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Erskine 1

: Erskine of Erskine, Erskine of Kinnoull, Erskine 'of Mar'
Henry de Erskin a 1226
1. Sir John of Erskine a 1260
A. Sir John of Erskine a 1296
i. Sir William Erskine of that ilk a 1331
a. Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk d 1385, Chamberlain, Ambassador
m1 after 07.1335 Beatrice Lindsay d before 1352, dau of Sir Alexander de Lindsay of Crawford
1 Sir Thomas Erskine of that ilk d before 28.05.1404
m1 c1365 Mary Douglas d by 30.06.1367, dau of Sir William Douglas of Lugton and Liddesdale
A child b/d by 30.06.1367
m2 before 13.04.1370 Janet Keith d 1413, dau of Sir Edward de Keith, widow of Sir David Barclay of Brechin
B Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk, 1st Lord d 1452
Sir Robert claimed the earldom of Mar through his mother's mother's mother Elyne/Elen, daughter of Gartney/Gratney, Earl of Mar. The claim was not formally accepted until the time of John, 6th Lord Erskine. Even then, however, there was uncertainty as to whether or not the identification of that lord as Earl of Mar was acceptance of his family's longstanding claim or a new appointment. The intervening lords are nevertheless sometimes referred to as 'de jure Earls of Mar'.
m1 ?? Stewart dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Lord Lorn
There is some confusion regarding the identity of Sir Robert's wife. We show both of the alternatives and point out that he may have married first one then the other. We show that but stress that this is an assumption. The precedence amongst the Erskine records to naming the Stewart daughter before Elizabeth Lindsay suggests but does not prove that Robert's heir was born by that Stewart.
i Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord d by 1493 - continued below
m Janet Douglas possibly ?? dau of James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton
m2 Elizabeth ? Lindsay dau of David Lindsay of Glenesk, 1st Earl of Crawford
As noted above, there is some confusion regarding the identity of Sir Robert's wife. According to TSP Mar, dispensation for the marriage between Janet and Walter Stewart was obtained because they were related in the 3rd degree which supports the view that she was daughter of Elizabeth Lindsay. As it is another assumption that Janet was born after Thomas and 'hence' that Elizabeth was Sir Robert's second rather than first wife, there is no indication as to who was the mother of Christian or Elizabeth.
ii Janet Erskine
p. Sir Walter Stewart, Master of Fife d 24.05.1425
iii Christian Erskine
m1 Patrick Graham, 1st Lord d 1466
m2 William Charteris of Kinfauns
iv Elizabeth Erskine suggested in TSP Morton
m Sir Henry Douglas of Lochleven d 01.1476
C Sir John Erskine, 1st of Dun a 1409
D Elizabeth Erskine
m Duncan Wemyss of Rires
2 Nicholas Erskine of Kinnoull d before 12.1406
m1 Jean Cameron d before 03.1383, dau of Sir John Cameron of Ballegarno
A William Erskine of Kinnoull
i Sir John Erskine of Kinnoull d 1445
a Christian Erskine
m1 John Crichton
m2 Robert Crichton, 1st Lord of Sanquhar d 1502
m2 after 1402 Elizabeth Keith
3 Marion Erskine
m before 1362 Maurice Drummond, 2nd of Concraig
m2 1352 Christian Menteth d c1387, dau of Sir John Menteth, Lord of Arran
4 no surviving issue
b. Sir Allan Erskine of Inchture and Inchmartin d 05.1400
m before 1362 Isabel Inchmartin d c1399, dau of Sir John Inchmartin of that ilk
1 Margaret Erskine
m Sir John Glen of Glen and Balmuto
2 Isabella Erskine d before 1427
m c1386 Sir John Wemyss of Leuchars, Kincaldrum, Reres and Methil d c1428
c. Andrew Erskine of Roploch
d. Archibald Erskine
ii. John of Erskine
iii. Helen of Erskine
m Sir Thomas Bruce d 1307
B. William of Erskine
Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord d by 1493 - continued above
m Janet Douglas possibly ?? dau of James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton
1. Alexander Erskine, 3rd Lord d before 10.05.1509
m1 before 10.1466 Christian Crichton d 1477/8, dau of Sir Robert Crichton of Sanquhar
A. Robert Erskine, 4th Lord d Flodden 09.09.1513
m c1485 Isabella Campbell a 1519, dau of Sir George Campbell of Loudoun
i. Robert, Master of Erskine dvp unm
ii. Sir John Erskine, 5th Lord d 1552
m Margaret Campbell dau of Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll
a. Robert, Master of Erskine dvpspl Pinkie 10.09.1547
m Margaret Graham dau of William Graham, 2nd Earl of Montrose
p. Mrs Jean Home
1 David Erskine, Abbott of Inchmahome and Dryburgh d 28.05.1611
m Margaret Haldane d 13.01.1619, dau of John Haldane, 7th of Gleneagles
b. Thomas, Master of Erskine dspl after 10.1551
m mcrt 30.01.1549 Margaret Fleming d after 1584, dau of Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord
partner unknown
1 Adam Erskine Commendator of Cambuskenneth
A Mary Erskineprobably of this generation
m Sir James Erskine of Tullibody, later of Favour Royall d before 08.07.1643@@ below
B Annabel Erskineprobably of this generation
m John Buchanan of that ilk a 1629
p. Jonet Abernethy
2 Elizabeth Erskine
m mcrt 29.01.1562-3 Robert Graham of Gartmore d c1573
c. John Erskine, 6th Lord, 1st or 22nd Earl of Mar, Regent d 28.10.1572
m c29.01.1556-7 Annabella Murray d 02.1603, dau of William Murray of Tullibardine
d. Sir Alexander Erskine of Gogar d before 03.09.1592
m before 1563 Margaret Home dau of George Home, 4th Lord
1 Alexander Erskine d 04.1578
2 Thomas Erskine, 1st Earl of Kellie b 1566, d 12.06.1639
m1 1587 Anne Ogilvy dau of Sir Gilbert Ogilvy of Powrie
m2 1604 Elizabeth Pierrepont d 27.04.1621, dau of Sir Henry Pierrepont of Holme Pierrepont
m3. Dorothy Smith d by 1639, dau of Humphrey Smith of Cheapside
3 Sir George Erskine of Innerteil d before 02.06.1646, lord of session as Lord Innerteil
m Isobel Brown
A Anne Erskine a 1648
m 10.1627 John Melville of Raith, 3rd Lord of Monimail d 22.05.1643
B Margaret Erskine a 06.1693
m1 mcrt 25.07.1629 Sir John Mackenzie, 1st Bart of Tarbat
m2 mcrt 01.06.1661 Sir James Foulis of Colinton
4 Sir James Erskine of Tullibody, later of Favour Royall co. Tyrone d before 08.07.1643
m 1596 Mary Erskine dau of Adam Erskine, Commendator of Cambuskenneth@@ above
A Rev. Archibald Erskine of Augher Castleprobably of this generation
i Anne Erskine heiress of Favour Royal
m John Moutray of Favour Royal
ii Mary Erskine coheir
m William Richardson of Drum & Augher, Sheriff of co. Tyrone a 1662
B Anne Erskine "only dau."probably of this generation
m Robert Moutray of Roscobie, Seafield & Markinch
5 Archibald Erskine a 1592
6 Margaret Erskine
m1 Sir Adam Crichton of Ruthven d c1592
m2 James Reid of Aikenhead
7 Jean Erskine
m1 George Auchinleck of Balmanno d 03.11.1596
m2 before 06.07.1598 John Leslie, 10th of Balquhain d 1622
8 Mary Erskine
m Sir Dugald Campbell, 1st Bart of Auchinbreck d 1641
9 Christian Erskine d before 16.12.1614
m mcrt 12.12.1579 Sir Alexander Home of Manderston d before 03.08.1610
e. Arthur Erskine of Blackgrange dsp before 01.1570-1
m mcrt 07.01.1561-2 Magdalen Livingston dau of Alexander Lvingston, 5th Lord
f. Catherine Erskine
m mcrt 20.11.1525 Alexander Elphinstone, 2nd Lord b 22.05.1510, d Pinkie 1547
g. Margaret Erskine d 05.05.1572
m mcrt 11.07.1527 Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven d Pinkie 10.09.1547
p. James Stewart, King James V of Scots b 10.04.1512, d 14.12.1542
h. Janet Erskine
m mcrt 01.09.1532 John Murray of Touchadam
i. Elizabeth Erskine
m Walter Seton of Touch
iii. James Erskine of Little Sauchie a 1592 ancestor of Erskines of Balgony
m before 07.06.1541 Christine Stirling of Keir, d 09.1582
a. Robert Erskine
b. Sir William Erskine parson of Campsie
m ? Joanna Erskine
1 Janet Erskine
m mcrt 03.01.1601 William Alexander, 1st Earl of Stirling b c1567, d 12.02.1640
c. Adam Erskine
1 John Erskine
d. Janet Erskine
m 1567 James Preston of Valleyfield
e.+ other issue - James vicar of Falkirk, Thomas Captain
iv. Margaret Erskine a 03.1533
m mcrt 14.12.1518 Sir James Haldane, 6th of Gleneagles d c29.03.1547
v. Elizabeth Erskine
m Sir James Forrester, 3rd of Garden
vi. Mary Erskine
m Andrew de Cuninghame of Drumquhassil
vii.+ other issue - Alexander parson, William, Janet
B. Walter Erskine of Over Dunnotter
C. Christian Erskine
m David Stewart, younger of Rosyth
D. Agnes Erskine
m William Menteith, younger of Kerse dvp
m2 before 1480 Ellen Home a 1513, dau of Alexander Home, 1st Lord
2. Helen or Jean Erskine
m Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss d 08.1493
3. Isobel Erskine
m c24.01.1455-6 Patrick Graham of Kilpont, Craiguchty and Auchmore dvp c1488 ?
4. Elizabeth Erskine
m Sir Alexander Seton, 1st of Touch a 1488
5. Mariota or Muriella Erskine
m William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal d 1483

Sources: TSP Mar, BP1934 Mar, BP1934 Mar and Kellie, TSP Kellie.
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