sutherland, Dean of Caithness
3 Elizabeth Gordon b c1509
m John Gordon, 'Ogilvie of Deskford' b c1535, d 31.10.1562
4+ several sons
e. William Gordon
f. Margaret Gordon
g. Elizabeth Gordon d 17.04.1500
m1 mcrt 15.11.1461 Nicholas Hay, 2nd Earl of Erroll dsp 1470
m2 before 12.07.1471 John Kennedy, 2nd Lord
h. Christian Gordon
m before 08.07.1468 William Forbes, 3rd Lord d before 05.07.1483
i. Catherine Gordon
m James Strangeways
ii. William Seton, 1st of Meldrum d Brechin 18.05.1452
m Elisabeth de Meldrum dau of William de Meldrum of Meldrum
a. Alexander Seton, 2nd of Meldrum a 1456
m ?? Sutherland dau of Alexander Sutherland of Duffus
1 William Seton, 3rd of Meldrum dvp
m Elizabeth Leslie dau of Alexander Leslie of Wardes
A Alexander Seton, 4th of Meldrum d c1526
m1 Agnes Gordon dau of Patrick Gordon of Haddo
i William Seton, 5th of Meldrum a 1535
m1 Janet Gordon dau of James Gordon, 2nd of Lesmoir
a Alexander Seton, 6th of Meldrum
m1 Elizabeth Irvine dau of Alexander Irvine of Lonmay, younger of Drum
1 Alexander Seton dvp 1590
m mcrt 21.10.1584 Christian Fraser dau of Michael Fraser of Stainywood
A Elizabeth Seton
m1 1610 John Urquhart of Craigfintry b 1547, d 08.11.1631
Their son Patrick inherited Meldrum.
m2 mcrt 27.06.1634 Alexander Fraser, 1st/10th Lord of Saltoun b 1604, d 11.08.1693
m2 mcrt 12.08.1579 Jean Abernethy dau of Alexander Abernethy, 6th Lord of Saltoun
2 John Seton, 5th of Meldrum dsp 1619
m Grisel Stewart dau of Earl of Atholl
3 William Seton, 6th of Meldrum a 1623, dsp
m Anne Crichton dau of Sir James Crichton of Frendraught
4 Margaret Seton
m ?? Chalmers of Balbithou
5 Isabel Seton
m Thomas Erskine of Pittodrie
b John Seton of Lumphard, Brommhill and Mounie
m Marjory Panton dau of ?? Panton of Pitmedden
1 William Seton of Mounie
c William Seton of Slattie
m2 Margaret Innes dau of ?? Innes of Leuchars
d George Seton of Barnes dsp, Chancellor of Aberdeen
e James Seton of Bourtie, 1st of Pitmedden
m Margaret Rolland dau of William Rolland
ii Alexander Seton, Chancellor of Aberdeen
m2 Janet Leith dau of George Leith of Barnes
iii son
2 Janet Seton probably of this family, possibly of this generation
m William Udny of that ilk d before 1509
iii. Henry Seton d Brechin 14.05.1482
iv. Elizabeth Seton
m Alexander, Lords of the Isles and Earl of Ross
v. Katherine Janet Seton
m James Dunbar, 4th Earl of Moray d 10.08.1429
C. Janet de Seton
m before 03.03.1413-4 George Dunbar, younger of March
2. Margaret or Christiana de Seton
m George, 10th Earl of Dunbar, 3rd Earl of March b c1340, d c1420

1 TSP Seton of Winton, BP1934 Eglinton.
2 Seton of Meldrum - BG family records, BP1934 Seton of Pitmedden.
3 Seton of Touch - BP1934 Seton of Abercorn.
4 BP1934 Huntly.
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