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FitzOsbern of Hereford, FitzWarin of Whittington, FitzGerold

Reported by BE1883 to have been a member of the House of Lorraine to whom William the Conqueror "committed the defence of the Marches towards Wales", but described by TCP as "the shadowy or mythical Warin, of Metz in Lorrain", was ...
Fi28 =29 =30 =32. Guarine de Meer, Sheriff of Salop a 1083 b about 1050
m Mallet dau of William, sister's son of Pain Peverell, lord of Whittington
Fi27 =28 =29 =31 Fulke FitzWarin of Whittington and Alveston b about 1100 d 1170-1 in TCP but not included by BE1883
Fi26 =27 =28 =30 Sir Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington b about 1158 a Nov 1194. claimed Whittington Castle under the Peverils but was not recognised until 1204, leading him to rebel against King John. However, he was pardoned for this and the castle and lordship of Whittington, though not Overton Castle at Overton-on-Dee, Flintshire (now in Wrexham). The castle then descended in the FitzWarin family, all called Fulk, until the death of Fulk XI in 1420.
m about 1176 Hawise de Dinant b about 1163 dau of Sir Josce de Dinant or Dinan
Fi25 =26 =27 =29 Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington b c 1182 d c 1235. (there is some disagreement about whether this Fulk or his son married Constance, but considering the dowry, the son may well have married his widowed stepmother) By his wife Constance, daughter of Ralph de Toeni and Perronelle, he received in free marriage a moiety of the manor of Yarkhill in co. Hereford, to them and the heirs of their bodies. He was drowned in the Ouse River, when endeavoring to escape at the battle of Lewes, 14 May 1264. Constance had livery, 11 Feb 1265/66, of the manor of Alveston and tenements in Stanton, which had been assigned to her as dower. Recent findings posted on SGM indicate that Fulk was twice married, his first wife having been Clarice d'Auberville, who has traditionally been attributed as the second wife of his father, Fulk (III). Additionally, Clarice is now believed to be the mother of Mabel, while Constance was the mother of his heir, Fulk (V) Fitz Warin. Note also that Fulk and Clarice's daughter, Mabel, married (as her second husband) John de Tregoz, and that one of their daughters was named Clarice.
m1 Maud le Vavasor dau of Robert le Vavasor by his first wife (whose identity is not known), Maud first married Theobald Walter, ancestor of the Earls of Ormond, and secondly, in 1207, Fulk Fitz Warin. Robert le Vavasour, son of William le Vavasour, served as deputy for Theobald Walter, Sheriff of Lancashire in 1197.
BE1883 omits this Fulk who is shown by TCP, shows these ladies as wives of the Fulke who died after the battle of Lewes, and does not mention Constance de Tony daughter of Sir Ralph VI de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted and Petronilla de Lacy, but she is identified by TCP. Neither TCP nor BE1883 indicates which wife as mother of ...
Fi24 =25 =26 Sir Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington b c1210, d Lewes 14.05.1264
m c1233 Constance de Tony b 1215, d c1265, dau of Sir Ralph de Tony of Castle Maud and Flamstead
Whittington Castle 1910
Fi23 =25 Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington, 1st Lord b 14.09.1251, d 24.11.131
m before 25.02.1276/7 Margaret dau of Griffith, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn
Fi22-1 Fulke FitzWarine, 2nd Lord d before 06.06.1336
m Alianore de Beauchamp b by 1284 Taunton d aft 18 Nov 1341dau of Sir John de Beauchamp of Somerset
Fi22-1-1 Fulke FitzWarine, 3rd Lord b Whittington d 25.07.1349 Shown by BE1883 as the 2nd Lord's 2nd wife but by TCP as the 3rd Lord's only wife was ...
m Joan Beaumont dau of Henry de Beaumont, 1st Lord, Earl of Buchan
Fi22-1-1-1 Fulke FitzWarine, 4th Lord b 02.03.1340/1, d 12.02.1373/4 Shown by BE1883 as the 3rd Lord's wife but by TCP as the 4th Lord's was ...
m Margaret Audley dau of James Audley, 2nd Lord
Fi22-1-1-1-1 Fulke FitzWarine, 5th Lord bpt 02.03.1361/2 Combe Martin Devon, d 08.08.1391 Heleigh Castle Audley Staffordshire
m Elizabeth Cogan d 29.10.1397, dau of Sir William Cogan of Bampton
Fi22-1-1-1-1-1 Fulke FitzWarine, 6th Lord b 1389, d 31.10.1407
m Anne Botreaux d 17.10.1420, dau of William, Lord Botreaux
i Fulke FitzWarine, 7th Lord b 20.01.1405/6, d 21.09.1420
ii Elizabeth FitzWarine b 1403, d c1426 heiress of Fulke, her brother. In 1422, the castle was captured by escalade by William Fitzwaryn (presumably a cousin claiming the castle as heir male) and Richard Laken, but evidently soon restored to Lord Clinton.
m Richard Hankeford b c21.07.1397, d 08.02.1430/1
-1 Thomasia Hankeford
m William Bourghchier, thus carrying the FitzWarin peerage into the Bourchier family.
Fi22-1-1-1-1-2 Agnes FitWarin b c 1387 Dorset d c 1 Dec 1433 Nythway Devon
m 1408 in Nythway Sir John Cole Co19-2-1 b c 1383 Nythway d there 1473 knighted at Agincourt
-1 Adam Cole
-2 John Cole
-3 William Cole
-4 Margaret Cole m Drake
Fi22-1-2 Sir William FitzWarin 'Lord FitzWarin of Wantage' b about 1310 d 28th October 1361 at Wantage, Berkshire
Amicia de Haddon, daur and heiress of Sir Henry de Haddon of Caundle Stourton in Dorset.
He was appointed Governor of Montgomery Castle in North Wales. In 1339, he attended King Edward III into Flanders and, in the same year, took part in the war against Scotland. He was again in Flanders the following year and, in 1342, in France with the rank of banneret; having in his retinue one knight, eight esquires and ten mounted archers. In this year, he was also summoned to attend a Royal Council, sometimes referred to incorrectly as a parliament. Hence he is sometimes called Baron FitzWarin of Wantage. Froissart numbers him, amongst the commanders in the expedition to France in 1346. He was knight for the body to Queen Philippa in 1349 and, on the death of King John of France, in 1350, was, with others, ordered to proceed into that kingdom. The chronicler states that Sir William was with the Black Prince at Poitiers; but, the assertion receiving no confirmation from our public records, and this honour may rightly belong to his elder brother, Fulk. Sir William FitzWarin died of the pestilence on 28th October 1361 and was buried in the parish church of St. Mary in Wantage (Berks). It appears, by the inquisition taken after his death that Sir William was seized of a tenement in that parish. Two parts of the manor, as well as the hundred of Wantage, formed part of the possessions of the Barons FitzWarin and it may be that, despite his owning a number of manors himself in Somerset & Dorset, William's nephew allowed him to retire to here in order to be nearer the Royal Court in London and Windsor (Berks). In the church, his altar-tomb still exists, having thereon the effigy of a Knight of the Garter in full armour, the arms of FitzWarin on his surcoat, and a recumbent female figure on his left.
i Sir Ivo FitzWarin b 1343, his son and heir, aged eighteen at his father's death.
Fi22 =23 =24 Hawise FitzWarine d 02.09.1344 possibly of this generation
m1 Ralph de Goushill of Goxhill b c 1274, d before 30.08.1294
-1 Margaret de Goushill b 12 May 1294, d 29 Jul 1349 This connection given by TCP Goxhill.
m1 Philip le Despenser d 24.09.1313
m2 Sir John de Ros dsp 1338
m2 Robert de Hoo Ho22 =23 =24 b c 1290 d by 1339 -1 Sir Thomas Hoo of Hoo b about 1320 d 28 Sep 1380 m before 16 Jun 1335 Isabel or Elizabeth St. Leger b c1320, d 22 Jul 1393 dau of Sir John St.Leger
-2 Cecily Hoo probably of this generation b about 1320 m John Bacon of Hessett >II -1 Sir John Bacon of Hessett III b about 1340 m Helena Giddin
-1-1 Sir William Hoo of Hoo b c 1337 d 22 Nov 1410, 2nd son m Alice St. Maur d 10 Oct 1456, dau of Sir Thomas St. Maur, or St. Omer, by Pernel Jane, dau of Nicholas Malmayns of Ockley
-1-2 Joan Hoo d 30.05.1394 possibly of this generation m before 27.04.1371 Henry Ferrers, 4th Lord of Groby b 16.02.1355/6, d 03.02.1387/8
-1-3+ Thomas dvp, Robert
-2-1 John Bacon of Hessett IV b about 1360 m Helen Tillot (dau of Sir George Tillot of Rougham, in Norfolk)
-1-1-1 Sir Thomas Hoo of Luton Hoo, etc. b c 1420 d 23.08.1420 m1 by 02.1394/5 Eleanor Felton + 1 ch dau of Sir Thomas de Felton m2 Elizabeth Etchingham dau of William de Etchingham
-2-1-1 John Bacon of Hessett V b 1376 Drinkstone Suffolk d 1453 Suffolk m Margery Thorpe (dau and heir of John Thorpe of Quaplod)
-1-1-1-1 Sir Thomas Hoo of Luton Hoo, etc., Lord Hoo of Hoo and Hastings b about 1396 d 13.02.1454/5 interred together in the Dacre Tomb at Herstmonceux All Saints Church in Sussex. m1 Elizabeth Wychingham + 1 ch dau of Nicholas Wynchingham of Wynchingham m2 Eleanor Welles + 3 ch dau of Lionel Welles, Lord Welles
-1-1-1-2 Thomas Hoo b between 1415 and 1440 dsp or dspm 08 Oct 1486 interred together with half-brother in the Dacre Tomb at Herstmonceux All Saints Church in Sussex m x Norwood
-2-1-1-1 Sir Edmund Bacon of Drinkstone b about 1400 d 1470 m Elizabeth Crofts b about 1405 d 1453 (dau of Thomas Crofts and Susan Polley)
-1-1-1-1-1 Anne Hoo b by 1425 m Geoffrey Boleyn, Lord Mayor of London d 1471
-1-1-1-1-2 Anne Hoo b c 1446 m Sir Roger Copley
-1-1-1-1-3 Eleanor Hoo b c 1448 m1 Thomas Echingham dsp m2 by 1468 Sir James Carew of Beddington son of Nicholas Carew and Margaret Fiennes b c 1415 d c 1466
-1-1-1-2-1 Thomas Hoo of Hoo b c 1445 d 20.03.1516 m Maude Bardolph dau of Edmond Bardolph
-1-1-1-1-4 Elizabeth Hoo b c1450 m1 Thomas Massingberd m2 Sir John Devenish of Hellingleigh
-2-1-1-1-1 John Bacon of Drinkstone and Helmingham b about 1420 will proved 1453 m Agnes Cockfield dau of Sir Thomas Cockfield/Cokefield
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Alice Boleyn m Sir John Fortescue of Punsburn not Saldon -1-1-1-1-1-3 Alice Boleyn m John Clere of Ormesby
-1-1-1-1-1-4 Anne Boleyn or Bullen m Sir Henry Heydon of Baconsthorpe
-1-1-1-1-1-5 Thomas Boleyn b 1445, d 1471
-1-1-1-1-1-6 Sir William Boleyn of Blickling b 1451, d 10.10.1505 m Margaret Butler dau of Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde of de Bohun descent, ancestors in common with George Washington.
-1-1-1-1-1-7 Cecily Boleyn
-2-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Bacon of Drinkstone and Hessett (b c 1438 d 1548) m c 1478 Isabel/Isabella Cage dau of John Cage of Pakenham/Perkenham, Suffolk
-2-1-1-1-1-2 Thomas or John Bacon of Helmingham (b c 1440 d 28.02.1535 m Joan or Johanna Wade b 1484 Helmington Suffolk d 1540
-2-1-1-1-1-3 John Bacon of Helmingham b 1505 Helmington d 19 Mar 1557 Suffolk m 1530 Helmington Margaret Hall b 1512 Suffolk dau of William Hall and Elizabeth Dyneley
Fi23-2 possibly here was
Juhel Fitzwrine b c 1255
-1 Ellen Fitzwarine b c 1280 m William Newton of Fardell b c 1275 -1-1 Joanna Newton b c 1300 m John Raleigh of Smallridge b c 1295 son of Sir Hugh Raleigh of Smallridge b c 1270
Fi26-1 Alice Fitzwarin b 1207 Whittington Shropshire
Fi26-2 Hawise FitzWarin b 1207
m1 William Pantulf bef 1226
m2 Hubert Huse
Fi26-3 Eugenia Fitzwarin b 1208 Hertfordshire d 16 May 1307
Fi27 Eve Fitzwarin b c 1220 Whittington Shropshire d aft 1282
m William de Whitchurch b c 1202
-1 Eleanor de Whitchurch b c 1240 d c 1304 m Robert le Strange b c 1232 Hunstanton Norfolk d 12 Oct 1276 Licham Norfolk son of John le Strane III b c 1193 d c 1269 and Lucy de Tregoz b c 1202 d 1294 -1-1 John le Strange of Blackmere d unm by 18.06.1289
-1-2 Fulk le Strange, 1st Lord of Blackmere b c1267, d by 23.01.1323/4 m Eleanor Giffard dau of Sir John Giffard, 1st Lord of Brimsfield

-1-2-2 Fulk le Strange, 3rd Lord of Blackmere b c1330, d 30.08.1349 On Fulke's death as above the Barony of Strange of Blackmere according to modern doctrine, fell into abeyance between his 2 infant daughters, ; although a Hampshire jury found that Fulke died without heir of his body and that his brother John was his heir. Undoubtedly John did succeed to his barony in the territorial sense; but according to modern doctrine he did not succeed to the alleged Parliamentary Barony and the writ by which he was subsequently summoned created a new Barony. See Appendix H.]" m mcrt 12.03.1346/7 Elizabeth de Stafford b after 1332, d 07.08.1375, dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford
-1-2-2 John le Strange, 4th Lord of Blackmere b c04.1332, d 12.05.1361 m Mary FitzAlan d 29.08.1396, dau of Richard FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel
-1-2-3 Eleanor le Strange An Eleanor of this generation is usually identified as wife of Reginald de Grey, 2nd Lord of Ruthyn, but TCP Grey of Ruthin suggests otherwise.
-1-2-4 Maud Strange b c 1333 probably of this generation m Brian de Cornwall of Outragorther, etc b c1326, d 1392

-1-1-2-1 Joan m John Careless/Carless
-1-1-2-2 Eleanor m Edward de Acton
-1-2-2-1 John le Strange, 5th Lord of Blackmere b c 1353, d 03.08.1375 m Isabel Beauchamp d 29.09.1416, dau of Thomas de Beauchamp, 3rd Earl of Warwick
-1-2-2-2 Ankaret le Strange d 1413 m1 Sir Richard Talbot, 4th Baron d 07.09.1396 m2 1400/1 Thomas Nevill, Lord Furnivall d 14.03.1406-7

-1-2-2-1 Elizabeth le Strange b 06.12.1373, dsp 23.08.1383
m 15.03.1382/3 Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal d 22.09.1400
m2 Clarice d'Auberville b abt 1216 d abt 1238
Fi24 =25 =26 =28 Mabel FitzWarin b c 1236 Whittington, Shropshire d 24 May 1297
m1 William de Crevequer son of Hamon de Crevequer by Maud d'Avranches
m2 Sir John de Tregoz, Lord of Ewyas Harold b 1245 d 21 Aug 1300 abt 1262, son of Sir Robert II de Tregoz, Lord of Ewyas Harold and Juliane de Cantelou ?Cantilupe.
Fi27-2 Eve FitzWarine BE1883 mentions that Fulk had a daughter called Eve and then also shows another Eve, a generation later but, given that BE1883 omits a generation of Fulks, possibly 2 generations, "who became the 2nd consort of Llewelyn the great Prince of North Wales". The dates indicate that that Eve was probably the same person as the Eve of this generation.
p. Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales b 1173, d 11.04.1240
Osbern, Steward of Normandy a 1030
m Emma dau of Ralph, Count of Ivry
1. William FitzOsbern, lord of Bretuil, 1st Earl of Hereford b c1030, d 20.02.1071§B
m1 Alice/Adelise de Toeni b c1035, dau of Roger de Toeni, standard bearer
A. Reynold FitzOsbern
B. Roger FitzOsbern 'de Breteuil', 2nd Earl of Hereford
Roger rebelled against the King and forfeited his title.
i. Reynold
m Emmeline dau of Hamelin de Ballon
a. William
ii.+ 2 sons among them possibly Roger de Pitres, Sheriff of Gloucester b 1049. This postulation would explain the grant of Earl of Hereford to his grandson about 1120
C. William, Comte de Breteuil dspls 20.02.1070/1 parentage given in various web sites
partner unknown
i. Isabella de Breteuil
m Ascelin Gouel de Perceval, 'Lupus', Sire de Yvery d before 1119
D. Emma FitzOsbern identity and marriage confirmed by TCP Norfolk
m 1075 Ralph de Waer, Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk
E. Adeliza FitzOsbern
Identified in BE1883 Courtenay of Devon where she is reported to have married Richard de Redvers, 1st Earl of Devon, but that is not supported by TCP.
m2 Richilde d 1087, dau of Renier, Count of Mons
2. Osbern, Bishop of Exeter
1. Warin FitzGerold dsp 1159, Chamberlain
2. Henry FitzGerold d 1174-5, Chamberlain
m Maud de Chesney d by 1198, dau of William de Caisneto or Chesney
A. Warine FitzGerold d after 14.11.1216, Chamberlain
m Alice de Curcy dau of William de Curcy
i. Margaret FitzGerold d before 29.09.1252
m1 Baldwin de Revers 'Vernon' dvp 01.09.1216
m2 Faukes de Breaute
B. Henry FitzGerold ' of Deddington & Kingston' d c1231
Various web sites identify Henry's wife as Ermentrude, dau of Robert de Ferrers of Eggington. However, noting that TCP identifies Henry's wife as Ermentrude Talbot, we identify her as ...
m Ermentrude Talbot dau of Robert Talbot of Gainsborough by Ermentrude, dau of Robert de Ferrers of Eggington
i. Warine FitzGerold dsp
m Agnes of Mursley
ii. Alice FitzGerold
m Robert de Lisle d c1262

1: TCP FitzWarin, BE1883 FitzWarine.
2 TCP Hereford
3 TCP Lisle
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