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Hervey 1

: Hervey of Ickworth, Hervey of Kidbrooke Kidbroke, Hervey Harvey of Thurley / Thirley
For interest we show the version of this family's pedigree provided by Collins and the Bedfordshire Visitation but do so in italics to highlight the fact that it is not supported by the more recent BP1934 which we presume to have been produced following further research. Collins starts with the following Robert, reportedly a younger son of Hervey or Harvey, Duke of Orleans.
Robert FitzHervey
1. ?? FitzHervey
Collins suggests that this may have been either Robert FitzHervey or Hervey, Bishop of Bangor then Ely, or Count Hervey, Governor of Devizes Castle, or Hervey de Yuon, who married a daughter of William Goieth.
A. Henry FitzHervey a 1190
m Alice dau of Henry FitzIvo
Visitation Bedfordshire starts with this Henry and adds an intervening generation of another Henry, father of Osbert. We follow Collins in showing Osbert as of the next generation.
i. Osbert de Hervey in Helnfestune d 1205-6
a. Adam de Hervey
m Juliana Fitzhugh dau of John Fitzhugh
1 John Hervey of Thirley
m Joan Harman dau of John Harman or Hammon of Thirley
A William Hervey of Thirley d 1377 shown by Visitation, omitted by Collins
m Mary Folliot dau of Richard Folliot
i John Hervey of Thirley or Thurly or Thurleigh
m Margaret Nernuytt dau of Sir John de Nernuytt or Neyrnute of Burnham, son of Thomas by Alice, dau of Thomas Buckland of Buckland
At this stage we start seeing some but not yet consistent names that also appear in BP1934. There was clearly some confusion between different members of the family. This generation is the first shown by the Harleian Society's publication of Visitation Bedfordshire not to be in brackets. The following 2 generations are also shown in brackets but thereafter not.
a John Hervey of Thirley
m Margery Calthorp dau of Sir William Calthorp or Calthrop
1 Thomas Hervey of Thirley or Thurley
m Joan Paston dau of William Paston
A John or Thomas Hervey of Thurley
m Christian Chichley dau of John Chichley, Chamberlain of London
i John Hervey of Thurley
m Alice Morley dau of Nicholas Morley of Glind
a Sir George Hervey see 1 below
b Thomas Hervey of Ickworth see 2 below
c Elizabeth or Isabell Hervey
m John Leigh of Adlington
ii John Hervey, junior
m Margaret Wickham dau of William Wickham, widow of William Fienes, Lord Say & Seale
iii+ other issue - Edward, Richard, Isabella nun, Anne, Christian, Alice, Margery, Florence
ii. Cicely FitzHervey mentioned by Visitation
The following is as reported by BP1934, supplemented by information from other of the named sources. Visitation Essex starts with Henry of Thurley, father of Sir Edward, father of John who married Joane Neirwent Neirnuyt. We follow BP1934 which starts with ...
John Hervey of Thurley and Risley
m Marjory Parles dau of Ralph Parles
1. John Hervey of Thurley
m Joan Nernuytt dau of Sir John de Nernuytt of Burnham, son of Thomas by Alice, dau of Thomas Buckland of Buckland
Visitation Suffolk starts with this John & Joan but shows Thomas, who married Christian Chichele, as 2nd son rather than brother of John and shows an additional generation, left out by BP1934, being John d before 08.1458, married Joan/Jane, dau of William Paston, father of John d 23.09.1474, married Agnes Morley, father of Sir George and Elizabeth/Isabel & Thomas of Ickworth m. Jane Drury, Richard & Elizabeth. Visitation Essex shows John & Joan as parents of Thomas who by Christian Chicheley was father of the following John, father of Sir George & Thomas of Ickworth. We follow BP1934.
A. John Hervey of Thurley
m Agnes Morley dau of Nicholas Morley of Glynde or Glind
i. Sir George Hervey, Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire d before 08.05.1526 see 1 above
m Margaret Stanford dau of John Stanford of Bedfordshire identified by Visitation Suffolk
p. Margaret Smart identified in Collins
The following comes from Visitation Bedfordshire, 1566+1634, Hervy of Thurleigh.
a. Gerard Hervey of Thurley
m1 Elizabeth sb Jane Williams dau of Sir John Williams of Thame
1 John Hervey or Harvey of Thurley
m Mary St. John dau of Sir John St. John of Bletshoe or Bletneshoe
A Oliver Harvey of Thurley
m Anne Browne of London widow of Robert Clarke
i John Harvey of Thurley a 1634
m Elizabeth Hervy dau of Stephen Hervy of London
a John Harvey b c1633
This is presumably the John reported by BP1934 as the last of Thurley, died in 1715.
ii+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary, Anne, Gertrude
B Sir Gerrard Harvey of Cardington a 1634
m Dorothy Gascoigne dau of John Gascoigne of Cardington
i Elizabeth Harvey
m Cecil Bussy son/heir of Andrew Bussey of Cheshunt
ii+ other issue - Anne, Dorothy
C John Harvey
m _ Amyce
i John Harvey
D Samuel Harvey of Shenfield 5th son
m Dorothy Wingate dau of George Wingate
i+ issue - George, Judith
E Jane Harvey
m Joseph Berners of Steple Bumsted
F Mary Harvey
m Thomas Fearclough of Weston
G Martha Harvey
m Arthur Cornwall of Mount Neysing
H+ other issue dsp - Nathaniel, Daniell, Benjamin
2+ other issue - Anne, Frances, Margery/Mary
m2 Anne Luke dau of Nicholas Luke, baron of the Exchequer
5 Agnes Hervey
B. Thomas Hervey of Ickworth d 1477 see 2 above
m Jane Drury dau of Henry Drury of Ickworth
i. William Hervey of Wordwell and Ickworth d 01.08.1538, 3rd son
m Joan Cochett dau of John Cochett or Cockett of Ampton
a. John Hervey of Kirtling and Troston, later of Ickworth d 11.06.1556
m 1511 Elizabeth Pope dau of Henry Pope of Mildenhall
1 William Hervey of Ickworth and Boxted b 1509, d 02.11.1592
m Elizabeth Poley d before 04.09.1616, dau of John Poley of Boxted
A John Hervey of Ickworth b 1555, d 02.07.1630
m 16.09.1582 Frances Bocking d 22.02.1620, dau of Edmund Bocking of Ashbocking
i Sir William Hervey of Ickworth b 21.03.1585, d 1660
m1 21.03.1612/3 Susan Jermyn d 02.06.1637, dau of Sir Robert Jermyn of Rushbrook
a John Hervey of Ickworth b 18.08.1616, dsp 18.01.1679
m Elizabeth Hervey dau of Sir William Hervey, Lord Hervey of Kidbrooke see below
b Sir Thomas Hervey of Ickworth b 25.05.1625, d 27.05.1694
m 1658 Isabella May d 05.06.1686, dau of Sir Humphrey May
1 John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol b 27.08.1665, d 20.01.1750/1, 2nd son
m1 01.11.1688 Isabella Carr b 20.01.1669/70, d 07.03.1692/3, dau of Sir Robert Carr, Bart of Sleaford
m2 25.07.1695 Elizabeth Felton b 18.12.1676, d 02.05.1741, dau of Sir Thomas Felton, Bart of Playford
2 Isabella Hervey b 23.08.1659, d 1697
m Gervase Elwes, younger of Stoke dvp, MP
3 Kezia Hervey b 24.04.1664
m Ambrie Porter of St. Edmondsbury
4+ other issue - William b 31.10.1661, dvp unm 14.06.1663, Thomas b13.01.1668, d 29.12.1695, Elizabeth b 16.09.1660, d 18.02.1673
c Judith Hervey b 20.04.1615, d 12.07.1679
m James Reynolds of Bumsted
d Mary Hervey b22.05.1620, d 13.07.1654
m Sir Edward Gage, 1st Bart of Hengrave d 1707
e Susan Hervey b 14.07.1621
m Sir Thomas Hanmer, 2nd Bart of Hanmer d 1678
f Kezia Hervey b 11.11.1621, d 22.11.1659
m Thomas Tyril of Gipping
g+ other issue - child b/d 17.04.1614, William b 15.05.1619, d 23.09.1642, Anne b 09.04.1618, d 12.12.1619, Catherine b 24.01.1623, d 16.01.1625, Nicholas b 12.07.1627, d 22.06.1629, Henry b 18.06.1631, d 08.09.1631
m2 Penelope D'Arcy dau of Thomas D'Arcy, Lord of Chiche, Earl Rivers
ii Mary Hervey
m Giles Allington
iii+ other issue - Robert, Frances d unm 1619, Elizabeth d unm 22.04.1623
B Francis Hervey bur 25.09.1587 shown by Collins as the Francis who married Mary Nevill see below
C Ambrose bpt 25.06.1566, a 1620
partner unknown
i son bpt 1593
C Elizabeth Hervey bur 28.05.1630
m William Harward of Bury St. Edmunsdbury or Bury St. Edmunds
D Bridget Hervey bpt 31.07.1568, d by 1614
m 10.11.1584 Henry Collins of Bury St. Edmunsdbury or Bury St. Edmunds
E+ other issue - William bpt 01.10.1555, William bpt 15.09.1557, Thomas of Bury, Robert bpt 27.11.1570, Ursula bpt 22.03.1558, d young
2 Francis Hervey b 1530, d 1601/2, 2nd/7th son shown as of this generation by Visitation Suffolk & Visitation Suffolk
m1 1564 Mary Nevill dau of Sir Thomas Nevill of Holt, widow of Thomas Smith of Cressington
A daughter
m2 Camilla Gwicherden dau of Vincent Gwicherden of Florence, widow of _ Darcy of Tolshunt Darcy
3 Elizabeth Hervey
m Thomas Rogers
4 Anne Hervey
m1 Robert Lisley of Felton, Northumberland
m2 Ralph Eldercave/Eldercare/Ellerker
5 Ursula Hervey
m Henry Vesey of Cambridgeshire
6 Bridget Hervey
m1 John Wrotte of Bungay
m2 Edward Spanye of Tunstall d c1575
7 Jane Hervey
m George Minshull of Woodnorton
8+ other issue - John, Nicholas, Clement, Thomas, Robert, Christopher, John, Mary
b. Sir Nicholas Hervey of Bakenloo d 25.08.1532, 3rd son
m1 Elizabeth FitzWilliams dau of Sir Thomas FitzWilliams, widow of Sir Thomas Mauleverer
1 Sir Thomas Hervey
m2 Bridget Wiltshire dau of Sir John Wiltshire of Stone Castle, widow of Sir Richard Wingfield
2 Henry Hervey of Kidbrooke
m Jane Thomas dau of James Thomas of Llanvihangell
A Sir William Hervey, Lord Hervey of Kidbroke or Kidbrooke bur 08.07.1642
m1 before 31.01.1598/9, sp Mary Browne d 1607, dau of Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montacute
m2 05.02.1607/8 Cordelia Ansley bur 05.05.1636 dau of Brian Ansley of Lewisham
i Elizabeth Hervey
m John Hervey of Ickworth b 18.08.1616, dsp 18.01.1679 see above
ii+ other issue - William dvpsp, John dvpsp, Henry d young
B Elizabeth Hervey apparently of this generation
m Christopher Keynell of Dorset
3 Sir George Hervey of Marks, Essex d 10.08.1605
BE1883 names George and identifies him as ancestor of Herveys of Marshal, Kent. The following comes from Berry's Essex Pedigrees 1838, Warren which identifies Margaret & Elizabeth as coheirs of their only surviving brother.
m Frances Beckwith dau/coheir of Sir Leonard Beckwith by Elizabeth Cholmondeley
A Sir Gawen Harvey b c1575, 5th son
B Margaret Hervey
m 11.06.1590 William Mildmay dvp, son/heir of Sir Thomas of Barnes
C Elizabeth Hervey
m Sir Nicholas Coote of Valence
D+ 4 sons dvp
c. Anthony Hervey of Babwell Friary and Braythwaite a 1542, 5th son
m Lucy Lisley of Northumberland
d. Edmund Hervey of Elstow, Bedfordshire d before 1560
m Mary Wentworth
Visitation Suffolk identifies Mary's father as Sir Giles Wentworth, Visitation Essex as Henry Wentworth of Cobham.
1 daughter presumed to be Isabel who married ...
m Sir Humphrey Ratcliffe of Elstow Elnestow d 1566
e. Elizabeth Hervey
m _ Guybon Gibbon of Sudbury
f. Jane Hervey
m _ Vynnes
g. Margaret Hervey
m _Pratt
h.+ other issue - William ?, d young, Francis
ii. Elizabeth Hervey b about 1460 d 09.05.1519
m John Crofts of West Stow
iii.+ other issue - John dsp, George archdeacon of Monmouth, Simon, Mary
2. Thomas Hervey d 1468
m Christian Chichele dau of John Chichele, nephew of Henry, Archbishop of Canterbury

1 Collins 1741, vol iii, Hervey, Earl of Bristol, Visitation Bedfordshire, 1566, Hervy of Thurleigh
1 BP1934 Bristol with input/support from Visitation Suffolk, 1561, Hervey of Ickworth, BE1883 Hervey of Kidbroke, Visitation Essex, 1612, Harvey or Hervey, and Collins 1741, vol iii, Hervey, Earl of Bristol
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