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Fife 1

: Early Earls of Fife, Strathbogie Earls of Atholl
There is mystery surrounding the identities of the early holders of the Earldom of Fife and it is by no means certain that for example Gillemichael shown below as the 3rd Earl was in fact descended from Dufagan shown below as the 1st Earl. Some web sites report the old suggestion that Dufagan was son of MacDuff, ie. grandson of King Duff or Dubh, but this is rejected by most serious genealogists simply because MacDuff is thought to have never existed.

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Dufagan or Beth, 1st Earl of Fife a 1107, 1114 succeeded by ...
1. Constantine, 2nd Earl of Fife d 1129 succeeded by ...
A. Gillemichael, 3rd Earl of Fife d by 07.1136
i. Duncan, 4th Earl of Fife d 1154
m Hela
a. Duncan, 5th Earl of Fife, Justiciar d 1203-4
m Ada or Ela niece of Malcolm IV, King of Scotland
1 Malcolm, 6th Earl of Fife dsp 1228
m Maud/Matilda dau of Gilbert, 3rd Earl of Strathearn
2 Duncan of Fife
m Aliz Corbert dau of Walter Corbet of Makerstoun
A Malcolm, 7th Earl of Fife, Regent d 1266
m Helen of Wales a 1291, dau of Llewelyn, Prince of Wales
i Colban, 8th Earl of Fife b c1244, d 1270
m Anne Lundin dau of Sir Alan of Lundin, Durward
a Duncan, 9th Earl of Fife b c1262, d 25.09.1288
m Johanna de Clare a 1322, dau of->
+1 Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester
1 Duncan, 10th Earl of Fife b c 1285, d 1353§D
m 11.1307 Mary Monthermer b c1298, dau of->
+1 Ralph, Lord Monthermer and Joan Plantagenet 'of Acre' b 1272, d 07/23.04.1307 +2 Edward Plantagenet, 'Longshanks', King Edward I of England b 17.06.1239, d 08.07.1307 §A m1 18.10.1254 Eleanor of Castille b 1240/41, d 29.11.1290, dau of Fernando III, King of Castile and Leon
A Isabella, Countess of Fife dsp c 1390
?m1/?p betw 7 Oct 1332 and 1340 Sir William Felton of Edlingham, West Matfen, and Nafferton, Northumberland, Medomsley and Hamsterley, co. Durham, and Boddington, Northants, sometime Constable of Roxburgh castle d 21 Sep 1358
-1 Sir John de Felton of Edlingham b 1340 d 1396
-2 Duncan Felton, a priest, d after 1385.
-3 Joan Felton d before 1384 m Walter/?Thomas Faucomberge
?m1 Sir William Ramsay of Colluthie d c1360
m2 Walter Stewart, Earl of Fife dsp c 1363, son of King Robert II
m3 Sir Thomas Byset of Upsetlington dsp before 17.04.1365
m4 John de Dunbar dsp 1371
2 Isabel of Fife
m John Comyn, 3rd Earl of Buchan b c 1259, dsp before 03.12.1308
-1 Isabel Comyn reported by 'The Cheyne family in Scotland' m Francis le Chen of Straloch
ii Macduff of Reres d Falkirk 22.07.1298
a Isabella
m Sir David de Balfour of Strathor d 1318
iii daughter
m Sir William de Moravia of Petyn d before 03.1253
3 David of Strathbogie
A John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl
m Ada, Countess of Atholl dau of Sir David of Hastings, Earl of Atholl
i Sir David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl b c1240, d 06.08.1270
m1 Helen
m2 before 06.1266 Isabella Chilham d 1291-2, dau of Richard de Chilham of Dover
a John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl d 10.11.1306
m Marjory of Mar dau of Sir Donald, 6th Earl of Mar
1 David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl d 28.12.1326
m Joan Comyn b c1295, d before 24.07.1326, dau of John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch
A David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl b 01.02.1309, d 30.11.1335
m Katherine Beaumont d 11.11.1368, dau of Henry Beaumont, 1st Lord, 'Earl of Buchan'
i David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl b c1332, d c12.1369
m before 1361 Elizabeth Ferrers d 22.10.1375, dau of Henry Ferrers, 2nd Lord of Groby
a Elizabeth of Strathbogie d after 1416
m1 1376 Sir Thomas Percy d 1388
Through this marriage, a descendant in 1916 successfully claimed the barony of Strabolgi Strathbogie.
m2 before 1402 Sir John le Scrope b c1345, d 12.1405
m3.Robert de Thorley ??
b Philippa of Strathbogie d 1395
m1 Sir Ralph Percy d 1397
m2 Sir John Halsham
B Aymer or Adomar of Strathbogie or Atholl
m Maria
i Isabella of Strathbogie or Atholl
m Ralph de Eure d 10.03.1421/2
The dates make this connection look questionable but not impossible.
ii Maria of Strathbogie or Atholl
m Robert de l'Isle
Shown by some web sites as a possible ancestor of later Duff families, although the connection is apparently not accepted by serious genealogists, was ...
C John Duff d 1404
2 Sir John of Strathbogie / Atholl a 1316
3 Isabel of Strathbogie d 1317
m Edward Bruce, Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland
b Amabillashown here speculatively by some as wife of Sir Adam of Gordon
4 daughter a 1188
b. Adam of Fife
m Orabilis
c. Afreka of Fife
m Harald Maddadson, Earl of Orkney b 1134, d 1206
-1 Hakon d 1170 -2 Margaret
TSP Fife reports that Duncan 4th Earl had at least two sons and a daughter, identified above. It also reports that "Some writers have held that the families of Spens, McIntosh, Duff and Fife are descended from this Earl of Fife, but without proof, and it is now certain that the origin of the McIntoshes is to be looked for elsewhere." Notwithstanding this caution, and noting that we show above an alternative ancestor for various Duff families, we show the following additional connections.
d. Shaw or Sheagh Mac-in-toisich d 1179
BLG1952 Mackintosh of Mackintosh reports this much-claimed connection, identifying Shaw as "2nd son of Duncan McDuff, the 2nd of that name, and 3rd Earl of Fife." The numbering of the earls differs between sources, so that difference is not considered significant, but the dates indicate that, if he was of this family, he was probably son of the 1st Duncan rather than the 2nd. In Gaelic, "mac in toisich" means 'son of the chief/leader".
e. John le Dispensator a 1161 ancestor of Spens family
This John may have been son-in-law rather than son of Earl Duncan.
ii. Hugh Eoghin of Fife
a. Hugh Egius of Fife
This Hugh was long identified as father of John of Wemyss and Methil, ancestor of the Wemyss family, but according to TSP Wemyss that connection has since been disproved as John's father has since been confirmed as Michael of Wemyss and Methil whose wife may have been a daughter of Earl Gillemichael.
b. Orm de Abernethy a 1172/3
Orm, son of Hugh, is identified in TSPSaltoun, and also 'Fife P&H', as ancestor of the Abernethy family. BP1999 Saltoun identifies that Hugh as son of Gillemichael, 3rd Earl of Fife. That claim was not made for BP1934 Saltoun so it is assumed that some additional evidence has been found to justify that identification.
iii. Ete of Fife
m Gartnait, Earl of Buchan

Sources: TSP Fife, TSP Atholl, TCP Fife, 'Fife P&H'.
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