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Seton 3

: Seton of Dunfermline, Seton of Garleton, Seton of Kingston, Seton of Seton, Seton of Winton
George Seton, 2nd Lord d 1507-8
m Margaret Campbell dau of Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll
1. George Seton, 3rd Lord d Flodden 09.09.1513
m before 12.1506 Janet Hepburn d 10.05.1558, dau of Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell
A. George Seton d infant
B. George Seton, 4th Lord d 17.07.1549
m 1 mcrt 10.04.1527 Elizabeth Hay b c1510, dau of John Hay, 3rd Lord of Yester
i. George Seton, 5th Lord b 1531, d 08.01.1585-6
m mcrt 02.08.1550 Isabel Hamilton b c1534, d 13.11.1604, dau of Sir William Hamilton of Sanquhar
a. George, Master of Seton dsp 03.1562
b. Robert Seton, 6th Lord, 1st Earl of Winton d 22.03.1603
m mcrt 10.4.1582 Margaret Montgomery d 09.04.1624, dau of Hugh Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Eglinton
1 Robert Seton, 2nd Earl of Winton b 1583, a 12.1636
m 01.02.1603, div Anna Maitland b c1590, d 06.07.1609, dau of John Maitland, 1st Lord of Thirlestane
2 George Seton, 3rd Earl of Winton b 12.1584, d 17.12.1650
m 1 26.04.1609 Anne Hay dau of Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll
A George, Master of Seton b 15.05.1613, dvp 04.06.1648
m 1639 Henrietta Gordon d 1650/1, dau of George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly
i George Seton, 4th Earl of Winton b 04.05.1642, d 06.03.1704
m 1 04.09.1662 Mary Montgomerie d 1677, dau of Hugh Seton Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton
a Mary Seton bpt 24.11.1666, d c1669
m2 by 1682 Christian Hepburn d 18.11.1703, dau of George Hepburn of Aldingstoune
b George Seton, 5th Earl of Winton b c1678, d unm 19.12.1749
TCP Winton reports that, though born after his parents married, George was formally legitimated. He joined the 1715 Rebellion and was found guilty of treason, his honours being forfeited. He was condemned to death but escaped from the Tower of London and fled to France. TCP mentions that "it seems likely" that the undermentioned George of Bellingham was his descendant by the following Margaret "but that Margaret was the Earl's mistress and not his wife".
p. Margaret Maclear d 08.08.1714, dau of Doctor _ McClear of Edinburgh
The following was kindly brought to our connection by a site visitor KH, 20.07.07, wife of a descendant of the undermentioned William Walker.
1 Charles Seton b 11.06.1711, d 1781
m Ann Dodd
A George Seton b 1742, dspm
i Ann Seton
m William Walker
B Charles Seton b 1755, youngest son
m 1790 Margaret McAllister
i+ issue - William b 31.08.1791, d unm 1817, Charles b 12.02.1794, d unm 1817, George of Bellingham b 22.05.1796, a 1825, dsp
C+ 2 sons dspm and 2 daughters
c Christopher Seton d unm 05.01.1705
ii+ other issue - Alexander b 21.01.1644, dsp before 13.12.1673, Christopher b 15.04.1645, dsp before 07.04.1707, Francis d young
B Alexander Seton, 1st Viscount Kingston b 13.03.1620, d 21.10.1691
m 1 Jean Fletcher dau of Sir George Fletcher
i Jean Ann Seton b 24.04.1651
m James Douglas, 3rd Lord Mordington b 1651, a 12.1677
ii+ other issue - Charles b 04.04.1653, dvp unm 07.06.1682, Master of Kingston, George b 29.07.1654, dvp unm 05.1678, Alexander b 04.11.1655, dvp unm 06.10.1676, Isabel b 18.11.1656, d 16.06.1677, Barbara b 04.09.1659, d 05.11.1679
m2 c1661 Elizabeth Douglas b c1636, d 1668, dau of Sir Archibald Douglas of Whittinghame
vii Archibald Seton, 2nd Viscount Kingston b 05.10.1661, d unm 1714
viii James Seton, 3rd Viscount Kingston b 29.01.1667, d c1726
m before 16.04.1714 Anne Lindsay bpt 20.05.1674, d 03.02.1743, dau of Colin, 3rd Earl of Balcarres
ix Elizabeth Seton b 21.04.1668
m 23.11.1695 William Hay of Drumelzier b 12.1649, d 1726
x+ other issue - Arthur b 30.12.1665, d 23.10.1691, John b 11.10.1666, d 29.04.1674
m3. Elizabeth Hamilton dau of John Hamilton, 1st Lord Belhaven
m4. 03/4.08.1686 Margaret Douglas b 09.1651, d 10.1699/12.10.1692, dau of Archibald, Earl of Angus
C Elizabeth Seton b 24.12.1621, d 16.06.1650
m mcrt 22.05.1637 William Keith, 7th Earl Marischal b 1614, d 03.1670-1
D+ other issue - George b 22.07.1610, d infant, Anna b 18.12.1611, d young, Margaret b 25.06.1615, d unm 1637, Christopher b 20.02.1617, d 30.06.1618, Elizabeth b 13.06.1618, d infant, Francis b 01.05.1623, d young
m2 c1628 Elizabeth Maxwell dau of John Maxwell, 6th Lord Herries of Terregles
J Isobel Seton a 1687
m mcrt 25.03.1640 Francis Sempill, 6th Lord d 03.11.1644
K Ann Seton b 30.09.1634, a 1666
m 04.1654 John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Traquhair b 1622, d 04.1666
L Sir John Seton, 1st Bart of Garleton b 29.09.1639, bur 01.03.1686
m Christian Hume dau of Sir John Hume or Home of Renton, Senator
i Sir George Seton, 2nd Bart of Garleton b c1665, d before 22.03.1720
m mcrt 27.04.1686, div 05.1705 Barbara Wauchope d 11.1730, dau of Andrew Wauchope of Niddrie Marischall
a Sir George Seton, 3rd Bart of Garleton b c1685, d unm 09.03.1769
Sir George was attainted for his support of the 1715 rebellion.
b Mary Seton
m mcrt 06.03.1733 John Arrat of Fofarty
c+ other issue - James dsp before 01.12.1769, John b 09.11.1695, d 13.07.1757, Jesuit, Andrew b c1700, dsp 10.10.1719, Margaret d unm 06.1730, Barbara dsp before 01.12.1769
ii John Seton b c1668, d c1715
m Frances Neale dau of Sir Richard Neale of Plessey and Codnor Castle
a Ralph Seton b 27.06.1702, dsp bur 31.12.1782
b John Seton b 22.06.1707, bur 27.01.1775
m Mary Newton b c1719, bur 20.12.1783, dau of Francis Newton of Irnham
1 John Seton b 12.1755, d 03.08.1796
m 16.02.1786 Mary Hughes dau of John Hughes of Berryhall
A Mary Catherine Seton b 02.06.1796, d 30.10.1870
m 26.01.1816 John Broadbent of Kirkbarrow House, Kendal b c1785, d 16.04.1868
Their children took the name Seton-Broadbent.
B+ other issue - John bur 28.11.1786, John Joseph d c11.1788, Mary d infant
2 Robert Seton b c1758, bur 22.04.1778
3 Barbara Seton dsp 1784
m Thomas Douglas
c+ other issue - Robert b c1669, d 06.02.1732, Jesuit, Alexander d unm before 12.01.1705, Christopher d unm before 06.12.1694, Charles d unm before 06.12.1694, Margaret, Christian a 1687, Elizabeth d young, Isobell d young
M Sir Robert Seton, Bart of Windygoul b 10.11.1641, dsp 11.1671
N Mary Seton d 15.01.1698
m 10.12.1676 James Dalzell, 4th Earl of Carnwath d 1688
O+ other issue - Christopher d young, Robert d young, Sophia b 02.02.1630, d young, Christopher b 28.06.1631, d 07.1648, William b 08.01.1633, d 07.1648, Ann d young, Jean b 26.01.1636, d unm
3 Sir Alexander Seton of Foulstruther, later Montgomerie, 6th Earl of Eglinton b 1588, d 07.01.1661
Alexander inherited the Earldom of Eglinton through his mother.
m 1 22.06.1612 Anne Livingston d 11.1632, dau of Alexander, 1st Earl of Linlithgow
m2 Margaret Scott d 03.10.1651, dau of Walter Scott, 1st Earl of Buccleuch
4 Sir Thomas Seton of Over Olivestob a 1603, dspm
m Agnes Drummond dau of Thomas Drummond of Corskeply
A Margaret Seton
m 1638 George Seton, 4th of Cariston b c1622, d 1688
5 Sir John Seton of St. Germains
m 1620 Margaret Kellie dau of Willam Kellie
A ?? Seton
i George Seton of St. Germains d 11.01.1718
6 Isabel Seton b 30.11.1593
m 1 19.04.1608 James Drummond, 1st Earl of Perth d 18.12.1611
m2 02.08.1614 Francis Stewart of Bothwell b 1584, d 1639
c. Sir John Seton, 1st of Barns d 05.1594
m 08.09.1588 Anna Forbes dau of William Forbes, 7th Lord
d. Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline, Chancellor b 1555, d 16.06.1622
m 1 before 01.07.1592 Lillias Drummond d 08.05.1601, dau of Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord
1 Anne Seton
m before 06.1610 Alexander Erskine, Viscount Fentoun dvp 11.02.1633
2 Isabel Seton b 01.08.1594, d 02.11.1638
m before 18.06.1610 John Maitland, 1st Earl of Lauderdale d 18.01.1645
3 Margaret Seton b 15.06.1596
4 Margaret Seton b 08.08.1599, d 20.02.1630
m 05.06.1614 Colin Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Seaforth d 15.04.1633
5 Sophia Seton
m 16.02.1611-2 David Lindsay, 1st Lord of Balcarres d 1641
m2 mcrt 27.10.1601 Grizel Leslie d 06.09.1606, dau of James Leslie, Master of Rothes
6 Jean Seton d 19.01.162
m 1624 John Hay, 1st Earl of Tweeddale b c1593, d 25.05.1653
7+ other issue - Charles d young, Lilias d unm
m3. 1607 Margaret Hay bur 20.01.1659, dau of James Hay, 7th Lord of Yester
9 Charles Seton, 2nd Earl of Dunfermline b 1608, c11.05.1672
m Mary Douglas d 1659, dau of William Douglas, 6th Earl of Morton
A Charles Seton, Lord Fyvie b 1640, dvpsp 1672
B Alexander Seton, 3rd Earl of Dunfermline d unm 1675
C James Seton, 4th Earl of Dunfermline dsp 1694
m mcrt 06.07.1682 Jean Gordon a 03.1695, dau of Lewis Gordon, 3rd Marquess of Huntly
D Henrietta Seton
m 1 09.1670 William Fleming, 5th Earl of Wigtown d 08.04.1681
m2 after 1681 William Lindsay, 18th Earl of Crawford, 2nd Earl of Lindsay b 04.1644, d 03.1698
10+ other issue - Grizel b 26.12.1609, d unm, Mary d young, other Seton b 11.1615
e. Sir William Seton of Kylesmure d 07.1635
m Agnes Stirling dau of ?? Stirling of Glorat
1 Sir William Seton of Grange d unm 1662
f. Margaret Seton d c02.1616
m 01.08.1574 Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley b c1543, d 1621-2
ii. John Seton, 1st of Cariston a 1553
m Isabel Balfour niece of David Balfour of Carraldstoun ie. Cariston
iii. Marion Seton d 23.06.1567
m 1 1548 John Graham, 4th Earl of Menteith d 01.1564-5
m2 sp John Sutherland, 11th Earl of Sutherland b 1525, d 23.06.1567
iv. Margaret Seton
m 1 mcrt 17.03.1542, div after 1550, sp Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig
m2 David Hamilton of Ladyflat
v. Beatrix Seton
m mcrt 24.02.1556-7 Sir George Ogilvy of Banff, 2nd of Dunlugus d 11.08.1621
vi. Helenor Eleanor Seton d c1603
m mcrt 11.02.1557, div 1587 Hugh Somerville, 7th Lord b 1547, d 24.03.1597
vii. other issue - James, Jean d infant
m2 after 1540 Mary Pyerres Marie de la Reinville d 1576
ix.+ other issue - Robert of Mylis a 1563, James of Myltoun d before 29.01.1562-3, Marie b c1541, a 04.1615
C. Archibald Seton d young
D. Mariota Seton
m 1 Thomas, Master of Borthwick dvpsp after 28.11.1528
m2 1530 Hugh Montgomery, 2nd Earl of Eglinton d 03.09.1546
m3. Alexander Graham of Wallacetown
2. Robert Seton
A. William Seton
B. Alexander Seton
m Jonet Sinclair, heiress of Northrig
3. Margaret or Martha Seton
m William Maitland of Thirlestane and Lethington d Flodden 09.09.1513
4.+ other issue - John dsp, Katherine nun

Sources: TSP Winton, BP1934 Eglinton, TSP Dunfermline, TSP Kingston.
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