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Thorley - - - Pole

Pole of Grafton Regis, Pole of Suffolk
This section is still being processed. At present it just involves persons and family branches of this name who may or may not be related but thrown together under the hypothesis thereof. Please report your Thorley ancestry if you do not find it here! Only complete listings make it possible to trace matching DNA segments to common ancestors!
Th30. y Thorley b about 1045 granted the manor of Torley in Suffolk following the Battle of Hastings
Th29. y Thorley b about 1070
Th28. y Thorley b about 1100
Th27 y Thorley b about 1130
Th26 y Thorley b about 1165
Th25 y Thorley b about 1200
Th24 y Thorley b about 1225
Th23 y Thorley b about 1250
Th22 y Thorley b about 1275
Th21 y Thorley b about 1300
Th20 y Thorley b about 1330
Th19. y Thorley b about 1355 continued below
Th19. y Thorley b about 1355
?Th18-1 a Sir Nicholas Thorley b c1380 possibly the brother of Robert, Sheriff of Essex-Hertfordshire 26 Nov 1431
m before 1421 Alice Sergeux b c1380 d 18 May 1452, dau of Phillipa Fitzalan b c 1345, dau of Richard Fitzalan, 9th Earl of Arundel, widow of Earl of Oxford. Pardoned in Nov 1426 for marrying without Royal permission and her seized dower lands returned.
This Margaret may be a sister or aunt of the above Phillipa Fitzalan as daughter of Richard's first wife, who was the daughter of Richards's first lawful wife, Isabel Despenser, daughter of Hugh Despenser, was illegitimized as a consequence of the former being divorced due to the latter' being attainted and executed. Hence it is not surprising that data on this line is hard to find. The King may have had some things erased and/or the family might have wanted to escape public notice even as late as the first Visitations. Of course they could not hide a manor house, nor would not have wanted to. But descent from someone labeled a traitor might have been something where one likes to be on the safe side. On the other hand, it might be interesting to look into the nature of Hugh Despenser's disagreements with the King. Could there be just cause?
Th18 Robert Thorley of Tybeste b about 1385 may have remarried Elizabeth of Strathbogie. His name may have been Thurley/Thirley/Thurleigh and related to the Hervey family who had a manor of this name.
m Anne de la Pole Po18 b c 1390 d 30.03.1412 she m1 Gerard de Lisle, younger of Kingston Lisle b c1360, dvpsp 1380/1
Th17 Margaret Thorley b about 1410 d before 24 Nov 1433
m before 17 Feb. 1428/9 Lord Reginald West (We17)
we16-1 Anne West
m Maurice Berkeley and had
Katherine Berkeley
we16 Margaret West
m Sir Thomas Echingham
Ec15 Margaret Echyngham b 1443 in Etchingham Sussex d after 1482
m 1463 Sir William Blount Bl15
Bl14 Elizabeth Blount
m Andrew de Windsor, 1st Baron Windsor
  • Wi14-1 Elizabeth Windsor
  • Wi14-2 George Windsor
  • Wi14-3 Eleanor Windsor
  • Wi14-4 William Windsor (2° Baron Windsor of Bradenham)
  • Wi14-5 Andrew Windsor (b. ABT 1492)
  • Wi14-6 Edmund Windsor (b. ABT 1494 - d. AFT Jan 1553)
  • Wi14-7 Anne Windsor
  • Edith Windsor+ married George Ludlow, Sheriff of Wiltshire, had issue.
  • Wi14-9 Thomas Windsor
we16-3 Richard West, 4th Baron de West
?Th17 y Thorley b about 1415
?Th16 y Thorley b about 1460
?Th15 y Thorley b about 1500
?Th14 y Thorley b about 1530
?Th13 y Thorley b about 1555
?Th12 Edward Thorley b about 1590 d ABT FEB 1679 m Mary x -1 Edward Thorley,
-2 John Thorley
-3 Samuel Thorley.
-4 Mary Thorley s.b.
Th11.Mary Thorley b c 1615 d aft 1662 she m2 Henry Raynor (-BEF 22 MAR 1658) on ABT 1654 m3 22 MAR 1658 in Northumberland Va Thomas Broughton b ABT 1622
m1 c 1640 probably in Maryland, Thomas Keene b 1592/3 d 1653/9
+1 Thomas Keene b c 1560 d aft 15 AUG 1615
m Elizabeth Gosnold b 1570 England d aft 15 AUG 1615 dau of->
+2 Robert Gosnold Go13 b 1535
. Ke10-1.William Keene b 10 MAR 1642 d 8 FEB 1684 possibly here was:
-1? Mary Keene b c 1684 Prince Georges Co MD d 30 MAR 1759 Prince Georges Co m Thomas Clagett b c 1677 Calvert Co MD d 27 MAR 1733 Prince Georges Co
-1-1 Thomas Clagett b c 1702 Prince Georges Co d 23 NOV 1737 m Anne Belt b c 1708 Pr Geo Co dau of Col Joseph Belt and Hester Beall
-1-2 Elizabeth Clagett b c 1708 Prince Georges Co, Weston d 1767 m Thomas Sprigg Prather
-1-3 John Clagett b c 1713 Prince Georges Co d 1790 m Sarah Magruder
-1-2-1+ a href="Pr10 Thomas Prather.html#ThomasMcKaySpriggPrather1703">see Prather
-1-3-1 Thomas Clagett b 12 FEB 1740 Prince Georges Co d 26 DEC 17923 m Mary Meek Magruder
-1-3-2 William Clagett b 25 JUL 1748 Prince Georges Co d 29 JUL 17893 m Harriett Sothoron
-1-3-3 John Clagett b 27 OCT 1752 Prince Georges Co d SEP 18083 m Ann Beall
-1-3-4 Walter Clagett b 12 NOV 1763 Prince Georges Co d 19 SEP 18193 m Martha Williams
-1-3-5 Ann Clagett b c 1765 Prince Georges Co d 8 AUG 1833 m John Chesley
. Ke10-2.Thomas Keene (BEF 1650-1678)..
. Ke10-3.Susanna Keene (1641-BEF 28 MAR 1716)..
. Ke10.Matthew Keene b ABT 1650 d 1731 probably born after his parents arrival in Virginia about 1650 since no record has been found of a claim of headright for him. He moved to Stafford County. His mother left him in her will one-half of 870 acres of land at Yeocomico in Westmoreland County. The other half was to go to her friend, Thomas Daniell. All this land apparently went to Matthew eventually as it seems to be the land which he deeded to his nephews, John and Henry Garner. (West D. & W. B. 3 p. 397). In 1705 George Eskridge of Westmoreland County was given power of attorney by Matthew Keene of Stafford County (West D. & W. B. 3, p. 398). Matthew Keene died in 1731. His will (Staff W. B. 1729-48, p. 26) dated July 21, 1723 and probated 14 Apr 1731, reads as follows:" [Entire text is printed. Abstracted here:] !Will: Dated 21 July 1723, probated 14 Apr 1731: Matthew Keene of Stafford County. Named: Wife Bridgett (gets land and "negro boy" Matt), daughter Elizabeth Withers and her husband James Withers (land where she lives, plus everything after the death of wife Bridgett), granddaughter Elizabeth Field, grandson John Withers, Elizabeth Emett (relationship not given). Executrix: wife Bridgett. Wit: James Severs, John Edge. Co-dicil: 25 Feb 1730, Bridgett's estate to go to Elizabeth Wither's eldest son Jno Withers after Bridgett's death. Unsolved question: Who was the grandson John Withers? ----- 21 Dec 1705: "Mathew Keene of Stafford County made a deed of gift which read in part as follows: 'For natural affection and kind love that I bear my well beloved sister Susan Garner of Westmoreland County .. unto John and Henry Garner of the said county one tract of land in Westmoreland containing 875 acres bounding upon the back line of John Shepherd which was patented in 1661. That is to say, 475 acres of the above to the said John Garner and 400 acres to Henry Garner my kinsmen.' Witnesses were James Withers and Thomas Garner. This deed was executed March 27, 1706" [Ritchie & Wood p. 8; West D. & W. B. 3 p. 397]
m Bridget x .
. Ke9. Elizabeth Keene (ABT 1682-26 JUL 1749)
m. James Withers (1680/1681-8 JUN 1746) on ABT 1700 at probably,Stafford Co.,Virginia, .
. Wi8-1.Elizabeth Withers (23 DEC 1701-26 JUL 1798)..
. Wi8-2.Thomas Withers (21 DEC 1707-21 JUL 1723)..
. Wi8-3."Ursly" Ursula Withers (20 SEP 1709-1793)..
. Wi8-4.Mary Withers (29 SEP 1711-BEF 1783)..
. Wi8-5.Martha Withers (29 SEP 1711-BEF 1783)..
. Wi8-6.John Withers (29 JAN 1713/1714-25 OCT 1794)..
. Wi8-7.Keene Withers (29 JAN 1715-ABT 1715)..
. Wi8-8.Bridget Withers (29 JAN 1715-ABT 1715)..
. Wi8James Withers (11 FEB 1716-20 JAN 1784) m Catherine Barbee..
. Wi8-10.Irvine Withers (20 JUN 1718-ABT 1718)..
. Wi8-11.Anne Sophia Withers (20 JUN 1718-ABT 1718)..
. Wi8-12.Bridget Withers (20 JUL 1720-)..
. Wi8-13.Ann Withers (2 OCT 1722-BEF 1765)..
. Wi8-14. Thomas Withers (15 FEB 1723/1724-5 NOV 1794)..
. Wi8-15.William Withers (16 APR 1726-6 JAN 1804)..
. Wi8-16.Keene Withers (13 FEB 1727/1728-NOV 1756). . .
- - - - - -
Po21 William de la Pole in Kingston-upon-Hull
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m Elena
Po20 William de la Pole d 21.06.1366 and his brother were involved in Edward III's take over of the wool monopoly.
m Catherine Norwich dau of Sir Walter Norwich
Po19 Michael de la Pole, 1st Earl of Suffolk b c1330, d 05.09.1389 Named Minister by Richard II to replace Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel, but tried in absence in 1388 by the "merciless parliament" sentenced to death for supporting Richard II against the barons. He remained on the continent where he died.
m before 18.10.1361 Katherine Wingfield Wi19 dau of Sir John Wingfield of Wingfield
Po18-1 Sir Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk b by 1367, d 14/8.09.1415
m Katharine de Stafford d 08.04.1419, dau of Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford
Po18-1-1 Michael de la Pole, 3rd Earl of Suffolk b 1394-5, d Agincourt 25.10.1415
m before 24.11.1403 Elizabeth Mowbray dau of Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal
1 Katherine de la Pole b 06.05.1410, dsp
2 Elizabeth de la Pole b 22.07.1411, d before 1422
3 Isabel de la Pole b 04.06.1415, d before 1422
Po18-1-2 William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, Earl of Pembroke b 16.10.1396, d 02.05.1450
p. Countess of Hainault
Po18-1-2-1 daughter
m Barentine
m Alice Chaucer dau of Thomas Chaucer
Po18-1-2-2 John de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk b 27.09.1442, d 1491
m1 1449-50, div by 03.1452/3 Margaret Beauchamp dau of John Beauchamp of Bletsoe
m2 before 10.1460 Elizabeth Plantagenet dau of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York
Po18-1-2-2-1 John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln b c1462, dsp Stoke 16.06.1487 declared heir by Richard III
m Margaret FitzAlan dau of Thomas FitzAlan, 16th Earl of Arundel
Po18-1-2-2-2 Edmund de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk b 1471-2, d 30.04.1513
Edmund was attainted as was his brother Richard and his titles forfeited.
m before 10.10.1496 Margaret Scrope d 02.1514/5, dau of Sir Richard Scrope
i Anne de la Pole, a nun
Po18-1-2-2-3 Richard de la Pole, '3rd Duke of Suffolk' d unm Pavia 24.02.1524/5, 5th son
Po18-1-2-2-4 Catherine de la Pole
m William Stourton, 5th Lord b c 1457, dsp 17.02.1523
Po18-1-2-2-5 Elizabeth de la Pole
m Henry Lovel, Lord Morley b c1466, dsp 13.06.1489
Po18-1-2-2-6+ other issue - Humphrey priest, Po18-1-2-2-7 Edward Archdeacon of Richmond, Po18-1-2-2-8 Anne nun, Po18-1-2-2-9 Dorothy d unm
partner unknown
Po18-1-2-2-10 Jane Pole possibly a generation earlier?
m Thomas Stonor of Stonor d 23.04.1474
Po18-1-3 Thomas de la Pole
Po18-1-4 Sir John de la Pole possibly father of ...
1 Margaret de la Pole
m John de Foix, Vcte de Catillon, Earl of Kendal d after 05.12.1485
Po18-1-5 Katherine de la Pole Abbess at Barking
Po18-1-6 Elizabeth de la Pole
BE1883 reports that Elizabeth married John de Foix, Earl of Kendal, but TCP Kendal identifies his wife as Margaret, niece of William, Duke of Suffolk, "said to be daughter of his brother Sir John de la Pole" see just above. Some web sites report that this was the Elizabeth who married Sir Thomas de Kerdeston but we have yet to see confirmation of that.
Po18-1-7 Isabel de la Pole d 08.02.1466/7
m by 05.02.1402/3 Thomas Morley, 5th Lord d 06.12.1435
Po18-1-8 Philippa de la Pole
m Hugh Burnell, 2nd Lord b c1347, d 27.11.1420
Po18 Anne de la Pole d 30.03.1412
m Gerard de Lisle, younger of Kingston Lisle b c1360, dvpsp 1380/1
mRobert Thorley of Tybeste Th18 and had Margaret Thorley, may have remarried Elizabeth of Strathbogie. His name may have been Thurley/Thirley/Thurleigh and related to the Hervey family who had a manor of this name.
BE1883 Pole of Suffolk mentions only 1 younger son of this generation, Richard dsp. However, a site visitor RWB, 11.07.08 kindly drew our attention to some research posted in soc.genealogy,medieval by Lyn Hall which followed the ownership of Grafton Regis as follows:
Po18-3 William de la Pole of Grafton Regis dsp 1390
Po18-4 Richard de la Pole of Grafton Regis b 1377-8, dsp 1403
Po18-5 Thomas de la Pole of Grafton Regis b 1377-8, d 08.08.1420
m Anne Cheney
a. Thomas de la Pole dvm num 08.07.1430
Po17=19 Katherine de la Pole d 13/4.10.1488
m1 Sir Miles Stapleton of Bedale and Ingham d 1466 St16=18 Elizabeth Stapleton (d 18.02.1504/5) continued her mother's horse breeding tradition. m1. Sir William Calthorpe of Burnham (b 30.01.1409/10, d 15.11.1494)  m2. Sir John Fortescue of North Mimms (d 28.07.1500)
St16-2 Jane Stapleton (d 13.05.1519) m1. (before 21.02.1463/4) Sir Christopher Harcourt of Great Ashby, younger of Stanton Harcourt m2 Sir John Hudleston of Millom and Guiting (d 01.01.1511/2)
Ca17-4 Edward Calthrop m x Cromer
Ca17-5 Francis Calthrop 'of Ingham, Norfolk' m 
Ca17-6 John Calthrop or Calthorpe of Cockthorp or Cockthorpe m m x Ermingland
Ca17 Anne Calthrop continued her mother's horse breeding tradition. m Sir Robert Drury
Ca17-8 Elizabeth Calthrop m Francis Haselden
m2 sp Sir Richard Harcourt of Wytham d 1487 no known issue
Po19-2 Thomas de la Pole
Po19-3 Edmond de la Pole
It is assumed that either Thomas or Edmond was father of the following Walter who is described in BE1883 Bradeston as "1st cousin of William, Earl of Suffolk". Because 1 of the dates which are indicative but certainly not conclusive that Walter was of the following generation rather than of the one after, 2 the only brother reported by BE1883 Pole of Suffolk as brother of Michael, 2nd Earl, was Richard who "d.s.p.", and 3 had the cousin really been William then he would probably have been described either as Earl of Pembroke or as Duke of Suffolk rather than Earl of Suffolk although he was that initially, it is assumed that BE1883 was wrong and should have named his 1st cousin as Michael, Earl of Suffolk.
i. Sir Walter de la Pole d 1433-4
m before 02.03.1395/6 Elizabeth, heiress of Bradeston b c1374, d 1428-9, dau of Sir Thomas de Bradeston, 2nd Lord
a. Margaret de la Pole
m Sir Thomas Ingoldsthorpe
2 Sir Edmund Ingoldsthorpe
m Joan Tiptoft dau of Sir John de Tiptoft, 1st Lord
A Isabel Ingoldsthorpe d before 1513-4
m1 Sir John Nevill, Earl of Northumberland, Marquess of Montagu d Barnet 14.04.1471
m2 Sir William Norreys of Yattenden
Po19-4 Blanche de la Pole
m before 1352 Richard le Scrope, 1st Lord of Bolton b 1327, d 30.05.1403
Po19-5 Katherine de la Pole
Po19-6 Margaret de la Pole
m by 12.1344 Robert de Neville, Sheriff of Yorkshire d 04.04.1413
Po20-2 Richard de la Pole a 1338
A. William de la Pole of Castle Ashby
m Margaret Peverel dau of John Peverel of Castle Ashby
i. Sir John de la Pole of Chrishall
m mcrt 21.10.1362 Joane Cobham d 1388, dau of John de Cobham, 3rd Lord
a. Joane de la Pole, Baroness Cobham d 13.01.1433-4
m1 before 11.1380 Sir Robert Hemenhale of Norfolk d 1391
1 William Hemenhale dsp after 1391
m2 before 1394-5 Sir Reginald Braybroke d 20.09.1405
Their grandson, Edward Brooke, became 6th Lord Cobham.
m3. c1406 Sir Nicholas Hawberk d 09.10.1407
2 John Hawberk d infant
m4. before 18.07.1408 Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham d 25.12.1417
3 Joan Oldcastle d young
m5. Sir John Harpeden d 1458

Sources: BE1883 Pole of Suffolk  Shows the name as Thornley and the mother as Anne Lisle
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