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Innes 2

: Innes of Blackhills, Innes of Crommey, Innes of Innes
Sir James Innes, 12th of that ilk d c1491
m1 Janet Gordon d before 1473, dau of Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Huntly
1. Alexander Innes, 13th of that ilk d 1537
m 1493 Christian Dunbar dau of Sir James Dunbar of Westfield
A. Alexander Innes, 14th of that ilk b 1507, d 09.1553
m1 before 1529 Elizabeth/Agnes Abernethy dau of Alexander Abernethy, 4th Lord Saltoun
i. William Innes, 15th of that ilk d 04.1565
m 1544 Elizabeth Hepburn of Beinston
a. Alexander Innes, 16th of that ilk b c04.1553, dsp 01.1577-8
m1 05.1574 Barbara Sinclair d 07.1576, dau of George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness
m2 Jane Gordon dau of John Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland
b. John Innes, 17th of that ilk b 1556, dsp c1587
m 1580 Elizabeth Abernethy dau of Alexander Abernethy, 6th Lord Saltoun
c. Elspeth Innes dsp before 1605
d. Marjorie Innes
m Archibald Dewar
ii. James Innes of Elrick and Monbeens dspl
m2 before 1541 Elizabeth Forbes a 20.11.1554, dau of John Forbes, 6th Lord
iii. Margaret Innes
m 06.1553 Robert Innes, 3rd of Innermarkie b 1532, d 09.1584
2. Robert Innes of Rothmakenzie and Crommey d before 06.03.1536
m1 _ Meldrum dau of Sir William Meldrum of Fyvie
A. James Innes, 2nd of Crommey d Pinkie 10.09.1547
m1 c1533 Catherine Gordon dau of Sir William Gordon, 1st of Gight
i. Alexander Innes, 3rd of Crommey, 18th of that ilk b 1537, d 13.04.1580
m1 Beatrix Dunbar dau of Alexander Dunbar, Prior of Pluscardyn
a. Robert Innes, 19th of that ilk b c04.1562, d 25.09.1596/1606
m 01.10.1582 Elizabeth Elphinstone b 01.08.1561, d 26.02.1613, dau of Robert Elphinstone, 3rd Lord
1 Sir Robert Innes of that ilk, 1st Bart b 1583-4, d 17.11.1658
m mcrt 18.12.1611 Grizel Stewart dau of James Stewart, 2nd Earl of Moray
A Sir Robert Innes, 2nd Bart d 02.1689
m Jean Ross dau of James Ross, 6th Lord of Halkhead
i Sir James Innes, 3rd Bart
m mcrt 18.07.1666 Margaret Ker dau of Harry Ker, Lord Ker
It was a consequence of this marriage that the Dukedom of Roxburghe came into this family after the death of the 4th Duke who was great-grandson of Margaret's elder sister Jean.
a Robert Innes, younger of that ilk dvpsp
b Sir Henry Innes, 4th Bart d 05.11.1721
m 09.1694 Jean Forbes dau of Duncan Forbes of Culloden
1 Sir Robert Innes dvp
2 Duncan Innes b 05.10.1697, d young
3 Sir Henry Innes, 5th Bart d 31.10.1762
m 09.10.1727 Anne Grant d 02.1771, dau of Sir James Grant of that ilk, Bart
A Henry Innes, younger of that ilk dvpsp
B Sir James Innes, later Norcliffe, later Innes-Ker, 6th Bart, 5th Duke of Roxburghe b 10.01.1736, d 19.07.1823 had issue
m1 19.04.1769 Mary Wray dsp 20.07.1807, dau of Sir John Wray, Bart of Glentworth by Frances Norcliffe
m2 28.07.1807 Harriet Charlewood d 19.01.1855, dau of Benjamin Charlewood of Windlesham
C Robert Innes d 09.08.1795
i Anna Innes
D+ other issue - Anne, Jean d 05.05.1778, Sophia d unm 31.05.1768, Margaret, Ludovicka d unm 07.12.1768
4 John Innes of Inchbroom d unm 18.02.1777
5 Margaret Innes d 1771
m 1721 George Innes d 04.1671, Capt see below
6 Anne Innes b 1702, d 07.07.1771
m James Stephen Provost of Elgin
7 Jean Innes d unm 1729
c Hugh Innes dsp
d Marjorie Innes
m ?? MacDougall of Mackerstoun d 1702
e Mary Innes
m John Urquhart d 31.10.1721, minister of Urqhart
ii John Innes d young
iii Margaret Innes d 20.05.1676
m Hugh Rose of Kilravock d 1687
iv Marie Innes
m 1668 Duncan Forbes of Culloden b 02.03.1644, d 20.06.1704
v Jean Innes d 11.02.1684
m Hugh Rose of Clava
vi Grizel Innes b 20.07.1654
m 1673 Sir James Calder, 1st Bart of Muirton
vii Janet or Elizabeth Innes d 1695
m Arthur Forbes, 12th of Echt d 1728
viii daughter
m Mr. Sutherland
B James Innes of Lichnett
m 09.05.1659 Isabella Ross dau of David Ross of Balnagowan
C William Innes Captain
m before 1670 Miss Durie
i George Innes b 04.1671
m 1721 Margaret Innes d 1771, dau of Sir Henry Innes, 4th Bart see above
a George Innes dspm
1 Harriet Innes
b Henry Innes d 18.11.1806, Lt. General
D Adam Innes of Redhills, Morayprobably of this generation
i James Innes
a daughter
m Robert Douglas a 1696
E Elizabeth Innes d 12.08.1640
m1 John Urquhart of Craigston d 30.11.1634
m2 28.10.1635 Alexander, Lord Brodie
F Mary Innes
m Sir James Stewart of Rosyth
G Grizel Innes d 19.08.1664
m Sir Robert Innes of Muirton d 06.04.1667 see below
H Barbara Innes d 09.12.1681
m1 Robert Dunbar of Westfield d 1661, Sheriff of Moray
m2 09.1663 David Dunbar of Dunphall
m3. 31.03.1676 Robert Dunbar of Burgie
I Jean Innes dsp 21.03.1654
m 13.01.1653 Alexander Sutherland, 1st Lord of Duffus
J Anne Innes b 22.04.1625
2 Sir John Innes of Crommey
m 1613 Elizabeth Sinclair dau of Sir James Sinclair of Murkie
A Sir Robert Innes of Muirton d 06.04.1667 had issue
m1 Jean Cockburn
m2 Grisel Innes d 19.08.1664, dau of Sir Robert Innes, 1st Bart see above
B John Innes d 03.1672, Major
m 29.03.1670 Jean Richardson
3 Anne Innes
m 26.12.1626 John Guthrie, younger of that ilk dvp 1643, Rev
4 Marie Innes
m1 Alexander Douglas, Bishop of Moray d 11.05.1623
m2 16.10.1624 John Urquhart of Laithers and craigfintry d 11.12.1632
m3. 21.11.1633 Hon William Hay of Fodderletter
5 Margaret Innes
m George Munro of Miltoun
b. Elisabeth Innes
m 11.05.1585 William Meldrum of Montcoffer
m2 1563 Janet Urquhart dau of Alexander Urquhart of Cromartie
m3. 18.12.1565 Isobel Forbes dau of Hon Arthur Forbes of Logie and Balfour
ii. John Innes a 08.12.1654
m2 1543 Margaret Innes dau of James Innes of Leuchars
iii. Mary Innes
m Alexander Cheyne
iv. Elisabeth Innes
m1 div 02.03.1563 William King of Barra
m2 Walter Wilson
v. Janet Innes
m Gilbert Baird
vi. Isobel Innes
m2 dau of MacCulloch of Plaidds
B. Alexander Innes of Plaidds and Cadboll
m Isobel Innes
i. John Innes in/of Blackhills d before 1576
m ? Gordon dau of John Gordon, 4th of Gight
a. Alexander 'Crag in Peril' Innes of Cotts and Leuchars ancestor of Innes of Leuchars, Dromantine, and Dunkinty
m before 1587 Margaret Gordon dau of William Gordon, 5th of Gight
1 Marjory Innes
m c1612 James Innes, younger of Coxton dvp c1621
2+ other issue
b. Adam Innes of Redhall ancestor of Innes of Redhall and Lichnett
c. Robert Innes
1 Sir Robert Innes Quartermaster-General
d. James Innes a 1588
e. Agnes Innes
m Patrick Dunbar of Tempillane
ii. William Innes of Blackhills ancestor of Innes of Blackhills
iii.+ other issue - Thomas a 1607, Elspeth of Edinglassie
C. Robert Innes in Elgin a 1551
3. Elizabeth Innes
m1 03.05.1481 Sir George Meldrum of Fyvie
m2 before 1523 John Forbes of Pitsligo
4. Janet Innes
m William Sutherland of Duffus d c1529
m2 c1473 Margaret Culane widow of William Rolland
5.+ other issue - William of Crommey, George, James of Rothiebrisbane, Thomas

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