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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Swift of Wiltshire/Somerset > - - Swift of Yorkshire/?Essex - - Swift of Lancashire

Sw6. George Swift b about 1760 in Wiltshire or Somerset England d there about 1820
Sw5. George Swift b 1785 Wiltshire England d 28 Oct 1854 Rawdon Quebec Canada
m Emma Naomi Dawson b 28 Feb 1786 Ashton Keynes Wiltshire d 17 Dec 1872 Rawdon Quebec Can
John Dawson b 31 May 1760 Grafton Yorks d 27 Nov 1826 Marton Cum Grafton
m Anna Harris b 1757 Maryland
John Dawson b 1731 in Grafton d there 1773
m Bella Spink b 26 Jan 1734 d 16 Mar 1809 in Green Mammerton Yorks
William Dawson b 13 Feb 1700 Lowdham Nottinghams d Jul 1744
m Jane Steel b 18 Nov 1705 Farnham Yorks d 1772
William Dawson b about 1655 d 10 Jan 1737
m Emma x d May 1740
William Steel b 1652 Lofthouse Yorks
m Margaret Darley v 1666 Yorks
John Dawson b 16 Dec 1610 d 20 Mar 1711 Yorks
m Elizabeth Swinbanke d 15 Jul 1697
Sw4 Thomas A Swift b 25 Oct 1828 Somerset England d 3 Apr 1904 St Lambert Chambly Quebec Canada
m Alice Sadler b 28 Mar 1837 Saint-Patrice-de-Rawdon, Montcalm Quebec Cananda-1892 
Rev Mitchell Sadler b 1816 Ireland d 12 Sep 1905 Carleton Ont Can
m Maria Mason b 1816 Roscommon Co Ireland d 12 Jul 1899 Montreal
John Sadler b 1778 d 1874
m Alice Mason b 1778 d 1850
y Mason b 1786
m x
James Mason b 1770 Co Mayo or Sligo Ire d 4 Jul 1838 Rawdon Montcalm Quebec
m x
Sw3-1 Sophia N E Swift 1857-1933
m Robert Greene 1854 d 1931
-1 William E Greene b 1878
-2 Alice Florence Greene b 1880 m William T B McDonald
-3 Mabel R Green m Dr. A M Watson
-4 Esther A Greene b 1887 m Herbert W Gibson
Sw3-2 Fidelia F M Swift 1859-1895
m Hiram Abial Moulton
Sw3 Ernest G S Swift 1861-1926
m Alice C Cope 1865-1938
Phillip Cope 1813-1880 
m Catherine Beck 1823-1920 
Sw2-1 Herbert Dyer Swift 1888-1966
m Maude Calef Fellows 1883-1977 
Sw2-2 Clarence B Swift 1890-1944 m Mary Ilo Bromley 1884-1974 -1 Mary Anne Swift 1924-2001 
-2 John Ernest Swift b 1931 d 1983
-3 James Byron Swift 1931-1994
Sw2 LeRoy Ernest Swift 1897-1964
m Marjorie I McMillan 1900-1999
George M s McMillan 1872-1906
m Evangeline M Wendell 1869-1950
Sw1-1 y Swift
m x 
- y Swift
y Swift m x
Sw1-2 y Swift 
m1 x no ch
m2 x 1 y
y Swift m x
Sw1-3 y Swift
m x 
Laurel Hope Swift b 1967 d 1970
Sw1-4 y Swift
m x
y Swift
m x
Sw3-4 George W W Swift 1863- 
Sw3-5 Mary A A Swift 1865- 
Sw3-6 Dean S K Swift 1867- 
Sw3-7 E O S Swift 1869-1920 
Sw3-8 Jack James Swift 1873- 
m Jean Reid Simpson b 1872
-1 Eric Swift b 1897
-2 Eric Swift b 1899
-3 Jane Swift b 1901
-4 Dorothy Swift b 1902
-5 Alexander Swift b 1903
-6 Melville C Swift b 1905
-7 Robby Swift b 1907
-8 Maria Swift b 1910
Sw3-9 Laura Matilda Swift 1877-1878 
Sw3-10 Thomas A Swift 1880-1927 
m Florence D Sibbald b 1878 d 1963
McMillan pedigree 
Mc5. George McMillan Sn 1766 
m Jean b 1801
Mc4-1 Margaret McMillan 1824 
Mc4-2 Robert McMillan Jr 1825-1902 
Mc4-3 Anne McMillan 1827-1886 
Mc4 George McMillan 1826-1889 
m Isabella Gray Moffat 1837-1907 
Mc3-1 Mary Isabella McMillan 1862-1930 
Mc3-2 Annie McMillan 1866-1930 
Mc3-3 Elizabeth Ker McMillan 1869-1946 
Mc3-4 Robert Ker McMillan 1878-1903 
Mc3 George M McMillian III 1872-1906
m Evangeline M Wendell 1869-1950 dau of
Jacob A T Wendell 1832-1879 
m Anna Maria Hale 1852-1925
granddau of Abraham Wendell b 1791 d 1851 and Mary Geneva Meldrum b 1802 d 1846
Maj Phillip W Hale b 1818 d 1863 and Mary M Beale b 1823 d 1898
Mc2. Marjorie I McMillan b 1900 d 1999
Mc2-2 George M McMillan IV
Mc4-5 Jean McMillan 1834 
Mc4-6 Mary McMillan 1838 
Mc4-7 Elizabeth McMillan 1846 
Cope pedigree 
Co5 Phillip Goob/Cope 1775 Baden-Baden Germany d 1840 in Germany
m Margaret x b about 1775 Baden Germany d 1871 Rome, Oneida NY
Co4 Phillip Cope 1813-1880 
m Catherine Beck 1823-1920
Herman Beck b about 1794 in Germany
m Catherine x b about 1793
Co3-1 Joseph Cope 1850-
Co3-2 Francis Cope 1852-
Co3-3 George W Cope 1855-
Co3-4 Charles Cope 1855-
Co3-5 Amelia Cope 1862-1952
Co3 Alice C Cope 1865-1938
m Ernest G S Swift 1861-1926

Swift of Essex

Of no established relation to the above was:
Sw16. John Swift b c 1525 ?Essex
m x Smyth
Sw15 Alice Swift b 1462 Essex d 5 Oct 1547 Essex
m c 1520 at Easington, Yorkshire Christopher Overton Ov15 b c 1460 at Easington, Yorkshire d Dec 1547 at Easington, Yorkshire
Ov14 Ov14 Henry Overton b 1523 d 1595
m x Thorpe
Ov14-2 John Overton m Margaret
Ov14-2-1 William Henry OVERTON b 1560 d 1595 m x Wright
Ov14-2-1-1 John P Overton b 1585 d c 1654 m1 Joanne Snawsell/?Palmer
Ov14-2-1-1-1 Mary Overton
m Richard/?Robert Anderson
-1 Robert Anderson
Ov14-2-1-1-2 Robert Overton b c 1609 d 1679 m Anne Gardiner -1 Samuel Overton m Hannah Hall
-2 William OVERTON of Glencairn b 1638 Yorks m Mary Elizabeth Waters
-4 Joane OVERTON
-1-1 Hester Overton m Samuel Willson ancestors of Pres Hoover
-2-1 Temperance Overton b 1679 d 1710/?16 m William Claiborne Harris

-2-1-1 Jemima Harris m Wm Overton
-2-1-2 John Harris m Anne Clough
-2-1-3 Benjamin Harris m. Sarah Dumas
-2-1-4 William Harris ?m. Elizabeth Burnett
-2-1-5 Robert Harris m Mourning Glenn : 4-g grandfather of Chester H. Lauck
Ov14-3? possibly here or brother of christopher was: Guthlac Overton b 1478 Clerkenwell d 20 Apr 1536
m Olive Brown b 1485 Clerkenwell d there 7 Jun 1546 dau of Robert Browne b 1465 d 1507 and Isabel Sharpe b 1478 d 1518
Ov14-3-1 Rose Overton b 1524 Clerkenwell d 1579 m John Irby d 1553
Ov14-3-1-1 Olive Irby b 1547 d 1614 m Rev Edward Bulkely b 1532 Woore Mucclestone Shrops d 5 Jan 1621 Bedfords
-1 Sarah Bulkeley m Oliver St John b 14 Jan 1565 Milton Ernest Bedfords d 23 Mar 1626 Keyso Bedfords
-1-1 Elizabeth St John b Bletsoe Bedfords d 1676 d Lynn Essex Co MA m Samuel Whiting d 1679 -1-1-1 Rev Joseph Whiting b 6 Apr 1641 Lynn d 7 Apr 1723 Southampton Suffolk Co NY m Rebecca Bishop b 1663 d 1726 -1-1-1-1 Joseph Whiting b 1692 Southampton d 1744 m Hannah Scofield b 1700 d 1786 -1-1-1-1-1 Charles Whiting b 1742 d 1829 m Mary Kellogg b 1745 d 1827

Swift of Lancashire

Of no established relation to the above was:
Sw15. Lionell Swift b 1533
Sw14 John Swifte b 1559 Ormskirk, Lancashire
m Isabel Goodynson
Sw13-1 James Swifte b 5 Jun 1578 Ormskirk Lancashire d there 1650
m Genet Ormishaw b 14 Nov 1572 Ormskirk d 1650
Sw13-1-1 Hugh Swyfte b 13 Oct 1605 Ormskirk d there 7 Jun 1632
m Mary Leadbetter b 14 Mar 1611 Prescot Lancashire dau of->
+1 John Ledbetter b c 1580 Prescott d there
Sw13-1-1-1 Margaret Swift b 27 Jun 1641 Ormskirk d there 1 Apr 1666
m Robert Lyon b c 1640 Ormskirk d 13 May 1703 Plumstead son of John Lyon and Anne Hey Bucks PA he m1 Rebecca x
Sw13-1-1-1-1 Jane Lyon b 11 Mar 1666 Ormskirk d 24 Sep 1737 Bucks Co PA m Richard Lundy b 4 Dec 1654 Axminster Devon d 1738 Bucks Co PA son of Sylvester Lundy b 1620 Axminster d there 10 Nov 1697 and Mary he m2 Elizabeth Bennett -1 Richard Lundy b 20 May 1692 Bucks Co PA d 28 Feb 1772 Allamuchy Twp Sussex Co NJ m Elizabeth Large b 31 Mar 1695 Bucks Co PA dau of Joseph Large and Elizabeth
-2 John Lundy
-1-1 Richard Lundy, III
-1-2 Mary Lundy b 6 Jan 1716 Buckingham PA d 4 Mar 1807 Independenca Sussex Co NJ m Robert Willson b 9 Nov 1709 Bethlehem Hunderton Co NJ d 22 Apr 1785 Independenca son of Samuel Willson and Hester Overton
-1-3 Joseph Lundy
-1-4 Jacob Lundy, -I Sr.
-1-5 Martha Lundy
-1-6 Thomas Lundy
-1-7 Judge Samuel Lundy
-1-8 Elizabeth Wilson
-1-9 Margaret Willson
-1-10 John Lundy

-1-2-1 Ebenezer Willson
-1-2-2 Jonathan Willson
-1-2-3 Mary Willson m Willett
-1-2-4 Martha Willson m Widdifield
-1-2-5 Robert Willson
-1-2-6 Samuel Willson
,-1-2-7 David Willson
-1-2-8 Moses Willson
Sw13-1-1-1-2 George Lyon
Sw13-1-1-1-3 Thomas Lyon
Sw13-1-1-1-4 Rachel Lyon
Sw13-1-1-1-5 Margaret Lyon
Sw13-1-1-2 Peter Swift
Sw13 Richard Swifte b 20 Jan 1589 Ormskirk Lancashire d 1669
m Ellen Chowe b 1588
+1 William Chew b 1590
m Sara Chowe
+2 John Chew/Chewe b 14 May 1552 Whalley Parish Lancashire d 17 Jan 1640 Brewdley Lancashire
m1 Elizabeth Gott b 1560 Chewton Mendip
Sw12 Lyonelle Swifte
Sw12-1 John Swifte
Sw13? - - - -
of no established relation to the above was
Thomas Swift b 1665 Kent England d there 1752 (from Richard Roland Diamond's tree)
m Elizabeth Longfield b 1670 Kent England d there 1733
Sw12 William Swift b 30 Sep 1695 Gravesend Kent d 24 Mar 1734 Ashland Hanover Co VA
m Dianah Hodgkins b 1696 England d 1770 Goochland VA
Sw12 Richard Swift b 16 Aug 1733 Hanover VA d there 1784
m Mary Terrell b 23 Nov 1740 Hanover VA d there 1775 ??= dau of Timothy TERRELL b c 1712 d bef. Feb 1763 Orange Co., NC and Mary MARTIN?
Sw11 Elizabeth Swift b 28 Mar 1762 d 1846
m Hardin Burnley Duke b 1 Jul 1760 d 12 Oct 1846 son of James Duke b 1740 Hanover Beaver PA d 1791 Louisa VA m Keziah Burnley b 1743 d 1 Oct 1823
Sw7? - - - -
of no established relation to the above was
Jonathan Swift b c 1735 d ?CT
m Elizabeth Bourne
-1 Abigail Swift b 1757 d 1811 m 19 Oct 1775 ZEBULON HASKELL b 1747 d 1820 son of MARK HASKELL and ABIAH LEONARD b 1707 d 1791 -1-1 JOHN SWIFT HASKELL
-1-3 ABIAH HASKELL b 1779 d 1853
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