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Lancaster 1

: Lancaster of Kendal, Lea of Lea
Wo30. Eldred of Workington, lord of Kendal
Eldred may have been the same person as Aelfred, son of Ivo de Tailbois below, or Ivo's son-in-law having married his daughter Beatrix.
Wo29 Ketel FitzEldred, lord of Kendal
m Christiana
Wo28-1 William FitzKetel dsp
Wo28-2 Gilbert FitzKetel de Lancaster, lord of Kendal
Gilbert's wife Godith may have been the daughter or sister of Ketel so that Gilbert was Ketel's son/brother-in-law rather than his son, and incest cannot be entirely ruled out though less likely. Or she may have beens a daughter of Fulk FitzReinfride or as 'Mathematical' shows Gilbert & Godith as parents of Roger FitzReinfride and others who took their mother's family name. It seems likely that Roger FitzReinfride was of a different family altogether and as below.
m Godith
i. William de Lancaster, lord of Kendal d 1170
This William, the first of this family reported by BE1883, is identified by BE1883 as a great-grandson of Ivo Tailboys, brother of Fulk, Count of Anjou. Some web sites show him as son of Gilbert son of Aelfred de Taillebois which would comply with that great-grandson identification. However, we show him as great-great-grandson of Ivo and report the different views of Ivo's ancestry on 'ZZmisc03'.
m c1154 Gundred de Warrenne d after 1166, dau of William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey
a. Sir William de Lancaster, lord of Kendal d 1184, steward to King Henry II
m Hawise de Stuteville dau of Robert de Stuteville, Sheriff of Yorkshire
1 Hawise de Lancaster b c1169
m 20.07.1189 Gilbert FitzReindfride b c1162, d before 05.05.1220@@ below
partners unknown
2+ other issue - Gilbert, Jordan
b. Warin de Lancaster of Lea falconer to King Henry II
The following comes from
1 Henry de Lea of Lea, Governor of Lancaster d before 1240
A Sir John de Lea d 1265
i Sir Henry de Lea d 1289
a Sir William de Lea d before 1273
m Clarence Banastre dau of Robert Banastre
1 Sir Henry de Lea dsp 1315
m ?? stepdau of Sir Adam Banaster
2 Sybil de Lea d 1341-2
m Robert de Hoghton d 1341-2
c. Avicia de Lancaster b c1155, d 01.01.1191
m Richard de Morville, Constable of Scotland d 1189
Wo28 Orm, lord of Allerdale
Orm is reported to be the progenitor of various Ormerod families. The connection to such families has not yet been ascertained.
m Gunnilda of Northumberland dau of Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar
Wo27 Gospatric, lord of Workington d 1179
m Egeline d'Engaine
Wo26 Sir Thomas of Workington, lord of Culwen d c11.1200
m Grace
Wo25-1 Thomas de Workington dvp
m Joan dau of Robert de Veteripont
A daughter
m _ Harington of Harington
Wo25-2 Patrick de Workington of Culwen d c1212
A Thomas de Culwen of Workington dspm
B Gilbert de Culwen of Workington
m Editha
C Alan de Culwen
i daughter
m Adam de Radclyffe
Wo25-3 Alan de Workington of Camerton ancestor of families called Camerton
Wo25-4 Orm de Workington of Ireby
Wo25-5 Gilbert de Workington of Southaic
-6 Robert de Workington of Lamplugh, Cumberland
Wo25 Ada/Alice de Workington b c1178
m1 William le Fleming of Aldingham
m2 Sir William Boteler, 'Pincerna', lord of Warrington d 1233
b.+ other issue - Gilbert, Adam, Orme, Alexander
Aelfred de Tailbois 'the Englishman' b c1045
Some sources suggest that Aelfred was the same person as Elfred of Workington above.
1. Gilbert de Frunesco or Furnesio de Tailbois b 1070
m Goditha
A. Nicholas FitzGilbert de Tailbois of Radcliffe b by 1100
Some sources suggest that Nicholas was son of Gilbert FitzKetel de Lancaster above.
m heiress of The Booths
Roger FitzReinfride de Bruere b c1114, d after 1198
1 Roger is sometimes shown as son of Gilbert de Lancaster, lord of Kendal above, and to have taken his family name from Gilbert's wife's family. However, evidence to support that view has not yet been found. Instead, information kindly brought to our attention by a site visitor TG, 17.01.05 suggests that Roger and his brother Ralph are found described in certain primary records as de Bruere, probably La Bruere-sur-Loir near la Fleche. That information also identified Roger's elder sons, Reinfrid and Ralph.
2 BE1883 identifies Roger Fitz-Reinfride "one of the justices of the King's Bench" as father of the following Gilbert but does not name Gilbert's mother. 'Mathematical' names her as Rohese de Romare dau of William de Romare, Earl of Lincolnbut it has been kindly brought to our attention by TG, 17.01.05 that Roger's wife was ...
m Alice de Breton sister of Ralph Breton of Ramsden Bellouse, probably son of Lewis Brito of Layer-Breton
1. Reinfrid de Bruere dsp by 1211
m Aline
2. Ralph de Bruere possibly of Ramsden Bellhouse
3. Gilbert FitzRoger FitzReindfride, Sheriff of Lancashire b c1162, d before 05.05.1220
m 20.07.1189 Hawise de Lancaster b c1169, dau of Sir William de Lancaster, lord of Kendal @@ above
A. William de Lancaster, Sheriff of Lancashire, lord of Kendal d 29.11.1246
BE1883 suggests that William died without issue but the following connection is provided by TSP Crawford.
m Agnes Brus b c1215, d before 05.1279, dau of Peter Brus, Lord of Skelton
i. Alicia de Lancaster of Windermere
m Sir William de Lindsay, Lord of Lamberton d c1247
B. Hawise de Lancaster b c1190, d after 09.1226
m Peter/Piers Brus, lord of Skelton and Danby b c1181, d 07.09.1241
C. Avice de Lancaster
m Sir William de Lindsay of Luffness b c1182, a 1236
D. Serota de Lancaster dsp
m Allan de Multon
E. daughterprobably of this generation
m 1199-1200 Roger de Kirkby of Kirkby
partner unknown this connection is given by some web sites and confirmed by TCP Lancaster
F. Sir Roger de Lancaster de Rydal, etc, Sheriff of Lancaster d before 22.02.1290/1
m before 23.10.1262 Philippe de Bolebec d before 01.09.1294, dau of Sir Hugh de Bolebec
i. Sir John de Lancaster, Lord dsp before 18.04.1334
m Annora d before 06.10.1338
ii. Roger de Lancaster ancestor Of Lawrence of Ashton
iii. Christopher Lancastre or de Lancaster a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377
m Joanna Lowther dau of Sir Hugh Lowther

1 BE1883 Lancaster
2, Commoners vol i, Curwen of Workington Hall
3 BE1883 Lancaster
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